Challenges To Expect While Importing Second Hand Mini Trucks From Japan

For anyone looking to import a second hand vehicle, Japan has become the go-to place. And this is because most of the second hand vehicles from Japan are affordable, high performing and reliable. however, there is one huge problem that many people have had to go through — Online scams. Anyone who has been online long enough, knows of the nightmares that many people have had to go through. and the sad thing is that the motor vehicle industry isn’t spared as well and if one is not careful, they could be lured into buying a vehicle that doesn’t exist. Most of the scams come as a misrepresentation where the seller is pretending to be a Japanese used car exporter yet they do not exist or even reside there.

Beginners who are still learning how the import works and don’t have much experience, needs to understand the importance of spotting these fraudsters from afar. We have prepared this comprehensive post to help newbies in outlining some of the things that you need to look out for in legitimate and trustworthy Japanese used car dealers that you can work with.

Do Careful Transactions

The next things that you should always check out and be sure is spot on is the way you close the deal and make the transactions. It is the most critical part which you need to also be extra cautious or you will just watch your money fly away and never see the vehicle that you bought. without a doubt, this is the step that one should be very cautious on is this one as most folks easily get conned and tricked. Most of the time, it is the money payment method that gets a bit tricky and people end up losing money in the process.

you should make sure that the payment goes to the registered vendor’s bank account in Japan only. in case the seller asks you to deposit to another offshore account, you shouldn’t fall for that and at that time, you should avoid the deal. Whenever someone asks you to pay though another bank, then it simply means that they are not in that particular location and there is a high likelihood that they are scammers.

Learn As Much As Possible About The Dealer

To get you started, you need to understand that most of the scammers approach or misrepresent themselves to their potential buyer who ends up being scammed. surprisingly and in most instances, the scammer could even be residing in a different country and could have just dug up information on the Japanese dealer they pretend to be. To be on the safe side, the first thing to do is to always check out the website details, contacts and address to confirm the information. All the information including the contacts should match with the ones that they are using to contact you, otherwise, you should stay away as there is a high chance that you are dealing with a scammer at that point.

It is also very important and advisable to get and ask for more information when you feel that you have doubts and think that there is something fishy. It is very obvious that a legit company will be willing to give you any information as they have nothing to hide and understand your concerns. In a case where the person on the other end of the line starts to give excuses, and tends to avoid and dodge questions, it is time to run and avoid continuing wasting your time with them.

Know The Vehicle Inside Out

The next thing that you need to do is to skin the vehicle inside out so that you understand and know exactly what you are getting. One needs to get full details and information including getting clear footages and photos of every part that you want to know more about on the vehicle. Getting videos and pictures will help you learn a lot since you cannot be there physically. If you want to get something legit, you need to inquire and learn more about it. You should get all the information that you would have gotten if you were physically present at the dealer’s yard. If you are interested in buying a Japanese mini truck for instance, you would like to check the vehicle’s engine or chassis, and other parts to ensure that it is in perfect condition.

Another thing is that when it comes to verifying the vehicle and getting to know that it meets all the legal requrements, you must have all the detail and records right. whether it is the certification, log book details, manufacturing details and ownership information, they are all very important. Chassis number, engine information and such must match those in records and if not, then it is time to avoid the deal.

Many of us are also at times fooled by the outside look and physical appearance of a vehicle. One needs to dig deep and know what’s under the hood and see if there are any faults and anything wrong including the mechanical issues and whether the vehicle has had anything like an accident before.

Final Word:

There are a lot of scams online and there is little that we can all do about it. Being extra keen and cautious is the only way to combat this and ensure that we are safe. One should connect the dots and detect scams by doing this and following some of the guides highlighted on this post.

Something else that one might want to consider is to use the service of an import broker which you can always find anywhere in any country. These guys know how to spot and detect monkey businesses and help you evade them. Do visit our vehicle listing page to check out some of the best deals on mini trucks, mini vans, sedans and other vehicles. We are certain that you will love the vehicles and we will also help you have it shipped easily.

