Japanese dump Bed Mini Trucks For Construction

Does your line of work involve carrying building materials, gravel or other similar kind of work? If you are in such kind of workplace or run regular errands where you are required to be carrying such loads on a regular basis, then you need o get a vehicle that can do this kind of work with ease. One that is reliable, and can give you excellent performance regardless of anything. While there are many people who opt to get a big dump truck for that, most of the other people do not need such a huge truck to do that. But this will be an expensive option, while most of us might just need a smaller vehicle that they can use for their regular errands. It also turns out to be more expensive when someone tries to convert a normal pick up truck into a dump truck. This leaves you with only the already made Japanese dump bed mini truck, which is excellent in every way.

Why Dump Bed Mini Truck For Construction Work
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a Japanese dump bed mini truck to bolster your construction.

Japanese mini trucks and the vehicles in general are usually affordable and come at a lower price tag when compared to most of the other vehicles out there. And don’t be fooled to think that these vehicles are lower or compromised in quality and performance. Most of these dump bed mini trucks go on sale because people want to get newer vehicle options that attract lower insurance rates. If you have therefore been looking for a cheaper vehicle that you can use to carry building material and equipment from site to site, without spending a lot of money, then getting a dump bed mini truck is one surefire way of getting through it.

Reliable And Efficient

Being in the construction business can sometimes mean that you will be going down the valley or going through a rough off-road to get the job done. And with that, you need a vehicle that is able to handle the roads easily and getting you on the site in time. The good news is that the Japanese dump bed trucks are designed under high skilled workmanship and award winning technology that ensures the vehicle is highly efficient and reliable. The smaller but highly efficient engine capacity makes the vehicle take in less fuel while also giving maximum output.
If you have always been concerned about the fuel intake per mileage, then you will be blown away by the fact that the Japanese dump bed mini trucks and other mini trucks of this class have an impressively low fuel intake, yet offer excellent performance that you can always count on.

Easy & Low Cost Of Maintenance

If you have been a vehicle enthusiast that has been using and driving for a while, then you know the nightmares of driving one that demands too much when it comes to maintenance. It is definitely something that anyone would want. So, getting a vehicle that is easy to maintain yet costs less to do that is a winner and something that everyone out there would want. You may also choose to learn to make regular maintenance of the vehicle, thanks to the fact that the manual is pretty easy to follow and the vehicle spare parts are readily available from major repair shops all over.

Variety Of Options To Choose From

When buying a vehicle, it is always good to have multiple options so that you can compare and get the best deal as well as the best vehicles from the lot. when you have many options, the rule of supply to demand always applies and you will always find it affordable to import from Japan rather than getting the vehicle locally. Also, keeping in mind that affordability of a vehicle depends on the condition and things such as mileage and age of the vehicle, shopping Japanese classifieds will give you plenty of options and you will get a vehicle that best suits your pocket.

Easier To Import From Japan Than You Think

dump bed mini truck You may not get a lot of options when you are shopping for Japanese mini trucks locally, which leads you o the next step and alternative of importing it. When you decide to import it, there are some steps that you need to ensure are in place to get the best deals and avoid issues in the process. It is also needless to say that importing from Japan is not as hard as many people like to put it. Although there are some paperwork and steps that one must follow, there are not that hard and from many perspectives, you will realize that is worth it.

Final Word:

Anyone who is in the construction business needs a good reliable vehicle that they can use to move their equipment as well also carry the necessary building materials. The Japanese dump bed mini truck is one of the bets options that one can consider to do this. Besides being very highly reliable and dependable, they are also affordable and require little maintenance.

If you are therefore looking for a medium sized vehicle that you can use to carry building materials from one point to the other, then Japanese dump bed mini trucks is worth considering. Be sure to check some of them that are on sale in our ca listings page. We are certain that you will love these vehicles and the service that you get from us. You can always get in touch with us concerning purchasing vehicles from Japan and we will help you get it smoothly.

Steps To Buy A Suzuki Carry Mini Truck From Japan

Suzuki is among the best auto brands that have been in existence for many decades. It is among the flagship autos that lead the Japanese industry and is well known all over the globe or their dominance that results in high quality and performance. There is really a lot that comes in the praises of the Suzuki Carry, which is among the most popular Japanese mini truck that you will ever come across.

In this guide, we will go through some of the steps that you can easily follow to get yourself hands on the Suzuki mini truck which has always received lots of love from many truck enthusiasts across the globe. Not only is the Suzuki Carry more affordable to acquire, but it also has lots of functionalities that makes it stand out and become an ideal alternative to the pick up trucks and other vehicles of the same caliber.

Understand The Kind Of Suzuki Carry Type To Get

When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, the various car makers have different models and types that are meant to be used for different purposes. For instance when it comes to the Suzuki Carry, you will find several designs such as the dump bed mini tuck, flat bed mini truck, caravan mini trucks among others. So, this is where you decide which one you should be getting based on the kind of work that you will be using the vehicle for. Dump bed mini trucks are excellent when it comes to handling various tasks such as carrying different loads from one point to the other and need them to be unloaded by dumping. Dumping functionality helps to easily offload the load being carried. so if you need a vehicle that you can use to offload by dumping, then you should be going for the Suzuki Carry dump bed mini truck. The other mini trucks, flat bed mini truck is used for transporting less fragile cargo that are sometimes abnormally sized while the caravan mini truck can be used to haul cargo and stuff that need protection from outside weather and are more fragile hence needing to be covered.

