Buying Used Japanese Mini Trucks The Easy Way

There is no denying the fact that Japanese mini truck are phenomenon and among the most loved vehicles across the globe. And even better, they can be imported and used in almost every country. The big question that many people have to ask themselves however, is the process of getting one and whether hey are the preferable choice than their local vehicles. You can choose to get a second hand Japanese mini truck or a new one, but the truth about that is that the brand new ones are much pricier and adding the importation and duty expenses, the pricing will go over the roof.

So, which one should you opt for? To help you with that, here are some of the things that make Japanese mini trucks stand out from many in the market.

Quality And Reliability

When shopping around for a vehicle, among the most important things that everyone asks themselves is whether they can count on that vehicle to deliver and give them the service that they expect from it. Whether the Japanese mini trucks can live up to expectation is plain and simple and evident in all the mini trucks in the road. If they weren’t reliable and worth investing on, then you wouldn’t be seeing many of them around. So, to clear your doubts, Japanese mini trucks are very reliable and with a good choice of the second hand shouldn’t be any different because these vehicles are built under some of the world’s best auto craftsmanship.

Sturdy Build And Performance

Among the very first questions that new car buyers often ask is how good the performance. This all depends on how the vehicle has been built. With the fact that these vehicles are built by known brands, there is no doubting the technology that has been used. Their body, chassis and every other aspect of these vehicles are also incredible and guaranteed to blow your mind.

something else that will affect the performance of the vehicle is its condition, which you will have to do your won diligence when buying. You should know whether the vehicle you are getting can stand the kind of work that you are going to be using it for.

Readily Available Repair Parts

among some of the challenges of getting a second hand vehicle are its spare parts. And this is why you will come across some rare vehicle models lying around simply because the owner couldn’t find the spare parts or for the reasons that they are too expensive. With that in mind, you need to get a vehicle that their spare parts are readily available and easy to make the repairs. With big names like Mazda, Daihatsu, Subaru and Suzuki behind majority of these Japanese mini trucks, you can be rest assured that you are getting something solid that will take you a long way. Their spare parts are found in almost every corner of the globe and with many people having leaned their engineering, getting you mini truck fixed is very easy.

Getting Used Japanese Mini Trucks The Easy Way

Now that we know the quality and kind of vehicle that you are getting, below are some for the things that you can do to avoid paying too much for the vehicle and getting it with less hassles.

Do Good Research On The Selling Company

One of the big assignments that you have, especially if you are still a new importer and have little experience is to do a lot of research about the company selling you the mini truck. this extensive research will help you to get rid of cons that are in every corner of the auto business. There are lots of companies that you will find online selling these kind of vehicles and the doing a background research and getting previous customer reviews on the vehicle is something that you have to extra cautious about.

Ask more Details On The Vehicle

Once you have seen the kind of vehicle that you’d want to get, you shouldn’t rush in and start the transaction. Instances of bait and switch is something that many people have had to go through and you wouldn’t want that to be you. A good company that has nothing to hide about the vehicle will give you a lot of details that you will need and this includes photos of the  vehicle. Some companies will also give you a good video footage which will give you a clear and better view of the vehicle.

Be Cautious On Transaction

When it comes to doing the actual deal. After talking and agreeing on the price of the vehicle, the next step even gets more crucial because it involves sending money.  And to be sure that you are dealing with the right company and not scammers, you need to make sure that you are paying the money to the correct company. This can be safely done by ensuring that you are dealing with a real bank account that reflects the name of the company selling the vehicle. There are instances where scammers misrepresent themselves as the company only to realize that one is sending money to the wrong account. You need to dig deep and confirm more than a few times that the bank account that you are sending the money to is for the actual company.

Final Word

With these guide, you will be able to get yourself the second hand Japanese vehicle that you have always wanted. You should also consider using the service of an import agent who have had experience with the importation process. This will save you the hassles of having to go through expensive duties and complications that may arise.

You can check out our vehicle listing page to see if there is a second hand Japanese mini truck that fits the bill in our yard. We have vetted every vehicle and will provide you with as much information as you need just to make sure that you are getting what is within your expectations.

