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How to add seatbelts to a honda acty

As we all know, the Japanese mini trucks that are found around are a bit old and mine just happens to be one of those. I have been winding up my head around adding new safety belts and wanted to hear if there is someone here who has ever done it by themselves. Considering that the safety belts in the market are modern.

Most of the old kei trucks were designed with a different mindset as far as safety belts and safety is concerned. I believe when you talk of old, you are talking about 1995 Honda Acty at least. What year is it exactly? In many scenarios some people have to do the 3 point seat belt while others settle for the rear. The truth of the matter is that as simple as it may sound sometimes it becomes a real pain installing these seat belts. Sometimes you may even have to install new seats for them to fit well. But if there is a mechanic around you who deals with kei trucks, then I am sure that they have handled something like this and would be worth checking with them if they have ideas and pointers to approaching this.


Yes some years ago, belts were compulsory in front seats only when driving on the Highway but now it is made compulsory always and also for the rear seat passengers.

Adding seat belts can be tricky and definitely it leads to so much work in our truck. First of all, try if you can do some alternation from our part and then discuss with mechanic expert.

Fitting a 3 point seat belt will definitely be tough. Most vans have the seat belt built right into them. If my car doesn't have it and I need to modify my car to include seat belt, I probably would look out for an expert mechanic who can redesign and modify my seat to accommodate seat belts. Shoulder belt might be an easier option as it is a self contained unit. You can always find a steel bar in the seat to attach to. But before you go through all that trouble, make sure you need to do this alteration.

You can search for the genuine seat belt from the importer websites. Or you just try eBay. If you ask me, I would the help of my local mechanic to install the seat belt feature and these belts have to be reliable in times of emergencies and are better to leave it to the hands of professionals than experiment with them.

It is a tedious job, so better not to waste time on it. You can ask help from mechanic expert and they will do it.