Fuel Pump for Suzuki Mini Truck

Want to learn more about the fuel pump for Suzuki mini truck? The mini trucks had a humble beginning in Japan. With time, their demand started to rise steadily in other parts of the world. The mini trucks do services similar to pickup and full-size trucks. Suzuki Carry is an example of a mini truck that is popular. The reason for its popularity is attached to the fact that it is easy to maintain in terms of servicing and fuel consumption. Suzuki Carry has a small engine but delivers adequate power for its daily operation. This vehicle uses an internal combustion engine that requires a mixture of fuel and oxygen. 

If you check your Suzuki Mini truck, you will realize that the engine and the fuel tank are in a linear position. The exact level position makes it a little bit hard for fuel to move from the tank to the engine because it has no mechanism to suck it from the tank. For this matter, a fuel pump comes in handy.

What is a Fuel Pump?

Previously we said that both the engine and fuel tank are in a linear position. Engineers discovered an object that would facilitate fuel movement. The fuel pump generates pressure, enabling fuel movement through the tubes to the carburetor or fuel injectors. The carburetor or fuel injectors release the fuel into the combustion chamber. The fuel pump does the role of maintaining a constant fuel supply to the combustion chamber.

Types of Fuel Pumps Compatible with Suzuki Mini Truck

Suzuki mini trucks can use two types of fuel pumps. The generation of your Suzuki mini truck will determine which type of fuel it will use. The older generations ran on carburetor engines, while fuel injection systems power the modern era. The generational gap makes them use different types of fuel pumps. Let us now discuss these various fuel pumps.

The Mechanical Fuel Pump

The old carburetor engines have this type of fuel pump, a low-pressure fuel pump. On some occasions, high-pressure applications can require a mechanical fuel pump. This pump’s primary function is to facilitate fuel movement from the tank to the combustion chamber. 

Electric Fuel Pump

The electric fuel pump is typical in fuel injection systems, which is standard in all modern vehicles. The working mechanism of an electric pump is to generate pressure which facilitates fuel movement to the combustion chamber. The high pressure might cause an explosion. For safety, this type of pump is always located away from the engine and mainly within the fuel tank. The electric fuel pump uses the battery and is controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), a computer programmed to monitor and regulate the pressure at which it releases fuel to the combustion chamber.

Keeping Your Suzuki Mini Truck Fuel Pump Healthy

Always replace the fuel filters as per the manufacturers’ instructions to reduce unnecessary pressure.

Ensure your tank has enough fuel because it functions as a coolant.

The pump should function regularly to remain healthy.


The fuel pump’s role is the main reason a vehicle moves. Suzuki mini trucks can run on types of fuel pumps. This article has briefly looked at them.

Suzuki Carry Fuel Pump Conversion

The legendary Suzuki Carry has a carburetor and fuel-injected engine. The two types of engines receive fuel from the fuel tank with the aid of a fuel pump. There are two types of fuel pumps— the Mechanical and the electric fuel pump. As the name suggests, the mechanical pump relies upon the vacuum mechanism to deliver fuel to the carburetor. The ECU controls the electric fuel pump as it delivers the fuel to the injectors. The computer-controlled electric fuel pump is more stable and reliable. There are a whole lot of advantages of an electric fuel pump. In this guide, we will go through Suzuki carry fuel pump conversion from a mechanical to an electric one.

Importance of Electric Fuel Pump

The electric fuel pumps supply fuel at a relatively higher pressure to the fuel injectors, which makes the combustion chamber have a constant fuel flow.

You can fix the electric fuel in the fuel tank. Submerging it into fuel tank will not damage it. Instead, it protects it from catching fire.

The electric pump will keep the fuel supply in the engine constant because the ECU controls it. Constant fuel supply prevents the formation of vapor in the combustion chambers.

Suzuki Carry Fuel Pump Conversion

The electric fuel pump will be stable in both carburetor and fuel-injected engines. The mechanical fuel pumps are less reliable and prone to break easily. This section focuses on converting mechanical fuel pumps into electric fuel pump.

Locate the battery in your Suzuki carry and remove the negative cable. After doing this, disconnect the gas cap from the gas tank. Doing this will reduce the pressure in the gas tubes. You can step on the fuel pedal to further release the pressure.

Some clamps connect the tubes between the fuel pump and the tank at the end. Removing the clamps will free the mechanical fuel pump. While doing this, have a clean container to tap the fuel in the tubes. Disconnect the fuel tubes between the mechanical fuel pump, carburetor, or fuel injector. At this point, your mechanical fuel pump will be free, and you can remove it.

Unseal the new electric pump, then install it. When installing the electric fuel pump, choose a place that will protect it from external damages as well as fire from the hot parts of the engine. The electric pump has equipment for attaching it firmly to your vehicle’s frame. When attaching it, ensure the pointing arrow is facing the engine components.

The electric pump has a black and red wire. This black wire should be attached to the frame of your Suzuki carry to ground it. Attach the red wire to the #12 wire using masking tape. The two attached wires should be attached to the ignition fuse. The red and the #12 wire will put on the electric pump when you ignite the engine.

Altogether remove the old fuel tubes from the tank and attach the new ones. Attach the new fuel tubes to the carburetor or the fuel injectors. Cut these wires in half, then fix the universal inline fuel filters.


Installing the electric fuel pump will improve the performance of your Suzuki Carry. This procedure is complex, and it is advisable you do it with the help of a specialized mechanic.

Suzuki Carry Gearbox Oil – Considerations To Choose Gearbox Oil

Suzuki Carry is a lightweight vehicle in the class of mini trucks. In Japan, they are called the Kei Trucks. Suzuki carry is famous for its unique features, reliability, affordability, and the power its small engine produces. What kind of gearbox does this mini truck use? It has a manual transmission with either four or five-speed options. Manual gear enthusiasts will find it fun to drive this mini truck. The gearbox itself is just a casing. Inside this casing, several components make it perform the duty of regulating the speed and torque. These components are interconnected, and for them to function smoothly, they need oil. Here, we will go through ways to find Suzuki Carry gearbox oil.

