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What is the capacity of a Suzuki Carry 92 fuel tank?

How does one know the capacity of a fuel tank in their vehicle assuming that they do not have the manual? And with respect to that, I would like to know the capacity of a 1992 Suzuki Carry mini truck.

Well, being in that situation, there is one thing that I would do to check and know the fuel tank capacity.

What I would do is drive the vehicle until the E (Empty) sign shows or the light shows me that the fuel tank is empty. Of course, this is something you should do only when you are not on the main highway.

Once this happens, the vehicle can still run, but you should know that you are almost running out. Different vehicle tanks have varying residual fuel after showing you empty. All in all, let the vehicle run until it sputters and goes off. Then have it towed to the nearest gas station. Fill it and see how many liters it takes and you will know the tank capacity.