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If you are an avid car lover and more specifically into trucks and pick ups, then you must have heard a thing or two about Japanese mini trucks. The Japanese mini truck is a native of Japan and they are manufactured by some of the leading industry car makers such as Subaru, Daihatsu, Mazda and Honda. Japanese mini trucks come in different makes and models and this is based on the intended purpose of the vehicle. Among some of the most common models that are popular across the globe includes dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini trucks, scissor lift mini trucks and caravan mini trucks. Although these vehicles are a little different as compared to other types of trucks, they have proven to be invaluable in many ways and helpful in running daily errands. The dump
bed mini truck for instance resembles a pick up truck and it is very useful and can handle pretty much any task that a pick up can do. From the use in farms to construction, they are very capable and deliver. Dump
bed mini trucks are meant to carry loads which aren’t fragile and can be
dumped easily through the hydraulic dumping functionality it has. As for a pick up truck, one would have to modify it to function like the way the dump bed mini tuck does.

Who Should Get A Japanese Mini Truck?

flatbed mini truck

Before delving onto the reasons why one would want to get one and why it is advantageous, lets first look at some of the areas that they are useful at. Japanese mini trucks or Kei trucks as they are locally known in Japan, simply means a small truck. These vehicles have a smaller engine as compared to other similar vehicles such as pick up trucks. However, as much as they are smaller, you shouldn’t under-look them like many people do. They are very powerful as they have been optimized to carry heavy loads and offer excellent drivetrain that many vehicles won’t even have.

Among some of the areas that one can find a Japanese mini tuck useful includes:

Use in farms – Whether you are trying to get a vehicle to carry bags fertilizers or bringing produce from the farm, this is the vehicle for you.

Use in Construction – The drivetrain and power of Japanese mini trucks is commendable, and many people use them in construction sites to carry materials and equipment.

Hunting – most of the Japanese mini trucks are 4-wheel drive which means that they can go anywhere. So hunters who want to put a deer at the back of the mini truck can easily do so yet still easily maneuver the jungle’s harsh terrains.

Daily home errands – Japanese mini trucks are also very versatile and can be used to carry out normal home errands that a pick up truck will do.

Japanese mini trucks, whichever the model or design have stood the test of time and with their evolution and advancement through the years, it has emerge as one for the best and most loved vehicle across the globe.

Why Invest In Japanese Mini Trucks?

Here are some of the reasons why the Japanese mini trucks are loved across the globe and why you need to get one for yourself.

They Are Inexpensive

We all know that the price of vehicles in the market are going in one direction, and that has made it hard for most of us to own a vehicle that they want. Japanese mini trucks not only come in cheaply but
they are vehicles that also deliver.

So how do they perform as compared to pickup trucks and some of the other vehicles in its class? Japanese mini trucks are way affordable thanks to the use of small engine size and high level of engineering that makes it less expensive than most competing vehicles in the market. So, if you are on a budget and do not want to pay a premium to own a vehicle, then you should look at the Japanese mini trucks as a good consideration. Any expert or mechanic who knows this vehicle knows that you can count on it and you will get good value for the money.

The other reason why the Japanese mini trucks are very affordable, especially the second hand ones is that the older a vehicle in Japan, the more expensive the insurance costs. So, many people are trying to get rid of them and with a bazillion of them in the market, the price falls further. So why not take advantage of that and get yourself a nice vehicle?

Low Cost Of Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a vehicle, the costs can dramatically go up making the vehicle very expensive to run. And that is a nightmare that nobody wants to go through. There are cars that are known to be good when it comes to maintaining and running them, and the good news is that the Japanese mini trucks are among these vehicles. Getting a Japanese mini truck is one of the best investments where you will see excellent fuel consumption as compared to many other vehicles.

Mechanics and vehicle specialists around you have experience in handling these vehicles, not only because they are very popular but because they are easy to take care of. They will also not need repairs and maintenance more regularly like you would find with many other type of vehicle in the market. The vehicles also come with easy to follow manuals which you can easily use to master the basics of repairing and maintaining it. Some of the basic maintenance that you should consider to get the best out of your vehicle include;

Regular oil change and level checking – Doing regular oil change will improve the vehicle’s efficiency as lubrication is crucial for every moving part.

Regular tire change & checking pressure regularly – Make sure to change your wheels after every six months or when the threads have started wearing out. This will ensure that you have a firm
grip especially when carrying loads under bad roads where traction is mostly needed.

Maintaining vehicle wiring system – The wiring system and lights of your vehicle should be good at all times to ensure that you are not only safe but also enjoying the best out of the vehicle.

Unmatched Performance & Reliability

japanese mini trucks

Japanese mini trucks are medium sized vehicle that consumes less fuel and demands less but still exhibits great performance? Although a pickup truck would be great but demands a lot when it comes to maintenance. Pick up trucks might appeal to many of us, but if you look keenly, you may end up loving the Japanese mini truck more. While these mini trucks usually come with about 600cc, which is lower than pickup trucks, they are excellent in carrying loads of up to 1.5 tons without any issues.

The fact that most of these mini trucks also come in 4-wheel drive makes it even better and reliable especially when it comes to handling harsh weather roads. The 4 wheel drive  capability enables vehicles to engage both axles and wheels making it more stable and stronger in handling bad roads where other vehicles might find difficult to pass through.

Buying And Importing Mini Trucks From Japan

Are you looking to buy and have a Japanese mini truck imported to your country or state the easy way? If so, read on. Japanese mini trucks are nowadays all over the globe and you can buy them from your local dealer. However, sometimes you may want to consider the option to buy and import directly from Japan. In such a case, there are several steps that you will have to follow to get your mini truck delivered to your destination country.

The obvious steps always include filing for an Entry which is the permit that allows you to import a vehicle from another country. Next, it is usually clearing with the local authorities to verify vehicle legalities and requirements.

After that, the other part is purchasing and having the vehicle
shipped to you. The process is simpler than how most of us consider it
to be. In fact, here at Substar Inc, we help our customers by shipping
them the vehicle and sparing them the hassles that they would have had
while dealing with shipping agencies.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a reliable and high performance vehicle option that can easily replace the pick up truck yet still affordable, then Japanese mini trucks is what you need. Japanese mini trucks are becoming well known across the globe and it is for all the good reasons. With all the advantages that come with it, you will most likely love the Japanese mini trucks. The good news is that it is affordable to get one and importing one has never been
easier. Get in touch with us so that we can help you get the mini truck of your choice.