Find The Right Japanese Seller

The next thing that you’d want to do after you establish the type and model of Suzuki Carry you are getting is to know who is in the business and where you will get the best deal. Understanding more about the dealer you are working with is very crucial, especially with the rise of online scams which you could find yourself into if not cautious enough. It is also an important step because some crocked sellers are always out there to sell a vehicle, regardless of the situation an condition of the vehicle. So, to avoid the sellers who are out for the quick buck, it is best to dig up more information on the car seller. You should also gather information on their physical address and know when they started the business and the information on their company. A good Japanese car dealer will also help their customer have it shipped and if the one you are dealing with doesn’t offer to help you with this, then you should find pone that does, because you could find yourself in the middle of a tight spot and could spend a lot of money in the process of getting the vehicle.

Always Ask for More Details On The Vehicle

Before the thought of negotiating or spending money on the vehicle, you need to first get a glimpse and try understanding the vehicle inside out. When you are dealing with second hand vehicles, it is always important to understand the fact that they have been used differently by their previous owners. Some have been subjected to hard work and may have been compromised on some parts hence could be of lower quality that advertised. Having a closer look at the vehicle should include looking at things such as the mileage, body condition, engine performance, tires and many other things. Sometimes it gets a bit tricky if you are still new and it could call for an extra hand, hence if you have a mechanical expert nearby, you could request their help in assessing the vehicle’s credibility and advise on whether you should be buying it. doing this will help you to avoid many shortcomings such as spending money on a vehicle that will not deliver to your expectations.

Negotiate The Price

Lastly, before you buy the vehicle, you should not forget to always push the price to the limits. We all know that second hand vehicles don’t come with fixed prices and as such, one should always ensure that they are getting a good deal out of it. In most instances, these vehicles are priced higher than the owner’s target price since they know that one will ask to negotiate. With lots of apps such as Skype, negotiations and discussions are much easier than ever and one can get all the info they need using them. You can save a lot of money in the process of negotiating and that is a proven fact.

Final Word:

Now that you have an idea of the things to keep in mind when importing a second hand Suzuki Carry and pretty much any other vehicle that you would like imported from Japan, you can go ahead and do it. Contrary to the belief that it is a hard process and a tedious one to import a vehicle from Japan, it is an easy one that anybody can do.

You can always check out our car listings page for the best Japanese mini trucks and other kind of vehicles. There are plenty of them there to choose from and if you have any specific vehicle, you can also get in touch with us and we will help you out. And that is not enough. We will also help you to get your vehicle shipped the easy way helping you avoid the stress and hard toils of dealing with unending paperwork.

How To Smoothly Buy Second Hand Japanese Cars

Want to import a Japanese mini trucks and do not know how to go about it? The Japanese mini trucks have become very common in almost every country out there, and its not because they do their marketing so well, but because their vehicle quality is amazing and stands out from many out there. As compared to the other vehicles such as the pick up trucks, with time, one will realize that they are getting something that is even more invaluable and much more reliable and dependable.

Importing these vehicles can either be easy or hard, depending on how the choices you make you will either benefit or experience a hectic importation process. To help you smoothly do this by avoiding the many tussles of importing a vehicle, here are some of the crucial pointers and tricks that you could implement.

Plan And Set Up A Budget

Perhaps the every first thing that you need to ensure is well under a good plan is the budgeting and setting up a realistic sum of money that you intend to spend in acquiring the vehicle. There are many people that fail when it comes to this and you wouldn’t like to be one of them. People end up either over spending money and blowing their financial plans while others could end up spending less and getting a vehicle that doesn’t meet the perfect standards hence getting poor quality service from the mini truck that they get. If you are serious about getting a vehicle that you have always wanted at the best price, then you should consider making a good and realistic budget that will not either go beyond your budget but ensure that you are getting good value for the investment.

Research On the Vehicle That You Are Getting

The next thing that you would want to make sure you have well taken care of is to find out as much as you an about the vehicle that you are getting. The Japanese mini tucks come in various models and are designed by different automakers which makes them different. Although these automakers always follow the same steps and the vehicles look similar, there might be some features and functionalities that you will love better in one model over another. You also need to make sure that it has the capabilities of handling the tasks you are going to be using it for. There are other models that come in 4 X 4 wheel drive which can be easily used under harsh terrain while 2 Wheel drives can be easily used for normal streets. Some mini trucks such as the dump bed mini trucks are meant to be used for carrying goods that need to be easily offloaded.

Choose The Right Japanese Auto Dealer

You should also work with a trustworthy dealer since there are lots of cons and scammers out there who can scam you off your hard earned cash. As such, it is always important to dig a lot of information before you start dealing and making any transactions with the dealer. You need to first establish if the company actually exists or if it just another offshore scammer trying to pretend that they are a car dealer. There are many scammers who use this approach and you can easily counter this by doing a thorough scan to find out more about the company. The auto industry is just like any other industry out there where there are lots of scams and for one to avoid them, they need to ensure that they meet customer’s expectations.

