Why My Truck Pedal Is So Soft – Causes of Spongy Brakes

As you use your truck, the way every part operates sinks into you. That part which you regularly use is the brake pedal. It might be frustrating to step on the brake pedals and feel it goes to the floor with a lot of ease. Whenever this happens, you will either realize that the wheels might not respond to the brakes or the time interval between the brake pedal and wheel response is wide. You can fix this problem, but only if you know the causes. Here are some of the causes of spongy brakes that you could experience.

Causes of Spongy Brakes

Spongy brakes are dangerous and might result in an accident. When you step on your brake pedal and feel it is too soft, it might be due to the following. 

Air In the Brake System

The brakes become spongy when the system is filled with air. The braking system relies on pressure to function. When air is in the braking system, building adequate pressure to stop your truck will not be easy. First, figure out how the air got into the braking system. Maybe you did some repairs recently. If so, this might be the cause, or there is a leakage in your system. You solve this, try to bleed your brakes. 

Damaged Brake Line

Brake lines get damaged very easily. Brake lines react to salty conditions and are experienced in trucks driven along the coastal regions and during winter. As you drive along the coastal areas on rock salt and salty roads during winter, the salt will come into contact with the brake lines rusting them with time. As the line receives corrosion, they form holes that allow the air to get into the braking system, and the brake fluids can also leak from these holes. 

Old Brake Fluid

Knowing the truth behind how long a brake can last is not easy. Some manufacturers will tell you that the brake fluid can last for a lifetime, and others will advise you to change your brake fluid after hitting 30,000 miles. 

If your brake system does not leak, the brake fluid can serve you for more than 100,000 miles. The more it works, it becomes oxidized or might also come into contact with moisture and other contaminant fluids. When the brake fluid comes into contact with moisture, the brake pedal will be spongy when you step on it. 

Damaged Brake Calipers

Brake calipers are prone to leakages. The piston has seals. The role of the seals is to ensure that the brake fluid is at its required position. Whenever there is leakage, these seals break down. Damages on the brake calipers are not common, but if it occurs, your brake pedals will be spongy. 


A spongy brake pedal is the worst experience one can ever get while on the road. The problem can either delay your braking or make it hard for you to brake. The above are some of the causes of a spongy brake. If you feel it on your truck, consider checking the above braking system parts.

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