Among some of the most common Japanese mini trucks that you will come across include the Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Honda Acty. We have all these vehicles in our inventory and you can see them in our car listings page. If you would also like to get a used mini truck or a minivan from the auctions then you should get in touch with us and we will help you find that vehicle that you are looking for.

mini truck

Most of us love using second hand vehicles, mostly sourced from Japan. And there are countless number of reasons why one would ant that. There are also many types of vehicles that one can get from Japan. From mini trucks to pick up trucks and saloons, you can have it all. In this comprehensive guide, we will go through some of the things that one needs to be cautious about when they are importing a Japanese vehicle to their own country or state. This will help make it easy and smooth while avoiding paying too much and taking too long to have it brought in.

Before delving onto the the problems and things that one needs to watch out for, here are some of the reasons that one would really want to get a second hand Japanese vehicle.

Why Import Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

There are many reasons why people love Japanese vehicles, and not from anywhere else. Among some of those reasons includes the perfect engineering that these vehicles have. Japanese automakers are among the best in the world, and that has made them the best manufacturing in terms of volume. Besides the affordability that it comes with, these vehicles


The other reason that the Japanese second hand vehicles are highly coveted is because they are cheap to own and demand less in terms of maintenance. Who wouldn’t want to spend less and get a vehicle that is cheap to maintain? As compared to other types of vehicles on the same class, such as pick up trucks, the Japanese vehicles have stood the test of time and will deliver beyond user’s expectations. In simple terms, you will get good value for the money by choosing to invest in a Japanese second hand vehicle.

Challenges When Importing From Japan

Now that we have looked at the things to expect when importing a second hand vehicle from Japan, here are things to keep in mind to ensure that the whole process is smooth and gets you good value for the money spent. Here are the challenges and things to look out for;

Poor Negotiation

did you know that you can negotiate for a vehicle the same way that you would normally? If you didn’t know, then you should by now. when it comes to buying anything second hand or used, the cost isn’t fixed and the sellers are always open to negotiation and further lower the price tag. That said, you can get your second hand Japanese vehicle for a good price that you can be satisfied with.

So why would you want to pay a hefty price when you can get it for lower? It doesn’t change the quality of your ride or its performance and you will get to save tons of cash on your end. One of the good things with today’s technology is that you can also make negotiations online, thanks to the emails and chat scripts that has made this a possibility. One can use softwares like Skype which can also allow exchange of videos and images which is helpful in understanding how the vehicle looks. You can get started right away by checking some of the dump bed mini trucks and other mini trucks in our listing page, and get in touch with us with the chat system.

Not Budgeting In Advance

Finance is usually a big issue for many people out there and it is an area where one must be cautious to avoid losing their hard earned money. The next most important thing that you would want to ensure is spot on is the budgeting of the vehicle. You shouldn’t just spend money without making a good financial plan. Many people end up spending much simply because they had not allocated a budget to get the vehicle. One of the perks is that there are lots of these second hand vehicles to choose from and it is easy to find one that is within your budget as long as you have a realistic one. You should maintain a certain budget range and avoid being tempted to go for something on a higher price level. This is something that happens to many people and they find themselves overspending.

Another crucial thing that you need to consider to save on your imports is to think about the Japanese used car auctions. They are a favorite to many people who love to save and get vehicles at a lower price. Here at Substar Inc, we can help you get the perfect vehicle that you wish fro through auctions. Just get in touch with us and we will help out. Having said that, you should be cautious about how you make your budgeting if you want to get good results from your investment.

Choosing The Wrong Broker Or importer

Working with the wrong seller or agent is the same as being scammed. This is because you will lose money either way. For most of the people who have little experience with importing a vehicle from another country, it could be a tedious process and it is usually advisable to find a local broker in your country to help you with the process. While this is an ideal option, it could turn out to be a nightmare in some cases. Some brokers do not have what it takes to deliver quality customer support and your vehicle could end up talking way longer than expected. This could end up also attracting crazy fees and charges.

Similarly the broker that you opt to use and have your vehicle delivered should have a good track record to ensure hat you are not hooked up to some online scammers. Opting to go with one that has been in the industry long enough will ensure that you are in safe hands and have less chances of being conned. Anyone who is serious about getting your vehicle delivered to you safely and without big hassles, then the best way to do this is to find a broker that is trustworthy and has a good reputation. It is upon you to do your due diligence to find the right one to work with.

Quality Of After-Service

After service is very important, yet it is one of the most ignored parts of acquiring a vehicle. This is because it isn’t uncommon to come across a vehicle that is faulty and having something like a warranty will always help to save on lost investment.  Sometimes people get the wrong vehicles because they either did not make good inquiries or as a mistake from the seller. As such, after-service is very crucial to ensure that your shipping from the exporter’s end is taken care of well as well as safeguarding the purchase as an investment. This has a significant effect in ensuring that your mini truck reaches your country’s port safely and on time. To get a good Japanese exporter, there is no shortcut to that. You need to do your research, know if the company actually exists and know a few things about them. This will guarantee you that you are entering into a real deal. To illustrate this, you can check out our company profile, search us and see the details that come up against us. with our long industry experience, you can count on us to deliver and get you the best vehicle for the money.

Compliance Of the Vehicle

Different countries and states have their own road and transport laws, which sometimes can restrict the use of some vehicles, especially those that are second hand. To ensure that you get the best experience, you should first confirm with the authorities to determine whether the vehicle you intend to import is compliant and acceptable to the laws and regulations in your country or state. Most beginners who have never imported a vehicle often find themselves in a mess by not checking out whether the vehicle they are getting complies with the state an country transport laws, and that can lead to a problem like losing the vehicle or having to return it back to the seller. This can be costly and frustrating considering that you will end up taking care of the shipping costs of having it returned. And there is also no guarantee that the seller will accept the vehicle back. As such, it is very important to ensure that the vehicle you get meets all the compliance laws and is street legal in your state or country.

Final Verdict

Importing a vehicle from another country can sometimes be a headache. But with a good approach, you will find it easy and seamless to import and have your vehicle delivered. Most beginners feel that it is hard to do, but with the right agents and guide, you will love it. Hopefully, this guide has been great in helping you to know what to expect next time you decide to import a second hand vehicle from Japan.

Having been in the industry and selling tons of vehicles over the years, we are certain that you will love the experience of importing second hand Japanese car from us. We have lots of vehicles ranging from Japanese mini trucks, minivans and any other second hand Japanese vehicles. We will help you understand the kind of vehicle you are getting as well as in having it shipped smoothly to whichever country that you are in. We have helped thousands of customers from the US, New Zealand, Canada, England and many other countries to find the right vehicles that they have always wanted. Simply put, we make importing of Japanese second hand vehicles a breeze.

Japanese mini trucks

Japanese mini trucks have become the talk of the town these days. These vehicles which are of course originating from Japan are among the most sold vehicle units. Considering that they have been in development for many decades, it is enough evidence that they are very useful and dependable. So, should you get yourself one of these Japanese mini trucks? Whatever task you need to be done, there are lot so things that you can always count on Japanese mini trucks to deliver on.

