Used Mini Trucks For Sale- A Complete Guide To Finding A Perfect One

Mini trucks are practically light trucks that you can use to easily transport light loads within your area of operation. These multipurpose vehicles are being efficiently used in a wide range of areas including constructions, manufacturing yards, malls, warehouses, garages, farms, hotels and sports centers among many others. Apart from being efficient, mini trucks are less expensive especially when it comes to buying a used mini truck. So, are you looking for a used mini truck to run your day to day errands? This is a good move although you will need to take some factors into consideration in order to get an efficient and performing mini truck.

When shopping for a used mini truck, things can be a little different from when you are buying any other vehicle. This is because mini trucks have specific purposes that are designed for in terms of specifications and capabilities. Things may sound a little confusing especially if you are a first time buyer but you should not worry because this article will give you a good guide into getting a good mini truck for sale.

Choosing The Best Used Mini Truck For Sale

There are two ways that you can buy your used mini truck which are to buy it locally or import it from abroad usually Japan. While importation is considered the better option, the following are things that you should consider before settling on any mini truck.

  • The Purpose Of The Mini Truck

The purpose of your mini truck is defined by what it is intended to carry or haul. Mini trucks come in different models that are designed to suit different jobs. If you want to get a mini truck that will conveniently carry your loads, you need to ensure that you choose one with the correct horsepower. Horsepower is a unit used to measure the power of engines and the performance of your mini truck depends on it in terms of its towing capacity.

Apart from the weights of your loads, you will also need to consider a mini truck that will protect and at the same time fit in larger volumes of loads. In other instances, the design of the mini truck should inform you its purpose as there are those that are specifically fitted with a complete hydraulic system, dumps and even rear beds with folding sides.

  • The Nature Of The Area Of Operation

Mini trucks are not only different in terms of their purpose but also the environmental and geographical locations that they are best suited for. For instance, a mini truck that is used around a warehouse in town will not work well for a farmer living in a remote location with muddy roads.

The performance of mini trucks under different roads depends on whether they are a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. These two vary in their performance depending on the nature of roads and the amount of loads that they carry. A 2WD mini truck is great in areas that are not remote and off-road and with a moderate climate. It is also great if you intend to haul loads around the city and other areas with tarmacked lanes. Choose a 4WD if your area of operation is experiencing common snow or heavy rains that cause muddy roads that are hard to maneuver. However, you should expect to pay more for the 4WD in terms of price and fuel.

For a good off-road 4WD mini truck that can handle heavy duties on bad roads, consider the likes of Suzuki Carry, Subaru Sambar, Mitsubishi minicab and Daihatsu Hijet.

  • The Efficiency Of The Mini Truck

In order to know the efficiency of a mini truck, you will have to look at the engine and the axle ratio. Higher figures in terms of engine specification should specify a good mini truck but that is not always the case as it also comes with its own disadvantages. Although more powerful, large engines have features that demand more fuel and other resources and you should only go for them if the environmental and geographical conditions demand that you use them.

As for the axle ratio, you should always remember that a higher ratio increases the towing capacity of your mini truck while at the same time bringing down its fuel economy. This may seem confusing but it all comes down to linking the nature of errands that you will be running to the correct mini truck that will efficiently perform the work. If you still find these specifications to be complicated, you can go ahead and contact us to help you figure out the right specifications.

  • Fees And Regulations Of The State

When it comes to licensing and the way motor vehicles should operate, every state has its own regulations that should be duly followed. For instance, there may be differences in the amount of insurance charges that each type of mini truck attracts. Such regulations are what you should be aware of before deciding on a particular mini truck in order to know what to expect. There are also regulations on the type of roads that the mini trucks should operate on as well as the speed limits.

Used mini trucks are famous all over the world for being smaller, lighter, cheaper and highly fuel-efficient. This is despite the fact that they are reliable and efficient in hauling and carrying loads from one point to another. They are therefore ideal vehicles to move your stuff on a regular basis. It is for this reason that you need to ensure that you choose the right one for sale to fully enjoy its full benefits.

In order to help you make the right decision on the mini truck that you should buy, we have provided you with a mini trucks listings page of mini trucks that have been tested to ensure that they meet your expectations. Furthermore, you can always request us to help you in deciding on the mini truck that is right for you. We have dozens of mini truck models that you can choose from that come from manufactures such as Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and Honda among others.

