How to get Loans for Mini Truck Purchase

You might need a mini truck for personal errands or to help you run your business, but your resources will not allow you to take it on cash. A loan will come in handy. Not everyone who buys a mini truck has that cash to pay for it, and some took car loans that they are paying as the mini truck serves them. Many financial institutions offer auto loans, and such services of auto loan companies are just one click away. All you need to do is check various loaning firms and compare their interest rate. You choose the one whose terms are favorable at the comfort of your home. When planning to borrow some cash, here is how to get loans for mini truck purchase.

Know the Language of Lending

As you plan to take your auto loan, you must equip yourself with the basic terms auto lenders use. Terms such as;

Auto Loan – Auto loan is the contract between you and the lender. In this contract, the lender agrees to give you the amount you need to buy the mini truck, and you agree to pay the given amount within the agreed period at a small fee.

Interest is the cost of borrowing money. It is the amount you will pay on top of your borrowed amount. The interest varies depending on the amount you are willing to pay the borrowed money. If you stay with it for an extended period, the interest will be high compared to when you want to return after a short period. Other terms worth knowing are the car loan terms, credit score, principle, and down payment.

You should Know Your Credit Score

A credit score refers to how able you are to repay the loan. A good credit score will enable the lender to lend you the exact amount and even offer to give you more if you need it. If your score is high, the lender is convinced that you will return their money, but low credit scores signal the lenders that you are not good at paying loans.

Find the Best Financing Deal

After knowing your credit score, take your time and see what various lenders offer as interest on the auto loan. The market forces determine the rates of multiple lenders, which vary depending on the terms and conditions of different lenders. You can get your loan from national banks, community banks, credit unions, and financing companies.

Use the Right Way to Apply for Mini Truck Loan

The best way is to apply from several lenders and pick on that lender with a juicy offer. The offers you can focus on here are the payment terms, whether flexible or rigid. Submitting applications to various lenders might reduce your credit if you do not do it correctly. The intervals of such applications should not exceed one month.


Getting a loan to buy a mini truck is not a complex procedure in the United States. You can acquire a loan very fast if your credit score is good.

Prerequisites Before Importing Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks are popular and many people opt for them for many reasons. They are reliable, high performing vehicles that offer excellent efficiency. Some people have compared them to the standard pick up trucks and find them to be much better in terms of fuel consumption, efficiency and closely matched in terms of dependability. Truth be told, you cannot expect too much from such a lightweight vehicle but by market standards, it does an excellent job in its class. One of the best ways to get a mini truck is by importing it from Japan, where they are made. In this guide, we will go through some of the prerequisites before importing Japanese mini trucks.

This guide should help you understand the steps on the importation process and what are some of the things involved.

Before Importing Japanese Mini Trucks

Here are steps and things to consider when you are importing Japanese mini trucks.

Ensure You Understand Requirements

IT is always good to know the legality and use of kei mini trucks in your state. Some states have some restrictions on its usage and you better be aware before you go buying a mini truck. So, it is advisable that you check with the legal authorities on the kind of vehicles that are allowed. Without going through this process could result in losses since you may have to dispose the vehicle or otherwise never use it.


Since the law only allows the use of second hand Japanese mini truck, there is always room to negotiate for a better deal. This is the same as any other used vehicle which you can find in your local dealership. You can save a lot of money that will help you to later take care of other costs that you may incur in the importation process. The good thing about this is that you can negotiate with the seller over the internet using applications such as Skype. It is an approach that is used commonly when importing vehicles.

Beware of Cons

Cons are everywhere in every industry, and the automaker industry hasn’t been spared either. You need to make sure that you are working with the right seller. Or else could end up losing your money. Another common con game in the auto industry is where the vehicle is switched (bait and switch). Make sure that the address that you have been given actually exists and that the dealer is legit and has been around for long. One of the best ways to do this is to check out online reviews that are verifiable. This way yo will be doing yourself a very big favor.

Final Word

There is no doubt that the kei trucks are amazing vehicles. They have stood the test of time and this is why they are loved. Shared above are some of the prerequisites one needs to know before importing Japanese mini trucks.

When you have made up your mind and want a good Japanese mini truck to buy, then check out some of them that we have in our listing page.

