Mini Truck With Canopy

Japanese mini trucks are not new in the industry. Despite the fact that they were primarily intended for the Japanese market, they have found popularity across the globe. They are unique in many ways including the fact that these vehicles are compact and significantly smaller than other vehicles like the pick up trucks. They also come in different models and designs. Some of them have flat beds, some have dump beds among many other options. The one model that we will go through in this guide is a mini truck with Canopy on its bed. They are not the most common of them all, but they definitely have a lot of uses.

Having a good mini truck with canopy can change the way one does things. The reason why they are not so popular is because not so many people know what to do with them or don’t even have an idea that such a vehicle exists.

Uses Of Mini Truck With Canopy

Below, we will look at the three main uses of a mini truck that has a canopy into its bed. But before that, it is crucial to note that these canopies vary from one design to the other.

As A Recreational Vehicle

If you are trying to buy an RV, then you will realize that the price tag on them is crazy high. But why not consider a mini truck with a canopy instead? Some people are surprised when they learn that they can use a mini truck as a recreational vehicle. Well, not just any mini truck. There are some caravan mini trucks which is a model introduced and sold by these kei truck brands. The way the caravan mini truck is designed is that it has a canopy roof covering it. Inside there, one can customize them to fit a bed and pretty much everything one would need in a recreational vehicle. It is going to be smaller than a real RV but worth it if you could go for a smaller option.

Food Truck

Some people have found good use of the mini truck as a food truck. The caravan mini truck is well designed with a canopy that makes a room at the back of the bed. This makes it an ideal setting for someone who wants to start a food truck business. As much as it is not roomy like large food trucks, one can manage when they are starting and do not have much to spend.

Delivery Business

If you have always wanted to get into delivery business where you carry mails and parcels, then this could be a golden chance. You can kick off your business with a mini truck that has a canopy. It is roomy enough for such a business.


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Mitsubishi Minicab 4WD

We all know Mitsubishi to be a credible brand in the auto industry. They are regarded as one of the best vehicle manufacturer. Being in Japan, they have become a part of the automotive culture that has revolutionized the Japanese industry. There are so many vehicles produced under their brand and they range from different models. Among some of the top models which they dominate the market is the Mitsubishi minicab. They form part of the trendy Japanese Kei truck class which the world is going crazy about. In this guide, we will go through the capabilities and why one would want to get a Mitsubishi minicab 4wd vehicle.

Why Mitsubishi Minicab 4WD

Here are some of the reasons why the Mitsubishi minicab 4wd stands tall and is one of the most sort after vehicles in the market.

High Performance

Nothing better defines a vehicle besides its performance. As far as performance is concerned, the Mitsubishi minicab lives up to its brands name. The engineering and craftsmanship employed in the making of this vehicle is just amazing. You can expect the vehicle to go anywhere and do pretty much anything including hauling loads. As long as it can hold the load, the vehicle will always deliver beyond your expectations. And this is why so many people hold on to these vehicles even if they are very old.

Off-Road Capable

Not every vehicle out there can maneuver rough terrains. First off, having a 4 wheel drive transmission vehicle gives users more options especially when they are using the vehicle for off-road purposes. Ranging from going to the farm to hunting, this mini truck has seen a lot of good uses. So, if you are considering getting a vehicle that will handle different terrains with ease, then this lightweight truck will definitely deliver.

Cheap To Acquire & Maintain

One of the reasons Japanese mini trucks have gained so much traction is simply because they are cheap to buy. So, to many people it addresses the issue of having to bear with the high price tags in vehicles. But that doesn’t end there. Most of these mini trucks are second hand which means an even better deal. Yet still they deliver like any other brand new vehicle in that class.

Maintaining them is also cheap as they do not require mechanic’s attention all the time. So, if you are in the market looking for a vehicle that will not see you in the repair garage every time, then this is it.


The Mitsubishi Minicab is among the few vehicles that live up to their promise. Shared above are some of the things that best describes them. You are definitely going to love every bit of these vehicles.

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Japanese Car For Mail Delivery

Are you in the mail delivery business and wondering how to go about finding the right vehicle to help you with that? Well, there are many options which can be very confusing. You need to find a vehicle that gives you better mobility and agility to deliver mail with ease. The Japanese vehicles have always stood a chance and would make the perfect candidate for your consideration. Their small and compact design would come in handy in many instances. In this guide, we will be looking at Japanese car for mail delivery and why they stand out as the perfect choice for your business.

To be more specific, you should consider the Japanese mini van. However, they are designed with a small and compact body yet still offers a lot of room that is sufficient for you to squeeze in a lot of mail and parcels. It just makes the entire work easier.

Why Choose Japanese Car for Mail Delivery

Here are some of the reasons why the Japanese mini vans would make a good fit as a mail delivery vehicle.

Good Fuel Economy

Mail delivery business requires one to cover long distances, sometimes having to go through multiple roads within a small area. This means that you could spend a lot in terms of fuel consumption. With that in mind, you need to consider a vehicle that takes in very little amount of fuel. Japanese mini vans come with a small engine and this simply means that it consumes less amount of fuel. The vehicles gives users a good range on little fuel.

Good Maneuverability

In the mail delivery business, you need a vehicle that is very flexible. The mini vans and mini trucks from Japan are compact and small. This makes them easy to go on any road or alleys. However, most of the mini vans that come from Japan will also be right-hand. All these are advantageous to mail delivery business. So, do not hesitate getting the vehicle.

Great Performance & Reliability

If you are still in doubt of whether you should be getting the Japanese min van, then you will love the fact that they are great performers. The fact these vehicles come with smaller engine doesn’t mean that anything is sub-par. The vehicles can go anywhere and does not need much of maintaining as they have been made with good solidity.


The Japanese mini van is a vehicle designed with good flexibility.Consequently, one would easily imagine that they were made for mail delivery. However, as long as the vehicle is legally allowed to run in your state or country, this could be the best vehicle for the mail delivery business.

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Handy Tools To Have In Your Mini Truck

Japanese mini trucks are amazing vehicles that do not disappoint. They are also known as the kei trucks, a common name it is given in Japan because of its compact and generally small size. But despite their small size, they have stood the test of time and have always delivered. However, it is always good to understand that proper care is needed to get the best out of any vehicle out there. The way you take care of your vehicle determines the service that you will get from it. And to do that, you need a number of tools. In this guide, we will go through a list of tools to have in your mini truck.

Tools To Have In Your Mini Truck

Below are some of the crucial tools to have in your mini truck which will come in handy in difficult situations on the road.

First Aid Kit

They say safety first for a reason. The first aid kit contains a number of equipment and devices that are lifesaving. This is in case a person has a bad incident that needs quick medical attention. It is not only for mini trucks but crucial to have in any vehicle.

Tool Box

A tool box is like the first aid kit for a vehicle. It comes with a ton of tools like the spanners, pliers, screw drivers among many other things. These tools will usually help you tighten, open, and pretty much anything one can think of in a vehicle. Just make sure that your toolbox is well equipped so that you have everything you would need.

Wheel Spanner

A wheel spanner is arguably one of the most important tools that one should never miss. This is especially if you are going off-road where the road condition cannot be easily predicted. It lets you easily change the wheels when punctured or damaged.

A  Jack

Yet another crucial equipment worth having is the Jack. It usually goes hand in hand with the wheel spanner. It not only comes in handy when changing the vehicle wheel but also in other situations that need the vehicle raised a bit.

The above are the most common things. Of course there are others like gloves, torch among other things.


You do not always have to call your mechanic every time you have a problem with your mini truck. Most of the things can be learned and sooner than later, you will find yourself being an expert. This in turn helps you to save on costs that you would have paid the mechanic. This is also why most of the mini truck owners choose to be handy with their vehicle. Shared above are some of the tools to have in your mini truck.