Ensure The Vehicle Is Of Good Quality And Performance

There is nothing else that one would rather be sure of when buying a vehicle, than the quality and performance that comes with it. The Japanese mini trucks have been designed under ingenuous engineering and one can always expect something excellent from them. From the body, to the chassis and the tires, the vehicle should be in perfect condition. This is especially if you are getting a second hand Japanese mini truck. Since people use and take care of their vehicles differently, getting a used one could come with some laws that could affect the performance that you are getting. You should therefore inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is in perfect condition. You can always call the company to negotiate and also ensure that you are using the right channels when sending money. This way you will be sure that the company you are dealing with is more trustworthy.

Importing With Substar Inc

Here at Substar, we have been in the industry for a long time and our customer service and rating speaks for itself. We have been helping thousands of customers over the years to get a vehicle that they need and with the experience we have in shipping to different countries across the globe, we are certain that we can help you get that mini truck that you have always wanted. We offer these vehicles at affordable prices, but even better, we always assure our customers that whatever they are getting is up to their expectations and is exactly what is advertised.

We also offer flexible buying options and a variety of mini trucks, mini vans and other vehicles that one can choose from.

Final Word:

With the understanding on how to import a Japanese vehicle the easier way, hopefully, you will now consider getting one. As long as you can avoid the scams and the simple issues by following the tips and tricks shared here, you are good to go and can always expect to get your vehicle shipped fast. Unlike what most people have always feared and though of importing vehicles, it is a much easier process that one can always do.

Check out some of the vehicles and mini trucks that we have in our car listing page. We are certain that you will love the quality of these vehicles as they are vetted for quality and you can always count on them.

The Best Japanese Mini Trucks To Buy

If you are a vehicle enthusiast who is more keen in the mini truck and trucks world in general, then you already know a thing or two about the Japanese mini trucks, which have become very popular in the recent years. These vehicles have stood the test of time and proven to have what it takes to deliver the best service to the owner. And that is not all. These vehicles come at amazingly low cost of acquisition while running them is pretty much easy and cheap. Among other things that makes this vehicle stand out includes the sturdy and reliable build, thanks to the high quality craftsmanship that has been used in its making. But which of these should you get? They have been designed differently and suited for different uses hence you can get one that best meets your line of work.

In this guide, we will go through the different Japanese mini truck models that one can get to help them run their day to day errands with a lot of ease. However, before chiming into that, here are some of the common factors that you should know about these mini trucks.

They Are Build To Last

The Japanese mini trucks comes under high engineering and experience that spans close to a century and each and every new version of these incredible vehicles have been improving year after year. To date, they are producing some of the world’s best vehicles in terms of build quality and how they can be relied on. If you have always wanted to get a vehicle that can endure all terrain roads, mushy environments and such, then you’d need one that has a good boy and structure that can last and the Japanese mini truck have the answer to that.

They Are Affordable

Want to spend less on a high quality vehicle? The sad thing about all that is that it has become harder than before to find such a vehicle and with the Japanese mini trucks, you are getting something of good value and a huge bargain. This is especially if you are looking for a second hand vehicle and do not want to spend too much getting it.

Efficiency And Performance

Want a vehicle that does everything you need in a snap without being a deg? Well, not always do you find second hand vehicles that still offer excellent performance and efficiency. However, with thousands of people who have confessed their love for the Japanese mini trucks, you can always count on it to deliver in terms of both efficiency and performance.

The Different Mini Trucks To Consider Getting

There are various mini trucks and here are some that you might find to be perfect fit for your line of work. Here are the different Japanese mini trucks that you will come across.

Dump Bed mini Truck

The Japanese dump bed mini trucks are perhaps the most common models of these mini trucks which most people are fond of. You can consider them to be multipurpose and good in handling more tasks than any other in the market. The design of the dump bed mini truck is pretty much simple and is like that you will find in a pick up truck or the common trucks. The only difference is that it has a hydraulic system in place that helps to dump load. This is an optional but effective addition that makes it more versatile and flexible to be used in handling more tasks.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini truck is yet another kind of Japanese mini truck that is lovable by many people across the globe. Their design is pretty much different when compared to the dump bed mini trucks. They do not have a protective edge and the bed is literally flat with nothing else on it. This makes it the perfect vehicle if you are looking to carry abnormally shaped goods from pone point to the other. And although it is a bad choice for carrying lots of loads such as sand and gravel for building, it is an excellent option for anyone who usually carry extra-large or long loads.

Caravan Mini Truck

Caravan mini trucks are other Japanese mini trucks that you may want to consider if you are looking for a vehicle that can help you to carry loads or products that needs to be covered from either the weather or for other reasons. Things such as produce that needs to be kept fresh or grain that need to be concealed from rain are perfect things that should be used on them. Some people have also considered customizing them to be used as food trucks, which seems to work very perfectly.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

second hand vehicle Scissor lift mini trucks as you may have guessed are Japanese mini trucks that are designed just like the dump bed mini truck, only that this time, they do not have a lift functionality and instead they have a scissor shaped hydraulic system that raises the bed uniformly. This kind of vehicle is useful if you need to raise load to a higher level or need to reach a higher level to fix something. It may appeal perfectly to people in the construction industry.

Final Word:

With the detailed guide and a comprehensive guide above, you can easily know the kind of mini truck that you should be getting. Whether you run a construction business or carry loads through a rugged road regularly, you now know the kind of mini truck that you should be going for.

Anyone looking for a good quality vehicle that has been tested should check out some that we have listed on our car listing page. We have tons of vehicles that we have tested and ensured that they are in perfect condition to save our customers the hassle and worries of getting faulty vehicles. We are certain that you will love the vehicles from our car listing.

