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What size tires fit a suzuki carry with 2 inch lift?

I know that understanding and having the right tire size can mean a lot in terms of lift, balance and other things. I am thinking of using a 25" tire into a Suzuki Carry and want to know your views and advise on whether it will really give it the much needed 2 inch lift. Any advise on what to look out for would be appreciated.

Suzuki Carry with a 2" lift can be fitted with 24-8x12 tires and it runs great. While mounting on the stock rims just be aware that they are 24x8x12 and all tires have rime width recommendations. When mounting it on a rim that is narrow than recommended the tire will be taller than it's advertised height and the tread pattern will sit on the ground differently and will often wear pre maturely. And mounting on the wider rim will give you less side wall flew and more stability.

I have tried some Carlisle 23x8x12 on my truck and they fit pretty well.

The tire recommended for Suzuki Carry 2013 model is 155/70R13. It's well-balanced and can handle the loads efficiently and offer safe and comfortable rides.

24x8x12 will be fine which has rime width recommendations.