Cost Effective Tricks To Maintain Your Mini Truck

Do you have a Japanese mini truck? If so, how are you managing its maintenance? Every vehicle needs regular servicing in order to continue producing the best performance and quality of service that it is expected from it. You cannot use your vehicle to carry lots of loads and fail to do the regular mechanical and cleaning. Doing that will lead to easy mechanical breakdown and could even bring a lot of costly expenses to you in the long run.


Whether you are looking for a way to maintain and keep your mini truck in its best condition or looking to learn how to take care of one if you are still to buy it, this guide is for you. It should be pretty much similar with any other vehicle, only that there are additional parts. For instance in a dump bed mini truck, there is the hydraulic system that needs some hydraulic maintenance to ensure that you are getting the best out of the vehicle. If you are looking to get the bets pout of your vehicle, then below are some of the basic maintenance tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Clean The Vehicle Regularly

Mini Trucks like any other vehicle deserves to have the best look and look appealing. Unless you are okay driving in a rugged and muddy vehicle, cleaning is something that you need to do regularly. Besides being unappealing  to drive in a dirty and uncleaned vehicle, there is even more to that. Cleaning should also include things like replacing the water on your radiator and such to avoid rust and dirt.

It is not just about the outside appearance of a vehicle. Ensuring that the vehicle is clean will keep the vehicle from rusting and keep the painting intact. So, while you ensure cleanliness, you are also ensuring that the vehicle body lasts long without the need to have it repainted hence also saving you some money in the long run.

Regular Oiling and Greasing

Anything that has moving parts needs some serious attention. Any mechanic and car expert will warn you that without making the necessary oiling and greasing, you should be ready for a breakdown and also face lots of expenses on replacing the vehicle’s spare parts. you should be keen on every moving part from the wheels, to the engine and the hydraulics. you need to make sure that every part is greased and the engine and gear box gets oiled regularly and the old oil replaced. By doing this, you will ensure that the vehicle serves you better and wont have to deal with breakdowns and incur lots of expenses.

If you don’t have any experience doing this, then it wont hurt visiting a maintenance shop every month to have some things fixed. Although you will have to pay for this, it is well worth it because you will not have to pay a lot like you would have in replacing broken parts and repairs.

Stick To One Mechanic Or Specialist

Your vehicle is like a human body and it should be well taken care of for it to serve you well and for a long time. However, a big mistake that many people have always done is to use a different vehicle specialist to handle their vehicle. This is not a good idea because every specialist handles the vehicle differently and while some are good at it, others may handle it differently and in a bad way that could end up causing complications to the vehicle.

Also, besides this being a more expensive approach to repairing your vehicle, you will not get the best pout of it. so, if you are not an expert and cannot handle or maintain your vehicle on your own, avoid using many vehicle specialists and only stick to one to give it a better life.

Learn To Maintain And Repair The Vehicle Yourself

Something else that many people are ignorant of is to learn how to repair and maintain the vehicle by themselves. Every vehicle have their own design and their own manual that one can study and get a good grasp of everything from the engine, to the chassis and body. With today’s technology, learning the vehicle inside out is much easier than before and all you need is the willingness.

While learning and mastering the vehicle parts and how to repair and maintain them could take a long time, once you have mastered it, you will no longer have to pay someone else to do it for you. After all, even mechanics and vehicle specialists start from somewhere and if you love going frugal, learning your own vehicle is a long term benefit.

Final Word

All vehicles need some love and this can only be done by maintaining them and keeping them in the best condition so that they can perform well and give the best services that they are expected to perform. with the above guides and pointers on how to maintain your vehicle, you not only ensure that they are in the best condition, but also get this done without spending too much money.

Mini trucks are among the best options to pick up trucks and there are plenty of models that you can choose from depending on the nature of work that you would like to use it for. If you are carrying loads like sand, then something like a dump bed mini truck will work just perfect for you. On the other end, there are other kind of vehicles like flat bed mini trucks and scissor lift mini trucks, all of which work differently. You can check out the list of mini trucks from our sales page and see if there is one that suits your needs and we will help provide more details and organize to have it shipped to your country. We help hundreds of customers every year to get the best second hand Japanese vehicles and we can also help you get the best that you need.