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Kei Truck Off Road Performance

Kei trucks are amazing vehicles that have always stood the test of time. From the time they were introduced back in the 1950s, they have maintained their true spirit of performance and reliability. They were made to be used in Japan, but you cannot prevent something that good from crossing the borders. Many people across the globe are now big fans of these mini trucks. Their cost effective nature is on a whole other level. In this guide, we will look at kei truck off road performance. How good are these vehicles off the main paved roads? Can they be reliable there as well?

How Good Are Kei Truck Off Road

Japanese kei trucks in general are good both in paved roads and in off-roads. They are also well built with a structure and body that is suited for any kind of roads. This better explains why these vehicles last a lifetime. For instance, most of the vehicles driven in the United States are those made in the 1980s and 1990s. This is mostly because there is a 25 year import rule. While that is not the main point, it tells you how solid these vehicles are and how tough they are built. They will definitely deliver when it comes to off road use. Most of them are also 4X4 so it is much better.

How To Improve Kei Truck Off Road Performance

Below are some of the best suggested ways that one can use to improve the performed of their kei truck off road. They can also be applicable with other types of vehicles.

Wheel Up

We have all seen or at least come across some Japanese mini trucks that have bigger wheels. Some of these wheels are 13 or 14 inches. This can be an option worth considering if you have always struggled with off road maneuverability in your mini truck. When the wheels are higher, then it simply means less contact with the ground which could translate to easier maneuverability in bad roads.

Install 4 Wheel Transmission

If your mini truck is not 4 wheel drive, then you will really be struggling to maneuver. For you to get the best in off road, you need to make sure that the vehicle you have has a 4 wheel drive transmission. This means all the four wheels are engaged and there is increase in traction. So, if your doesn’t have this, then you should consider installing.

Introduce Turbo

Turbo is something that many people have always considered as a means to boost their vehicle engine performance. What a turbo does is that it increase the air flow to the engine. This means more fuel is burned at a time and hence more power is produced. The power then means that the vehicle has more torque hence better performance.

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Mini Truck Top Speed

By now, every auto enthusiast knows about the Japanese mini trucks, These small, compact vehicles will put up a show. They are loved across borders and will be found almost anywhere across the globe. Japanese mini trucks are very versatile and can be used in multiple industries. From construction to been used in farms, these vehicles are amazing to say the least. They will not be the fastest vehicles on the road, but they definitely pack a punch in performance and reliability. Talking of speed, what is the mini truck top speed? Well, that depends on several factors. Let us look at this in depth below.

What is The Recommended Mini Truck Top Speed?

It is good to note that there is the recommended top speed for these vehicles but still there is the legal limit. So, do not find yourself mixing the two, or you could find yourself in the wrong side of the law. The top speed on these mini tucks will vary from one model of a mini truck. It is also worth noting that there are several brands that are making these mini trucks. However, most of the Japanese mini trucks range between 60 to 75 miles per hour in top speed. It would be unusual to come across a Japanese mini trucks that are not within this speed range.

The legal side of things is however different. If you are using or planning on running the vehicle in the United States, then you have to make sure that you adhere to the set speed of such a lightweight vehicle. It is obviously going to be lower than the top speed of the vehicle. Most states will not allow anything above 50 mph, so at this point the top speed will not really have any significance.

Why IS The Speed Limit On These Vehicles So Low?

For safety sake, the mini truck are supposed to run on lower speed. This is the regulation in many states that allow the use of Japanese mini trucks. Practically speaking, it would be so bad to have a vehicle like the kei truck cruising on high speeds in the highway. Because, in all honesty, these vehicles do not have all the latest safety measures in place. For instance, you will not find anything like an airbag in them. That is unless someone decides to install them on their own which is rare. Considering the fact that these vehicles are significantly old as nothing newer than 25 years is allowed in US roads.


Japanese mini trucks have always shown incredible performance and dependability. These vehicles are among the best when it comes to lightweight class. Having looked at the guide above, they clearly aren’t the bets vehicles when it comes to speed. However, anything else is amazing with them. They can be used everywhere as long as the law allows.

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Kei Truck Tipped On It Side

Kei trucks are also known as Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles have earned themselves a good reputation in the entire auto industry. They strike a median balance between pickup trucks and a huge truck. They are compact and considerably smaller in size. Their engine size is also small as compared to the likes of pick up trucks. But this does not mean that the vehicle is any less of a performer. In fact some people have compared the kei truck to the pickup truck in many aspects. And the big advantage that the kei truck gets is cost effectiveness. However some instances of using this vehicle might not go as planned. You may come across someone saying that their kei truck tipped on it side. Well, this is an issue of imbalance among other probable factors. Let’s did deep into learning more on this.

Why Kei Truck Tipped On It Side

Why or what would make a kei truck tipped on it side? Well, there are many reasons why your vehicle could tip on its side or roll over. Below are some of the probable causes along with some suggested solutions on how to go about it.


Every vehicle has its carrying capacity, and there is an engineering reason for that set limit. However, many people do not pay attention to the set limit. And as such, they end up overloading the vehicle. Even in a situation where a vehicle seems to handle the weight well, it is important to not exceed the required weight of that vehicle. What happens when one overload is that the vehicle will not be able to control itself properly. Imagine having one side overloaded than the other. The chances of that vehicle tipping over in a corner would be high. To avoid all this, just avoid carrying beyond the carrying capacity.

High Center Of Gravity

The laws of physics dictate that the lower the center of gravity, the better the stability. But what happens when the vehicle is raised? The vehicle’s center of gravity will increase and the stability of the vehicle will reduce. At such a point, you are increasing the chances of the vehicle tipping over. So, to avoid this, you shouldn’t increase the vehicle height by using components like spacers. You should also consider lowering the vehicle as many people are doing with their mini trucks.

Over Speeding

Over speeding is yet another cause for vehicles rolling over. Considering how small the Japanese mini trucks are, logically, they are not supposed to be moving on very high speeds. It becomes increasingly dangerous when you are carrying a lot of load because the momentum could take over and you could lose control in corners and could cause the vehicle to tip over.


Vehicle stability is very important. Someone needs to make sure that they have a good balance and keep all other factors shared above in place. That is when the Japanese mini truck will be stable and will not likely tip over.

How Much Air Can a Japanese Mini Truck Tire Hold

Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation across the globe. The vehicles are considerably smaller and more compact than others. So, why are people raving so much about thee? What is there to love? Well, the Japanese mini trucks have an advantage being the small vehicles that they are. They have better maneuverability and are very agile on that end. However, they are also very easy to maintain and not as costly as other vehicles like pickup trucks. In this guide, however, we will discuss tire pressure. How much air can a Japanese mini truck tire hold? Let us dig deep into understanding air pressure in a vehicle and finding out how much pressure is required.

Why is Tire Pressure That Important?

Having good tire pressure is very important. But you cannot just go and start putting any tire pressure or using your eyes as the pressure gauge. It can be a life threatening situation to not have the right tire pressure. Imagine driving in a car that has a higher tire pressure on one side than the other. The imbalance and stability that is there can be bad. It might not be felt in the vehicle, but imagining such an imbalance when speeding over in a corner can be really bad. In such an instance, the vehicle can easily roll over.

That said, you need to make sure that the vehicle is well balanced and all tire pressures have a good balance. Usually the front tires have a slightly smaller tire pressure than the rear tires. This is usually to balance the weight of the vehicle. However, it is important to always refer to the manual of the vehicle.

How Much Air Can a Japanese Mini Truck Tire Hold

For Japanese mini trucks, some may not have them in their manual as to what amount of pressure the mini tuck should have. So, how much air pressure is needed there? It is also important to take in the fact that some people may be using non-stock tires. And what means is that the tires will be different. However, assuming that the mini truck is running on standard tires, it is recommended to have 27 psi of air pressure in the front tires and 30 psi of air pressure on the rear tires.

But what is the maximum pressure of these tires really? Well, there are two things that one would have to look at when they are looking to know the maximum pressure a tire can hold.

First, it has to do with the size of the size of the tire. Some are 12 inch and others 13 or 14 inch. And this fact alone makes them sustain different amount of pressure. A 12 inch for instance can sustain up to 35 psi in many cases. However, it can go higher as the tire size increases.