Considerations When Choosing Gearbox Oil

Oil plays a crucial role in the gearbox. It prolongs its life as well as maintains it. This is only possible if you choose the right gearbox. This guide will give tips for choosing gearbox oil for your Suzuki carry.

Physical Properties of the Oil

Gearbox oil has various notable physical properties—the most important one to consider when buying is the thickness of the oil. Many activities take place in the gearbox when your Suzuki Carry is in motion. These activities contribute to tearing and wearing as a result of friction. It is essential to choose thick oil that will not quickly evaporate due to heat and that oil that can withstand high pressure.

Consider The Best Basic Type

Gearbox lubricants are classified into the Anti scuff, compounded, and Rust and Oxidation. Consider compounded gearbox oil to reduce friction as the components of the Suzuki Carry gearbox are running. Compounded oil comprises a percentage of fats that allows it to reduce friction. The antiscuff lubricants have the capability to work under extreme pressure. The addition of sulfur phosphorous allows them to prevent the wearing and tearing of the components of a gearbox.

The rust and oxidation oil are general-purpose lubricants manufactured in different thickness levels. The R & O gearbox box oil mainly prevents breakdowns caused by high temperatures generated when the gearbox components run.

Consider Choosing Mineral Based Oils

This oil is good for your gearbox because of its unique property of high pressure to viscosity coefficients. This makes them efficient in various temperatures. This feature will relieve you from changing the gearbox oil due to temperature changes.


A gearbox is a unit within a car composed of several gears working within a casing. The gearbox performs the role of changing or varying the speed or torque of an automotive. Suzuki Carry mini truck uses a manual transmission system. Speed is how fast a vehicle can move from point A to B. Torque is the energy the engine produces at low speed. Torque is essential for activities like towing. For the components of the gearbox to effectively function, they need oil to lubricate them and act as a coolant of heat produced in the gearbox. When shopping for gearbox oil for your Suzuki Carry, this guide will help you make the right decision.

Boosting Subaru Sambar Mini Truck Engine Performance

Subaru Sambar is a Japanese mini truck by Subaru Company. It is among the leading automakers popularly known today for their production of the forester, outback, legacy, and Impreza. Subaru is also famous for the production of the boxer engine. The Boxer engine is an engine type with cylinders opposite of each other. Subaru Sambar mini truck is a little bit unique because it does not use the boxer engine; instead, it uses the inline cylinder arrangement. The Subaru Sambar mini truck uses the EN series engine with the continuously variable transmission popularly known as the CVT. This guide takes you through what to do as far as boosting Subaru Sambar mini truck engine performance goes.

Boosting Subaru Sambar Mini Truck Engine performance

You can improve the general engine performance of your Subaru Sambar by making it produce more horsepower and torque as well. To achieve this, try doing the following:

Perform Engine Swap;

Swapping an engine refers to the process of changing the original engine of a car with another engine. Swapping can be done for a dead engine or if the owner feels the original engine’s performance does not satisfy them; in this case, you can go for an engine of higher performance. To increase the performance of your Subaru sambar, you can opt for a bigger engine with a turbo or supercharged. Bringing a bigger engine into the tiny chassis must be performed with experienced mechanics because failure may result in significant issues. When correctly done, you will enjoy driving your Sambar.

Increase the wheel size;

Tires are essential when it comes to the performance of a car. After swapping the engine, another critical factor to consider is fitting bigger wheels on your Sambar. Big wheels increase the stability of a car and the same time, make the braking distance short. A car’s maximum load increases when fitted with bigger wheels. However, the bigger wheels have a few disadvantages, such as compromising comfort and likely higher fuel consumption.

You can Perform Chip tuning

Chip tuning is a computerized method of moving the Read-Only Memory files into permanent storage available in the vehicle’s engine management ECU. To do it perfectly, take time to learn and practice first. Remapping and ECU programming increases a car’s horsepower, torque, and general engine power. Some remapped Sambar engine models are ready to be installed, for example, the 0.7 -46- BHP (01/1990-01/1999).

Fit in larger throttle body and Injectors

A larger throttle increases the horsepower by around 10-20. this means that torque will also increase. Fitting a larger throttle can also reduce your engine’s power because not all Engines are built to be compatible with larger throttle bodies. It is in order, therefore, to do a thorough groundwork before performing such a task. Large throttles need more fuel flow; therefore, consider fitting larger fuel injectors.

Engine modification requires to be performed by highly experienced mechanics. This is because any small mistake can completely ruin everything.

Shared here, are some of the things that will ensure that you get the best performance from your Subaru Sambar engine.

Replacing the Steering of Suzuki Carry

Made by the Suzuki auto company, the Suzuki Carry ranks top in the class of Japanese Kei trucks. Under this class, the Subaru Sambar, Mazda Scrum, Honda Acty, and Mitsubishi minicab are some of the vehicles that offer stiff competition to the Suzuki Carry. Carry is small in size and maneuvers easily through the congested Japanese cities. Besides the physical size, Carry has a small engine that consumes less fuel making it suitable for the middle-class members of society. Driving the Suzuki Carry is fun because of the power steering. What is power steering? This modern steering uses the power from the engine to give the driver easier handling. Driving vehicles with power steering is fun and comfortable for long distances. The steering might experience mechanical problems. When you walk into spare parts shops, you will find the steering and its parts sold. In this guide, we will look at ways of replacing the steering of Suzuki Carry mini trucks.

Signs of a Bad Steering

The steering is one of the areas of a Suzuki Carry that rarely witnesses problems. However, your vehicle might show signs to signal a problem with the steering.

