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Where is the dip stick on a daihatsu hijet?

Being new to Japanese mini trucks, like with any other vehicle that is new to you, it can be a big challenge knowing where some parts are located, and in my situation, I am totally new to it and for some reason I would like to know the location of the dipstick. Been searching for hours.

That isn’t a rare question. There are many people who at first cannot find the oil dipstick. Not all vehicles are built the same, so it is normal to find it a challenge.

For the daihatsu hijet, it is positioned somewhere in front side of the left rear wheel. If you check up above the axle level, then you will see it. For some reason, it has been designed to screw upwards. Make sure that the vehicle is on a level ground so that you can be assured of correct readings, otherwise you could end up with false readings. Pull the stick, then wipe it first and then dip it inside once again to take the readings.

In a 3-speed, you will find it on the right side at the top of the engine block. As I said, these vehicles are made different and it can vary depending on the mini truck that you have.

Yes, the Dip stick is under the drivers seat. Look Down on the side of the oil pan and you will see it towards the front.

The Dip stick is under the drivers seat. If you look down on the side of the oil pan and you will see it towards the front. It is 1/4 inch wide. From the top of the opening. From there down, not including the handle portion, it is 5 1/2 inches long. The full mark is down from the top of the hole 4 inches, the min mark is 5 inches down.

It's a little tricky to locate the position of the dipstick on the Daihatsu hijet. I have attached a video link guiding to show the location of the oil stick plug and also instructing us how to check the air filter.

Dip stick is available under the driver seat. By looking down, you will see it towards the oil pan.