To help you find out whether you need one of the Japanese mini tucks, then we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, detailing all you need to know about them and where they can be used. This will also help you understand whether you should get one for yourself.

Overview & Understanding Japanese Mini Trucks

What exactly is a Japanese mini truck? These trucks are always called Kei mini trucks locally and have been in existence since time in memorial. The primary purpose of Japanese mini trucks was to help do errands that cannot be run on some other types of vehicles. It functions the same way any other truck does and the incredible performance that they come with has made them lovable in every way.

First off, they are made by some of the leading car markers in the industry. These are the likes of Daihatsu, Subaru, Suzuki and Hyundai. Having such automakers on boas makes these vehicles exceptional and knowing the reliability of these brands makes them even better. So if you have always been worried about the quality of vehicle that you are getting, then the knowledge that these are solidly built vehicles that have undergone some of the best technology and engineering should ease your mind and instill more confidence in Japanese mini trucks.

One other thing worth noting is that the market of second hand Japanese mini trucks is growing at a very fast rate. People are looking to save on vehicles and still get something quality, which is all you get from Japanese mini trucks. They will give you good value for the money if you get the right one to buy. If you are looking for a high quality vehicle that is dependable without spending too much, then getting a second hand Japanese mini truck will get you going.

Why they Are Getting So Popular

kei mini trucks

The popularity of Japanese mini trucks has surged simply due to a number of things. First, their performance is excellent. This owes to the fact that a lot has gone into it in terms of engineering and mechanics. This has made them very reliable, even way more as compared to other types of vehicles you will find in the market. If you are after performance in a vehicle, then the Japanese mini trucks do not disappoint when it comes to this.

Secondly, they are very easy when it comes to maintaining them. They are not so demanding when it comes to this and you can go a long way without experiencing breakdowns or the need to repair them. We all love a vehicle that is easy to maintain and with the Japanese mini tucks, you will love this experience.

Fuel efficiency is yet another thing that most car owners are always keen on, and with Japanese mini trucks you will love the fact that they are very economical and only seep a little yet give you good mileage coverage in the process. Who wouldn’t want to have such a vehicle? Of course we all do, and you are guaranteed to love this factor about the Japanese mini trucks.

The next reason why you would want to have a mini truck is because they are very affordable. These vehicles aren’t as complex as one would think. They come at a very affordable price when compared to pick up trucks and other trucks in this class. And you shouldn’t let that fool you in any way. They are very reliable and many people find them to be one of the most valuable investment. To add to that, these vehicles are built to be very hardy and they can last a lifetime. So, even getting a second hand Japanese mini truck which are often way affordable is a good investment.

Finally, there are many things that you can use the Japanese mini trucks for, and this guide has been primarily created to detail some of the errands that you can use it on. Below is a more comprehensive guide detailing some of the tasks that you can use a mini truck for.


Many hunters across the world often needs a vehicle that they can travel with through the woods with a lot of ease. The Japanese mini tucks, most preferably the bed mini tucks are excellent choice when it comes to this. Besides having just a bed, the bed trucks are just like any other pick up trucks and have enough power to easily maneuver through almost any kind of terrain out there. They are also lightweight and easy to maneuver with.

Depending on the kind of roads that you expect in you hunting operation, you can get a 4 wheel mini truck or just settle for a 2 wheel if it is not that harsh. Otherwise, a Japanese mini tuck can be really helpful to hunters out there. This has to show that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money customizing a vehicle just to use it for hunting.

Construction Work

Are you into the construction business and always find yourself needing to transport materials from one site to another? The spacious bed that you will find in Japanese dump bed mini trucks together with the dump bed functionality gives handy construction guys an invaluable hand and a way to easily transport their raw materials as well as equipment from one place to the other. So, if you have always found yourself stranded and sometimes wonder how to easily transport such tools, equipment and raw materials, then getting yourself an affordable Japanese mini truck should help you achieve what you wish. Being affordable, easy to maintain and consuming less fuel as compared to other types of vehicles on this class, you will see real value investing in a Japanese mini truck.

Although the Japanese mini trucks cannot be used efficiently for large construction tasks, they can be really helpful for small to medium sized construction work.


If you are a serious farmer who has invested a lot in producing good yields, then you have to make sure that you have a good vehicle that helps you deliver produce to carry farm materials or equipment to the farm and back with a lot of ease. Although people use pick up trucks mostly, sometimes it calls for a more affordable and simpler option, and that is when you should get a Japanese mini truck.

Among the most convenient Japanese mini truck that you can use for farming includes those designed with beds. Due to their sizeable beds and versatility, you can easily carry produce or farm materials and equipment with a lot of ease.


caravan mini trucks from Japan

Camping has become a favorite outdoor activity to many people out there. The problem is that getting a caravan is sometimes too expensive which makes it impossible for many of us to enjoy some quality time outdoors. Surprisingly Japanese mini trucks do offer good options to people who want to spend time outdoors. there are specialized Japanese mini trucks called Caravan mini trucks which are designed to look like any other caravan truck you would find in the market.

So if you are looking for a way to save tons of cash or don’t have too much to spend on a brand new caravan truck, then a mini sized Japanese caravan mini truck will surely come in handy. The low maintenance, low fuel consumption and reliability that comes with the Caravan mini trucks will also come as a plus.

Final Verdict

Although Japanese mini trucks haven’t taken over every street across the globe, they surely are making a noise and getting well known and loved by many people out there. If you are looking for a way to move things around, then the Japanese mini trucks are a priority that one should consider getting. From carrying farm produce to moving construction equipment from one place to the other, they have proven to be invaluable in every way.

Buying a Japanese mini truck isn’t also that hard and you can even do it online and have it shipped to your country or state without any hard work on your part. You may also want to check out some of the second hand Japanese mini trucks in our car listing page. There you will get tons of caravan mini trucks, dump bed mini trucks, and pretty much every kind of second hand Japanese vehicle that you may want to buy. We will help you have it shipped easily and fast to your country wherever you are.

importing used trucks from japan Japanese mini truck

Anyone who has been in the auto industry long enough knows a thing or two about Japanese mini trucks. They have a good reputation on the roads across the globe and they are also known as Kei trucks locally in Japan. They are amazing in every way that one can think of and you can always count on them to deliver. If you are however not sure on which of the mini truck that you should be getting, then it is high time that you do your own research to find out which one is best suited for your line of work.

Which Mini Truck Should you Buy?

Perhaps one of the first things that one needs to understand is that Japanese mini trucks come in different models and forms. One should also know that Japanese mini tucks are made by different car manufacturers. Some of the brands that are worth mentioning includes Mazda, Honda, Daihatsu and Subaru. Each of these brands are superior in their own way and with the competition comes perfection, something that has been evolving over the years.

