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Where is valve cover gasket in a mazda scrum?

I recently got myself a 1993 Mazda Scrum and I am still in the process of learning the ins and out of the kei truck as far as the mechanical side is concerned. The burning oil smell has been persisting recently and it got me thinking that it could be the cover gasket. I now need some advise on how to go about checking the valve gasket cover and if someone out there has dealt with something similar with their Mazda Scrum, I would appreciate their input.

For you to access the valve cover gasket, you will have to remove the passenger seat and check down there.

As far as my understanding of some older Mazda Scrum models go, there are a few things that could be wrong when you start experiencing the burning smell. The valve cover gasket could be it, improper seals and such. I wouldn't also rule out the O-ring since it is a frequent problem with some older models of Scrums.

Take the passenger seat out, and take a look beneath it. You will find the valve cover gasket.

It can be valve gasket leak, so better to check below the passenger seat and get it done as soon as possible.

There are chances of leak in gasket valve. So check as soon as possible.