Dump Bed mini Trucks And Why You Need Them

Are you a fan of pick up trucks? If so, then dump bed mini trucks by the Japanese automakers is something else that will blow your mind. It is among the best when it comes to hauling anything ranging from construction materials to farm produce, the right transport vehicle to help in that situation is a dump truck. Big dump dump trucks are too much and all you need is something to transport less materials and this is where the dump bed mini trucks come in.

Second hand Japanese mini trucks are known across the globe for their affordability and reliability when it comes to performance. Anyone living in the United States and looking to get one can for instance get a dump truck, however, they are pricier and demand so much in terms of cost efficiency and running them. Why not get yourself a a dump bed mini truck from Japan then? Before that tough, you will need to ensure that the dump bed mini truck you are going for is road-worthy and guarantees you good performance, reliability and good value for the money. To do that, here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Dump Truck Body And Tire Condition

Anyone who goes shopping for a vehicle should always be concerned about the external appearance which includes the body, tires among other things. It should be the very first thing that one checks when buying and importing a dump truck from Japan.

The dump box (bed) and the liner in sometimes can be too old and not for use which could affect the quality of the service that one gets from their dump bed mini truck. It is also important to know what it is made up of. They could be made of aluminum or steel. Theoretically an aluminum box is lighter which makes it fuel efficiency in the long run, so this is something that you should keep in mind.

In order to enjoy good service without spending too much on new tires, you should check the status of the current ones. If you are getting a bargain on the truck and find the tires to be the only thing that need replacement, then you should already know the cost of new tires and make sure it fits inside your budget.

Frames, Rails and Axle

Yet another part of the vehicle that one needs to be extra keen is the structure of the mini truck which includes the frames, axle and the rails. This ensures that one gets excellent performance and longevity of the vehicle as well as getting every task done more efficiently. The frame work and entire structure needs to be strong enough and have no previous breakages. Low quality dump bed mini trucks that have bowing on the rails and frames should as they could need a lot in restructuring and improving them to ensure that they are of good standards.

Power And Efficiency

Efficiency is something that all of us ought to be careful about when choosing a vehicle. Whether it is a second hand or a brand new vehicle, the horsepower and efficiency will determine how good the service will be.
Anyone who needs to get a good mini truck to use for heavy tasks such as carrying loads regularly from one place to the other must ensure that it is spot on in terms of efficiency and horse-power. This is however something that you can easily inquire about if not listed in the truck details. you can get in touch with us for more details on this and we will surely help you out in finding a good powerful mini tuck that best suits the nature of your regular use.

Engine and Gear Box & Hydraulic System

The other thing that you need to be cautious about is how the vehicle functions and whether all the features are spot on and works perfectly. You need to do thorough inspection and due diligence to ensure that the mini truck you are getting is in excellent condition and that it can deliver to your expectations.

To enjoy the best performance from your dump bed mini truck you get will always be dependent on the features and the overall condition of the various parts of it which includes the engine system, gear box and the hydraulic system functionality. with these in perfect shape and condition, you should be able to get excellent results in the end. One good reason why one would fall in love with the Japanese dump bed mini trucks is because all the technical details including engine, gear box and hydraulic system have a good reputation in terms of performance and delivering quality service.

Importing Second Hand Dump Bed Mini Trucks

There are several ways that one can easily get their dump bed mini trucks from different places. Substar Inc is one of the best places where you can shop and find the perfect dump bed mini truck that you have always wanted. Shipping the vehicle from Japan has always been a hassle for many people and here at Substar we make that process a very easy one. We do whatever it takes to give the importer the best mini truck that offers good performance and high-end services from the trucks that they import from us.

Be sure to go through our car listings page where you will find lots of Japanese mini trucks ranging from dump bed mini trucks and pretty much any kind of Japanese second hand vehicle that you may want. some of the mini trucks in our listing page includes the Suzuki Carry, Mazda Scrum, Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Subaru Sambar and Honda Acty. Our inventory is also updated regularly, so keep checking and you will surely come across one that meets your preferences.

Final Word:

Buying a dump bed mini truck is not as hard as many people put it and anyone regardless of whether they are in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia or any pother place in the world could easily import and get the perfect mini truck through our platform. With the affordability and reliability option under control, you can hardly find a better deal anywhere else. Please take some time to go through the dump bed mini trucks in our listing to see if you will land yourself a good deal.

Flat Bed Mini Trucks And Why You Should Get One

When it comes to carrying medium and small bulks and cargo, there are a few options that one would consider and Flatbed mini trucks is definitely one that needs to be considered. The flat bed mini trucks have been designed to easily help carry load and offload goods that are in most cases heavy and not fragile. In instances where goods could take time loading on a dump bed mini truck or any other kind of mini truck and one could avoid that hassle if they opt to use a flatbed mini truck. When you also have abnormal loads, a flatbed mini truck is something that you will find ideal. However, since the goods and loads being carried using these mini trucks, you have to make sure that they are not delicate and won’t be risky exposing them to the open as they could be rained on.

Below, we go through some of the things that one must keep in mind concerning flatbed mini truck and how they can be useful in running you daily errands.

