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How is it

Has anyone shopped from How is the overall experience?

Yokohama Motors claims to be the largest supplier of minitruck and minivan parts in the world. They are Japanese Domestic Market Parts Specialist conveniently Located in Yokohama, Japan, specializing in spare parts only. They have in their inventory thousands of parts for all JDM cars and trucks and are an authorized genuine parts dealer. They ship worldwide by EMS, FEDEX, DHL direct from Yokohama, Japan. They have also started selling quality used spare parts of late. Though I have not done any business with them, their reviews are good and seems very reliable.

Yokohoma Motors have been in this business for the past 40 years and are very prompt in their service.  I have ordered spare parts for my Suzuki Carry in the past and have had a good experience with their service.

They have a very fast shipping and I have a excellent experience with them.

Once I sent mail regarding a query about brake parts and their response wasn't proper and they lagged timely response too.