Japanese Mini Trucks For Sale – Guide To Finding Your Mini Truck

Whichever part of the world you come from, as long as you know a thing or two about mini trucks, then you must have already heard of the rave about Japanese mini trucks. Japan has for decades been a leader in the auto world and the Japanese vehicles are loved for their uniqueness and high performance. New or old, you will find a quality mini truck which is usable depending on its design and how it is customized. In this write-up, we will go through the process of finding Japanese mini trucks for sale and how to find the right one for you.

Finding A used Japanese Mini Truck For Sale

Have you been searching online for a Japanese mini truck and never found any or cam e across those ones that are insanely priced? Here are some of the places where you should be putting more attention if you are serious about getting yourself a high quality mini truck.


We all know how Ebay works and how long it has been serving people around the world. You can find almost anything legal running on auctions through Ebay and one thing that people love with the site is that you can get stuff at a fraction of the cost. Japanese mini trucks are no exception and you will find tons of them to pick from. You will also enjoy the shipping and don’t have to worry about finding a shipping company to get your vehicle to your destination.

We have also been selling mini trucks through Ebay, so if you need a link to check out some of the mini trucks on Ebay, be sure to get in touch with us for more.



Just like Ebay, Craiglist has grown to become one of the best go-to place whenever you need a product or service. It is one of the most frequented sites on the internet and millions of people visit the site and there is a whole section dedicated to buying and selling mini trucks. You will also come across different mini trucks each with their different specifications.

The only downside that comes with Craigslist is that there are lots of scams and you will need to be extra cautious when transaction every deal there. It also works perfectly for some countries and not all. Outside the US, you will be lucky to find more than a few listings which makes it a limited marketplace to buy a mini truck. This is what happens when there are lots of people flooding on a market and such is expected.

Japanese Mini Truck Forums

Like any other industry, mini trucks have become phenomenon vehicles and you will come across sites and forums that are dedicated to Japanese mini trucks. Here you will learn tons of things and even find offers on mini trucks on sale by owners.  The only problem with using this method to find Japanese mini trucks on sale is that there are limited numbers of mini truck and sometimes you may find it hard to come across one. This is because they are mostly posted by their owner which is something rare since there is no ready market for that. Mini truck are however the best place to share information and discuss how to take care of your mini truck and what to expect with a mini truck you just acquired or one that you are planning on getting.

Substar Inc

Here at Substar, we have been dealing with mini trucks for many years. Having started as a mini truck dealer, and although we have diversified to other vehicles our main focus remains as mini trucks and minivans. We act as a direct link between the mini truck owner and you the buyer and we ensure that every mini truck in our inventory goes through a thorough inspection process to ensure that their quality is top notch.

Here you will find tons of mini trucks which can be used for different purposes depending on how it is designed. Some of the mini truck models you will find include dump bed mini tucks, skylift mini trucks, flat bed, caravan mini trucks and many other models. You can always get in touch with us to learn more about these mini trucks.

How To Get Your Mini Truck

There are several ways in which you can get your mini truck, the first one is to buy directly from your local dealer in your country. Although this can be an easy option, you may want to check out other options. Buying a mini truck from your local dealer has some disadvantages which you could have easily gotten over by choosing another option.

The other option is to directly import your mini truck from Japan. This is a great option that people are realizing its advantages every day.

And if you though that importing a vehicle was difficult, be ready to be amazed at how cheap and smooth it is.

Here at Substar, we ship the vehicle to you regardless of where you are. Most of our customers are in the Us, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand.

Final Word:

If you have some loads to carry around and feel that a used Japanese mini truck is an ideal option, then nothing should stop you from getting it. With the above steps, you can easily find a high quality mini truck from Japan which comes at a fraction of the cost which your local dealer would ask from you. You should however do your homework before buying since there are lots of scams online which demand caution. Depending on the company that you are working with, you can also get a decent shipping package with it.

Are you serious about getting yourself a mini truck? Check out some of the mini tucks in our listings page and feel free to query on any of the mini trucks. We will provide you with more details including all the mechanical details and what the vehicle condition is. If you also need a vehicle from Japanese car auctions, then get in touch with us and we will help you out.