How To Keep Your Second Hand Mini Truck In Perfect Shape

You just got your Japanese second hand mini truck and everything else is running smoothly and its getting the job done just as you expected it to be. But are you worried that it could break down sooner and don’t know where to start when such a things happens? Well, don’t worry because this guide, will go through some of the basic maintenance tips needed to ensure that your mini truck remains in perfect condition and continues to give you good service.

Before going through some of the maintenance tips and tricks, here are some of the reasons why Japanese mini trucks are quickly gaining a popularity and why they are worth every dime.

Exceptional Reliability & Performance

Who wants to visit the mechanic shop every now and then? Nobody, of course and this is why reliability and performance is something that is crucial when you are buying a new or second hand vehicle. When it comes down to that, the Japanese mini trucks have proven to have what it takes to be a reliable and high performance vehicle. Regardless of the kind of work that you are using it for, in whichever the kind of terrain, as long as the load is within the carrying capacity limits, these vehicles will give you all you need in a mini truck.

Not much is needed when it comes to maintenance and repairs as well, thanks to the high quality engineering that has been used in making these vehicles. It can however be different depending on how old and how well the vehicle was maintained by its previous owner. Otherwise, the Japanese mini trucks are sensational when it comes to performance.

Solid Body Build

The body of a vehicle will have an impact on many things including its durability and need for maintenance. Depending on the environment and nature of the place that you are using the mini truck, the build and body of the vehicle is very crucial. for instance if you will be on a rough terrain and also carrying things like gravel, the body will need to be very solid to stand the kind of work and the road conditions.

The Japanese mini trucks are made with very heavy duty materials and have proven to be excellent and dependable regardless of the terrain and conditions of the road. to even make them better, one has the option of choosing a 4 X 4 vehicle to use in rough terrains or muddy roads that are usually impassable with other vehicles.

Affordable Cost And Maintenance

Don’t we all love to spend less on a vehicle? Most of the costs that car owners incur are due to repairs and on spare parts and if you can find a way to get around this, you can cut on those costs. When buying a second hand vehicle, the main reason is to get it at a fair price that is much better than getting a new vehicle. buying Japanese mini trucks are the perfect choice when you are looking for an affordable alternative to the less economical pick up trucks and dump bed lorries.

Besides being very affordable, their maintenance is also affordable and the fact that they have a good record of not needing the maintenance and repairs regularly, they are worth going for.

Make Repairs By Yourself

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are trying to cut down on the cost of maintenance is that sometimes you have to jump in and do what you can in terms of maintaining and repairing the vehicle. If you are an experienced mechanic and know more about a vehicle, then you can easily get started and start repairing and maintaining your vehicle to ensure that it remains at its best shape.

If you are still new to the mechanical world, then you need to start leaning things and that includes mastering some of the basics and work your way up to mastering every bit of it. and it is not as hard as many people would think. One of the best ways to start is to start by gathering the vehicle’s manuals and start understanding each and every part. Doing this will help you to save a lot on what you could have spent on the mechanic’s labor.

Do Regular Checkups And Do Oil Replacement Often

The fact that these vehicles require little maintenance and doesn’t need a lot of attention from the mechanic doesn’t give you a free pass to ignore it and avoid doing maintenance. You need to take control and give the mini truck the love that it needs so that it will continue giving you good service and good performance without breaking anything and requiring repairs which could end up being costly. Oiling and greasing moving parts and gears is also something that you have to be very watchful and keen on. This will ensure smooth running without having to make repairs. The better maintenance and regular check up you give to the vehicle, the longer it will go.

Final Word:

Knowing how to take care of your vehicle is something that every car owner should know. This will not only help you save a lot of costs by doing the repairs by yourself, but it will also help one to take care of their vehicle on a personal level hence they can easily know when there is a problem and when something needs changing. This will also result in having a durable vehicle that will go a long way.

With the guide above, you can easily take care of your vehicle and you can get good results in the end. If you would like to get a good mini truck to import, then you should check out our listing page to check out some of the latest vehicles in our stock. We also help our customers have the car shipped easily.

4 Wheel Drive Mini Truck – Should You Buy One?

Japanese mini trucks are getting popular day by day and they are loved for a number of things which are hardly found in many other utility vehicles. Among the features and capabilities that makes the Japanese mini trucks stand out includes the 4 wheel drive capability which augments its drivetrain and take performance to the next level. With a 4X4 capability, a vehicle is able to maneuver and easily handle all terrain roads with more ease since all the four wheels are engaged.