Tire pressure is very important. You need to make sure that you drive a vehicle which is balanced and inflated with the right pressure.

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Replacing Subaru Sambar Timing Belt

Subaru Sambar ranks among the most popular mini trucks in the market. Their dominance is rising by the day, and with the reputation that Subaru has gained, there is little doubt about their deliverability and reliability. It goes without saying that for one to get the best out of their vehicle, there is need for regular maintenance and servicing. Despite their incredible performance and reliability, Subaru Sambar is no exception to this fact. You need to make sure that everything on your mini truck is spot on. In this guide, we will be focusing our attention on replacing the Subaru Sambar timing belt.

But before doing that, do you know the purpose of a timing belt in a vehicle? The timing belt in a vehicle plays a crucial role and the engine would not run or the vehicle moves without it. If it stops functioning, then the vehicle will come to a standstill. It may look like a simple rubber device, but there is nothing else that can replace it and its functionality.

The purpose of a timing belt is to connect the crankshaft to the camshaft. It controls the piston and valve functioning of the vehicle. The opening and closing of engine valves would not be possible without it.

Guide On Replacing Subaru Sambar Timing Belt

Like any other part of the vehicle, the timing belt tends to wear out with time. In fact, it has been recommended by experts that one should replace their timing belt after every 100,000 kilometers. It can however be sooner, depending on how you see the timing belt condition.

When replacing Subaru Sambar timing belt, follow the steps outlined below.

First, you need to remove the wheel and then the covering that protects it. After doing that, you will now see the pulley visible.

Next, take off the alternator and the air conditioner if it runs on the same gear.

Now that everything on the way is removed, go ahead and unscrew the crankshaft bolt, and then you can now remove the pulley. Usually, this is achieved using a curved collar spanner.

While ensuring that the camshaft pulley is in place, gently remove the camshaft pulley. You may also realize that the timing belt-positioning changes when removing the camshaft pulley. So, you should remember to position it back to position.

While removing or replacing the timing belt, it is also important to replace the belt tensioner. When making these changes pay attention to the inner rings.

You can then replace the timing belt while making sure that it is well-aligned to avoid any problems.


Replacing the timing belt on your Subaru Sambar is important to ensure that it runs smoothly and doesn’t cause any problems. It is an easy process as shown in the steps above.

This ensures that the Subaru Sambar mini truck continues serving you as it should. Be sure to check out some of the Japanese mini trucks including Subaru Sambar and many others on our listing page. We can help you with the shipping process.

Preventing Mini Dump Truck Tip-Overs

Japanese mini trucks are becoming popular by the day. These vehicles were first made in the 1950s and have since improved to blend to the demands of the modern-day. They were initially made for the Japanese market but has since crossed borders and now among the most popular across the globe. They were called kei trucks for their compact and small size. This makes them economical and still useful in many day-to-day activities that need carrying loads form one point to the other. Among the most popular builds are the mini dump trucks. And like the super-large dump trucks, they also face similar challenges. In this guide, we will look at preventing mini dump truck tip-overs.

Mini Dump Truck Tip-Overs

As the laws of physics and gravity dictates, the lower the center of gravity, the more the stability of that object. The mini trucks are no exception to this law. When the dump truck is raised by the hydraulic, the vehicle tends to become unstable and could result in tip-overs. Tipping over means damage to the vehicle or in some cases even worse catastrophes.

Below are some of the things you could do in preventing mini dump truck tip-overs. These pointers could help you avoid a lot of damage and even save lives.

Preventing Mini Dump Truck Tip-Overs

Here are some of the crucial tips to keep in mind to avoid mini dump truck tip-overs.

Don’t Exceed The Capacity

Most people while carrying load do not adhere to the weight limits. This poses a risk to the mini truck tipping over. The weight of the vehicle and the carrying capacity is set for a purpose. There are situations where a vehicle may fail to hold certain weights. And even if you have used it to carry more than its weight before, you have been making risks.

Dump Only When On Level Grounds

Another thing worth noting is that dump trucks are meant to use their dumping functionality on level grounds. One could get away with a slightly slanted ground, but it is always safe to only do it on flat grounds.

Maximize Dumping Efficiency

It is always good to take necessary precautions when you are doing the dumping. Always ensuring that you adhere to every rule and do whatever it takes to avoid such instances is important. It starts with the understanding that tipping over can happen anytime when there are some things that are not in order. Even speeding up the dumping time will reduce the stress that the vehicle has and will reduce the chances of a tip-over.


Mini truck tipping over might not be a common problem, but it could happen when some things are not in place. It is always good to take necessary stops that prevent this. Shared above are some of the best ways to avoid mini dump truck tip-overs.

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Subaru Sambar Review

Subaru is a well-known brand in the automobile industry. They have a presence in every country across the globe. Their high-skill engineering is amazing, to say the least. They have been around for many years making different kinds of vehicles and trucks. Our attention and focus in this guide is on their mini trucks. They make the Subaru Sambar which is regarded as one of the best lightweight trucks in the market. It was first used in Japan, but it has crossed borders and is now popular across different countries. In this Subaru Sambar review, we will go through everything there is to know and why these vehicles have stood the test of time.

Subaru Sambar Review

Below is a review of Subaru Sambar and why you may want to get yours.

The history of mini trucks dates back to the 1950s and brands like Subaru were getting some traction and their feet on the ground as far as the auto industry is concerned. Below are some of the perks that makes the Subaru Sambar loved across the globe.

Incredible Performance

Performance is everything in a vehicle. You need to make sure that it delivers as per your expectations. If it doesn’t then you would be better off without that vehicle. Luckily, the Japanese mini trucks is a work of excellent engineering. There is no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself the Subaru Sambar if you are serious about getting a Japanese mini trucks or a lightweight truck.

Affordable Acquisition

In a society where vehicles are becoming expensive, people are forced to look for cheaper alternatives. One of the reasons why Japanese mini trucks such as the Subaru Sambar are gaining so much traction is their affordable costs. They are very affordable as compared to the pick up trucks and other similar vehicles. It even becomes cheaper when you are getting used Japanese mini trucks.

Low Fuel Consumption

Besides their low cost of acquisition, you will love the fact that these vehicles consume less fuel. They consume less yet go a long way. This is hard to come by especially with vehicles that have been designed with large engines. So, if you are looking for an economical option you can use, then the Subaru Sambar is that vehicle.

Low Maintenance

It is always a dream for every car owner to get a vehicle that is low maintenance. With the Subaru Sambar, you are sure to get good service and the vehicle doesn’t demand so much in terms of maintenance. We all hate those vehicles that you have to be in the mechanic’s garage every weekend. You will hardly need to fix something. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop servicing it. Remember a vehicle is as good as you maintain and take care of it.

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Daihatsu Hijet Battery – Choosing A Good Battery

Daihatsu Hijet are among the best in the Japanese mini truck breed of vehicles. They have stood the test of time and are engineered to deliver. Many people who own a Daihatsu Hijet will always have something good to say about the vehicle. In one word, the Daihatsu Hijet mini trucks and mini vans are great. However, to achieve something good out of it, you need to make sure that the vehicle always gets the best maintenance. This also means that you have to get the best components for the vehicle. Among the most crucial of these components is the battery. In this guide, we will be looking at ways on how to choose the perfect Daihatsu Hijet battery that will serve you well for long.

This should also apply to many other vehicles and Japanese mini trucks out there.

Choosing The Perfect Daihatsu Hijet Battery

Here are some of the things that you should be looking out for to get the perfect Daihatsu Hijet battery for the vehicle.

Size of The Battery

Batteries come in different shapes and sizes. This can be a problem for someone who thinks that they can just buy any and fit it in their car. You have to make sure that hey design favors your vehicle. Some battery compartments are designed to be smaller than others. So, if you are no getting a replica of the battery that was there initially, you should make sure that it will fit well.

