How to Remove Speed Limiter in a Mini Truck

Kei trucks are popular in the Japanese market. They are common because of their universal nature. The mini trucks are considered to be universal because these trucks are good for delivery among many other things. They can be used as dump bed mini trucks, as camping van and many more uses. The popularity of the minivan has spread to other parts of the world. The manufacturers have therefore produced several units for foreign markets. During the production of Kei trucks, safety is a priority, and they are fitted with a speed limiter to curb accidents related to speeding. In this guide, we will go through how to remove speed limiter in a mini truck the easy way.

Speed Limiter

Speed limits vary in different countries depending on the roads. For example, traffic safety authorities spell the maximum speed on expressways and other roads. Adhering to this is complex, most motorists might find themselves breaking this rule. To ensure safety, automotive companies manufacture vehicles installed with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). This system helps the driver to control the speed as they drive. Drivers of imported mini trucks may note that the speed limiter of their mini trucks activates at a lower speed or has made the vehicle slow. The need might arise to remove it to increase performance and improve its fuel economy.

Removing Speed Limiter in Your Mini truck

A speed limiter is a programmable component that can be fitted to the mini truck’s engine. Removing it is hard because it is programmable. Instead, you can switch it off. However, it is difficult to change the speed limiter because the manufacturer never intended you to do it.

Getting a tuner will help you remove your Kei truck’s speed limiter. The tuner can reprogram your engine by bypassing the factory programs to make your engine reach its maximum potential. When tuning, you can set the speed limit that is perfect for you or entirely does away with it. Depending on your size, you can buy a new tuning chip or aftermarket chips. This has become the most common method of removing the speed limiter.

You have to buy a tuner compatible with your mini truck’s model. How will you determine compatibility? The step to doing this is by knowing the model of your vehicle and then choosing that tuner that is compatible with it. A compatible tuner will automatically identify the properties of your mini truck. After identifying such properties, you can adjust the rev and the speed limiter. Apart from making adjustments to the speed, the tuner will allow you to correct the error codes on the dashboard of your Kei truck.

To perfectly tune your mini truck, stick to the instructions on the tuner. Before tuning your mini truck, you should know your country’s laws because some countries limit the use of tuners to tune vehicles.


The speed limiter is an engine program that tries to control the speed at which a vehicle should be moving. Removing the speed limiter improves the performance of the vehicle as well as the fuel economy. Many automakers never want you to tamper with the speed limiter. It is difficult to remove it.

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