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Anyone who has been in the auto industry, or at least watched the vehicle trends already knows that Japan is the go to place for high quality vehicles. It even gets better when one is getting second hand vehicles. the Japanese mini trucks are among the most common vehicles that one can come across in […]

The engineering behind Japanese mini trucks and other vehicles from the from these manufacturers is one of the best across the globe. Among some of the best selling types of mini trucks that you will come across includes the Scissor lift trucks and the dump bed mini trucks. There are several differences between these two […]

Do you always find yourself in situations that you have to carry abnormally sized loads or those that cant be carried on your normal pick up? If this is something that you have had to deal with more often, then you need to get a more suitable kind of vehicle to help you deal with […]

If you find yourself needing regular hauling and carrying lots of stuff, then you must have considered getting a second hand mini truck. One of the best places to get that would be shopping and importing it from Japan. If you have been watching the auto industry, you must have heard of the reputation that […]