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Tiger Trucks

Tiger Truck International have affordable line of trucks and vans designed for transporting material, equipment and personnel for business, industry. It comes in four varients, TIger Standard Cab, featuring a heavy duty payload of over 2000 lbs. and a 9 ft. long and 5 ft. wide bed for maximum work performance. Spacious cab provides a comfortable and efficient environment for driver and passenger. A small but powerful engine is matched with a 5 speed transmission that creates amazing hauling and towing capacity. This truck works like a big boy but is compact, easy to handle and fuel efficient. TIger Crew Cab, with seating for five and payload of 1400 lbs. Tiger Passenger Van with seating for eight and has a sliding access door on each side and a rear lift gate for cargo. Tiger Utility Van, which has a windowless rear compartment area providing security protection for material, tools and equipment. A standard safety cage divides the driver and passenger providing protection from shifting material or equipment.

Tiger truck is a sub brand of the Chinese manufacturer Chang'an.  They do have an impressive lineup of trucks and vans suitable for niche applications.

The Tiger Star model is an upgraded and more robust off-road utility truck than most off-road vehicles in its class. The advanced Star class trucks feature robust electric drive, with a 48 volt, 5 kW motor mated with a five-speed transmission.

It provides a comfortable and efficient environment spacious can for driver and passenger.