Here are some of the types of Japanese mini trucks that one can get. The choice you make depends on how the vehicle has been designed and how it functions.

Dump Bed mini Truck

Dump bed mini trucks have been specifically designed for carrying loads from one point to the other and having them dumped easily. This is the most common type of Japanese mini truck that one can find. The reliability of this mini truck is excellent an anyone can count on it to deliver at any time. Dump bed mini tucks can be used just like any other pick up truck since it does pretty much the same tasks.

Caravan Mini Truck

A caravan mini truck is a Japanese mini trucks that has been designed with a closed bed. This makes it perfect in carrying various loads which needs to be covered from the outside weather or when you need to be discreet with your stuff. The performance are usually closely matched from whichever brand you get the vehicle from. One can use this vehicle to also start something like a trucking food business, carry cargo or go camping with it.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Yet another popular type of Japanese mini truck is the flat bed mini truck, which can be used in a number of uses, but mostly those that are abnormal in shape and size. If your daily job revolves around carrying loads that are abnormal in size and aren’t necessarily fragile or delicate, then you may want to consider the flat bed mini truck. As its name suggests, it is flat on the bed and is not enclosed so the goods an load being carried need to hold up well and not tip over. You can also opt to use straps to keep the load intact.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

Scissor lift mini truck isn’t the most popular of them all, but it surely is definitely worth giving a shot if you are working in some fields. The mini truck is basically like any other, only that it is designed with a central hydraulic system that is designed to resemble a scissor. The hydraulic system lifts the bed uniformly upwards and can be easily lowered depending on the needs. Many people find it to be very useful when you want to raise some load or cargo to a higher level for ease of loading it or unloading. It can also function like a normal bed truck or pick up truck.

Should You Get A Japanese Mini Truck?

The question on whether you should buy yourself a Japanese mini truck depends on a number of things. Below are some of the things that one can use a Japanese mini truck for. This will help you break down and decide on whether such a vehicle will be helpful in your line or work and what you want from such a vehicle.

All Terrain Hauling

Are you always finding yourself in rough roads where you need to carry loads of cargo or materials from one place to the other and fin yourself driving through muddy and bad roads? If so, then the Japanese mini trucks could be the answer to your problems. Folks use these mini trucks differently under different road conditions which means that some people will be working and using the vehicle under harsh conditions while others may not. You may also find yourself in situations such as those that are muddy, mushy and rugged roads that not many vehicles will make it to pass through. Under such road conditions, one could opt to go with a 4 X 4 Japanese mini truck which is loved all over for their incredible performance and dependability. They just perform like a 4 X 4 pick up truck and considering that this one comes at a fraction of a pick up truck’s cost, you are in good hands.

For Carrying Heavy Load

Whether it is farm produce, raw materials and anything else that you can think of, the Japanese mini trucks have demonstrated amazing experience and dependability all the way. If you find yourself carrying a lot of cargo or materials and need to boost the vehicle’s performance so that it does not get stuck, it is always clever to engage all wheels in a 4 X 4 which usually gets the job done. Traction and increase in grip is what results when one engages all the 4 wheels of the vehicle and since the vehicle is also carrying heavy load, this will ensure that it grips perfectly and has little chances of sliding. If you are therefore looking for the best solution or a good vehicle that will help you carry a lot of load with a lot of ease, then you need to consider getting a 4 X 4 mini truck from Japan. Getting a Japanese mini truck is pretty easy and it can be shipped to your country or state within weeks. This is contrary to what many people believe that importation takes too long.

They Offer Good Value For The Money!

Depending on the type of errand that you expect to use the vehicle on, you will love the value you get from the Japanese mini trucks. Folks handle different errands which requires different needs and at times, one cannot predict what to expect. When you find yourself in such a situation, the best kind of vehicle that you should be going for is one that can handle any kind of task whether simple or had and that would be a vehicle with 4 X 4 capabilities. In such a situation, you do not want to limit yourself by getting a 2 wheel drive since you do not know the kind of work that you expect to be handling next. And why should you not anyways if the cost of acquiring either of the vehicle doesn’t have a lot of price different? The costs is almost the same and therefore it is worth getting a 4 X 4 mini truck instead. Overall, you are getting good value for the money spent. And with a good company and vendor, you will love the experience of importing the vehicle abroad.


Japanese mini trucks have proven to be the real deal, and there is little doubt about the power and performance that the Japanese mini trucks bring. One will however see a huge difference in the one that you choose and as highlighted on this article, you can see which one you should be getting. And when it comes to the question on whether you should go for a 4 X 4 mini truck, it is pretty much clear that the 4 wheel engagement comes in handy in many instances. Whichever of the Japanese mini trucks one would think of getting, it is worth the investment.

Why not take some time to go through our car listings page to check out some second hand Japanese mini trucks that we have listed. All the vehicles in our listings page have been vetted and tested for performance and quality and you can be rest assured that you are getting good value for your money. So, why not get one that best suits your line or work and preferences? Despite being very affordable, we will help you with the shipping process.

buy mini trucks from Japan import second hand vehicles from Japan

Japan has become the go-to place for anyone looking for vehicles, be it brand new or used, you will find it in Japan. And amazingly, they come at good prices and offer good value for the money. The Japanese automakers have dominated the industry for many decades not only producing lots of vehicles, but also ones that you can always rely on. This has made Japan the largest manufacturer of autos beating every other country in the global auto market. This has lead to growth of a whole new market, the second hand auto industry and there is no signs that it will slow down anytime soon. People will always want to buy cheap and spend less for a vehicle simply because of their budget restraints as well as a way to get a vehicle that can be used on various jobs without being overly-expensive.

Why Buy Second Hand Japanese Vehicles?

Mitsubishi Minicab Truck Japanese dump bed mini trucks

Don’t be fooled to think that second hand vehicles are poor in performance or unreliable in some way. The Japanese autos are known for their superior quality, performance and reliability and this is why everyone across world are scramming to get them. One other reason why there is such a huge market and people love the Japanese second hand vehicles is that they are more affordable and one can even get a good deal on a recently owned vehicle. Here is a breakdown of some of the reasons why getting second hand vehicles is a good idea;

They Are Dirt Cheap!

Before you ask the common question, why these vehicles come at dirt cheap prices, even more than one can see priced by other vehicle models, be sure that they are are ion good shape and form. There are a number of reasons and things that makes the Japanese second hand vehicles so cheap, and one of the reasons this happens is that Government has ensured that newer vehicles in Japan attracts lower insurance while older ones have a high insurance premium. Due to this fact, people try to save by getting newer vehicles and dumping older ones at a cheap price. So why not hop in and get a cheap vehicle that you can count on and take advantage of this? It is definitely well worth the investment and gives you good value for the money.


