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Mini trucks growing popularity in Guam Roads

Highways in Guam are maintained by the Department of Public Works of the United States territory of Guam. Gabe Baker has owned Isla Imports Guam for three years, a company that brings in and customizes mini-vehicles. He uses his company’s large social media audience to attract customers.  They first inspects and collect details of the vehicles and help them out with lift kits, fresh paint, new wheels and other upgrades upon request.

Mini trucks and vans have become a common sight on roadways in Guam— a few Facebook groups dedicated to enthusiasts have sprung up, and a small local industry has emerged around importing, customizing and servicing them. Gabe Baker, owner of Isla Imports, Guam, a company that brings in and customizes mini-vehicles have few ideas about why interest in them might be growing. He feels it's a trend to own one. Also it's economical to buy and maintain a minitruck. Beyond enthusiasts and people looking for an affordable ride, some people buy mini trucks for commercial use. According to Baker, the bare-bones trucks are meant for industrial use, and even come in dump truck platforms, which local companies have been using.

Mini trucks are mostly used for their infrastructure development projects for the Highways department of  Guam. This has tremendously brought down the operational cost compared to when they were operating with traditional trucks. They are planning to implement these mini trucks fleet for the city's other projects.

Minitrucks are most suitable for the topography of Guam.

They are very much useful for the advancement in Guam which are done successfully through minitrucks.