Mini Farm Trucks – Japanese Mini Trucks For Your Farm

Do you run a farm? If you do, then pone of the major challenges that you could be facing could be transportation. Although it may vary with the many farms, you need a vehicle that can help you carry load or goods from one point to the other. In many cases, we have all seen utility vehicles and pickup trucks being used to carry around these kind of loads. However, at times, it could be challenging and the only option that you are left with is Kei mini trucks.

The Kei mini trucks are Japanese vehicles that resemble pickup trucks, only that their modeling and design are different. They have been in operation for many decades and although they have undergone different evolution stages with time, these mini trucks have stayed true to their purpose of delivering quality services and performance. Some of the most common Japanese kei truck models include Daihatsu hijet, Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty and Subaru Sambar. Below, we will delve deep into understanding the Japanese mini trucks and whether they are the ideal vehicles for use in the farms.

What to look for when looking for a vehicle for your farm jobs

Here are some of the things that you should be looking for when you are looking for a mini farm truck or a vehicle for that matter.

Vehicle Durability

Since you cannot predict the next tasks that you need from your vehicle, it is obvious that you should be looking for something that is built to last as well as something that is able to withstand any kind of load. The Kei mini trucks having being a product of some of the leading automakers are an assurance that you will be getting something that is not only professionally engineered but it is also built to last. The tough body, chassis among other mechanical features makes them the muscle car that you need in your farm. So you can drive around the bumpy off roads without worrying that you will easily tear down your vehicle.


The first thing that always pops in the mind of someone who wants to buy a vehicle is whether it will help them to deliver on their needs. The Japanese mini truck has been designed under high engineering by top automakers such as Daihatsu, Mazda, Honda and Subaru. Judging from the vehicles that these car markers produce, you can presume that these mini trucks are of high performance as well.

Fuel Efficiency

Unless you are from space where there is nothing like fuel, you’d want a vehicle that only seeps little and delivers more. A vehicle that is fuel efficient will save you tons of money that you could have spent on gas. The good news is that the mini trucks are good in fuel intake and you can expect it to take you a long way without taking in a lot.

With a drivetrain of only 600cc, it is obvious that the engine and general vehicle functionality is an impressive one as well.


How reliable and dependable a vehicle is might depend on the duties and goods that are being carried from one point to the other. The Japanese mini trucks have been designed to carry around light to medium cargo of up to 1500kgs. This means that if you have several sacks of corn that are to be carried from one point to the other, you won’t have any issues at all.

Compared to other vehicles such as UTVs which carry less, you will love the fact that the dump bed of the Japanese kei trucks are large enough and wider giving them another reason to get.

With the 4X4 Capability which engages all the wheels, you are certain to pass through some of those bad roads with a lot of ease.

Vehicle Maintenance

If you are sick and tired of vehicles that break down everytime and need to be repaired over and over, then you are not alone. It is not only very costly using a vehicle that is faulty but it also reduces the service delivering leaving your farm business.  The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation when it comes to their low maintenance and cost effectiveness. These are vehicles that won’t demand the mechanic all the time needing some fixing.

This shouldn’t however make you forget that they need regular maintenance servicing. Without doing that, you will end up causing it to break down. Regular oiling and greasing, inspection, changing tires, body maintenance and painting are some of the things that you can do to maintain your mini truck and have it in good shape.

Affordability Depending On Budget

There is nothing good to smile about when it comes to vehicle costs. They don’t seem to be coming down soon either and that is some bad news for most of us. However, if you consider the Japanese mini trucks which have been designed to be simple and effective, you can save a lot.

Even better, the used Japanese mini trucks come at a way cheaper cost and you can import them easily from some Japanese car dealers. Auctions are also another sweet spot to find a good mini truck at a cost that you are willing to spare. If that is not a bargain, then we doubt that you will ever come across a lower cost. To sum that up, you should go for a Japanese mini truck if you are on a tight budget but still want to get something of good value.


Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time and have been used across the globe to run different errands. Using these vehicles in the farm is an ideal idea.

Check out our listing page to see some of the used and new mini trucks that we have in our inventory. When you find any that suits your needs and budget, you can get in touch with us so that we can give you more details on the vehicle. We will also help you cut down on the shipping hassles and get you mini truck to the destination port you need it.