Hard steering

You are likely to note very fast when the steering of your Carry becomes hard; this is because you will be applying more effort when you want to make a turn or even park your mini truck. When it happens on the power steering, there is a high probability that your power steering has started to fail. Low amounts of power steering fluid cause this. To correct this, top up the power steering fluid and check for the possibility of fluid leakages.

The steering Vibrates

When you feel the steering is vibrating, it is possible the steering is developing problems. The vibrations might be rampant when turning the wheel. Vibration is also possible when the wheels are not correctly balanced, the brake pads are old, the brake pads have become faulty, and the general engine problems.

Pulling Steering

When driving on a straight road, you feel your steering pulling either to the left or right. This is dangerous and might cause serious accidents. When this happens, there might be a problem with the power steering, such as a worn-out steering rack or the steering belt might be loose.

Squeaking Sound When Turning The Steering

It is common when trying to turn the wheel. The noise may signal that the steering belt is worn out or needs tightening. A loose steering belt might also result in power steering failure.

Foamy Discharge from Your Mini Truck

The power steering of Suzuki Carry uses steering fluid to function. When you see a foamy or discolored liquid coming out, there is a probability that the steering fluid has mixed with air or water.


The steering wheel does the function of controlling the vehicle. It enables the driver to make a turn, to reverse, and it also assists in parking. Faulty steering is dangerous and might cause accidents when parking or driving your mini truck. In case you witness either of these symptoms, take your Carry truck for a mechanical check-up in time.

Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel Drive

The entry of Suzuki Carry into the market was successful because it passed the durability and reliability test. Suzuki Carry became a favorite to many because of its less fuel consumption yet delivered immense power. It proved to be a workhorse for both domestic and commercial use. The manufacturers felt it necessary to add something to this vehicle to optimize its services. They decided to develop the 4-Wheel-drive version to tackle the rugged terrains. The Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel version appeared more powerful and could go anywhere compared to the rear-wheel drive version.

How capable is the Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel?

Let us look at the capabilities of the 4-Wheel-drive Suzuki carry that you should know as you plan to buy the mini truck.

Agility on Slippery surfaces

The Suzuki Carry 4-Wheel drive has proved to be the beast to tackle slippery grounds. A 4-Wheel drive vehicle will distribute power to all the wheels, making them rotate at equal speed. This will enable the truck to tackle slippery grounds with a lot of ease. For efficiency, ensure your tires have an excellent grip to avoid slippage. In case it slightly rains, and it happens you were driving on a muddy road or grass, the 4-Wheel drive will emerge the victor.

Agility on rugged terrain

The 4-Wheel-drive Suzuki Carry has emerged as the best to drive on rugged terrains. What is rugged terrain? This is a kind of terrain that may be rocky. Regular rear-wheel-drive vehicles find it difficult to maneuver through rocky terrain because the power from the engine is only transmitted to two wheels. But for the 4-Wheel drive, the power from the engine is equally distributed to all four wheels making them easily maneuver the rocky grounds. If a wheel finds it tough to climb a rock, then the power from other wheels will provide it with the support to climb quickly.

Uniform Power Distribution

The 4-Wheel version of Suzuki Carry utilizes its power better. This is because the power is equally distributed to the four wheels. With the equal power distribution, the driver becomes confident while on the wheel. And the vehicle becomes more stable and easy to handle on any terrain.

Better Towing Capabilities

The 4-Wheel Carry has a better towing capability than the rear-wheel Carry. Pulling load requires additional power, especially when going up a hill. The rear-wheel-drive Carry while straining in such terrain because the front wheels will remain idle as the rear wheels labor to push the entire vehicle. The four wheels will not strain because all the four wheels will be equally working to push the entire vehicle and to push the load also.


A 4-Wheel system is a system in which the power from the engine is distributed to both the front and rear wheels. This means that all the 4-Wheel system wheels can rotate with the same power. The 4-Wheel drive has two versions, one active and one allowing the driver to switch when the demand arises. Whether full-time or partial 4-Wheel drive, it will still be superior to the rear or front-wheel drive in tackling various drive terrains.

Suzuki Mini Truck Lift Kit and Suspension

Suzuki mini truck is a workhorse produced by the Suzuki automakers. This mini truck has an engine capacity of 660cc. This small engine is inversely proportional to what it does. Suzuki mini truck has varied uses, such as towing. It has firm suspension and good ground clearance. However, you might be interested in increasing the ground clearance for your mini truck. Here, we go deeper into the Suzuki mini truck lift kit and suspension works.

Suzuki Mini Truck Lift Kit and Suspension

You can decide and slightly lift your Suzuki Mini truck. You will have to use a lift kit and suspension to do this. The height your mini truck will attain will depend on the kind of suspension kit you have chosen. The main benefit of using the body kits to lift your mini truck is increasing the driving quality. On the other hand, the suspension kit will take your mini truck as high as you wish.

Importance of Increasing the Height of Your Car

Several reasons might compel you to increase the height of your vehicle. Doing this has some benefits.

You will Be Able to Drive on More Rugged Terrain.

Lifting your vehicle will enable it easily maneuver through rugged terrains such as rivers and climbing rocky hills. Increased traction control will enable your vehicle to handle rugged terrain.

Improved Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the space between the road and under the vehicle. In lifted vehicles, this space is vast, making them the best option to drive on bad roads.

Lifted Vehicles are Comfortable

The suspension kits offer the necessary space to distribute the load weight evenly. A lifted vehicle is very comfortable when driving on bad roads when loaded.

Improved Visibility

The higher sitting positions give the driver a better view of the road. Spotting potholes and avoiding them becomes easy.

Ability to Fix Bigger Tires

Bigger tires are good because they increase the general performance of a vehicle. Apart from performance, big tires will improve the looks of your vehicle.

Safer Driving

You will have a clear and broader view of the road, and the dangerous obstacles will pass below your vehicle without damaging the lower parts of the vehicle. Lifted vehicles quickly pass bumps.

