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Negotiating strategies while buying a minitruck.

Salesmen are expert professionals, trained in their field, they are natural persuaders and normally have their own strategies. To counter that, you need to develop your own. A few tips to match up to their level of expertise will be to do your homework first. Search the web beforehand for as much information as you gather on the mini truck you are looking out for, especially the asking price. Do some research on reliable dealers and shortlist the better ones. Make sure you have a budget before visiting a dealer. Avoid loans if suggested by dealer. That is another way of increasing the cost by way of interest and other expenses. Make spot payment through cash or cheque as is convenient to you. Salesmen will by nature, try to get you emotional about the purchase. It's upto you to not show any excitement. Show reluctance and do highlight the faults you find with the deal, no matter how insignificant it may be. You should be the one in charge there as you will be shelling out your hard earned money. Do note down all the important figures during the deal. This prevents them from inflating any cost later. Make sure you check the asking price which will include options, processing, and destination fees; the purchase price; discounts; dealer charges; trade allowance; title and registration fees; tax; and down payment. There is no compulsion to stick to the deal if it doesn't satisfy you. There are many other dealers who might give you a better deal.

Dealer charges and processing fee is the area I will negotiate. There is a lot of chance that we can win over it.

Negotiating was never a plus point for me but I did get a good deal on my 96 Hijet. In fact I down played my interest in the vehicle and did ask the dealer to clear all my doubts about the vehicle, which was quite a few,  before I finalize the deal. Luckily for me he even offered me extra discount on the final price and I am happy with the way the sale went.