Power Of The Battery

As much as we can all assume that everyone knows the power of the battery they are supposed to get, it is not unheard of for a beginner to buy a random battery. You need to make sure that you are getting a battery that offers sufficient power for your vehicle.

Brand of The Battery

The brand of the battery that you are getting is very important. There are so many companies that manufacture batteries these days. This means that there are option to choose from. The sad thing about all that is that you cannot count on any battery that you come across. Some are made with poor quality and will not get you the results that you want. That is the very reason why you would want to stick with only those brands that are known.


A vehicle battery is one of the most important components in a vehicle. However, not many people pay attention to the battery that they get for their vehicle. They end up getting a poor quality one. One can easily get a cheap battery assuming that as long as it has the same power rating it is good. But that is not the case. The battery needs to be excellent in every way one can think. Shared above are ways that Daihatsu Hijet owners and other mini tuck lovers can use.

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Regular vs Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have come a long way. They were first introduced in the 1950s by some of the leading Japanese automakers back then. The need for small and compact vehicles that could easily maneuver around with ease was high. Today, they are still some of the most sort after vehicles and many people in countries including the United States have seen the need for such vehicles. Today you will come across them all over in the US. From their use in farms to the construction world, the Japanese mini trucks have proven to have what it takes to be the perfect pick up truck alternative. However, there are many design models that these vehicles can come in. In this guide, we will be comparing regular vs dump bed mini trucks.

This should help us to determine whether you would need a mini truck with a bed that has hydraulics or one that doesn’t.

It is obvious that installing a new hydraulic system and converting a normal bed mini truck or a pick up can be costly. But is this just an extra feature that costs more for nothing? To help us with this, let us first understand the purpose of a dump deb mini truck. A dump bed mini truck features a hydraulic system that raises the bed of the mini truck so that the load is dumped with ease. However, a regular mini truck or a pick up truck lacks this feature.

Regular vs Dump Bed Mini Trucks

The need for this feature depends on the needs and purpose of the vehicle. It comes in handy if the cargo that is being carried on it is not that delicate. This way, they can be dumped without damaging them. A good example is carrying loads of gravel or sand. Instead of having someone do the manual work of offloading, the hydraulics do the hard work.

But what if you are certain that you can only be using the vehicle for only instances that do not need the use of the hydraulic lift? Well, if you do not need the service of the dump bed functionality, then you could settle for a regular bed mini truck that lacks the functionality. However, it is also worth mentioning that there is no harm in getting one that has this functionality. It doesn’t mean that you will carry less load and this doesn’t also mean that you get to incur more costs on fuel and other things.

That said, you could get a dump bed mini truck to serve you either way. And one more amazing thing is that when buying the Japanese mini truck, you may not realize much difference in the price tag.


While comparing regular vs dump bed mini trucks, you will realize that the latter has the upper hand. This is because it is versatile and can do all kind of work including everything that a regular mini truck can do.

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Japanese Mini Trucks Are Affordable Yet Efficient

Any auto enthusiast who likes the Japanese automobile engineering knows about the Japanese mini trucks. They are also known as the kei trucks. These vehicles were first designed for the Japanese market and aimed at helping move cargo around from one point to another. The fact that they are designed to have a compact and small size is with the intention of providing ease of maneuverability. These vehicles are stable and can go anywhere one would want to carry goods. It is more flexible than the standard pick up trucks. However, the main thing we are going through in this guide is the cost of acquiring Japanese mini trucks. Japanese mini trucks are affordable, but that is not all. They are also very efficient and dependable.

Japanese Mini Trucks Are Affordable Yet Efficient

Acquiring a Japanese mini truck is more affordable as compared to other vehicles out there. It even gets better when one decides to get a used Japanese mini truck. Second hand always come at a bargain. But this doesn’t always mean that the vehicle will be less powerful or unreliable.

Most of the kei trucks imported to the United States are very reliable and this is all evident from the owner’s reviews. They are not only second hand, but are over 25 years old. This is due to a 25 year rule that requires these vehicles to have attained.

How Efficient Are Japanese Mini Trucks?

Consume Less Fuel & Deliver

Do you want a vehicle that uses less fuel and does not disappoint in terms of deliverability? The Japanese mini truck consumes less fuel and still gives more output for every mile. In short, it is a very energy efficient vehicle that squeezes out power from the little fuel that it takes in. That said, you need to consider getting one of these vehicles to save you the high cost of fuel. We have a number of Japanese mini trucks on sale through our listing page and you will definitely find one that you will love.

Costs Less To Maintain

Maintenance has always been a difficult part of a vehicle, and getting one that you can count on when it comes to this is amazing. Japanese mini trucks are very easy to maintain and repair. Their spares are also readily available considering that they are made by some of the leading automakers who have established their roots across the globe.

Off-Road Workhorse

If you live off-grid or a place where you have to use the vehicle through rough terrain or poor roads, then you will love the kei trucks. These vehicles are designed with a 4-wheel transmission system that ensures that maneuverability through such roads is not a problem. With a vehicle engaging all wheels such roads become easy to pass through, even when carrying cargo in the bed.

Japanese mini trucks are affordable yet efficient vehicles. They stand out in the market and are loved by many people all over the globe. It would make a good investment to buy one of these kei trucks.

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Good Off-Road?

Japanese mini trucks have been making headlines from one auto magazine to the other over the years. When you come across a Japanese mini truck, it surely turns heads. These conspicuous small and compact vehicles have become popular over the years. It is not just their unique and amazing appearance that makes the vehicle popular. The Japanese mini trucks, also called kei trucks are small workhorses that will deliver on a lot of instances. Some people have even compared them to the standard pick up trucks. But are they really that good? In this guide, we even go beyond that. We aim to understand are Japanese mini trucks good off-road as many people say?

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Good Off-Road?

It is obvious that these Japanese mini trucks can run well on paved roads and urban cities. This is why they were created. They were used in maneuvering tight Asian streets and saw them become a success. However, they are being adopted by other people in other fields and are being used on different roads including those that are in tough terrains and those that are sometimes impassible with other vehicles. So, are Japanese mini trucks good off-road? Are they built to survive this?

Let us look at some of the good things that makes the Japanese mini truck good off-road.

Strong Springs & Suspension

Suspensions and the springs in a vehicle are very important. It is these suspensions that determines how a vehicle handles the road. And with weak suspensions that can break when stressed, the vehicle might not be able to survive the stress undergone in a rough rugged terrain. luckily, the Japanese mini trucks have been designed to handle such. They have capable suspension and springs that would tackle any road.

Heavy Duty Body

For a vehicle to survive tough roads, there is need to have a solid construction and body. Japanese mini trucks have just that. They were built to last and they have stayed true to their mission even with their modern designs. The uncompromising design and body materials used in these Japanese mini trucks makes them outstanding and dependable in different terrains.

4-Wheel Drive Transmission

A vehicle can either have 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive transmission. A 4-wheel vehicle means that it can engage all the four wheels and therefore increasing the grip and traction. With increased traction, the vehicle becomes more stable and capable of handling pretty much any road regardless of the condition. So, if you plan on using a vehicle in rough roads where it can be marshy, it should definitely be a 4 wheel drive. Considering the fact that Japanese mini trucks have this capability, it is safe to say that they are good off-road.


To wrap it up, there are some things that are required from a vehicle to be considered capable of handling off-roads. Shared above are some of them. The Japanese mini trucks have been well designed with all these things in mind and are definitely capable. You should therefore consider buying a Japanese mini truck.

Mini Trucks Well Maintained Can Last A Lifetime

Maintenance is a good thing that every vehicle needs. Just like it is a good thing to get a medical checkup for your better health, it is also crucial that you ensure that the vehicle you have gets good maintenance and repairs as required. The Japanese mini trucks are a particular breed of vehicles that have been around for quite some years. They are built to last a lifetime. However, good life of a vehicle can only be achieved when good care is taken on the vehicle. There are many ways that one can take care of their vehicle and get something good out of it in the long run. In short, mini trucks well maintained will last long giving you good service.