Three Ways to Lift Your Vehicle.

Buy Bigger Tires

Buying and installing big tires is the easiest way of increasing the ground clearance of your vehicle. Oversized tires will automatically lift your vehicle a few inches from the ground.

Fix Coil Spacers

The spacers are specially designed rubbers that occupy the spaces between the spring suspensions. They reduce the coils’ contraction and expansion, thereby increasing the ground clearance by some inches.

Buy Suspension Lift Kit

The kit will significantly lift your vehicle several inches from the ground and allow you to drive over obstacles smoothly.


Several factors can make you lift your Suzuki mini truck. Lifting a four-wheel-drive Suzuki mini truck will deliver a better result. This guide has touched on the importance of lifting your vehicle and the three popular ways of lifting your mini truck. To lift your mini truck, consult a professional mechanic.

Suzuki Carry In Colorado

Suzuki is one of the leading Japanese automakers who have a huge share in the global auto industry. Their wide range of vehicles have always stood the test of time. Among some of their best performing vehicles are their Suzuki Carry mini trucks. The kei truck has been around for many years and have been getting better with every new model. They come in several different makes that are meant to be used for a wide variety of purposes. In this guide, we will go through how one can get a Suzuki Carry in Colorado state. It is an approach that can be replicated and used elsewhere too.

Why Suzuki Carry Mini Trucks?

Here are some of the things that makes the Suzuki Carry a vehicle worth investing in.

Good Performance

Performance is a very important factor when you are looking or a vehicle to buy. The Suzuki carry meets the performance standards and this is among the things that best defines them. Despite having a small engine of about 660cc, they have been put head to head with some bigger vehicles like pick up trucks. That said, performance shouldn’t be anything to worry about with Suzuki Carry.

Affordable & Low Running Cost

Finding a vehicle that is both affordable and dependable is hard. The Japanese mini trucks in general are small and compact vehicles. Being lightweight and small vehicles, they come cheap. And this is without sacrificing the performance and dependability. If you need a lightweight vehicle that is affordable and requires less to operate, then Suzuki Carry should be among the top in your list.

Solid & Capable

The Suzuki Carry like most kei trucks are built to last. Their hard body and solid frames makes them capable and useful in many areas. Some configurations have 4 wheel drive transmission which makes them capable and useful off roads.

Finding Suzuki Carry In Colorado

Here is how you can find a good Suzuki Carry in the state of Colorado.

Buy From Local Dealerships

There are always vehicle dealers that are in every state or city. You can check them out in Colorado. This is mostly the used car dealerships. If you check out several in your area, you could find the mini truck. There are also some states an cities where the mini tucks have become very common and could find dealers specializing in importing and selling these mini trucks.

Online Bazaars & Platforms

There are online platforms that lets people shop for their vehicles with a lot of ease. Some used car bazaars and classified sites like Craigslist present a good opportunity where you can get that vehicle you have always wanted. The big advantage with them is that you can get a vehicle that is far from you as compared to manually walking into every dealership.

Import The Mini Truck

The other option that one can go with is to import the mini truck. It has become easy with the use of the internet to shop for a vehicle across the borders and even make transactions.

You can check out some of the Japanese mini trucks that we have in our yard and ready to import.

Suzuki Carry For Sale In Utah

Anyone who has been around the auto industry for long will tell you good things about Suzuki. It is an automaker that has stayed true to its work of delivering great vehicles that are useful in every level of our society. The automaker has their roots in Japan where it has been making vehicles for many decades. Among their most successful line of vehicles is the lightweight class. Under this class, they make the Suzuki Carry mini truck. The mini truck has seen great success in the global market and this has seen the vehicle been used from as far as the United States. In this guide, we will focus more on finding Suzuki Carry for sale in Utah.

Why Choose Suzuki Carry

Before going into finding the mini truck, let us first look at some of the factors that best defines the Suzuki Carry mini truck.

Incredible Performance

What is a vehicle without performance? It is one of the most important things to look at when you are choosing a vehicle to buy. Suzuki Carry is one of the best performing lightweight trucks that one can get. It has in some cases been compared to the pick up trucks which tells you how good it really is.


Even with the fact that they are compared to higher classified vehicles like pick up trucks, the Suzuki Carry is very affordable. And that even gets better when you opt to go for a used version. So, if you want a vehicle that is affordable and delivers, this could be it.

Good Fuel Economy

Fuel keeps rising and this can only mean one thing. More costs to the vehicle owner. It is something that has made many people think of getting vehicles that consume less fuel. The Suzuki Carry does not only consume less fuel but also squeezes out a lot of power making them very efficient.

Finding Suzuki Carry For Sale In Utah

There are two good ways that you can be sure to get a good quality mini truck in Utah. Here they are:

Buy The Mini Truck Locally

You can choose to buy the mini truck locally through the various options. One good option where you can start is by checking out the used car dealerships. This is usually the first place that one thinks of when they want to sell their vehicle. However, you need to check out as many of these dealerships as you can. This is owing to the fact that there are areas where the Suzuki Carry mini truck aren’t that popular.

Import The Mini Truck

The other option that one should consider is to import the Subaru Sambar. This is a good option if you want to get a variety of options that you can compare. With this, you also get a good deal because you get to see a variety of options that come with different prices.

Check out some of the Suzuki Carry mini truck we are selling in our listing page.

Suzuki Carry For Sale In Connecticut

Ask any car enthusiast or expert about Suzuki, and they will for sure have many things to say about the automaker. Suzuki has been around for many years and their wide range of vehicles have equally given people a reason to get good value. Among their lines of vehicles that are highly coveted is their Suzuki Carry. The Suzuki Carry is a lightweight vehicle that has been dominating the lightweight class. They are well designed with high performance and reliability in mind. Shared in this guide is how to get a Suzuki Carry for sale in Connecticut state. It should also work for anyone looking for the vehicle elsewhere.

