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Japanese mini trucks are getting popular day by day and they are loved for a number of things which are hardly found in many other utility vehicles. Among the features and capabilities that makes the Japanese mini trucks stand out includes the 4 wheel drive capability which augments its drivetrain and take performance to the […]

Ever considered a mini lift truck from Japan? You may have found yourself in some situations where you either need your load lifted to a higher place or have something carried from one place to the other. You definitely have through of a customized pickup truck. But again, there is a whole industry of such […]

The auto world by now knows that Japanese mini trucks are the talk of the town and they are lovable for a number of things that we rarely find on other utility vehicles in their class. If you own one of these Japanese mini trucks then you know how good and reliable they are. Kei […]

If you are like thousands of people who love Japanese mini trucks, then at some point, you must have asked yourself some questions on how to get the best out of your mini truck. Truth is, there are a series of things that should be done to ensure that one is getting all the benefits […]

If you’ve been eyeing mini trucks or just any other vehicle for a while, then you must have come to a crossroads at some point and asked yourself whether you should go with a 4 Wheel drive vehicle or a 2 Wheel drive one. Mini trucks have become the rage these days and with the […]

Mitsubishi Minicabs are classified as Kei trucks and also come in microvans. These vehicles have been produced and been in active use in Japan since the 60’s. The vehicle model, just like with many others, it has undergone changes which have seen it improve from one version to the next. Today, you can get yourself […]

Are you looking for a mini truck on sale? Suzuki Carry mini truck has been one of the best mini trucks and has been used in Japan for many years. It is also one of the most successful productions by Suzuki which has seen lots of units over the years. Loved for its reliability and […]

Looking for a 4X4 mini tuck (Kei truck) for sale? These vehicles have received a lot of attention across the globe and owners love them for a number of reasons. The mini trucks have been undergoing evolution over the decades and they have stayed true to their purpose, which is to deliver satisfactory service. There […]

Ever found yourself at a crossroads of wondering which type of mini truck you should go for? There is no debate on Japanese mini trucks. Their unquestionable performance and low cost of maintenance makes them a priority among many other utility vehicles. But which one should you choose? There are a number of Japanese mini […]

Whichever part of the world you come from, as long as you know a thing or two about mini trucks, then you must have already heard of the rave about Japanese mini trucks. Japan has for decades been a leader in the auto world and the Japanese vehicles are loved for their uniqueness and high […]