Don’t we all love to have a vehicle that we can count on to deliver and serve as the way we want them to? Of course yes. High skilled engineering and expertise is rooted in Japanese auto industry and this is why their vehicles are among the best in the market. They are easy to maintain and one can easily learn how to repair them by themselves which also helps to save a lot of money along the way.


Having a solid vehicle that lasts long is one of the things that we all want. This ensures that you can use the vehicle for a long time. They are well built with solid structures, bodies and chassis that will stand any abuse and work perfectly in the most rugged roads out there. If you are looking to buy a vehicle that will last decades, then there is nowhere else to look other than Japan.

Easy & Low Cost Of Maintenance

Having a vehicle that is easy to maintain and make repairs will save you a lot of hassles and money. The engineering and ingenious technologies used by Japanese automakers makes it easy to repair and replace worn out parts of the vehicle. You can easily master the basics and even the technical part of repairing the vehicle to ensure that you are always ready and all set all the time.

Here are some for the crucial dos and don’ts that many people make every time that they are importing a second hand vehicle from Japan.

Inspect & Do Due Diligence Before Buying

If there is pone big mistake that many of us do is failing to do enough in ensuring that the vehicle is in good shape or not. Besides many other things that one needs to keep in mind when purchasing a vehicle, this is one of the most important ones. And these things will determine whether you will get a good service out of it or not. You need know and understand many things about the vehicle and ask the dealer as much questions as you can. We here at Substar, are among the most reliable dealers who have been in the industry for many years and you will get comprehensive footage of the vehicle while a detailed video footage of specific parts of the vehicle are also available upon request. Doing this can be very beneficial in avoiding faulty vehicles that come and break down.

Some of the most crucial things that one should check on the vehicle so as to ensure they are perfect condition and worth investing in ranges from the tires, the vehicle’s body, paint-work, gear box, engine idle and performance, the hydraulic system. This might seem like a lot of things to check out, but it is really worth it. You can also ask for a detailed mechanical report to know how the vehicle has been used as the maintenance record will detail everything hence you will easily know whether the vehicle has any known issues which you should avoid. You can easily avoid future potential issues that you may not easily see or judge by just looking at the vehicle.

Scams Are All Over


Another important thing that one needs to be very keen on is when making the order. There are lots of people who lose a lot of money to scams and traps from many people who steal money from them believing that they are dealing with a real company. There is no lying that scams are on the rise and anyone out there can become a victim. That said, if a scammer pretends to be owning a car dealership and that they are selling vehicles from Japan, one could easily fall prey and become lured to make a deal without them suspecting anything. Scammers will always make one believe that they have been in business and will do anything to convince person that they are getting a good deal and the offer is usually too sweet which makes it unresistant to many people. Another common type of scam that people fall into is bait and switch, where people get the wrong vehicle than the one they inspected and thought they bought. In order to avoid such types of scams and other similar instances, it is always good to do a thorough background check about the dealer and the company that you intend to work with. Their website details can also tell you a lot which could help you determine whether you are dealing with a legit company and worth working with or not. Other sites such as dealership forums and discussion boards are also a good place to know more about a company and learn about the experiences of other people.

Always Negotiate For The Best Deal

Everything that comes used always offers a room for negotiation and his is true when it comes o vehicles as well. Whether you are importing the vehicle abroad or not, then you can always discuss with the seller and negotiate to get a sweeter deal.

The prices aren’t always fixed like you will find with brand new vehicles and the car dealers and owners no matter where they are will always be willing to compromise and negotiate the price of a vehicle. Failing to take advantage of this will deny you the chance to save tons of cash which you could use to subsidize for the cost of shipping and clearance of the vehicle.

Avoid Faulty Vehicles

While it may make sense to sometimes buy a vehicle to refurbish and make repairs and save a lot of money, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes things go south as they can end up being to expensive to repair. Unless you are a professional who dos this for business and ready to risk, then you should avoid doing this. You should avoid doing this especially if you are still new to buying and importing second hand vehicles. This is usually hard especially if you are importing from Japan or any other country abroad where you cannot physically look at he vehicle to assess it. Doing this could end up becoming prohibitively expensive to make the necessary fixes and adjustments to the vehicle. Always go with second hand vehicles that are in good shape as this will save you the hard stress and hassles of risking on costs.

Final Word:

Now that we have gone through the nightmares and costly mistakes that many of us go through on a regular basis when they are importing or shipping from Japan, isn’t it time you put it to practice? Hopefully, it has been a well worthy guide that will shine enough light and serve as a good source of information to you when you are shopping or importing a second hand vehicle from Japan the easy way.

Be sure to take some time to check out some for the second hand Japanese vehicles that we have listed on our sales page. There are lots of them which ranges from small vans to large dump bed mini trucks that we have vetted and ensured are in perfect shape. Get in touch to learn more about a particular vehicle and how we can help you get the best shipping deals and tricks to save a lot in the process.

importing used trucks from japan Japanese mini truck

If you ask any expert dealer, mechanic and generally everyone who has been in the auto industry for a while where most reliable vehicles come from, they will most likely point you the direction of Japan. Japanese vehicles have roamed every street on earth and they have become more lovable than any other kind of vehicle one can get their hands on. Today, people can get their hands on these trucks, which are often known as mini trucks, or simply Kei mini trucks in Japan.

In this guide, we will go through some of the best ways that one can use to import a used truck (mini truck) from Japan easily avoiding all the hard challenges that may come your way. the guide also applies when shopping or importing any other kind of vehicle wherever you are doing it from across the globe.

Is Importing From Japan A Good Idea

japanese used car exporter

Perhaps the first question that you need to ask yourself before you even start thinking about purchasing or importing a Japanese mini truck or any other vehicle is to first ask yourself if it is a good idea to do so. Below are some of the things that will enlighten you on that matter and help you understand whether importing the Japanese trucks is any good.

What Do You Intend To Use It For?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is what you intend to use it for. There are different kind of mini trucks and unlike standard trucks in countries like the United States, these ones come in different shapes and modifications that means that they are suited for a certain kind of work. By way of example, there are dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini tucks, caravan mini trucks among other kind of trucks. that said, you need to pick pone that best defines your nature of work and that will be useful and dependable.

Is It Street Legal?

Secondly, you need to make sure that the vehicle you are going to get is street legal and that you do not have any restrictions against it with your local government. Among some of the restrictions by the state includes the vehicle age which can limit one on the road usage and how you are going to operate it. It is therefore important to do a comprehensive cross-check to ensure that the kind of vehicle you are about to get meets all the state and legal requirements for it to be street-legal. Without doing that, you could find yourself with a vehicle that you cannot drive or operate hence making it a loss.