How to Buy Mini Trucks From Japan

An increasing number of people across the United States are realizing the boundless reasons to buy mini trucks from Japan. You can always get your mini truck from the dealer shop around you but that is only if you are going there with a sack of cash to spend. Many people are realizing that they could save a lot by importing the trucks by themselves, which in reality isn’t as lengthy process as many would think. It could however get hectic if one fails to follow the right procedure.

In this write-up, we will cover some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to buy mini trucks from Japan.

What You Need To Know Before Importing Your Mini Truck From Japan

You may have read or heard about stories of vehicles being seized and not ending up in the hands of the owners because of one reason or the other. You also don’t want a surprise charges that breaks that ends up blowing your initial budget. There are processes and expectations that a vehicle or an importer is expected to meet. Below is all you need to know before you even think about shopping for a mini truck from Japan:

The Process Of Importing To The U.S

For anything to be imported to the United States, one will have to file for a special requirement called an “Entry”. The entry is meant to notify the state that you are importing cargo from another county to the united states.

Under the Entry, one will also have to specify what the import item is, when it will be shipped in, where it is from and the particular place where it is headed to. After filling the Entry, it is then submitted to the CBP for analysis and approval is usually an easy process.

Usually, there are two kinds of Entries that one should fill depending on the cost of the vehicle being imported. If the cost of the vehicle excluding insurance is $2499.99 or less, then one will fill a normal entry. Otherwise, for any vehicle that is above this figure, there another special kind of Entry which demands more details.

Understanding The United States Import Laws

The U.S congress has passed laws that restrict the import of vehicles from other countries unless they meet the environmental safety standards. The standards are set under EPA (Environmental Protection Agency and DOT (Department Of Transport). This is the most common reason for vehicles been seized when they enter the United States. Thee is however an exception to this restriction where a vehicle that is 25 years old from the date of manufacture (classic vehicle) can be imported without any issues.

The imported vehicle also goes through customs where it is inspected for other things such as vehicle’s authenticity of the parts.

Understand the Terminologies

buy mini truck from JapanAnother thing that you don’t want to be caught up with and one that could end up blowing your budget if you are not keen with are the terminologies that are used in the vehicle import arena. Here are the terminologies that you should be conversant with:

Importer – This is the party that is responsible for shipping the vehicle, paying for customs and filling the Entry.

Consignee – This is you, the owner of the vehicle being imported.

Duties – This is the custom charges such as tax and is applicable to every vehicle that enters the United States.

Port of Entry– This is the port at which the imported vehicle is received into the United States.

Date of import – This refers to the time when the shipment arrives at the United States port.

Date of Entry – This is simply the date when you filed to get an entry for the vehicle being imported.

Date of export – This is when the vehicle left the country where it is imported from.

HTS Code – This stands for Harmonized Tariff Code and it is classification in which particular imports are put into since each import cluster attracts a certain duty charge. In order to know what duty charges your imported truck will attract, you should check the HTS code from where you will also find the rates.
Importer Security Filings – ISF is a protocol that requires the importers of cargo that is filed under formal entries to submit all cargo and freight information to the CBP before the cargo arrives.

Custom bonds – These are formal entry bonds which are meant to act as insurance for the customs and that they will be paid for. This could be ISF (Importer Security Filing) bonds, DOT and Entry bonds.

Harbor Maintenance Fee – HMF as it is commonly known is a fee that is charged for the maintenance of the port. This is however dependent on the Port and not applicable to all ports. The fee is normally 0.125% of the import value.

Custom Ruling – Sometimes classifying a vehicle depending on its condition, or the condition of its parts doesn’t fit well in its rightful class. If one intends to use the vehicle for off-road purposes they still can since custom ruling will classify the vehicle under a dump class.

Merchandise Processing Fee – This is the processing fee that is charged on all imports whether under formal or informal entries. Formal entries attract higher charges where one is required to pay 0.3464% of the total cost of the imports. It is however capped at $485. Informal entries on the other end attracts a flat rate $2 for automated entries, $6 for manual entries and $9 when the entry is handled under the CBP.


If you want to buy mini trucks from Japan, it could turn out to be a hectic process if you don’t know most of the import procedures. Hopefully this guide has shed some light on how to go about buying your mini truck from Japan.

You can always have a look at our listings and you could surely find an affordable mini truck that suits your needs. Should you have any questions or need help knowing how your mini truck will be imported, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.