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Is Honda Acty Street Legal In California?

Having done my research of the mini trucks and fell in love with Honda Acty, I am wondering whether this amazing Japanese kei truck is street legal in California. Are there any restrictions to its use or can someone just use the vehicle like any other vehicle on the road?

Honda Acty is one of the most popular kei trucks one can ever come across. The performance, reliability and dependability that these vehicles have is just incredible. Many people use them for different purposes, whether customized or not. Although people may talk of the differences of the vehicle, the Honda Acty is one of those brands whose vehicles gets improving with every new model.

Every state in the USA have different laws regarding the use of the Kei trucks. That said, California allows the use of Japanese mini trucks with some limitations. In California, you are allowed to use the vehicle in the streets as well as on off-roads. However, you cannot use it on highways. So, in short, you can use the vehicle off the highway without any limitations on the usage and purpose. And this is the case with any mini truck, and not only Honda Acty since they are classified the same.


You cannot use them on the highway but there are no restrictions on their use for off-road purposes.

The California government has made it legal to use mini trucks for off-road driving and on the streets with a strict no to their usage on the highways.

California has no specific laws governing the use of mini trucks on public roads. As such they are usually prohibited to be driven on state roads. But a few states allow limited or incidental use of mini trucks on public highways. Contact Texas public transportation department and find out what those limitations are for your Honda Acty mini truck.

Yes, they are allowed. If your emission levels are below the admitted limits. Otherwise, they would refuse to register your vehicle. California takes emission rates seriously. But if it's well under the norm, then it's perfect to drive and use it on the Californian roads.

Most of the kei trucks are meant to use on off roads and they are not yet legal on highways.