Why Getting A Mini Truck From Japan is A Good Idea

Ever heard of Japanese mini trucks? If you have been in the industry long enough then this isn’t anything that is new to your ears. These mini trucks are originally made in Japan by some of the leading industry automakers and their popularity has exploded across the globe. The dump bed mini truck is one of the most common design with mini trucks. Dump bed mini trucks are meant to carry loads which aren’t fragile and can be dumped.

The Japanese mini trucks are better known as Kei trucks in Japan, which means a small truck. These mini trucks aren’t to be under-looked because of their size or drivetrain. They have stood the test of time and evolved through the years to emerge as one for the best and most loved type of vehicle. To help you understand these Kei mini trucks, we have prepared this article to discuss all you need about mini trucks before deciding on buying one.

Advantages Of Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Here are some of the reasons why dump bed mini trucks are ideal and why you will love every little bit of it.

High Performing And Reliable

Are you looking for a medium sized vehicle that consumes less fuel and demands less but still exhibits great performance? A pickup would be an ideal option for many of us, but if you look keenly, you may end up loving the Japanese mini truck more. While these mini trucks usually come with about 600cc, which is lower than pickup trucks, they are excellent in carrying loads of up to 150okg without any issues.

The fact that most of these mini trucks also come in 4X4 makes it even better and reliable especially when it comes to handling harsh weather roads. The 4 wheel drive capability enables vehicles to engage both axles and wheels making it more stable and stronger in handling bad roads where other vehicles might find difficult to pass through.


Sometimes the size of the pocket is what determines what we get in terms of vehicles. Japanese mini trucks not only come in cheaply but they are vehicles that are best valued.

Compared to pickup trucks and other vehicles in its class, the dump bed mini trucks and the Japanese mini trucks in general are more affordable and offer good value for your money. If you are someone who is on a budget and are just freaked by the hiked costs of pickup trucks, UTVs and ATVs, then going for a mini truck is something you should strongly consider.

If you also consider getting a used Japanese mini truck from the auctions, you could get it at a very good bargain.

Easy To Maintain and Cost Efficient

Maintenance of a vehicle is yet another thing that every car buyer should be looking out for. There are cars that are known to be good when it comes to maintaining and running them, and the good news is that the Japanese mini trucks are among these vehicles.

Fuel consumption is also another thing and we all hate fuel guzzlers. Getting a Japanese mini truck is one of the best investments where you will see excellent fuel consumption as compared to many other vehicles.

You will always find mechanics and specialists who will repair these vehicles easily, thanks to the fact that they are made by some of the leading automakers which are popular globally. The vehicles also come with easy to follow manuals which you can easily use to master the basics of repairing and maintaining it. Some of the basic maintenances that you should consider to get the best out of your vehicle include;

-Doing regular oil change will improve the vehicle’s efficiency as lubrication is crucial for every moving part.

-Make sure to change your wheels after every six months or when the threads have started wearing out. This will ensure that you have a firm grip especially when carrying loads under bad roads where traction is mostly needed.

-The wiring system and lights of your vehicle should be good at all times to ensure that you are not only safe but also enjoying the best out of the vehicle.

Buying And Importing Mini Trucks From Japan

mini truckJapanese mini trucks are nowadays all over the globe and you can buy them from your local dealer. However, sometimes you may want to consider the option to buy and import directly from Japan. In such a case, there are several steps that you will have to follow to get your mini truck delivered to your destination country.

The obvious steps always include filing for an Entry which is the permit that allows you to import a vehicle from another country. Next, it is usually clearing with the local authorities to verify vehicle legalities and requirements.

After that, the other part is purchasing and having the vehicle shipped to you. The process is simpler than how most of us consider it to be. In fact, here at Substar Inc, we help our customers by shipping them the vehicle and sparing them the hassles that they would have had while dealing with shipping agencies.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks are becoming well known across the globe and it is for all the good reasons. With all the advantages that come with it, you will most likely love the Japanese mini trucks. The good news is that it is affordable to get one and importing one has never been easier. Get in touch with us so that we can help you get the mini truck of your choice.

Some of the most common Japanese mini trucks that you will come across include the Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Honda Acty. We have all these vehicles in our inventory and you can see them in our listings page. If you would also like to get a used mini truck or a minivan from the auctions then you should get in touch with us and we will help you find that vehicle that you are looking for.