Basic Maintenance For Mini Trucks

To help you figure out how maintenance can make a huge difference on the vehicle that you have and whether they increase their life, let us go through some basic maintenance tips that you can do to get the best out of it.

Regular Painting

Many people do not realize the importance of painting a vehicle. Painting helps to reduce or eliminate the chances of experiencing rust with the vehicle. As much as rust doesn’t sound like a threat to the life of a vehicle, it is. Rust will start easting up the body of the vehicle and by the time you are realizing this, all the steel body will be gone and you will be left with option of welding in an ugly plate.

Do The Daily Checkup Routine

A vehicle is like a human being. It can only become better when well taken care of. Simple things such as checking the oil level, brake fluid level, tire threads and ensuring there is good cooling from the radiator can go a long way. Simply fixing issues that could arise from this can ensure the vehicle is running smoothly serving you as it should.

Regular Servicing

Again, you need to give the vehicle the love it needs by getting it to a maintenance shop. This is moreso and should be regular if you use the vehicle a lot. You cannot be unfair enough to use the vehicle to its maximum and still fail to have it serviced.

How Long Do Japanese Mini Trucks Last?

As aforementioned, the life of these mini trucks depends on the care that you give them. If you are going to use the vehicle recklessly on off-roads without giving it the proper maintenance an service it needs, then you are killing it fast. So, how long can these mini trucks go when well maintained? Some people have reported the Japanese mini truck going beyond 300,000 kilometers which is amazing. But what is even better is that this is way lower than what others have achieved. Good maintenance could see the vehicle going strong even beyond this mileage.


Vehicle maintenance is very important and will be the determining factor in the life of that vehicle. Shared above are the maintenance tips you can do to achieve good mileage with your vehicle.

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3 Benefits of Mini Dump Trucks

Japanese mini trucks come in different shapes, models, and designs. Although this was never the case when they were first introduced, they have since improved and seen better days. Mini trucks have been designed differently with the intention of making those that are specifically meant o do certain jobs. Some of the most noticeable and known mini truck models that one could come across includes the mini dump trucks, flat bed mini trucks, scissor lift mini trucks and caravan mini trucks. All these have their own purposes which is something that is very admirable. In this guide, we will expound on dump trucks. We focus more on the benefits of mini dump trucks.

Before delving into that, it is worth noting that the mini dump trucks are the most popular mini truck. They have a hydraulic system that raises the bed to easily dump whatever was being carried. This is seen as an advantage over other vehicles including pickup trucks.

Did I mention that they are very economical and dependable? These vehicles have smaller engines which means that they consume less fuel yet are still able to do a lot. simply put, they are among the most economically efficient vehicles you can find in their class. Some people even prefer to have one of these rather than a more pricey pickup truck.

Benefits of Mini Dump Trucks

Below are some of the things that stand out and are amazingly great when it comes to the mini dump trucks.

Off-Road Capability

There are many things that one can look for in a vehicle, and off-road capability usually carries a lot of weight. If live or plan to work in a place where the roads aren’t in their best conditions, then a 4X4 mini dump truck will surely come in handy. Their 4-wheel drive transmission is something that has become helpful for many people. Starting from farm supplies to using it as a hunting vehicle in the jungle, there is no place they cannot go.


Another thing that is lovable in the mini dump truck is that they can be used for pretty much everything. And this further explains why it is the most popular among other mini truck models. You can use these vehicles for pretty much anything under the sun. In fact, you can carry anything that a standard pickup truck can carry. that is, as long as it is within its carrying capacity. From farm produce to construction materials, they are sure to deliver.


Lastly, versatility is another area where the mini dump trucks emerge champ. This vehicle is designed with a small and compact design that gives it a unique and big advantage as compared to pickup trucks and others. Its design means that it can go anywhere and deliver the load it carries with a lot of ease.

Final Word

Kei trucks are amazing in every way. In this guide, we have looked at the benefits of mini dump trucks and seen why they are the most popular in their class. You can check out some on sale on our mini truck listing page.

What Are The Uses Of Scissor Lift Mini Trucks?

Are you a big fan of the Japanese mini trucks? These Japanese mini trucks are also known as the kei trucks and are compact in design. There are however many different models when we break down the types of Japanese mini trucks in the market. These different types exist for different purposes and uses. For instance, the dump bed mini truck is used to carry and easily offload loads. However, in this guide, we will be focusing our attention on the less known scissor lift mini trucks. What are the uses of scissor lift mini trucks? And are they as useful as the large scissor lift trucks that we are used to?

To answer all this, let us first consider what the large scissor trucks are intended to do. They are designed with the main aim of raising things to a higher ground or level. There are many instances that one can find themselves needing such a system or platform.

What Are The Uses Of Scissor Lift Mini Trucks?

Below are some of the areas that best describe the uses if scissor lift mini trucks.

Raising Workers To Higher Platform

If you have experience in the construction business, electric business, or any other handy work that requires raising or fixing things on a higher ground, then you know that there is need to raise yourself. Sometimes the ladders do not have much use in such instances. And when it comes down to that, a scissor lift mini truck is very useful. It might not have the monstrous power that the big trucks have which can lift many workers but would be perfect for a handyman working solo or with two guys. In short, it is perfect for a small scale business with small to medium lifting.

Raising Loads To Higher Levels

Same case goes for people who want to raise loads to a higher level. For instance if you have a new couch that wouldn’t pass through the staircase, you could use the scissor lift mini truck to raise it to the balcony. This is just a random example. Otherwise a small business which involves lots of handy-work could also use this truck efficiently.

Carrying Normal Loads

It would be bad to assume that the scissor lift trucks are only capable of lifting people and cargo to a higher level. Some of these vehicles have a perfectly shaped bed that resembles that of any other truck. And with that in mind, it is worth noting that they can also be used regularly for the purposes of carrying loads from one point to the other.

Final Word

The way the scissor lift mini truck has been designed would make a good investment for any handy man. This is because it would be perfect for someone who would want to carry loads as well as raise them to a higher level. So, people in the construction business, electric and others would find them to be terrific vehicles.

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Critical Mechanical Problems Of Mini Trucks

Vehicles are machines, and machines have moving parts that could wear off after sometime. Even with the hardy Japanese mini trucks that have been lauded for their superior efficiency and dependability, there could be mechanical faults. And with that in mind, one needs to consider giving the vehicle good maintenance an repairs when needed. Without good maintenance, a vehicle may not perform to its best. That said, there are many mechanical issues that a vehicle can experience. In this guide, we will go through critical mechanical problems of mini trucks and how to troubleshoot them with ease. This should add to your experience of handling your vehicle.

Critical Mechanical Problems Of Mini Trucks & Solving Them

Below are some of the common issues that you are likely to experience with your mini truck and how to troubleshoot them.

Overheating Engine

An engine overheating isn’t anything new. This is something that doesn’t just happen to the Japanese mini trucks. This is also something that one ought to experience when the vehicle has been working for a long time. For instance if you drive your mini truck over long distances, this is something that you are likely to experience. There are however situations where this seems to persist. Overheating may pose some dangers to the engine and is something you do not want to ignore.

To solve this, there are a number of things that one should check and make sure they are in top shape. Some of the things to check includes a tank fuel issues, blocked thermostat, bad cooling system or the engine gaskets being worn out.

Starter Failure

The starter failing means that the engine cannot start. It is something that is more common than one may think. This is also attributed to the fact that there are many things that can go wrong to make the engine not start. everything ranging from bad wiring, battery terminals not holding well, vehicle staying in the cold for long, fuel injector issues among others. Checking out these issues one after the other usually solves the starter issues you could experience. If you do not have experience of have tried everything, then having an expert look at it is recommended.

Failing Braking System

The braking system in a vehicle is one of the most crucial parts. It spells the safety that a vehicle can provide to the drivers and riders in that vehicle. If the braking system of your vehicle fails, then do not drive the vehicle. Instead start troubleshooting everything from the pedal to the hydraulic and the braking pads. Brake fluid levels should always be checked. An expert would also come in handy in this.

