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Left hand drive

Does anyone have any links for me to visit that sells left hand drive mini trucks?

Nope, I haven't come across any websites for left hand drive minitrucks.

Mini trucks available in the US are solely sold in accordance with EPA rules which mean that it is for off-road use only, like when you're driving around your ranch, or heading out into the wilderness to hunt. It actually doesn't matter whether you're sitting on the right or left side of your mini truck. One way to feel comfortable more quickly in a driver's seat on the right is to get a non-manual model. Then all you need to focus on is starting, stopping, and steering. For your information, LHD conversion parts are available in Philippines and maybe China. Phillipines does export some of the converted left hand drive minitrucks to the US. Workmanship is very poor and it is better to stay away from them. You can also find new and used LHD minitrucks in Alibaba site, if you still plan to go ahead with purchase.