What Is The Price Offer?

Used vehicles come with different price tags and that means that whatever you get as an offer from your local car dealer is different from what you would get abroad. Generally, Japanese mini trucks are considered affordable, but that can different from where you are buying it from. If you buy it locally, you may find it to be a little pricier than if you would have bought it from Japan. It is obvious that the trader is there to make profits. If you can stand a few weeks waiting for your mini truck to arrive from Japan, then why not consider importing it yourself? Besides saving a little more, you will also have a variety of vehicles to choose from which gives you a choice to get better.

If you can answer the above questions and have a better understanding on how things work, then you will be able to determine whether importing the truck from Japan is a good idea that is worth your investment.

Importing a Mini Truck From Japan

Here are some of the steps to take when importing a mini truck from Japan.

Do The Math

The first thing before importing a vehicle from any other country is to first come up with a budget that you are willing to spend. The money game and budgeting can be crazy and get so ugly at times if one is not careful about how they handle it. You should know how much you have and ready to spend and avoid any chances of overspending. Among some of the things that one must factor in besides the cost of the vehicle that they are getting includes freight charges, custom charges, transportation and agent charges. They aren’t however as much as they may sound if you get to the actual figures.


Getting the help of an expert to help you with doing the calculations and budgeting is also advisable, especially from those that have imported from Japan or other countries abroad. There are also plenty of online calculators that one can make use of.

Find A Good Vendor

The next thing is to find a good vendor that has a good reputation and has been around the industry for a long time. This will help you to avoid the ever rising cases of frauds. Frauds and cons are all over and there is nothing that one can do about that besides to just be extra cautious and learn some of the ways to evade them. That said, it is always important to do a background check of the company that you are dealing with to ascertain that they are credible and legit. You will often find fraudsters to use non-existent address and usually aren’t established or haven’t been in the business for long.


One should also make sure that the transaction they are making goes to the right bank account and avoid sending money to other offshore bank accounts.

Compare Prices & Buying Options

When one is looking to save on the costs of acquiring a vehicle, be it new or second hand, it is always a good idea to compare and see which dealer has the bets prices. It is the same case when shopping for a vehicle from Japan and any other country you may be interested to import from. Another advantage that one gets from choosing Japan as the importation option is that there are lots of vehicles that one can compare. This means that one is able to negotiate the prices of the vehicle with the vendor and get a deal that they want. One can easily negotiate using various online applications such as Skype and others much easily.


To make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and the best possible deal out of the importation of the Japanese mini truck, you have to make sure that you negotiate and compare the vehicle from different dealers out there. After all, the whole point of shopping abroad is to save by cutting down the middle man and the broker who usually gives you less options to choose from.

Consider Using An Import Agent

Sometimes things get a little tricky, especially when you are importing a second hand vehicle for the first time. The paper work can give you headaches, and this is why it is important to consider getting the assistance of an import agent. If not, then you may want to seek the help of a friend or family member who has already done this before. Otherwise, the service of an agent will come in handy ion many ways. Nothing beats experience, an the one that the agent has gained importing vehicles will help you to save some money where possible by getting you cheap freight deals and ensuring that every import process including the paper work is well taken care of.

Where do you get a good import agent, you may ask. They are all over, but you also have to make sure that you are working with a reputable one. Ask them questions to learn more about them. Be sure you are working with a registered and recognized agent who has been in the industry for years. As aforementioned, con-men are all over in the industry. Doing  this will ensure that you are making smooth transactions and will get your vehicle delivered in time without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Final Verdict

With the guide above, you should be ready to import your vehicle from Japan easily without much to worry about. Whether you need a dump bed mini truck, a flat bed mini truck, a caravan mini truck or any other second hand mini truck from Japan, the guide should serve you well.

Be sure to check out our high quality second hand mini trucks which we have vetted and ensured that they are fit to operate anywhere. Whether you are in the United States, UK, New Zealand, Canada or anywhere int he world, out high quality Japanese mini trucks will serve you and offer good value for the investment. So, why not check out some of these vehicles from out sales page. We can also help you find the vehicle that you are looking for, just in case you don”t find any listed. With our decades of experience in exporting vehicles to countless number of countries, we know the ins and out and are ready to help you get the vehicle you need seamlessly.

buy mini trucks from Japan import second hand vehicles from Japan

Ever asked yourself what to expect when you are buying a second hand Japanese mini truck? Of course if you have been in the auto industry and been watchful of how different trucks are, then you already know enough about the Japanese mini trucks. If you don’t know much about them, then here is a rundown of what they are in the auto industry. Japanese mini trucks are small trucks which resemble the pick up trucks only that they are shaped differently and a little larger than most pick up trucks. Their bed size is a bit larger allowing them to carry more. In most cases, they have been considered to be good alternatives to pick up trucks as well as large trucks. Below is an in-depth guide on the Japanese mini trucks and an understanding of what you are really getting when you chose to buy one of these vehicles.

Overview Of Japanese Mini Trucks

The Japanese mini trucks are a production of many Japanese auto makers and they all resemble each other in many ways. some of the automakers responsible for the manufacturing of mini trucks includes Subaru, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and Mazda. There are various model or types that one can find when it comes to choosing a mini truck and they mostly differ due to the intended use. Below are some of the available mini truck models and how you may find them useful in your day to day errands.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

This type of mini truck is perhaps one of the most common one. It resembles a pick up truck in every way apart from the shape and size which is a bit larger. It also come with a hydraulic lift system which enables it to raise the bed for easy dumping and offloading of the load that it carries. Such kind of mini truck could be perfect for use in situations where you would like to carry loads and offload them fast without wasting a lot of time. So, if you are in the landscaping business and expect to be carrying gravel to the site regularly, this is the kind of vehicle to get.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini trucks are designed with a flat bed surface, just as the name suggests. These vehicles are meant to be used where the cargo being carried doesn’t easily fit perfectly on an enclosed mini truck or a pick up truck. Such a cargo will be an abnormally sized glassware or a large plywood which doesn’t fit within the pick up truck bed. Since the flat bed lets it site comfortably, there will be little chances of damaging the material being carried while the whole process is also a seamless one that you will love. So, if you expect to be handling such kind of work on a regular basis, then you now know the kind of vehicle that you should be getting.

Caravan Mini Truck

Sometimes you may want to carry goods that need protection from the environmental conditions and weather. Or perhaps you have some delicate or discrete things that you need carried. At this point, you should be getting a caravan mini truck. Caravan mini tuck are designed to be used to carry goods inside as its bed is closed. Some people also opt to use it for camping as a good alternative to a recreational vehicle (RV). Whichever of these options you regularly find yourself in, you will love every bit of the Japanese caravan mini trucks.