5 Tips To Help You Import An Affordable Mini Truck From Japan

If you are still new to the import-export world, then you must be having some questions on whether you should import from abroad or just buy from the local dealer. If you are eyeing a mini truck then chances are that your local dealer is importing mini trucks from Japan and selling them to you at a higher price. As much as it would be a buy-and-drive to buy from the dealer, there are many other advantages that you are missing had you opted to import it yourself. Importing directly gives you a wide variety of mini trucks to choose from and also take advantage of things such as open car auctions.

And if you thought that importing a mini truck was a lengthy process and a big hassle, then you’ll be amazed once you get into it. We have prepared this guide to help you buy your preferred mini truck at an affordable cost from Japan. Here are the tips to follow;

Stick To your Budget

One big mistake that many people make when shopping— not only with mini trucks or imported vehicles, is that they get carried away when they come across something else that they think is better. You will end up forgetting about the set budget and could soon blow your finances.

It is thus important to always stick to your budget and only shop for the mini truck within your set limits. With the fact that there are hundreds of mini trucks to choose from when importing, it is easy to find one that fits within your budget.

Inquire to Know as much info as possible

The next thing that you’d want to know before making a purchase on a mini truck is to dig deep and know what is under the hood on that vehicle. Many people make the wrong choice of not researching about the vehicle, only to end up with something that is faulty.

Do not fall for the appearance and rush to close the deal. If you would like to get the best value for your money, then you should make sure that the vehicle you are getting meets all your requirements and expectations. The only way to do this is by inquiring and gathering as much info on the vehicle as possible.

Understand The Import Process And What Is Involved

Although it isn’t anything to worry about much, for the purpose of tracking and incase of anything, it is good to understand the importation process if you are still new to it.

To give you just a simple idea of how the process goes is to first find your desired mini truck by shopping around used Japanese car dealer websites. Then you will file an “Entry” with the import authorities of your country to get approval and assurance that the vehicle meets your country or state standards. After that you will close the deal with the dealer and arrange for shipment. After shipping is done, you can pick your vehicle at the destined port, clear it and head over with the registration process.

Negotiate Your Vehicle Purchase

Unless you’ve got loads of cash to shell out, negotiating a vehicle is something that you should consider.  And before you start wondering how a negotiation can be done through the internet or whether you need to be present physically, you’ll be surprised at how many deals are smoothly done through the email. Email and other chat bots that are found on dealer’s websites are meant to help you enhance your communication in which you can ask anything you’d like to know.

With the help of these programs and scripts, you can do almost any kind of negotiation just as you would physically. If you feel that’s not enough video calls like Skype could even serve you better.

You can check out a good example of a chat system in place on our website where you can make inquiries with us and even negotiate.

Seal The Deal And Make Arrangements With The Dealer

When you have finally decided that you are going to get the vehicle from that particular dealer and you have agreed on the price, it is now time to make the purchase and organize for the shipment. Something that is very important and worth mentioning concerning the costs is that there are costs which the dealer included everything which is called Freight On Board (FOB). Here shipping and clearance is done for you but you will be charged by the dealer. Your next role will be to pick up your vehicle at the port and do clearance.

The other option is commonly known as the CIF and here you will handle every other expenditure and procedure. You may need to have some prior experience with this to handle it smoothly and get the shipment fast. There is also the option of having a local broker from your country help you in the shipping and clearance process. It is the recommended option for those who have no import and shipping experience.

The Bottom Line

If you flinch at the thought of acquiring a mini truck or a UTV from your local dealer due to the crazy price quotations, then your best option is to import it from Japanese dealers. Beyond being affordable, used Japanese mini trucks have a reputation of being highly cost effective, high performing and reliable.

Please take some time to go through our mini truck listing page and go through the tons of our inventory. You will find almost every kind of used Japanese mini truck at a good price. All the vehicles in our inventory are also professionally vetted to ensure that they are of the best quality and meet the required standards.

Having worked with thousands of online car buyers from around the world over the years, we are certain that we will also help you find that car you are looking for. If you do not find any vehicle in our listings page then get in touch with us and we can arrange for you to get the best deal out of auctions.

Why 4×4 Used Japanese Mini Trucks Are Popular

With the escalating fuel prices and a crazily drifting economy, you’d surely want to drive in a vehicle that blends in perfectly to the economy.

