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How do the heater work in honda acty?

I am facing a heat-up problem with my Honda Acty. This is something that happened sometimes after I made some replacement for some parts on the converter. The parts used were some used but in good condition. Anybody else ever experienced this? And got suggestions maybe?

There are a lot of things that could go wrong when you tamper or try to customize some things in the circulating system of a mini truck. I've heard of many people who have made some customization and tweaks to their Honda Acty and end up with heat problems which can sometimes overheat the motor. There are a lot of things that needs to be checked in this case, and if you have someone around like an expert mechanic in Honda Acty it is worth having the look at it.

What year and model is your Acty? There seems to be some problems with newer Honda Acty models of this kind. I read somewhere in a similar scenario where someone ended up installing a pan heater. Don't know how that would work exactly, but if you don't have any other alternative, you could try to be creative along those lines.

Why don't you give a try on installing Pan heater. This might show some change in your vehicle.

You can even try block heaters especially in cold winter areas, they are very much useful and helpful.

I would suggest Oil Pan Heater which is essentially an automotive-grade heating pad that can be placed on the oil pan or a different part of the engine. Typically attached with magnets or bolts, the pad warms up the oil pan and the oil inside. Another simple option is to replace the dipstick with a long heating element that warms up the oil, known as Dipstick Heater. Both are very effective.

Sorry to hear you had probs too. It seems that those heaters work well on some vehicles, but on others, there just doesn't seem to be anything you can do to get them to function properly. I tried everything I could possibly think of, but finally gave up on it and installed a pan heater. Was the best solution, but worked out pretty well.

I first tried out circulating heater and then came up with idea of installing pan heater which was a very good decision taken by me.