Scissor Lift Mini Trucks

The scissor lift mini trucks are perhaps the most unique and rare mini truck models that you will find in the market today. They have a very unique design as well. With just the usual bed, there is an added customization which lets the vehicle raise the bed to a certain level. And scissor rails are used to raise and support the bed all the way up, hence the name. Such kind of mini truck can come in handy when you need to raise loads to a certain level before offloading. For instance if you are trying to offload certain equipment but place it on a raised level, this is a good vehicle that can help you easily achieve that.

Other Mini Truck Customizations

dump bed mini truck There are plenty of other mini truck customization that you will find in the market, each coming with a distinct functionality that can come in handy in your day to day errands running.

In all honesty, mini trucks are excellent vehicles which offer more than you would get from just your usual pick up truck. With all the options and things that you can do with them, there is little doubt that you will love them. They have under one some of the world’s best engineering and you are guaranteed excellent performance, quality and good value for the investment. Although one can customize a pick up truck to meet their regular needs, it might not be as good as the Japanese mini tucks in many ways since they weren’t intended for that purpose when manufacturing. As such, the Japanese mini tucks are your best bet. And they are way affordable than what you will find in the market, which gives you another reason to go for them.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks are amazing vehicles that are gaining more love with time. They are excellent in performance, yet offer good value for the money, when you consider the fact that they come at a fraction of the cost of many other vehicles in the market. when shopping for a second hand mini truck though, you need to o your due diligence to ensure that it is in perfect shape and condition.

Be sure to check out some of the Japanese mini trucks that we have in our car listings page to ind yourself one that meets your needs. We will also help you with the shipping process and getting it delivered to you country or state.

Japanese mini trucks

If you ask anyone who has been in the auto industry and more focused on trucks about the Japanese mini tucks, they will tell you endless reasons why they are excellent choices of vehicles. From their incredible performance, unmatched quality and affordability, there is every reason to invest in them. In this guide, we will go through some of the reasons why you may want to get Japanese mini trucks and which one you should be getting as well as also explaining why that is a good choice. But before delving into that, here are some of the reasons why they stand out from many out there in the market.

They Are Very Affordable

As compared to what you will find in the market, the Japanese mini trucks are considered to be among the most affordable vehicles that one can find. And you should not be fooled to think that they are cheaply built just because they come at such an affordable price. There are several reasons why thy come cheap and among them is the fact that most of the pre-owners either want to get a newer vehicle to keep the insurance costs lower or maybe want to switch their nature of work. The fact that there are lots of these vehicles in the market also lowers demand making them more affordable.

High Performance

When it comes to performance, these vehicles are not any shy to beat some of the high horsepower vehicles such as pick up trucks, which most of us really love. Despite the fact that these vehicles have a lower engine cc, as compared to others, the performance that one gets is phenomenal. The engine size also ensures that less fuel is consumed per mile coverage while giving the user the best output per distance covered. All these is thanks to the high technology and engineering in place. Also depending on the kind of terrain and nature of the roads that you expect to be using the vehicle on,you may opt to get either a 4X4 vehicle or one that is just 2 Wheel Drive for common roads.

Incredible Quality

The body of a vehicle means a lot in terms of performance and how long that vehicle will last while giving you the best performance that you need. When it comes down to that, the Japanese mini trucks is among the vehicles that you will love and this is simply because they are solidly built with a hard-body structure and chassis which means that they will go a long way.

Choosing the Right Mini Truck To Invest In

Here are some of the things that one should be looking for when they want to buy a second hand Japanese mini truck.

The Intended Use

The first thing when you are looking for a vehicle should always be to ask yourself everything that you want to be using the vehicle for. The Japanese mini trucks are also designed in different models, each meant to be used differently. For instance, there are dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini trucks, caravan mini trucks, scissor lift mini trucks among other specialty designs. All these vehicle modelling will be excellent in some type of work than others and to get the best, you need to understand the nature of tasks you will be handling. For instance, if you expect to be doing a lot of construction work, you may want to get a dump bed mini truck which makes carrying and unloading loads a seamless process.

The Condition Of the Vehicle

Second hand vehicles have been handled differently by their previous owners, and this is a major concern that one needs to know about. When picking a vehicle, you need to know its current condition and whether it is going to deliver or will it just be a waste of money and investment. You need to check inside and outside the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle you are getting is not another case of bait and switch which has become more common in the past. This should be the engine, gear box, body of the vehicle, chassis, tires among other things. Each and everyone of these things are crucial and any compromise could mean that you have to spend more in repairs.

Watch Out For Scams

We all know that scams are all over, and when it comes to importing a vehicle overseas, you have to be extra cautious as well. Be sure to inspect the seller and do your due diligence on the vehicle to ensure that you are getting a real vehicle and that you are not being conned. Another way of avoiding this is by ensuring that all transactions are done in a safe way and using some of the best platforms like PayPal to avoid frauds.

Your Budget

Lastly, you’d want to make sure that you are spending to buy a vehicle within your budget. Without setting up a budget on hat you are ready to spend, you could find yourself on a shopping spree where you will buy a vehicle that is too expensive hence you end up messing your spending. however, that doesn’t mean that you go for the cheapest vehicle that you can find in the market. You should be looking out for value which means that you have to make sure that the vehicle you are getting offers you the service and performance that you need.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks have become popular in the recent, and with the century old experience in making high quality vehicles that are reliable and dependable, Japan has become home to the leading automakers. If you are serious about getting yourself one, then you should follow the guide above on some of the things that you need to do to get the right vehicle that meets the nature of your work.

Be sure to check out some of the best Japanese mini tucks that we have in our listing page. We pride ourselves in providing high performance and tested second hand mini trucks.

Mitsubishi Minicab Truck Japanese dump bed mini trucks

Does your line of work involve carrying building materials, gravel or other similar kind of work? If you are in such kind of workplace or run regular errands where you are required to be carrying such loads on a regular basis, then you need o get a vehicle that can do this kind of work with ease. One that is reliable, and can give you excellent performance regardless of anything. While there are many people who opt to get a big dump truck for that, most of the other people do not need such a huge truck to do that. But this will be an expensive option, while most of us might just need a smaller vehicle that they can use for their regular errands. It also turns out to be more expensive when someone tries to convert a normal pick up truck into a dump truck. This leaves you with only the already made Japanese dump bed mini truck, which is excellent in every way.

Why Dump Bed Mini Truck For Construction Work
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a Japanese dump bed mini truck to bolster your construction.

Japanese mini trucks and the vehicles in general are usually affordable and come at a lower price tag when compared to most of the other vehicles out there. And don’t be fooled to think that these vehicles are lower or compromised in quality and performance. Most of these dump bed mini trucks go on sale because people want to get newer vehicle options that attract lower insurance rates. If you have therefore been looking for a cheaper vehicle that you can use to carry building material and equipment from site to site, without spending a lot of money, then getting a dump bed mini truck is one surefire way of getting through it.