Suzuki Carry At A Glance

Before delving onto finding the vehicle, let us look at some of the factors making the mini truck as good as they say.

Good Value For Money

One of the things that one would realize when they go to buy a Suzuki Carry is that they are very affordable. This would make someone to get some doubts on the quality of the vehicle. However, that is not the case. Suzuki Carry is a work of decade old engineering that guarantees you good service. So, you will get good value for your investment.

Good Fuel Economy

Considering that the prices of fuel keeps skyrocketing, there is need to get a vehicle that has good fuel economy. The Suzuki Carry could be one of the vehicles that you are looking for. The mini truck has a small engine which means it consumes less fuel. Besides that, it pushes for maximum performance hence a very efficient vehicle.

Low Maintenance

Anyone who has owned a vehicle with high maintenance only understands that it is a nightmare. I is something that you should be considering when shopping for a vehicle to buy. Without a low maintenance vehicle, yours should be ready to spend a lot of money visiting the mechanic all the time. Luckily, anyone who gets a Suzuki Carry will love the experience.

Finding Suzuki Carry For Sale In Connecticut

There are two known ways that one can opt to get their Suzuki Carry. Here they are;

Buying From Local Dealerships

The first place that you can check out to see whether you can get the mini truck is the local dealership. This is because everyone selling a vehicle will consider putting up their mini truck for sale through these used dealerships. So, be sure to check out as many of these dealerships as you can.

Import The Mini Truck

The other option is to consider importing the mini truck. Here, you will increase the chances of getting the vehicle at a bargain. And this is because there are many options that one will be choosing from. So, if you need a vehicle that is affordable and of good quality, this is the way to go.

We have some used Japanese mini trucks on sale in our yard in Japan. Check them out through our listing page. Get in touch with us for more details on one that you like.

Suzuki Carry For Sale In Missouri

Do you live in Missouri and have been thinking of getting a Japanese mini truck? Whatever the reason or purpose that you want the Suzuki Carry mini truck for, you can rest assured that it will deliver. Made by Suzuki, one of the leading automakers across the globe, the Carry mini truck has demonstrated excellent performance and reliability. You can always count on the mini truck to get you good results. In this guide, we will go through how one can get Suzuki Carry for sale in Missouri. It should also be possible to use the approach elsewhere.

Why Suzuki Carry

Before going into how to find a Suzuki Carry for sale in Missouri, let us first have an overview of the mini truck. These are the reasons and factors that show why they are loved by many people.


The first thing worth mentioning with the Suzuki Carry is that they come at costs that are hard to beat. This is led by a number of factors including the fact that the vehicle itself is small and has an equally small engine as compared to other trucks.

Good Performance

Despite the Suzuki Carry coming with a small engine, the mini truck has a good reputation in performance. They can do pretty much anything and you can always count on them to do just that. The engine is engineered to squeeze out the best output from the vehicle.

Good Fuel Economy

In a world where fuel prices are unpredictable, you need a vehicle that consumes less. The Suzuki Carry, like other mini trucks, are designed with a significantly smaller engine. This in turn ensures less consumption of fuel. But it doesn’t end there. The Japanese mini truck squeezes out maximum power and torque hence getting users good fuel efficiency from the vehicle.

Low Maintenance & Operating Cost

Do you want a vehicle that demands less attention of a mechanic? Well, that is hard to find and one of the good reasons why you should not ignore the Suzuki Carry. This mini truck will give you the best in terms of maintenance and operation costs.

Finding Suzuki Carry For Sale In Missouri

Here are the two main ways that one can use to get the right mini truck on Missouri.

Buy From Local Dealerships

The first place that should come to mind in anyone selling a vehicle is at the used car dealership. With that n mind, you should also consider driving down the street to check out the options available. Visit as many of these dealerships as you can to increase the chances of finding the mini truck.

Consider Importing The Mini Truck

Importing the mini truck is yet another thing that should be in your mind. It is a simple process, unlike what many people think. Considering that there are going to be a lot of vehicles that one can find when importing, this is good because one can compare different options and pick the best.

Check out some of the mini trucks we have in our listing page.

Import Suzuki Carry Parts The Easy Way

Japanese mini trucks have become among the most popular light trucks in the market. They have been around for many decades and still continue to win the hearts of many people all over. This is mainly because of their capabilities, quality and performance that they offer. Many owners of the Japanese mini trucks laud them and even compare them as the better option as compared to owning a standard pick up truck. Maintenance is however necessary just like any other vehicle out there. You also need to make necessary repairs wherever they are needed. In this guide we will go through the process to import Suzuki Carry parts the easy way.

Do A Research On The Cost

One thing that you ought to keep in mind before you even start searching for a seller online is to ensure that you know the actual cost of the spare parts that you are getting. You should check out some of the sellers online and compare from the different stores you will come across. This will not only eliminate the guess work of not knowing the actual cost you should be spending but also helps you to avoid being cheated into buying it at a higher price.

Watch Out For Scams

Like every other industry, there are scams that could also lure you and take away your hard earned money when you are trying to shop for your Suzuki Carry parts. Some people may use false pretense to make you think that they really have the spare parts when in reality, they could not even be in that continent. It is how modern scams work these days. To avoid this, you have to make sure that you do your due diligence and check out the actual seller is the one you are dealing with.

Only Import Suzuki Carry Parts That Are Genuine

Perhaps the most important thing that you should be ensuring is in place is that you have genuine parts. Many people will go for any spare parts that they come across, forgetting that there are lower quality ones that will not last long. It also means that you will not get the best out of the vehicle. Usually, people are lured to buying the lower quality ones because they are usually cheaper. However, as the saying goes, cheap is expensive. You cannot expect such a spare part to last long. They usually break down, which others do not usually fit well which makes them less functional. Such could make the vehicle less performing as compared to when you could have had genuine parts.