To help you decide on whether you need a 4 wheel drive mini truck, we will go through some of the things about the Kei mini trucks as well as give you some basic maintenance tips to get the best out of the mini truck.

Why Choose A 4 Wheel Drive Mini Truck From Japan?

Here are some of the reasons why you’d want to get yourself a 4X4 mini truck to run your daily errands.

Incredible Performance

Japanese kei trucks have been in use for many years and they are made by some of the leading car makers in the world. The fact that these car makers have a good track record of making vehicles is an assurance that the mini trucks are also top notch in performance. These vehicles are built to last and their bodies are hardy enough to endure in any terrain and weather conditions. And you don’t have to take our word for that; the vehicles have been in use and every mini truck owner will testify that they deliver great performance.

Reliable On All Terrain Roads

With a 4X4 switch capability to engage all wheels, traction is increased (doubled) which means that the vehicle can easily maneuver through murky roads and those that many 2 wheel drive vehicles wont dare. This is a feature that usually comes in handy if you regularly take the off roads carrying some loads from one place to the other. If you have always had doubts on the vehicle that you need to buy, on whether it will handle your off road tasks, then you should try the 4X4 mini truck.


Just visit the car dealer around you today and see for yourself the crazy figures quoted for any utility vehicle. Although these vehicles are high in terms of carrying capacity, you will rarely need to haul stuffs that a mini tuck won’t carry. So why buy a pickup truck that costs you an arm and leg to buy while a Japanese mini truck comes at a fraction of that?

Furthermore, you will love the fact that in Japan, mini trucks are being dumped at throw away costs by their owners who are seeking to get newer vehicles that attract less tax which the Japanese government does on older vehicles. So why not get yourself a used Japanese mini truck today and save yourself tons of cash.

Low Maintenance Costs and Economical

Don’t we all just love vehicles that don’t demand much when it comes to visiting the repair shop? If you have experienced a vehicle that guzzles up on fuel and maintenance, then you already know the kind of nightmare you want to avoid. Lucky enough, the Japanese mini trucks (kei) have a good reputation for being economical and low maintenance.

Be it hunting, carrying construction materials and equipment to the site or just running light weight tasks that demand an efficient vehicle that is both economical and has low maintenance, this is the vehicle that you need.

Basic Maintenance To Get The Best From Your 4 Wheel Drive Mini Truck

Change oil regularly – Moving parts need lubrication which comes from oiling and greasing. With time these lubricants start to lose their efficacy and need to be replaced. This will ensure that you get better performance and avoid parts breaking apart.

Regular wiring and lights maintenance – the next thing that you’d want to ensue is spot on with your mini tuck is the headlights and the wiring system in general. There is nothing as horrible as pushing your vehicle downhill to get it to start, simply because your alternator doesn’t do its job.

Replace your tires when worn out – To get the best out of the 4X4 vehicle and ensure that the traction is up to par, your wheels should also offer the much needed grip. It is always advisable to change your tires when the treads have started to wear out by half deep or after six months (whichever comes first). Apart from getting better performance from newer tires, you will also be much safer.

These are the most common maintenance tips that you need to keep an eye on regularly. You also need to create some interests on how to do basis mechanical tasks and doing simple fixes. Luckily, you have a manual that comes with your mini truck and that will help you get started. Doing this will help you cut down costs as you will soon be able to do your own inspection on the vehicle and cut down the costly mechanical costs.

Final Word:

Sometimes you could find yourself in need of a vehicle that is able to withstand and work under harsh weather and all terrain roads. If you are intending to haul some light to medium sized loads, then you need a reliable vehicle that can handle the work easily. Pickups could be an ideal option, but considering its cost and how to maintain it, you’d better off with a Japanese 4 wheel drive mini truck, which you must have come across in your area. They could be small trucks, but amazingly do the job that most utility vehicles fail.

I you would like to get yourself a 4 wheel drive mini truck, then check out some that we have in our inventory. We have tons of mini trucks ranging from dump bed, caravans, flatbeds, skylift, scissor lift mini trucks as well as dozens of minivans. We will help you ship the vehicle that you choose to your desired port. Get in touch with us if you have questions or need to inquire on any particular vehicle that you can’t see in our listing.