Overview Of Japanese Flatbed Mini Trucks

The structural design of a flat bed mini truck is made in a way that eases working with and carrying around certain errands such as carrying non-fragile loads. Below is why you need to consider getting this type of vehicle;

They Come Cheap

We all love to get a cheap vehicle that comes under and within the budget. It is however sometimes hard to find one that is cheap yet offer high quality performance and service. One can easily get a good flatbed Japanese mini truck that will come at a fraction of that cost and one good option is the Japanese flat bed mini truck. If you have come across one of these mini trucks then you already know how their prices are super cool. And just before you conclude that the quality of these mini trucks are questionable, then you are dead wrong. The quality of these Japanese mini trucks is excellent as they are made by some of the most popular automakers in the industry.

The costs that they come with is also amazingly great which makes these Japanese mini trucks among the perfect choice for many people out there. They are mostly street legal in the United States and across many other countries therefore getting them is perfect for use in most countries. The reason why most of these vehicles come at a lower price tag is the fact that Japanese owners are selling them to get rid of them and replace them with newer ones. Japanese authorities have imposed strict laws that raises higher tax on older vehicles, therefore disposing them cheaply is something that is common.

Low Maintenance Costs

A vehicles that goes a long way without demanding maintenance and attention of a mechanic is something that all of us have to deal with. Getting a Japanese flat bed mini truck is something that you should strongly consider if you’d love to get a vehicle that is reliable and of low maintenance. They are solidly built making them last long and also endure and give you high performance and quality service. The other thing is that one can easily learn how to maintain them on their own easily hence not needing the service of a mechanic all the time.

Under ingenious engineering of some of the best automakers like Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Suzuki, you can have confidence in these Japanese mini trucks.

It Is A Good Multipurpose Vehicle

Want a vehicle that you can use for multiple load hauling and working different kind of jobs? If so, then you need to get a flat bed mini truck which can be utilized in handling a number of tasks. Sometimes most of us find ourselves in situations where a load is abnormally sized making it difficult to load it on you mini truck or pickup truck? This is something that happens to us many times and if you experience such on a regular basis then you should consider getting a flatbed mini truck. The way that these flat bed mini trucks have been made makes any easy loading regardless of the shape or size of the load.

Pointers To Keep In Mind

If you want to get the best out of the flat bed mini trucks, then here are some of the pointers and tips to get it running and maintain it in perfect shape.

-They are excellent for use in all-weather roads, but one ought to make sure that the vehicle has the best grip and there are less chances of having the load tip over. Also for improved road  traction, one should ensure that the mini truck’s tires are in perfect shape and condition.

-Flatbed mini trucks are perfectly used on loads that aren’t fragile and could easily tip over hence getting damaged in the process. Other loads may not have good stability or could easily wobble hence tipping over. For such kind of loads, a pickup truck or a dump bed mini truck would work perfectly.

-They work best for loads and goods that are not affected by weather or are not delicate. Since the flatbed exposes the goods, they are prone to being rained or easily get damaged.

-Make sure to have your flatbed mini truck regularly maintained and inspected. Like any other vehicle your mini truck should receive good attention. This will make it serve you for a longer time without experiencing breakdowns, wear and tears.

Final Word:

Japanese flat bed mini trucks and Japan is a home of one of the best vehicles which have time tested and proven to work for a long time. Their popularity spans across the globe and the flatbed mini truck is one of the best-selling vehicle models which are made by multiple vehicle makers such as Suzuki, Daihatsu, Subaru and Mitsubishi.

Be sure to get yourself one of these vehicles to help you run your daily errands with lots of ease, efficiency and high performance. We can also help you get the vehicle shipped to your location affordable and seamlessly.

Why Buy A Used Japanese KEI Truck?

If you have always contemplated to get a second hand vehicle or a Japanese Kei truck, then this comprehensive guide is for you. Anyone who has been watching the auto world for a while already knows that getting a second hand Japanese mini truck or any other pre-owned car comes with its advantages, while on the other side, getting a new vehicle comes with some ups and downs as well. The overall determinant in that will however boil down to quality, performance and the pricing tag on the vehicle.

Here, we will go through some of the things that makes second hand Japanese vehicles, among the best choices that one can go for.

Overview Of Japanese Mini Trucks

A lot has gone into play with the Japanese mini trucks and how they have evolved through the years. They have changed the way people run their daily errands, thanks to their flexibility and versatility which offers various ways of handling various hauling tasks. Behind the Japanese engineering which has been around for a long time and many people have always loved their excellence. Among the most popular carmakers that lead the pack in Japanese engineering and in the making of the Japanese mini trucks include the Mazda, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda and Hyundai. These are the flagship makers of the Japanese mini trucks which look almost similar by build.

So, what makes them stand out and why are they a favorite to many people? They take the shape of a common truck and are known to do most handy jobs that pick up trucks can be used to do. Performance, quality and reliability is something that has been well maintained with these mini trucks and it is something that they have excelled at. Whether you work and intend to use the vehicle on an off-road, marshy environment, a steep road or one that is very rugged Japanese mini trucks have demonstrated good performance and reliability. They also offer good value for the money.

Low Cost Of Buying

Buying Japanese mini trucks is considered among the most affordable options that one can get. Everyone loves to spend less and get something that is of good value, and the Japanese mini trucks are the perfect vehicles that come with the perfect value. Comparing the Japanese mini trucks to other brand new vehicles such as the pick up trucks which can be used for pretty much the same line of tasks, they tend to be much better in terms of affordability and cost of running them. This has mostly been attributed to the difference in their engine capacities and the horsepower that comes with these vehicles. Their low engine capacity means that they also consume less fuel hence the cost of running them is lowered and makes them the perfect choice for everyone who is frugal out there.

