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How to tell the year of your honda acty

Hi there,

I am new here and a proud new owner of a used Honda Acty. Though my challenge and something that I didn't know would come in handy is the model year of the vehicle. Such is important even in getting replacement parts of the vehicle and other things such as diagnosis. How does someone know what year their Honda Acty is? Is there something like a model number or code under something?

You can find the Vehicle Identification Number is located beneath the driver seat.

Check out under your Driver seat! You will find the model number. Thank me later!!

Finding the year of manufacture is quite simple for Honda Acty. You should be able to find a stamping under the seat on the right hand side where the back pocket would be. Typically, it is stamped under the seat, on the flat closest to the door. Also you can tilt the seat mount up to expose the engine compartment and look on the top surface. You might find a plate with some info at the front surface of the rear doorframe of the side door.

Finding your Vin Number is the easiest way to know the year for sure. Or if you have the original documents for the car, it would be printed in it too...

You can find them under the driver's seat. The newer trucks (99 and newer) sometimes have them on the inside where the driver's door latches