Reliable And Efficient

Being in the construction business can sometimes mean that you will be going down the valley or going through a rough off-road to get the job done. And with that, you need a vehicle that is able to handle the roads easily and getting you on the site in time. The good news is that the Japanese dump bed trucks are designed under high skilled workmanship and award winning technology that ensures the vehicle is highly efficient and reliable. The smaller but highly efficient engine capacity makes the vehicle take in less fuel while also giving maximum output.
If you have always been concerned about the fuel intake per mileage, then you will be blown away by the fact that the Japanese dump bed mini trucks and other mini trucks of this class have an impressively low fuel intake, yet offer excellent performance that you can always count on.

Easy & Low Cost Of Maintenance

If you have been a vehicle enthusiast that has been using and driving for a while, then you know the nightmares of driving one that demands too much when it comes to maintenance. It is definitely something that anyone would want. So, getting a vehicle that is easy to maintain yet costs less to do that is a winner and something that everyone out there would want. You may also choose to learn to make regular maintenance of the vehicle, thanks to the fact that the manual is pretty easy to follow and the vehicle spare parts are readily available from major repair shops all over.

Variety Of Options To Choose From

When buying a vehicle, it is always good to have multiple options so that you can compare and get the best deal as well as the best vehicles from the lot. when you have many options, the rule of supply to demand always applies and you will always find it affordable to import from Japan rather than getting the vehicle locally. Also, keeping in mind that affordability of a vehicle depends on the condition and things such as mileage and age of the vehicle, shopping Japanese classifieds will give you plenty of options and you will get a vehicle that best suits your pocket.

Easier To Import From Japan Than You Think

dump bed mini truck You may not get a lot of options when you are shopping for Japanese mini trucks locally, which leads you o the next step and alternative of importing it. When you decide to import it, there are some steps that you need to ensure are in place to get the best deals and avoid issues in the process. It is also needless to say that importing from Japan is not as hard as many people like to put it. Although there are some paperwork and steps that one must follow, there are not that hard and from many perspectives, you will realize that is worth it.

Final Word:

Anyone who is in the construction business needs a good reliable vehicle that they can use to move their equipment as well also carry the necessary building materials. The Japanese dump bed mini truck is one of the bets options that one can consider to do this. Besides being very highly reliable and dependable, they are also affordable and require little maintenance.

If you are therefore looking for a medium sized vehicle that you can use to carry building materials from one point to the other, then Japanese dump bed mini trucks is worth considering. Be sure to check some of them that are on sale in our ca listings page. We are certain that you will love these vehicles and the service that you get from us. You can always get in touch with us concerning purchasing vehicles from Japan and we will help you get it smoothly.

japanese mini trucks

If you are an avid hunter who loves to go to the jungle and love bush-meat, then you know that you need to always be on top of your game. And this means that you have to be on top gear and also have every equipment that will get you through your hunting experience without any tussles. A good vehicle should also be on your mind, and if you ask any experienced hunter out there, most of them will tell you that you need to get a 4X4 vehicle that can handle all kind of roads and maneuver easily through even the harshest terrains. The bad news about all that is that vehicles can be expensive and finding one that you can count on to deliver can be hard.

But have you ever considered getting a 4 wheel drive Japanese mini truck? Japanese mini trucks are becoming more popular with hunters than ever before and there are many reasons why you may want to get our hands on them. Here are some of the reasons why they are becoming a darling to many of us.

Why Buy Japanese Mini Truck?

If you are still unsure whether the Japanese mini trucks are a good bet for your hunting game, then here is why you need to consider getting one.

They Come Cheap

While the price tag on new vehicles keep climbing, getting a second hand is always a good option to most of us. However, you need to not only look at a cheap vehicle and get it because it comes cheap. You need to also make sure that it offers good value and will give you good value for the money. So, while you can find a lot of cheap vehicles around you, be sure that it is excellent in every other way. A good option that you should consider when it comes to this is the Japanese dump bed mini truck, which you will not only get it at a cheap price, but will also love everything about it. It could also turn out to be the best when it comes to hunting. So, if you are looking a vehicle that offers you good value for the money, then you know what to look for and what you should be getting.

Unmatched Quality And Performance

The experience of getting a vehicle that lags in performance is one of the worst nightmares that one think of. Imagine finding yourself late in the middle of nowhere trying to fix your car or having it towed every now and then. While some vehicles will get you famous with the towing companies, it is not the Japanese mini trucks. The Japanese mini trucks have been engineered by professionals and considering that this is an industry that leads in the world by producing some of the worlds best vehicles, you can always count on them. Nothing beats the performance and quality of a vehicle when it comes to the factors hat one must consider when getting one.

Solidly Built To Last

Want a vehicle that last a long time and gives you good service at that time? There are many things that one can say about Japanese automakers and one of the winning perks is the fact that these vehicles are solidly built and will go a long way in terms of durability. Even if you are getting a second hand, you will still find good value in them since they are very well built and have the old good hard body that we all know to be excellent in durability. To get a vehicle that is durable and offers you good value for the money, you have to make sure that everything from the body to the chassis is in perfect condition. So, while the Japanese dump bed mini trucks and other kind of mini trucks out there are well known to be one of the best that one can find in the market, it is always a good idea to check out more than just that to ensure that you are getting the best vehicle that will serve you well.

Easy To Maintain

Another reason why you will love this vehicle is the fact that it is easy to maintain and doesn’t demand a lot when it comes to repairing it. If there is one thing that many of us love, it is a vehicle that doesn’t demand  a lot when it comes to maintaining it. It doesn’t make any sense to get a cheap vehicle, yet incur a lot of costs repairing and maintaining it every time. It is thanks to the ingenious Japanese technology which has always been improving over the years to make the Japanese mini trucks lovable vehicles that one can always depend on. The vehicle is also easy to master and if interested, you will soon be doing your regular maintenance and repairs cutting done on the cost of having mechanical work and repairs done for you.

Final Word:

Having looked at some of he reasons why the Japanese dump bed mini truck and other mini trucks are good, you may want to get yourself one. If you are a regular hunter who go out to hunt some deers or boars, then you need something solid that will endure and take charge on any road condition and jungle. The answer to that is the Japanese dump bed mini truck.

You can check out some of the dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini trucks and many others that we have in our car listings page. These vehicles have been checked and inspected to ensure that or customers get good performing vehicles that are reliable and come at the best deals. We will also help you have the vehicle shipped the easy way.So, be sure to get in touch with us, even if there is a particular vehicle that you need but can’t seem to find it on our listing page.