Reliability And Performance

How reliable is the vehicle that you have? Does it give you the performance that you have always wanted from it? When it comes to Japanese mini trucks you cannot be disappointed when it comes to both reliability and performance. Under excellent craftsmanship and Japanese engineering that has been around for many years these vehicles are the ultimate mini truck that stands out from the rest. They also come in different designs and models that are geared for use for specialized and in handling some handy tasks of hauling goods from one point to another. The Japanese market is full of many models of mini trucks including flat bed mini tucks, dump bed mini trucks, scissor lift trucks, among others.

Quality And Performance

Japanese mini trucks have been solidly built and will take you a long way in terms of both performance and quality. Everyone is always concerned to find and buy a good second hand vehicle that works to their expectations and guarantees good service overall. It goes and demands more than just the appearance and the body but should also be in perfect shape and working condition. Everything else besides the paint job, chassis, mechanical work and anything else on the vehicle should work to perfection. Tires  are also among the things that one might want to look into before one buys a vehicle.

Easy To Maintain And Repair

Maintenance and repair is yet another thing that you’d want to be so keen on. When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, they are well know to be excellent and easy to work with. When it comes to the spares, they are also available and comes affordable and do not require much attention and need a mechanic every time like you would find with other similar vehicles. Expenses and maintenance costs can sometimes pile up and become too much for us, but with the right kind of vehicle, you can expect something good out of it. For some people, it takes one a lot of time to master them all, but learning to make common and basic tasks such as changing oil and fixing punctured tires.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks have undoubtedly become more popular than ever before, thanks to the high performance,e quality and low cost of acquiring them. Regardless of whatever kind of vehicle you are looking for, there are a number of things that one must look into. Japanese mini trucks are perfect to help one carry load from one point to the other with less hassle. Be it carrying construction and building materials from one point to the other, they have proven to be excellent and perfect in every way.

Here at Substar inc, we have been selling and dealing with Japanese mini trucks for many years serving hundreds of customers across the globe to find the vehicles that they are looking for. If you are looking for the perfect Japanese mini truck, mini van or any other vehicle out there, then we will also help you out. We can also help you with the shipping process and all the hard work that you may come against.

All the Mini Truck Types You Should consider Buying and Why

Are you always looking for a vehicle that can help you carry lts of goods from one place to the other and does your daily errands revolve around this? A pick up truck would be perfect, Right? But of course it is more expensive and sometimes it’s just a big pain. But wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a better option that was cheaper, economical to run and cheap to maintain? The good news is that there is one that you can consider: The Japanese mini trucks. Japan has been in the forefront of car making and their vehicles are awesome in every way. Whether you are a hunter and want something to go hunting with on the harsh terrain or you are a carpenter and need to get your tools to the site, the Japanese mini trucks (Kei) are amazing vehicles worth considering.

Based on body and molding, chassis and general design, these mini trucks will vary and you will always find one that suits the nature of your job. In this guide, we have outlined some of the most common mini trucks that you can find in the market.

Top Mini Truck Types To Buy

Here are specialty Kei mini trucks that you should consider getting.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

Dump bed mini trucks are perhaps the most common type of Japanese Kei mini trucks that you can find around. Just as their name suggests they are designed with a bed that uses hydraulics to dump load that is being carried. This is mostly helpful if you are looking to save time unloading some things such as gravel or sand which would have required a lot of manpower in the process. whether it is concrete for a construction tasks, building materials and anything else that is not fragile, this is the type of Japanese mini truck you should be getting.

The downside of these mini trucks is that one can’t use them to carry and dump delicate goods, but you can use it to carry any goods and fail to use the dump functionality.

Skylift mini Trucks

Ever found yourself in situations where you need to work on a higher level or ground. A situation such as fixing a light bulb on an tall pole? The Skylift mini trucks are specially designed mini trucks that are designed to help in such laborious instances to either lift loads or even elevate workers to handle tasks on a higher ground.

So, anyone who is planning on lifting things or getting elevated to heights using a lift, should consider these Skylift mini truck to be the ideal choice. It simplifies lifting loads onto story buildings, poles or for various constructions. Some of the most common mini trucks that have the Skylift hydraulic systems in place includes the Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki Carry and Subaru Sambar.

Caravan Mini Truck

If you have been around the auto industry long enough, then you know what a caravan is and how it looks like. Caravan mini trucks are the Japanese mini trucks that have been sealed and shaped like a caravan. They have been made this way to enable carrying delicate goods that needs to be covered, either because they are fragile or do not need exposure. Or perhaps you just like to keep whatever you are carrying as discreet as possible. One can also improve their caravan mini trucks by adding a cooler to help carry produce that need to be kept fresh all the time. Honda Acty, Dihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar are just some of the example mini trucks that you can find the Japanese caravan mini trucks in.

Scissor Lift Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Scissor lift dump mini trucks are a combination of the dump  and scissor lift trucks which we will see later in this guide. They have been customized with a scissor lift system and still have the dump deb functionality making them a 2-in1 mini trucks. The purpose of getting this kind of mini truck is to offer the user with services of both worlds-the dump bed system and the lift system all in one. It is an ideal kind of mini truck for anyone that needs something that they can use for multiple tasks on different days and ocassions.