If your business involves moving or transporting loads through a bad road or a snowy one, then you’ll need a hard-bodied and reliable vehicle that does it without problems.

There’s only one truck that has proven to work wonders when it comes to dealing with such; it’s a 4X4 mini truck. Below we will cover some of the reasons why the 4X4 used Japanese mini trucks are ideal and quickly becoming a favorite to many people.

Durability Unchallenged

We all love to invest in things that will take us far and serve us for a longer period and your mini truck choice should as well serve you within reasonable longevity. You also won’t like to invest in a vehicle that will start wearing out on its body linings when used. Good enough, most of the 4X4 used Japanese mini trucks that you will find in the market are designed to last and serve under harsh conditions.

Also with the fact that these mini trucks are manufactured by some of the world’s biggest car markers you can be guaranteed that durability isn’t a challenge.  The vehicles have gone through ingenious engineering to come up with hard bodied designs that you can always count on. Even the used versions of these mini trucks have shown amazing performances and have

On a side note, you should be careful to make sure that you are getting the mini trucks that are within the law requirement limit. Countries like the United States have restrictions on vehicles beyond a certain period of manufacturing. This is something that you won’t have to worry about if you are importing vehicles with us. All the mini trucks in our inventory are within the required standards.

Superior Performance and Reliability

Who wants a vehicle that will be dragging when fully loaded? Of course that isn’t the mini truck that you are dreaming of. It is thus important to ensure that you are getting a vehicle that has good performance and works to your expectations.

Under good care and regular maintenance these used 4X4 mini trucks have always demonstrated excellent performance and reliability.

Engine capacity, bed size and the body of the mini truck are some of the things that you should look at when you are looking for a vehicle that will serve you for a long time. The good thing is that it is easy to check all these without having to be physically present at the yard.

You should also choose a mini truck with a realistic mileage depending on how you would like it to perform. A low mileage mini truck might come with a higher price tag but it means it has been subjected to lesser work through the years and you can expect it to be stronger.

Easy To Maintain

Something else worth mentioning is the maintenance part of the mini truck. You need to know how cost effective the mini truck you acquire will be as you continue to use it in running your daily errands.

Most mini truck owners that you will come across will tell you something about their mini truck, and one thing that they surely won’t fail to mention is the maintenance part. Apart from being affordable to acquire and having excellent fuel efficiency, you will love the fact that maintaining a mini truck is super easy.

With spare parts that are easily available locally or ready to import, you can rest assured your mini truck will stay maintained without having you to break the bank.

Multipurpose Utility

Most of us have lots of things to take care of and in many cases they will vary from one load to the other. As such, you may need to have a vehicle that offers you options to haul the loads conveniently. Unlike a 2WD mini truck which is limited in reliability, you might need to get something that is better depending on the road condition that you expect to use the vehicle. Getting a 4X4 mini truck should be perfect for such a situation.

If you ask any expert that has been hauling goods for a long time, they won’t fail to mention a mini truck as a solid option for carrying loads around.

With a 4X4 utility vehicle, you can maneuver to any place regardless of the road condition and whatever you are hauling. This makes it a good option for anyone looking to move stuff from a place with bad roads. So you can forget about getting stuck in the mud while carrying produce or other urgently needed goods.

Affordability And Great Value

Perhaps something that all of us are always keen to check out is the price tag of whatever we are getting. Mini trucks come with varied costs depending on many things such as the specifications, mileage among other things. There is however one thing that you should know and this is something that your local car dealer can’t tell you. Importing your own mini truck from Japan is very easy and above all, affordable.

The process may involve some paper work which might become brainy at some point but the whole process is a worthy one.


Used 4X4 mini trucks are not only becoming popular in the United States but also across the globe.

The elemental performance coupled up with its affordability makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for a truck to haul different loads without hassles. Whether you need a farm utility vehicle, a construction load hauler or just need something to help you run a smooth courier business, you should give much thought to a 4X4 mini truck from Japan.

Be sure to check out our inventory listing and pick a mini truck for yourself. There are a number of models from different top manufacturers to choose from. We are also ready to help and advise on how to easily ship your mini truck to any part of the world.