4×4 Mini Trucks For Sale – Buying Guide For Buying Japanese Mini Trucks

Looking for a 4X4 mini tuck (Kei truck) for sale? These vehicles have received a lot of attention across the globe and owners love them for a number of reasons. The mini trucks have been undergoing evolution over the decades and they have stayed true to their purpose, which is to deliver satisfactory service. There are a few vehicles that can closely compare to the Japanese mini trucks and they come at a way lower price tag.

This post is dedicated to providing you with info on mini truck sin general, why you should go for them and how to choose the right one when buying.

Why Buy The 4X4 Mini Trucks From Japan?

Are you wondering why people are so into Japanese mini trucks? Here are some of the reasons why the 4X4 mini truck is an ideal vehicle worth having.

High Performance

Japanese mini trucks have a long history and have been used in Japan for many years. Having being made by some of the leading car makers in the world, this is something that you’d expect to serve you for long, with the same consistency in quality service. These vehicles are made under advanced engineering and they are made to be hard bodied and tough. The fact that it is also 4 wheel drive also improves the performance.

Use It As A Multipurpose Vehicle

Mini trucks come in different styles. You can have a dump bed mini truck, a skylift mini truck, a scissor lift-dump bed mini truck, a caravan mini truck and other custom mini truck designs. With mini trucks, you can get the vehicle you need which perfectly meets your requirements.

Reliable In all Weather Roads

How many times have you found yourself in an impassable road while hauling goods? If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, it is time to get a vehicle that gets you out without any problems. With a 4X4 mini truck, there is nowhere you can’t go. You can go over those muddy roads, and steep one while carrying heavy loads without any problems.


With Japanese government demanding higher taxes for older vehicles, owners of older mini trucks are forced to sell them at throwaway process. Now, if you are someone who is keen enough to take advantage of a good opportunity, then this is it. You can buy a mini truck straight from Japan and have it shipped to wherever you are. Here at Substar, we have been shipping to many countries across the globe including the United states, Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand. If you are in one of these, then check out our listing page and find a mini truck that you would like us to ship to your nearest port.

What To look For In A 4X4 Mini Truck

Just like with any other thing that you buy, there are risks of either getting a faulty mini truck or one that doesn’t meet your expectations. As such, you need to do a thorough inspection and ensure that everything is spot on. Below are some of the things that you should look at when you are deciding on a mini truck to buy.

Ensure You are dealing with a legit company – There are many scams online which has also affected the auto industry. Many people use false misrepresentation to lure unknowing clients to buy from them and then disappear without giving them the vehicle they need. On that account, one needs to be extra cautious when doing online transactions to buy their desired vehicle. You should dig deep into the company and make sure that you are communicating with them through the contact that they have officially put on their website.

Don’t pay to an overseas account – Many scammers online aren’t even from Japan and they will tend to come up with stories telling you that they would like you to deposit the money to their offshore account. If you come across such, you need to run. Such is definitely a scammer who is from another country and you will never hear from them again after sending them the payment.

Get A detailed video and answers – Before going ahead and placing an order for your mini truck, there are many things that you should check and among them is to first get all the details that you need to assess the vehicle and find out if it really is the vehicle that you need. Getting a video of the vehicle will also be great in letting you know more about the vehicle. Knowing how the mini truck starts and also how it idles can tell you many things. It will also help you to stay away from bad surprises that you may come across when you get the vehicle.

Consider getting a customs broker – sometimes it could get hectic and confusing, but that doesn’t meant that you should stop your quest for the mini truck. There is the option of hiring a broker o help you do many things. Although we do the shipping for you here on Substar, we are free to work with any broker.

Some of the best 4X4 mini tuck models that you will come across and should be considering includes Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar, Mitsubishi Minicab and Suzuki Cary. These are the most common Japanese mini trucks that you should be considering.

Final Word:

Whether you need a vehicle that will help you get your sacks of corn from the farm or a vehicle that will help you haul sand for your construction site, these 4X4 mini tucks from Japan are the ideal vehicles to do that. With their unchallenged performance and the fact that you get them at a bargain, these mini trucks are the best you can get.

We have tons of mini trucks in our listings page which you can check out and get yourself one. You will also get to choose from a variety of custom designed mini trucks which can help in doing various tasks. To save you the hassles and complications of dealing with shipping brokers, we will also do the shipping for you.