Scissor Lift Mini Trucks

Having looked at the scissor lift dump truck, you can pretty much get the idea of what this one entails and what it is all about. The scissor lift mini truck, makes lifting and raising yourself to a higher level easy as the load can be raised through its hydraulic powered system. The mini truck is named this way since it takes the shape of a scissor at the center since the system is meant to lift the truck from two sides ensuring that the load is raised in a balanced way. Although the tasks requiring this kind of lifting are a bit rare and hard to come by, they sometimes do and also depend on the nature of tasks that someone does.

Flat Bed Mini Trucks

Flatbed mini trucks are literally what they are, Flat on their bed surface. They are unlike unlike many other mini trucks which comes partially or wholly enclosed and they are versatile and flexible when it comes to carrying abnormally sized loads. Loads that will require a big space but aren’t so fragile and can be exposed.  Most building materials such as plywood or large glass frames which come in different shapes and anomalous sizes are some of the best examples that you can use these flat beds on.

They are also not very common, but come in handy in many such situations.

Jumbo Cab Mini Truck

import Japanese trucks Another rare but relevant and very useful kind of mini truck is the Jumbo cab mini trucks which looks like resemble the normal mini trucks only that they are a bit smaller and tend to carry a little less than you would expect from normal mini trucks. The mini truck is most common under the Daihatsu Hijet model. They help in carrying less weighty loads with lots of ease. They are also loved for being economical, low maintenance and for being high efficient.

Anyone who is looking for a simple mini truck that helps you to do simple tasks such as hunting within your nearby ranch then this is one to consider.

Be sure to check out some of the best Japanese mini trucks in our listings page. We deal with almost every mini truck type and our list of brands includes Honda Acty, Dihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry among others.

When Is It Worth Buying A Flat Bed Mini Truck?

When it comes to Japanese mini trucks flatbeds are among the most common of them all. And just as its name suggests, these mini trucks are made with their beds taking a flat design and shape. There exists no side planks or side panels to make it closed like you would find in dump bed and other kind of mini trucks. They have been designed for seamless loading and offloading which are in most cases heavy and abnormally shaped and sized. In instances where there are goods that could take time loading such as on a dump bed mini truck, a caravan or other types of mini trucks a flatbed mini truck will come in very handy. To ensure that you are getting the best out of flat bed mini trucks,  you have to make sure that the loads being hauled or carried are not delicate and won’t be risky exposing the such as being in the rain.

Here on this post, we will go through some of the things that you need to know about a flatbed mini truck and whether it is worth investing in them

Are Japanese Flatbed Mini Trucks Worthy

Flatbed mini trucks have a unique, yet specific design that is meant to deliver on certain services. Here is why you need to consider importing a Japanese flatbed mini truck.

They Carry Any Type Of Loads

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where a load is abnormally sized hence difficult to load it on a normal truck or pickup truck. Apparently, this is something that happens to many people and if you experience such on a situation, then you should consider getting a flatbed mini truck. The design on a flatbed mini truck makes any load easy to load regardless of the shape or size of the load being carried.

Cheap To Run

Everyone would love to get a vehicles that take us a long way without demanding a lot on terms of running costs and maintenance.  As such, getting a Japanese flatbed mini truck is something that you should be going for. The Japanese mini trucks are also built to last, endure and offer high quality service and performance. You can easily learn some of the basic repair and maintenance and cut down the mechanic.

Sometimes you could also get into some problems and need spares, you can always find them easily through your local dealer, thanks to the fact that these Japanese automakers are found all over.

They Come In Cheap

Go to any showroom anywhere across the globe today and try getting a pickup truck, you are hit by the high pricing that they come with. You can however find a good flatbed Japanese mini truck that will come at a fraction of that cost. However, when you come across these Japanese mini trucks then you already know how are affordable and also cheap to maintain. And just before you conclude that the quality of these mini trucks are questionable, then you are dead wrong. The quality is also among the best that you can get, thanks to the fact that they are made by some of the world’s biggest automakers.

To make it even much better, getting a second hand flat bed mini truck is street legal in the United States and in many other countries across the globe. The reason why most of these vehicles come at a lower price tag is the fact that Japanese owners are selling them to get rid of them and replace them with newer ones. This is because Japanese government and authorities have strict laws that hike tax on older vehicles.

Crucial Things To Keep In Mind

4X4 mini truck Below are crucial pointers to keep in mind to get the best from a flat bed mini truck.

-Flat bed mini trucks are perfect as vehicles that can be used to haul goods and loads that are not affected by weather. This is because the flatbed exposes the load, they can easily get rained or damaged. This is why one should make sure that the load isn’t weather sensitive and also not fragile.

-They are also best used for goods that are stable and easy to mount or place for carrying. Some goods may not have good stability or could easily wobble making it to tip over. when it comes to such instances, a closed mini truck or pickup truck is a good option to consider. You should also make sure that the goods being carried are stable and firmly mounted on the flatbed.

-When you are carrying a lot of loads and stuff on an all-weather road, you should make ensure that the mini truck has good traction and grip to ensure better stability on the load. To achieve this, you should make sure that your mini truck’s tires are designed to offer good road traction and capabilities of handling whatever roads you are using the vehicle on.

