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Mazda Scrum vs Suzuki Every

The Mazda Scrum, also known as the Autozam Scrum, is a cabover minivan that looks similar to the Suzuki Every. The Scrum is a business and passenger vehicle with a spacious interior and a compact external design. It strikes an excellent mix between efficiency and functionality. The front end is more vertical than the previous generation, and the front grille is more contemporary. It also has little ground clearance and all four wheels are pushed to the corner to improve the car's stability at high speeds. A sliding rear door for convenient access to the cargo area and a circular multi-reflector fog light are included on the front bumper.

These vehicles are so efficient that used Mazda Scrum vans are in huge demand in certain south Asian countries.

Mazda Scrum and Suzuki Every are two of the manufacturers best cars that gained lots of reputation not just in the Japanese market but also internationally. The Mazda Scrum is a cabover minivan that shares the same design as the Suzuki Every. The Scrum has a commercial and passenger version that comes with a large interior space with exterior compact design. It offers a good balance in efficiency and utility. The car is stable even at high speeds. The interior gives a modern look with its wide glass area that gives good interior lightning though there’s not enough legroom. Whereas, the Suzuki Every is the passenger van which has already gained good reputation. It is popular and proven worthy when it comes to convenience in carrying various loads or passengers. It has an exterior design for commercial vehicles and a passenger seat that is convenient for carrying various things. Some notable safety features include seatbelts in front and rear, SRS airbags, brake override system, security alarm, and anti-lock braking system with the electronic brake-force distribution.

I actually prefer Suzuki every it has more HP and good torque compared to Mazda scrum and is priced lower compared to Mazda. So for me, Suzuki looks like a better option compared to Mazda Scrum.

Mazda Scrum is a less expensive vehicle compared to Suzuki Every, The Scrum offers a best mileage of 19 km/l.

Mazda Scrum is cost efficient than Suzuki Every but Suzuki Every offers wide variants that are attracted by the customers.