Challenges To Expect When Importing Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

If you are like millions of people across the globe who admire Japanese engineering and the incredible performance of their auto machines, then you may want to get yourself one. It is one of the leading automakers and home to dozens of top industry vehicle brands. Whether you are looking for a second hand mini truck, a mini van or any other vehicle, Japan has plenty to offer. However, you have to be extra cautious when shipping or importing your second hand vehicles from Japan. Some of them might not be exactly what you expect and at times, you could go through too much hassles before getting your vehicle delivered. In this guide, we will go through some of the challenges and things to look out for when choosing a second hand vehicle from Japan. This will help you get a good quality vehicle at a good price.

Beware Of Cons

How keen are you when buying a second hand vehicles? Fraudsters are all over and you need to be extra cautious when buying a vehicle overseas. You should also beware of the payment option you choose. If the payment requirements by the seller sounds fishy, then avoid it and consider another option. While it is riskier getting something that has been used, it is also an affordable option. And there are plenty of good ones that will give you good value for your money as compared to getting a new one.

Instances of bait and switch are to be expected in every market and when getting your second hand vehicle from Japan, this is something that you have to be extra cautious about. Not always will you get what you see in photos and sometimes it is very important to ask for a video walk-though of the video to give you better understanding and also learn more on the vehicle performance.

Getting Overcharged For Shipping And Duty

We all love to spend less when buying something. However, when importing a second hand vehicle from Japan, you need to be extra cautious and keen on the pricing and charges that you will incur in the process. Otherwise, you could end up paying a lot of money that could make the whole importation process too expensive and unrealistic.  Some of the things that you should be keen on is the shipping costs which includes transporting the vehicle from the sales point to the ship and the shipment costs.

It is always recommended to use a known courier or work with the seller of the vehicle to get the best deals that will cut down the costs. You should also do a importation expense research before the whole process so that you know what to expect and which tricks you can employ to lower the expenses.

Getting Non-Street Legal Vehicle

Imagine getting a vehicle from across the world, only to find out that you cannot drive it on the road as you expected. Every state have their own laws and regulations on street legal vehicles and as such, you should know what you are getting before hand and whether you will be able to use it for your intended purposes. Age limit on vehicles is the most important and crucial factor used in many states. You should know the age limitation and requirements in your state before you consider importing a vehicle abroad.

One of the things that you should be very keen to look at before even thinking of importing a vehicle are the state’s regulations and the kind of vehicles that are street legal. This will help you avoid spending too much on something that you will not use. Although it isn’t a common thing to find people getting vehicles that they cannot use, it happens sometimes.

What You See Isn’t Necessarily What You Get

Although you cannot test drive a vehicle since it is overseas, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that the vehicle you are getting is exactly what you expect. One needs to understand that a second hand vehicle might have had problems or mechanical damages that are sometimes hard to resolve. You need to request photos and video demonstration of some of the critical parts of the vehicle that you feel necessary. Through this, you will also get to learn more about the engine, gearbox and other things that are hidden under the hood.

One should avoid buying or importing from a company that doesn’t offer such kind of demonstration and proof before buying. You should get all the details that you need clarified and hat is the way you get what you see. One should also avoid companies that have poor reputation or those that are still new. This is simply to avoid fraudulent and being victims of getting a vehicle that isn’t in their expectation. If you do not have experience and don’t know what to look for in a vehicle, then you can simply hire or request an experience mechanic to help you select and analyze a vehicle before you buy it.

Final Word

Importing second hand vehicles from Japan is something that many people do. It is a good alternative to whelp you save tons of investment as compared to getting a new local vehicle. Besides that, you are getting a good quality vehicle with a proven track record and performance. With the guide above, you should be able to avoid some of the most common issues that most importers face and cut down tons of expenses.

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