In such an instance, you should also consider getting a flatbed vehicle with 4X4 wheel drive capabilities so as to easily handle any kind of roads.

-Ensure that the vehicle gets regular maintenance to get the best service from it. Like any other vehicle your mini truck should receive good attention. Doing this will ensure that you dot get breakdowns or any wear and tears. Checking the oil and maintaining other parts of the vehicle such as wiring and mechanical inspection.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks have been around for many years and there are lots of things to love about them. Flatbed mini truck are just among the best out there that you can get which have proven to be excellent in many ways. buying yourself one of these flat bed mini trucks makes hauling abnormal loads very easy.

So, how do you buy a flatbed mini truck? Here at Substar Inc, you will find plenty of flat bed mini trucks in our inventory which is updated regularly with tons of of them. Be sure to check them out on our listing page or get in touch with us for more details and if you need any specific vehicle you should also feel free to let us know.

Used Japanese Mini Trucks – Things To Consider Before Importing Them To The USA

The decision to import a used mini truck or any other car from Japanese exporters is a good one. This is because it gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of vehicles and purchase it at a much lower price compared to your local car dealer. However, like when you are dealing with any other import, things can go wrong and the whole process can turn into a nightmare. This is what usually happens if you happen to fall into scammers who pose as genuine used Japanese car exporters. Even if you happen to get the right exporter other challenges may arise like being delivered with a truck that you did not purchase or getting the right one but in a bad condition.

If you imagine yourself in any of these situations, things can get really bad and you will end up regretting your decision. On the other hand, this should never happen to you if you will be careful enough to take the following precautions:

  • Know Who You Are Dealing With

The fact that you are importing your mini truck from Japan means that you are either using a Japanese exporter or dealer. This also means that your conversations and transactions are purely done online. The problem with this is that there are numerous online scammers who pose as genuine Japanese car dealers or exporters just to steal from unsuspecting importers.

The result is usually being sold a mini truck or any other car that does not exist or being sent a completely different vehicle from what you ordered. The only way to avoid cons and scammers is to take extra caution. Do your research well and only deal with known used Japanese car exporters.

  • Avoid Faulty Mini Trucks

Used Japanese mini trucks and other vehicles come in all kinds and conditions including those with ‘minor’ issues. This group of vehicles can be really tempting because they come way cheaper than the others. While there are many people who have gotten the best cars out of them, it can also be a complete recipe for disaster. This is because some of these vehicles have real issues that will end up costing you highly in the name of replacements or maintenance.

For instance, you may decide to order a dumping mini truck with ‘minor problems’ in its hydraulic system. This is taking a big risk knowing the unexpected can happen and in this case, you might end up replacing the entire hydraulic system. Faults can be anywhere and you should be careful to know which ones you can handle or just avoid such vehicles completely.

Even when the mini truck you intend to import is described as being in a good condition, you still need to look at its maintenance record just to be sure that it has no technical issues.

  • Ensure That The Mini Truck Is CPB Compliant

When you are importing your used Japanese mini trucks, you need to ensure that they conform to relevant USA standards of safety, bumper and emissions. Without this, things can get really complicated because your vehicle will be impounded and the clearing process will come to a standstill. Without CPB compliance, you vehicle will not be registered in the USA and for your truck to be compliant, you will need proof that it conforms to EPA and DOT standards through a certificate/letter from the manufacturer among other things.

If your vehicle meets all the quality standards including cleanliness, the clearance process can be quite easy. This process is necessary to ensure that only good vehicles get to enter into the country otherwise, they are subject to destruction. Sometimes, a non conforming vehicle can be brought into compliance but that can be a costly process.

  • Avoid Vehicles With No Clear Records

It is obvious that a vehicle without the necessary documentation cannot enter into the US because it will simply be impossible to clear it. These documents include the log books, ownership and the registration certificates among others. It is a common phenomenon to find vehicles with inadequate or no certification as well as particulars. Others simply have fake certification or wrong particulars that cannot meet the requirements of the CPB. This is usually the result of dealing with scammers and cons instead of genuine exporters and dealers.

  • Ensure That The Mini Truck Uses The Original Body Kit

This may be a rare occurrence but does not mean that it cannot happen to you. This is because such vehicles exist in the market and probably with very low prices. The problem with such mini trucks is that there could be other hidden problems that can bring you a lot of problems later. The best advice is to avoid them completely.

  • Ensure That You Are Given Full Access To What You Need

dump bed mini truck The secret of having a successful mini truck import or any other vehicle from Japan is dealing with a genuine exporter or agent. One of the characteristics of such a dealer is the ability to give you full access to the information that you need. So, upon settling on the mini truck of your choice, you deserve to be given full details about it as well as any other information that you need to know.


The reliability of used Japanese mini trucks in hauling loads from one place to another has received much recognition in the USA. While importing it directly from Japanese exporters enables you to get a good mini truck at unbelievably low prices, you need to be extra careful to ensure that you get everything right. Fraudsters have infiltrated into the process and they make use of every opportunity they get to turn the otherwise simple and genuine process into a complete nightmare.

This article has dealt with all the things that you need to look out for a smooth importation process which is very helpful especially if you are a first time importer. If you are looking for a Japanese mini truck or any other vehicle to buy, you can have a look at our listing which we regularly update and contain quality and reliable used Japanese mini trucks for you to choose from.