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How to add washer fluid to 2000 Subaru Sambar

Where do you find the washer fluid reservoir in a Subaru Sambar mini truck? It is somehow taking more time to figure out some things with a newly acquired vehicle, and in my case it is the washer fluid container that I cannot seem to find. Any guidance and advise will be greatly appreciated on this.

what did you find it yet? it should be under the seat. just flip it make sure to check under.

Yes you will find the washer fluid is under the passenger seat right next to the battery.

On older models of Subaru Sambar, you will find both radiator cap and washer fluid under the passenger seat. Both are under a plastic tray that pulls out. I believe the design is not changed in newer models also.

Check out under your passenger seat, you will find the washer fluid.

The Washer Liquid tank and the lid are placed below the driver seat so that the water doesn't freeze during winter. It's a pretty genius idea and is implemented pretty well.

Refilling your windshield washer fluid is a simple procedure. Open the hood and locate. Windshield washer fluid container will be marked by a light blue or black cap. To refill the reservoir, simply flip the cap open and pour the washer fluid in slowly until it reaches the top. To close it, flip the cap back and push it down until you feel it locked into place. Close the hood and you are done.

This might be too late but yes you should have checked under the passenger seat.