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Subaru Sambar 95 brake lights replacement

I cannot seem to find the right brake lights to replace the current ones in my Subaru Sambar mini truck. Can anyone help me out with this? Where should I shop for these and other spares?

Sometimes it can be a big pain finding the same exact brake lights or lights, in general, to replace for some mini trucks.

It also has to do with the location where you are. Assuming that you are in the US, there are a couple of options that you have which can be of help to you. First, start by checking online. I would start on Ebay. This classified/auction site is where you can find tons of spares and car parts since many people could be looking to dispose of them through such sites.

If you cannot seem to find them throight these two options, then I would recommend posting a classified site on a site like Craiglist of "Want To Buy".

If these fail, then you may have to import them right from Japan I guess.

I hope this helps you find the brake lights for your Sambar.