Proper Tire Inflation

Tire inflation might seem like it is the littlest of worries that one would have. However, that is not the case. Tire inflation is as important as any other safety in the vehicle. Under-inflating the tires means that the vehicle lacks proper balance. Over-inflating them will also mean the same. So, always keep the pressure of the tires under control and always checked.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that you need to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and everything is under check. Don’t forget to check out some of the Japanese mini trucks on sale in our listing page.

Simple Daily Checks On Your Mini Trucks

Every vehicle needs some kind of attention. That is the best way that you are going to get reciprocated services from it. Without proper care and maintenance, you will not get good services for long. You need to understand that any machine with moving parts wears out and needs to be maintained. This is the same case for the Japanese mini trucks. They need to be well maintained. This guide features some of the simple daily checks on your mini trucks that could make a huge difference. Some of them could even ensure your safety while using the vehicle in your daily routines.

The Simple Daily Checks On Your Mini Truck

Here are some of the crucial things that you could perform to your vehicle like a morning ritual and have the vehicle in a better shape.

Checking Radiator Water Levels

Water is crucial to the vehicle, just as it is for humans. This is because, for the engine to cool down, water is needed. And so, if it is not enough or the level has gone down, then it could mean that there wouldn’t be sufficient cooling. This could cause the engine to overheat and cause more damage. You should top up the water and after a while consider emptying the radiator and replacing all the water.

Checking The Oil Levels

This is one of the most important checks that you should never miss to check in your mini truck. If the oil level is not in good level, then you could experience things going bad. Some parts in the vehicle could start grinding each other or cause overheating of the engine which could be more disastrous.

Check The Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is often ignored by many people and assumes that everything is okay. Some even don’t know that it exists. Brake fluid is important because it is responsible for the braking system. It is this hydraulic fluid that is used. So, if the braking fluid level goes down, then it could be disastrous and could mean that the vehicle loses its brakes. This is therefore one of those simple checks that are life-saving.

Check The Tire Pressure & Threads

Tire pressure is very important. It should be perfect. Having tire pressure that is either lower than the required or higher means that the vehicle is not balanced. Driving a vehicle in such an unbalanced situation is dangerous. The threads are also important and should be checked every morning. By doing this, you can easily spot the cracks, and nail stubs among other things.

Final Word

These are very simple routine simple daily checks on your mini trucks, but it has a big impact. Some of them could be life saving, so you should really do this as a morning ritual before you move out with your mini truck.

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Automatic Transmission Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks, better known as the kei trucks in the local Japanese market are phenomenon vehicles, to say the least. Their quality, high performance and dependability is second to none when it comes to lightweight trucks. These vehicles have even been compared to standard pickup trucks. Knowing what pickup trucks are capable of, you can tell how the kei trucks are in the auto space. The Kei trucks are however different in design. All this is due to the different generations and models that one can come across. For instance, the older ones used manual transmission while newer models depend on an automatic transmission. In this guide, we will be looking more into automatic transmission mini trucks.

Are automatic transmission mini trucks the best option that one can have? How do they compare to the older model manual transmission? Let’s delve deep into this.

What is Automatic Transmission & How Does It work?

A transmission system is a mechanism in which the vehicle uses to switch between one gear to the other. This simply comes down to that vehicle’s gearbox. A gearbox is a mechanical device and part of a vehicle where there are different gears. The need to change from one gear to the other is to change the RPM of the engine which in turn changes the torque and power of the vehicle. Every vehicle that you come across will either use a manual transmission or an automatic transmission system.

Automatic transmission means that the vehicle uses an automated system to switch between gears. This is as opposed to the manual system where the driver’s intervention is needed. Usually, in a manual transmission system, the driver uses a gear stick that connects to the gears in the gearbox. However, the automated transmission system involves the use of a hydraulic automated system to do this. There is no driver intervention in the automatic transmission system.

Are Automatic Transmission Mini Trucks Better?

As aforementioned, a mini truck, like any other vehicle out there would either be running on a manual or automatic transmission system. The automatic transmission system is modern and seen as an improvement from the manual system. But are thy really that good? Well, automatic transmission system aims to create more efficiency rather than relying on the driver’s judgment to decide on the gears to use. Instead, the system does it automatically and systemically. Frankly, the automated system is much better and is definitely the future. Many vehicles, including larger trucks are improving and switching to this as well.

However, this does not mean that older manual transmission vehicles are less efficient or dependable. They are as good as they were before. And as evidenced in the United States, there are many manual transmission mini trucks. And users are loving every service delivered by these vehicles.


Automatic transmission mini trucks are the future. Shared above are some of the insights to help users better understand the transmission system and how it works. But this doesn’t render manual transmission vehicles useless at all.

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Troubleshooting Kei Truck Engine Problems

Kei trucks are among the best vehicles that one can have. They are dependable, all thanks to the engineering behind them. These vehicles have been surging in popularity across the globe due to these factors. Their advancement and improvement over the years has been amazing and transformational. Among some of the components that better define a vehicle, is the engine. An engine is the main driving force in a vehicle, and the existence of a vehicle wouldn’t be possible without it. In this guide, we will be looking at ways of troubleshooting kei truck engine problems.

What are some of the common engine problems that are experienced with Japanese mini trucks? Are they easy to fix? Can the owner with little experience troubleshoot an engine successfully and have the vehicle running? Or do they necessarily need a mechanic? There are many problems that an engine can face, but we will go through a few common ones that are easy to solve. These are the ones that might not necessarily need a mechanic to look into. In simple terms, these are common problems that one shouldn’t be paying to have fixed.

Troubleshooting Kei Truck Engine Problems

Below are some of the common kei truck engine problems and how to fix them.

Oil Leak

Oil leak is probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to kei truck engine problems or any other vehicle for that matter. It is a problem that is crucial because depending on the level of oil leakage, you could be spending a lot on oil costs and risk exposing parts due to lack of lubrication. Oil leaks could occur due to a number of things going wrong.

Here are the fixes to do when you have an oil leak.

  • The gaskets should always be in good condition to seal the oil from leaking. Otherwise, have them replaced.
  • The Cap seal should be working well and the lid should not be broken.
  • Avoid over-filling the oil.
  • Make sure there are no missing bolts, something that is common when an engine was serviced and not properly bolted.

Engine Cooling Problem

The engine cooling system is yet another crucial thing that could go wrong in a kei truck engine. Without proper cooling, then the engine could easily overheat. This could be disastrous. To fix issues with the cooling system, ensure that the fan is functioning well and the connections to the engine and from is working well. Also, ensure that the radiator is working as it is supposed to or else make necessary replacements.

Ignition Switch Failure

This is yet another problem that you may want to know about when you are dealing with Japanese mini trucks. Without a proper ignition switch system, then you could experience a lot of problems having the vehicle running as normal. This could however be a more technical problem which could need the attention of a mechanic. However, you can try checking out the wiring system linking to the ignition switch to troubleshoot any wiring faults.

Things To Know Before Buying A Mini Truck

If you have owned a Japanese mini truck for a while, then you know how good they are. These vehicles have become very popular across the globe, simply because of their incredible performance, quality and dependability. However, some people still have doubts about these Japanese kei trucks. To end that doubt, in this guide, we will go through some crucial things to know before buying a mini truck. This should ease minds and help make that decision to shift to a more efficient vehicle option.

They Are Cheap To Run & Maintain

One thing that you ought to keep in mind is that running and maintaining these kei trucks is not that hard. It is easy to learn how to maintain and repair them cheaply. If you are going to hire a mechanic to look at the vehicle, then you do not have to worry much about the parts being costly as it would have been the case with other vehicles. Fueling these vehicles is also pocket friendly. This is not just because they do not consume a lot of fuel, but instead squeeze power from every pint of that fuel. In short, they are very energy efficient as compared to other vehicles in the market.


