Japanese Mini Trucks For Sale

Kei Trucks For Sale

As we export Kei trucks and other vehicles everyday our inventory changes quite often thus, we only list some of our available inventory online.
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Mini trucks (Kei trucks) are lightweight trucks similar in size to a golf cart. They are manufactured in Japan and are used in Japan for regular road transportation. Japanese automakers have been making right hand drive mini trucks for decades which Substar Inc. can now export them to the US, to Canada, and to many other countries worldwide.

By far the largest number of these used mini-trucks end up being used as versatile little farm trucks and go anywhere hunting trucks. But they can also be used as

  • off road trail vehicles for rescue teams
  • wholesale nursery stock transporters
  • compact maintenance vehicles for golf courses, schools and universities, municipalities, parks, and zoos
  • transport vehicles for wrecking yards, airports, docks & harbors, lumber yards, manufacturers, mines, stadiums, warehouses, dairies, orchards, stables, hotels, marinas, campgrounds, orchards, resorts, theme parks, factories, oil refineries, movie sets, fish farms, chicken processors etc.

Popular mini trucks in our stock include Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Subaru Sambar, and Honda Acty. We are confident that all mini trucks we sell are of the highest quality.

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