Japanese mini trucks have always stood out. These vehicles are loved across the globe. Despite being small and lightweight, they can do a lot and people love them for this fact. But maintaining them is the best way to get even more from them.

Be sure to check our some of the leading Japanese mini trucks for sale in our listing page. We can help you to have the mini trucks shipped anywhere across the globe.

Registering Suzuki Carry In United States

Japanese mini trucks have impressed many people. Among the best in the Japanese mini truck breed is the Suzuki Carry mini truck. Popularly known as the kei truck in Japan, these vehicles are characterized by small engine size, compactness and their lightweight nature. They can maneuver easily through any kind of terrain. This is all thanks to the high level of engineering the vehicles are built on. There are also those that have a 4-wheel transmission which ensures improved maneuverability when moving in rugged or muddy roads. In this guide, we will go through the requirements for registering Suzuki Carry in United States. This should also be applicable with other Japanese mini trucks.

Requirements For Registering Suzuki Carry in United States

There are a number of rules and laws that one must adhere to before having their vehicle registered and become street legal in the United States. It is also worth noting that different states may have their own restrictions into the use of the Japanese mini trucks. You can find that in one state, they are street legal while in others they are only allowed for off-road uses. For instance in Florida, they have a restrictions on low-speed vehicles to use roads labelled and restricted to 35 miles per hour.

The 25 Year Rule

Perhaps the most crucial of the requirements that one must keep in mind is the 25 year rule. Under this law, vehicle imports are restricted and only allowed if they are over 25 years from manufacturing. This is the same reason why you will find that most of the kei mini trucks that you will find in the US are older. However, this rule hasn’t stopped the rising demand for these vehicles. And they are not bad either. They still perform great and guarantees users good performance and quality services over the years.

Special Modifications

There are vehicles that have been specially modified. In case the modification of these vehicles are such that it doesn’t meet the emission control regulations, then it should not be on the road. In cases where the modification results in a vehicle that is slower than 25 mph, then they are considered non-road vehicles. So, if you are buying a Japanese mini truck, you need to keep this in mind to avoid any issues.

State Regulations

The two above are the major regulations and requirements that one must adhere to when handling kei trucks. The other regulations that you need to be looking out for are those that are state-based. They can be a problem if you do no fully understand what is allowed. In that case, you need to consult with an expert if you are unsure.


Japanese mini trucks boasts an increasing popularity. These are among the most affordable vehicles and come with cheap maintenance. They do not disappoint in terms of delivering loads where they are needed. And now that you know what is needed to register Suzuki Carry in United States, then you can go on and get a good one.

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How Good Are Suzuki Carry 4X4?

Suzuki Carry is among the most popular Japanese mini trucks that one can get in the market. Japanese mini trucks, otherwise known as Kei trucks, are is a breed of vehicles made using top engineering, and are made by some of the leading automakers. Some of the other popular kei trucks besides Suzuki carry includes, Honda Acty, Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar among others. These vehicles have been designed with either a 2 wheel drive or a 4 wheel transmission. However, in this guide, we will be focusing specifically on how good are Suzuki Carry 4X4. This should also demonstrate some close similarities with the other kei trucks in the market.

What is a 4X4 Transmission?

If you are new to this term, then there is some understanding to do. A 4X4 means that a vehicle is able to engage all the four wheels. It is advantageous when it is stuck or when in some other situation that needs it to move. Usually a standard vehicle runs on two wheels.

The approach of using 4 wheels means that there is increased traction. So, for instance if the vehicle is stuck in mud or another situation that causes the vehicle to come to a halt, engaging all the wheels gives it better chances of moving forward with ease.

How Good Are Suzuki Carry 4X4?

If you are wondering how capable the 4-wheel drive Suzuki Carry are and whether you should consider them, then perhaps the best way is to look at where they are commonly used.


If you have been keen and been watching the trend on kei trucks in general in the United States, you will realize that some have been painted in combat colors. This is because many people are using the vehicle for hunting. But it is worth noting that the jungle is not an easy place. Not any other vehicle can dare go to such areas. And this is where the Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck comes to place. Many people applaud the Suzuki Carry mini truck when it comes to its use in hunting.

Use In Clearing Snow

These vehicles have even been used to clear snow in the winter as well as in areas that regularly snows. People mount a snow plow and use them to clear the snow from their driveway and their compounds. It is a trend that has been rising in areas where snow is common. It is therefore clear to see how capable it is when you have a Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck.

Caravan As an RV

Suzuki Carry can come in many different body customization. Although not common, there is a Caravan version of these trucks, which can be pretty amazing in terms of use as a Recreational Vehicle (RV). To be able to go anywhere and not give the users trouble on the road, then it is necessary for it to be a Suzuki Carry 4X4 mini truck.


A 4X4 transmission is very important in a vehicle. Having a Suzuki Carry 4X4 can mean that you are going to have better maneuverability even in a bad roads that are impassible with other vehicles. It is therefore a good investment.

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How to Get A Good Reliable Second Hand Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

If you know much about mini trucks and how they are changing the entire auto industry, then you must have already known a thing or two about the incredible Suzuki Carry. They have been on the spotlight for being one of the best vehicles in the market and there is no doubt about how they perform or how they deliver the services. In this write up, we will go through some of the good things that pone could love in a Suzuki carry and an overview of the mini truck including all the styles and shapes that come with it.