Another thing that one would love with the Japanese mini trucks is the cost of acquisition. This is something that is much welcomed considering the high cost of buying vehicles these days. You even have better options if you are going to opt for a second hand vehicle because the cost will be significantly lower. This is all without compromising on quality and performance.

They Perform In All Roads

Japanese mini trucks are designed to be capable of handling even the harshest terrains and terrible roads. And with a 4-wheel transmission system, you can expect these kei trucks to easily maneuver through off-roads that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without this transmission. That said, you can expect these vehicles to deliver on this aspect.

Different Designs

Yet another thing that you ought to know before you buy a Japanese mini truck is the fact that there are different models that one can go for. This is because there are different models that are meant to perform various functions. For instance, there are dump bed mini trucks, flat bed, scissor lift, caravan mini trucks among many others. This is to say that a mini truck isn’t just a mini truck. You have to choose the one model that you intend to be using based on your intended use.


Kei trucks are among the best lightweight trucks that one can get in the market today. However, many people still do not know much about these vehicles. Shared above are some of the top things to know before buying a mini truck.

And when you have made your decision to own one, you should consider checking out some of the outstanding pick that we have in our mini truck sales page.

Japanese mini trucks Gearbox Overview

If you own a Japanese mini truck or at least have admiration for them, then how much do you know about them? How much do you know about the Japanese mini truck gearbox? There is a lot to learn and this might seem very confusing for someone who is new to the whole mechanical thing. However, it is always important to learn these parts so that you can even make any maintenance and repairs when needed. In this guide, we will go through a Japanese mini trucks gearbox overview to help people who do not understand them.

What is a Gearbox?

To start us off, let us start by defining what a gearbox is and its importance in a vehicle. A Japanese mini trucks gearbox is a mechanical device that is found in every fuel-powered vehicle. Its main purpose is to help increase the torque of the vehicle. Torque changing is necessary because with every gear that is selected, the vehicle engine rotation needs to keep changing to provide maximum power.

Inside the gearbox are a number of gears that are designed with different sizes. With the help of a stick that protrudes, the driver can easily switch between the different gears so that a different gear is engaged hence different torque switch. It is with the different torque that one gets to realize and achieve different speed and power when driving.

Manual & Automatic Transmission

A vehicle can either have a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. Older vehicles tend to use the manual transmission while newer models use the automatic transmission. Considering the rules and regulations in United States where there is a 25-year rule on owning a vehicle, most of the Japanese mini trucks in the US are manual.

What is the difference between manual and automatic transmission? The manual transmission means that there is need for driver intervention to switch between one gear to the other. This is done through the use of a gear stick. However, when it comes to automatic transmission vehicles, the whole process is painless and no intervention of the driver is needed. This is done using hydraulic and automated system.

2 Wheel Drive & 4 Wheel Drive Transmission

When it comes to the kei trucks, you will also notice that there are some that have a 2-wheel drive transmission system and others with 4 wheel drive system. This simply means that the vehicle can either engage two wheels or all the 4 wheels. When a vehicle uses a 4 wheel transmission, it means that there is more grip and traction. Such a vehicle will have an easy way around rugged roads and impassible terrains. So, when choosing a kei truck to buy, this is something that you ought to keep in mind.


The Japanese mini trucks stand out as the ultimate lightweight trucks. But one needs to understand a lot about them. Shared above are details on Japanese mini trucks’ gearbox and how they function.

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Common Daihatsu Hijet Mechanical Problems

Daihatsu Hijet is one of the best selling mini trucks in the lightweight truck class. Daihatsu itself is an automaker that has been around for many decades. It has gathered enough experience and engineering craftsmanship to make some of the best vehicles that we have around. Among some of the vehicles that fly high in their list includes the kei trucks. However, and as we all know, every vehicle is bound to have their own problems. The good thing is that they can be fixed. It is good to know what problems to expect. In this guide, we will go through some of the common Daihatsu Hijet mechanical problems.

Common Daihatsu Hijet Mechanical Problems

Below are some of the common Daihatsu Hijet problems that one could expect from these vehicles. We have also included how to fix these common problems.

Uneven Driving

This is a common problem where the driver will start realizing that the vehicle starts to pull to one side or the other while they are driving. Along with this problem, one may also realize some uncommon vibration of the vehicle which is sometimes excessive. As time goes, these problems seem to keep intensifying. IT is something that has been reported mostly with Daihatsu Hijets. The problem will not go away until it is fixed.

So, what is the problem? This is usually a problem with the wheels wobbling as the vehicle is moving. It is usually caused by the wheel nuts being faulty or of incorrect size. To correct this, you need to get good quality wheel nuts that fit well into the vehicle. Otherwise, it could lead to even worse problems.

Overheating Engine

Yet another problem that could make someone wonder what is happening with their vehicle is overheating engine. Daihatsu Hijet are known to have this problem. Perhaps the first thing that one would want to check out the cooling system as well as the radiator of their Hijet. However, if the problem still persists, you can check out the air locking systems. This is usually the problem in many cases. You need to also make sure that you replace the parts more regularly to avoid this.

Engine Growling Noise

This is s problem that could scare off new Daihatsu Hijet owners. It is however a common problem to not only this mini truck but there are others that report it as well. This usually happens when the engine is turned on and fails to turn over. This is a known problem caused by worn-out or faulty fuel pump. The fuel pump doesn’t spoil easily but with time, it does so like any other part. The solution is to change the fuel pump to a new one.


These are some of the common problems that you are likely to experience as a Daihatsu Hijet mini truck owner. They are however easy to solve and once solved, they are unlikely to recur.

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Dealing With Japanese Mini Truck Oil Leaks

Japanese mini trucks are great vehicles that dominate the lightweight truck class. Their popularity has been surging over the years. These vehicles which have their origin in Japan are well-engineered something evidenced over the years they have been in use. And today, we have the best that one could want from them. Their compact design and small engine size make them the best economical truck for people looking to spend less acquiring a vehicle and running it. This is because even when it comes to fuel, it consumes way less as compared to other vehicles like the pick-up trucks. However, like any other vehicle, there are some issues that Kei trucks experience. Besides mechanical issues, there are other things like oil leaks. In this guide, we will be focusing on dealing with Japanese mini truck oil leaks.

Oil leaks are not very common, but it is something that is experienced once in a while. It is therefore important to know how to tackle this issue. There are several reasons why an oil leak might occur. For an amateur, this is something that can be very disturbing. However, after going through this article, you should be able to easily troubleshoot this problem and have the vehicle running as normal.

Dealing With Japanese Mini Truck Oil Leaks

Here are some of the surefire ways that you can count on when dealing with Japanese mini truck oil leaks.

Gasket Seals

One of the main reasons why an oil leak could occur is because either the gasket seal is worn out or isn’t closed tightly. The gasket seals usually made of high quality rubber materials is responsible for tightly bonding between two metallic surfaces. And if this rubber is worn out either due to too much heat over time or any other reason, it could be disastrous. To confirm whether it is the gasket, check on the contact surfaces to ensure that the seal is in good shape.

Loose or Broken Filler Cap

Yet another common cause of the oil leak that you could be experiencing is when the filler cap is loose or when it is broken. This is not very common since the filler cap don’t break every now and then. Ensure that the filler cap closes tightly and is not letting out any oil.

Too Much Oil

Sometimes having too much oil can cause some leakages. There are limits to the amount of oil that one can use in their vehicle engines as well as in the gear box. Failure to which you can experience oil leakages.


Shared above are just some of the reasons why you may experience oil leak. It is something that may happen to every mini truck owner, and it is important to know what to do under such circumstances. Regularly keeping check of these instances will help you achieve quality services from your kei truck.

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How Japanese Mini Trucks Are Better Than Pick Up Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have been around for a long time. The mini trucks have stood the test of time and have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable in many instances. They are made in Japan by some of the leading automakers such as Honda, Subaru, Daihatsu and Suzuki. This better defines the quality that the users are getting. Despite being small and lightweight, they have been compared to the standard pick up trucks in terms of efficiency and performance. In this guide, we will look at instances where the Japanese mini trucks are better than pick up trucks.

