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Mini Truck crash

Once I misjudged the distance between my mini truck and the pit I had dug up in my farm and literally crashed my truck into the pit while parking.  Luckily the pit wasn't too deep but my headlights and the front bumper took the toll of the crash.  Has anyone crashed their mini trucks?

It has happened to me during my initial days with my minitruck where I crashed into a car which was parked nearby. Closed space parking needs a lot of patience and tactics.

Fortunately, I have not been involved in any such accidents involving my minitruck Suzuki Carry. It's only because I know the trucks limitations and try to drive within the vehicles capacity and most importantly I am always watchful to avoid any potential accidents. I should say I have been lucky so far. Even though these trucks are perfectly legal in many states, provided following their regulations, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has a pretty serious warning for anyone looking to take these vehicles onto high-traffic areas. It is obvious that these vehicles will not stand crash worthiness tests. So drive carefully for your own safety.