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Why minitrucks are very popular outside Japan.

As everyone knows, minitrucks are very popular not only in Japan but also overseas. These trucks are often used in agriculture, construction and of late they have expanded the scope of their operation. Few reasons that I can think of for its popularity is; 1. Performance. It's ease of handling a small turn radius and convenience for short distance travel or use on the premises for transporting and delivery of cargo. An important consideration is it's lightweight body, which means it is easy to maintain. 2. The vehicle is quite sturdy for its size and capacity. There are few failures generally reported. Life of a minitruck is very long if maintained properly. 3. The engines though small but powerful is relatively very quiet compared to the larger pickup trucks. 4. It has a wide range of uses. Mini trucks are often used as work vehicles in farms, ranches, parks, schools, etc. instead of carts. They are superior in all aspects such as loading capacity and comfort of seats with air-conditioned cabin. The choice of 4WD or dump truck just adds to its popularity. 5. Cost and ease of availability. A used quality truck is easily available now at a very competitive price. Without including the superiority of minitrucks technical specifications, these are the first thoughts that come to mind on it's popularity. No doubt, once purchased, these trucks will continue to be your lifelong companion.

To summarize one can say that mini trucks are packed with all the power and utility functions of a large truck though it is considerably smaller in size.  The latest versions are equipped with latest technology, safety features and comfort.

They are practically a tiny light truck which is also used for transporting light cargo intra city, so these mini trucks are very popular in almost every region.