Overview Of Suzuki Carry

Suzuki Carry is among the best-selling and most loved Japanese mini trucks which have been around the industry for many decades. Suzuki is undeniably one of the leading automakers known worldwide for the different array of vehicles that they produce and that is simply because they Performa and deliver. However, when it comes to the Suzuki carry mini trucks, you might even love them more if you have some tasks that need to be handled, for instance carrying load from one place to the other. There are different model designs that Suzuki carry takes and below are a few common ones that you can find in the market today. Whether buying a second hand Suzuki Cary or a brand new one, here are the models available.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

Dump bed mini trucks are among the most common mini truck models that you will find around and are without a doubt very helpful in many instances that involves hauling cargo from one point to the other, moreso if they are not delicate and they need dumping to save time and make the work much easier. They are designed with a well designed tuck and linked to a hydraulic system that lifts the dump so that it easily dumps the load. Instances such as carrying ballast or building materials could be perfect fit for using the Suzuki dump bed mini truck in this case.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

A flat bed mini truck, unlike the dump bed mini truck has been designed to carry abnormally sized load which in most cases is considered delicate. This is simply because the design of the mini truck is level and has a flat surface that lets cargo easily sit on it and get hauled regardless if it shape. The flat bed mini trucks are also common and come in handy in many instances such as when carrying large sized glassware and other things such as motorcycles which might not easily fit on the dump bed mini trucks and other type of closed trucks.

Mini Truck Scissor Lift

Sometimes we need vehicles that can easily be used on different tasks. Although dump bed mini trucks and flat bed mini tucks are very usable, they aren’t very flexible when it comes to handling some other type of tasks. A mini truck scissor lift is a vehicle that has a bed which resembles that on a dump bed mini truck, only that its hydraulic system is designed in a scissor shaped structure that lets it raise the bed uniformly and not in a slanted manner like you will find in a dump bed mini truck. Such kind of a vehicle can be used to raise load to a certain level. Although such uses aren’t very common, it still is a very useful vehicle in many instances.

Mini Truck Caravan

Sometimes you may need a vehicle that acts as a caravan, and the Japanese mini trucks also gives you this option through their wide range of designs. If you have always wanted an affordable yet effective second hand caravan, then you may want to consider the Suzuki Carry as a good option as they have been around and proven to be worthy.

Why Buy Second Hand Suzuki Carry?

There are a number of reason and instances where one would find a second hand mini truck to be ideal and here are some of those that would make buying a pre-owned Suzuki Carry worth your while.

Unmatched Reliability And Performance

A vehicle without reliability is useless and not worth spending your hard earned money on. To say that you have a good vehicle that is reliable, you have to make sure that its performance, reliability is spot on. This is especially if you are getting a second hand vehicle which has been used and owned by another perform. The Suzuki Carry and other Japanese mini tucks have a good reputation of being dependable in many ways and you can easily find one that meets your expectations. Just be sure to do your due diligence since different owners use their vehicles differently.

Amazingly Affordable

Want to spend less yet get a vehicle that will give you a good return on investment? Think Suzuki Carry mini trucks. These mini trucks have stood the test of time and emerged as champs in their own right yet still come at a fraction of what you will find in the market. With the tough economy and unfavorable financial situation, you still can get a good deal if you opt to get a second hand Suzuki Carry mini truck which usually comes at a good price.

Final word:

With all the understanding and insights shared above on the Suzuki Carry and the various mini truck models that you can find in the market today, there is little doubt that you will find a good mini truck that meets your needs and preferences. They are among the most reliable, affordable and low maintenance vehicle that you can find around and that makes them lovable across the love.

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Cheap Suzuki Carry Mini Trucks For Sale

Are you looking for a mini truck on sale? Suzuki Carry mini truck has been one of the best mini trucks and has been used in Japan for many years. It is also one of the most successful productions by Suzuki which has seen lots of units over the years.

Loved for its reliability and affordability, the mini truck has gone above and beyond to deliver satisfactory service to its owners. If you are serious about getting a mini truck, then Suzuki Carry should be on your top list. In this guide, we will go through the overview of why the Suzuki Carry mini truck is a good mini truck and how to get one for a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

By now, you must have already done some research and you already know that Suzuki Carry mini trucks are ideal vehicles that can be counted on. Below are some of the reasons why you will love your Suzuki Carry mini truck.

Impressive Performance and Reliability

Although Suzuki Cary has undergone transformations throughout the years, it has always stayed true to its purpose and its performance is always noticeable impressive. Whichever model or year-make, you will find the Suzuki Carry being a dependable vehicle. You can find a 2 wheel drive which you can use on on-roads. And if you go through impassable roads and carry stuff around all-weather roads, a 4X4 Suzuki Cary will do for you.


Don’t you just love to drive a car that you are certain it does good to the environment? If you do, then you will love the fact that Suzuki Carry just like with many Japanese cars, are eco-friendly. Japan has strict laws on carbon emission and as such, car makers have had to commit to using advanced techniques to ensure that the vehicles they produce meet the required standards. These cars can be driven anywhere as they meet environmental standards. Whether you are in the US, Canada, UK or Australia, these vehicles are guaranteed to meet your state’s requirement.

Low Maintenance and Highly Economical

Who likes a vehicle that demands the mechanic every now and then? Nobody of course. Some vehicles can give you a headache demanding a lot of maintenance and such which will end up costing way more. Suzuki Carry is one of those cost efficient vehicles that A lot of engineering experience and technology has gone into the design and manufacturing of this vehicle and you can count on it to deliver superior performance in handling any carrying tasks.

It is however important to always do regular tweaks to ensure that nothing is slowly getting faulty under the hood. If you are looking for a vehicle that is cost effective and gets the job done, then this one will surely impress you.

How to Get An Affordable Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

Here are some of the things that you should look out for when you are shopping for an affordable Suzuki Carry mini truck.

Shop The Auctions

We all know that auctions are the best places to get the best products. The good news is that you can also get a Suzuki Carry mini truck from the Japanese auction houses easily. It is understandable to get vehicles through auctions when you are abroad can be hectic and almost impossible, but that is why there are professional companies like us who are ready to do anything for their customers including getting them the best deals through auctions. If you are therefore looking forward to acquiring a vehicle through auctions, then get in touch with us and we will give you directions on how to go about it. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking for a good mini truck at a bargain.


