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Where do you top up the oil in a daihatsu hijet?

I have had my Daihatsu Hijet for a few months now, but  I haven't mastered everything. I can even seem to do some basic tasks like changing oil. As I got it second hand, I believed that there would be plenty of manuals to help me do that. Surprising enough such a manual is hard to come by. Any help would be appreciated.

Clearly you have not interacted or explored your vehicle for a long time. The manuals for some old or second hand mini trucks are hard to find, and when you do, they could be in Japanese. You just have to get used to doing things yourself and it is a learning curve. It is however, easy to change the oil. Just make sure that the vehicle is a little warm so that the oil can flow freely. If you have been driving or the car has been running, let it cool for about 30 minutes. Now, flip over the passenger seat and there you will see where you need to put the oil. Remove the oil filler cap, then you should get in the front and locate the sump pump to drain the oil first.

Changing the oil is pretty easy and is just like changing oil for any other vehicle.