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Where to locate chassis code of suzuki carry?

There are questions that are simple, but can be really problematic, especially for newbies like me who are still new to the Japanese mini trucks. So, I wanted to know Where to locate the chassis code number in a suzuki carry 2000 model? Will appreciate the help.

The chassis number of the vehicle is frequently displayed on the driver's side door. It is printed on a metal strip situated on the car's B-pillar. When the driver's side door is opened, this is visible.

Usually you will find the chassis number in the engine bay or you will find it printed on the driver side door.

Your car’s chassis number is often printed on the driver’s side door. There will be a metal strip found on the B-pillar of the car which will have the number printed on it. This can also be seen when the driver’s side of the door is opened. Another location where you will find the chassis number is under the spare wheel in the boot. Upon lifting the spare wheel, you can spot the VIN or the chassis number of the vehicle.

I have found this video on youtube that shows the location of the Chasis code in Suzuki Carry. Hope it helps.

That video was absolutely helpful.

  • The chasis number is located on the hood also it's located on the dash on driver side window lower corner and on trunk lid by the trunk latch, also inside door pannel driver side. Its easy to locate.