How Japanese Mini Trucks Are Better Than Pick Up Trucks

As aforementioned, the Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time. And have even been compared to the larger and widely known pick up trucks. As much as the kei trucks are much smaller and with a smaller engine capacity, the skillsmanship and top Japanese engineering has seen them come out as very capable vehicles. Below are some instances where the mini trucks are better than pick up trucks.


The price tag on vehicles keep rising by the day, and this is something that has made many people start focusing on getting better alternatives. As compared to the pick up trucks, the kei trucks come with a price tag that is a fraction of what the standard pick ups are going for. IY even gets better when you are looking at a used Japanese mini truck. And getting a used one doesn’t always mean that you are getting a lower version of the newer one. In fact, all of the kei trucks in the United States are used. This is mainly because there is a 25-year rule that allows only older vehicles to be imported and used.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption of a vehicle is yet another important thing to keep in mind. Most of the newer pick up trucks that you will find in the market have V8 or W8 engines. Despite the horsepower that you are getting from them, you should also expect to spend a premium on fueling the pick up truck. However, the Japanese mini trucks have smaller engines which means that they use less fuel. In many cases, they will handle what most pick up trucks will yet you are spending less on fueling it.

Maintenance Costs

Yet another thing that you need to be wary of when owning a vehicle is that there will always be maintenance and repair costs. As compared, the pick up trucks have a higher maintenance costs as compared to the kei trucks which one can do on their own. This is yet another reason why you would want to go with the kei trucks.


Affordability, cost of maintenance and fuel costs defines how Japanese mini trucks are better than pick up trucks. These are some of the things that best defines the kei trucks. So, you can always invest in them with confidence.

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Regulations That Could Stop You From Owning Japanese Mini Trucks

Anybody who has been in the auto industry knows that Japanese vehicles are among the best that one can get. Among those vehicles are the kei trucks, also known as the Japanese mini trucks. These are one of the best-performing vehicles in the lightweight truck class. They are small, compact and known for their efficiency. They are loved by millions of people across the globe and can be used for pretty much anything one can think of. Even if it is on rough terrain and almost impassable roads, they will surely deliver. However, there are regulations that could stop you from owning Japanese mini trucks. Below, we look at them.

Regulations That Could Stop You From Owning Japanese Mini Trucks

Kei trucks have demonstrated excellent performance in different uses. Whether it is a Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Mazda Scrum or any other, they are amazing. Owning one of these Japanese mini trucks would deliver beyond your expectations. But there are rules and regulations to owning them depending on where you are. Here are regulations that could deny you a chance of owning on of them.

Legality Issues

Different states and countries have their own laws regarding the vehicles allowed to operate there. This can be a hindrance to someone who wants to own a mini truck. Some states in America, for instance, allow the use of these vehicles, others allow partial use while others have stricter laws on their use. If you are therefore looking to invest in a Japanese mini truck, then you need to know and ensure that the legal requirements in your state or country don’t limit you into not using it as you intend to.

Poor Choice Of Mini Truck

The quality and condition of the vehicle that you are getting will determine the end result you get out of it. That said, you need to make sure that the vehicle is in perfect shape. otherwise, you could end up with a vehicle that just lays in your garage. Some people get a vehicle that is faulty and this will also mean that you will incur a lot of costs trying to repair it. Instead, you should consider good options of getting the vehicle including importing from known sellers.

Not Knowing How To Import

The other problem that some owners are likely to face is how to import the kei truck. Importing a Japanese mini truck is probably the best-known way that one would get to own a conditionally sound vehicle. Having a vehicle in good condition means that you will not have the problem of spending time in the garage with your mechanic every weekend. Instead, you will have a dependable vehicle that will serve you well for a long time.

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Challenges To Expect When Owning A Mini Truck

Owning a mini truck could be a dream for many people. If you are a big fan of trucks and have been watching the auto industry especially the Japanese, then mini truck shouldn’t sound new to you. These vehicles have stood the test of time and there is a surging popularity with them. Their existence dates back to the 1950s, although there has been significant changes to the body structure and other things. This is the same case for many other vehicles in the market though. Japanese mini trucks have however stayed true to their purpose of creating compact and small vehicles. This is all meant to squeeze out economic efficacy while still making a vehicle that is very dependable.

However, every vehicle needs regular maintenance and repairs. This is because with every mile covered, there is always the fact that something wears out. But that is not all. Below, we look at some of the challenges one can expect when owning a mini truck.

Challenges To Expect When Owning A Mini Truck

Below are challenges and what to expect when you own or at least plan on owning a mini truck.


One of the things that many people have reportedly become aware of is that there is a high chances of experiencing rust with the Japanese kei trucks. We have to consider the fact that most of these vehicles are imported to the US from Japan and they are at least 25 years old. This fact alone tells you that despite good performance expectation, it is an old vehicle. It is not going to be crispy clean unless it has recently undergone some paintwork. Rust can be a bad thing as it tends to corrode and start eating up the body of the vehicle. So, as you get the vehicle, keep it clean and have it painted once in a while.

Don’t Expect A Lot of Speed

Another thing that one might over-expect from the Japanese mini tuck is speed. This is not a fast car. IT is nothing close to that. When you are buying a Japanese mini truck, you need to understand that this is a small sized vehicle with a smaller engine capacity and a vehicle that will come in handy with basic usage(light to medium sized jobs). You can expect the vehicle to reach up to 80 miles per hour, but most will be at the range of 75 miles per hour top speed.

Limited Tire Supply

The tire sizes of the Japanese mini trucks is a bit strange and sometimes rare to find depending on where you are. Some people have considered changing the tire to a size that is more common and easy to find. Should this end up being the case you find it, then perhaps it helps.

Final Word

Japanese mini trucks stand out. They are dependable vehicles that delivers on its advertised purposes. Shared above are some of the challenges you can expect from these vehicles.

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What To Look For In Mini Truck Repair Services

If you have landed here, then it is because you followed a link about Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles are awesome to say the least. They are compact, small vehicles that are easy to maneuver within in every environment. They are stable, and with some of the functionalities like the 4-wheel drive, you can count on these vehicles to deliver. However, these vehicles are like any other machines with moving parts. They wear out with time and sometimes requires to be repaired or some parts to be replaced. But it has always been a challenge finding the best repair services. That is why we are dedicating this guide to list down what to look for in mini truck repair services.

It might be hard to come across a specialty garage that offers repair and maintenance services to the Japanese mini trucks alone. However, there are still things that one must look for in those repair shops. Below, we share some of the most crucial ones worth noting.

What To Look For In Mini Truck Repair Services

Without the right repair service provider, your vehicle might not get the best attention that it needed. This could end up with breakdowns easily and this is why you need a service that you can count on to deliver. Check out our guide below on finding the perfect mini truck repair services around you.

Good Licensing & Certification

If you want to work with credible and reliable maintenance and repair service providers, then the first rule is to always consider those that have proper licensing. There are many out there that have proper licensing, but there are even way more that do not have the license to run. If someone inexperienced handles your car, then it will be a disaster. That said, you need to ensure that you are dealing with real certified experts.

Good Experience & Handling Expertise

It is always good to keep in mind the fact that Japanese mini trucks are different. There are many models of these vehicles. Finding a good mechanic and repair expert to handle such a vehicle demands high experience. It is only by doing this that you get a quality repair job for your vehicle. It can take some time finding the right expert, but it is worth the search.

Good Testimonials

When you are looking for a good repair and service provider to handle your kei truck, you should ensure that they have been around providing good services. At this point, it doesn’t hurt to check online for reviews and testimonials on the services provided by a particular repair shop that you want to give the job.

Range Of Services

Lastly, but equally important, you need to make sure they offer various services that your mini truck could use. This will ensure that all your mini truck needs are handled properly as they should.


To conclude, a Japanese mini truck does not disappoint. However, you need to do your fair share of work in giving it the service it needs. Shared above are some of the things to look for when you look for mini truck repair services.