Everything has its own price tag, but with many things, including pre-owned vehicles, there is always room to negotiate. Negotiating is one of the best ways to shave some chums on a price that was initially higher. Many used Japanese car dealers will give you a chance to negotiate their deals and this is your chance to chime in and lower the price to your comfort. There are lots of online communications platforms if you feel that the emails will not work perfectly. You can chat online and name your price and see if you can agree on with the dealer.

Compare From Different Dealers

Sometimes it gets tricky wen buying pre-owned vehicles and if you are looking for a used Suzuki Carry, you should also be keen. People quote and sell their vehicles differently and for you to get the best deal, you should compare the vehicle through different dealers. You will be surprised how the same vehicle with close features can have a big different in pricing.

Be Cautious About Fakes

The auto world, just like any other industry has goons who will try to steal your money. As you do your comparison, you should ensure that you are dealing with the right broker who is certified and legit.

Also ask for as much details as possible when you are shopping for a vehicle. A good and straightforward dealer will give you any detail you ask for in a vehicle. This includes mechanical history and even a video footage of ho the vehicle starts and runs. This is the perfect way to not only separate the scams but to also tell you if a vehicle is worth going for.

Final Word:

Suzuki Carry mini truck is one of the best Japanese mini trucks that you will ever come across. Not only is it from a good company, but the vehicle performance is also very impressive. Simply put, this is a mini truck that o are sure to love.

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How To Import Suzuki Carry 4X4 Mini Truck From Japan To USA

Mini trucks are the ultimate haul-masters all over the world. They are loved for their flexibility to maneuver easily through almost any path, their performance and their affordability. However, if you are planning to buy your own mini truck like the Suzuki Carry 4X, which by the way is one of the best mini trucks you can find in the market today. There are a number of things that you should it into consideration; among them is how you will actually acquire it. Of course there is a local dealer around you where you can easily buy and hi the road. But is it the best deal you can get?

If you are frugal like many other people around who like to save big then you might also want to weigh in the importation option. And before you even think of that option as a complex one the way your local dealer likes to make it, read this post. We hope it will shine some light on the process of importing a mini truck such as the Suzuki Carry from Japan to the US without any issues.

What You Need To Know To Import Your Mini Truck

Know more about the mini truck – The first thing before you even think of the customs and every other thing is to first know the vehicle that you are looking to buy. You’ll want to check its body condition and find out more on its performance is. Good enough, when you are working with exporters like Substar, you will love the fact that we do thorough inspection on every vehicle. We’ve been dealing with tons of mini trucks ranging from the Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar among other dozens of mini truck models.

Understand the US Import Laws – Although it isn’t that necessary to master every bit of it, knowing some things will help you to know how to follow up. USA has some vehicle import requirements which you need to understand prior to making the shipment of the vehicle.

Here are some of the things that you need to know regarding the laws and requirements to import a vehicle;

-Vehicles being imported to the U.S must comply with several standardizations including the EPA and DOT set standards.

-The first step before importing a vehicle is to first file for an “Entry”. This is a requirement that should be done through the Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The will approve the import allowing you to import any particular vehicle from other countries.

-Again the vehicle being imported should comply with the set emission standards and if it doesn’t meet those requirements, it might not go through the registration process.

-You need to prove the ownership of the vehicle by presenting the original certificate or a certified original copy of the certificate.

-Also as a requirement by the EPA and the Department of Transport (DOT), one is required to present a certificate showing that the vehicle conforms to these agencies’ standards. The completion of the EPA 3520-1 form and DOT form HS-7 are the required documentations to complete this process. You should also have copies of these forms just in case DMV needs to have their copy. After the completion of this inspection and verification, you should be provided with a CBP Form 7501 for which proves that the vehicle has fully complied to the standard.

As a side note, there are vehicles that have stickers on their engine or inside the vehicle doors stating that they have complied to the set EPA and DOT standards. Usually these vehicles don’t require one to have the manufacturer’s letter to be approved, but instead they are approved automatically.

Importing and Clearing the mini truck – Another thing that your local dealer might never want you to know is that the fees charged are lesser than you think. Just because it goes through different departments for clearance doesn’t mean that it becomes costly.

The only payments that you should expect are minimal ones that are required by the clearing and tax agencies. Here you need to lodge a custom declaration, pay custom dusty charges, and import tax if any.

The process becomes easier when you have all the documents in case they are required by the clearing officers. Under normal circumstances, this process shouldn’t take more than 72 hours for complete clearance. Once this is done, your vehicle is cleared and ready for registration.

Registering the Vehicle

Registration part is the final stage before you get your mini truck on the road. The Department of Moto Vehicles (DMV) will inspect and license the vehicle upon meeting the requirements. Among the important things that you need to have in hand when registering the mini truck are the approval documents by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Not much is needed to complete the registration process and the copy of CBP Form 7501 provided by CBP should be enough. Everything else from this point is just a walk in the park and you can organize on getting the plate for your car and insurance.


Most people don’t understand the importation steps which bar them from getting what they want overseas. Surprisingly, the process of importing a mini truck isn’t as hard as many perceive it to be. There are also many benefits that one can have when they choose to go with a mini truck like Suzuki Carry. If you are looking for an affordable yet high performing mini truck to run your daily errands then a Suzuki Carry 4X4 could be the ideal option for you.

We understand that this process could be complicated to some importers who haven’t done it before, but the reality is, it is much easier than you think. Get in touch with us or get the help of a custom importer to help you find out the best mini truck that you would like to import. We’ve got plenty of Suzuki Carry mini trucks in our regularly updated listing which you should check out. We have been serving our customers in the US helping them ship their vehicles easily. You can also check out other models such as the Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar, Mazda Scrum and the Daihatsu Hi-Jet from out listing.