Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping cost depends on the port.

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada - $1390
  • Halifax, NS, Canada - $1390

  • Baltimore, MD - $980
  • Tacoma, WA - $950
  • Galveston, TX - $1490
  • Savannah, GA - $1290
  • Newport News, VA - $1090
  • Long Beach, CA - $990

  • Melbourne, Australia - $990
  • Adelaide, Australia - $990

No worries! We will ship it to the nearest port (one of above) to your address and from there you can have a freight forwarder to do the customs and inland shipping to your address without requiring you to go to the port. We can help you with the whole process.

  1. Buyer pays $500 deposit to reserve the vehicle and start the arrangements.
  2. Bill of Sale is prepared and signed within 48 hours.
  3. Remaining balance and shipping fee is due once Bill of Sale is signed.
  4. Vehicle is shipped to the port of destination.
  5. All documents related to vehicle's registration and title, such as export certificate is mailed to the buyer by registered mail.
  6. Transaction is complete.

Yes. all of our trucks come with title and can be registered and driven on roads legally.
As the vehicle is at least 25 years old it can be lawfully imported and registered in the United States exempt from DOT and EPA regulations.
The vehicle can also be lawfully imported and registered in Canada exempt from Transport Canada regulations...

You do not need any prior import/export knowledge or experience to get this vehicle. We will handle the shipping procedures and prepare all the paperwork in order for you to easily and lawfully import and register this vehicle.

For Canada : The vehicle must be at least 15 years old.
For U.S.A : The vehicle must be at least 25 years old.
For Australia: The vehicle must be made prior to year 1989

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