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First time mini-truck owner

My name is Kanwal and I am a gear head. This is my first mini-truck (1990 Subaru Sambar SDX - KS3) and is starting to make some progress. Have been using these forums for some references and will continue to do so!

I am thinking of going with a 4G63T swap into the truck, but am open to other options. I believe this option is the best bang for the buck and will give me a reliable truck once done.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members who have contributed so far to this forum. It has been a great source of information and inspiration. I will also try to contribute in whichever way possible as well.

Thanks again!

1990 Subaru Sambar SDX - KS3 is a good work-horse type mini truck. It's very reliable.  4G63T swap into the truck would generate good torque at the wheels it would be very helpful for your truck when it's carrying heavy loads or when it climbs uphill. It's a good option to power up your truck.

It seems to be a good idea and it will definitely will be useful and helpful in the coming years.

4G63T swap into the truck will be a great advantage especially during uphill climbing.

There won't be room for an inline engine onto a Subaru drivetrain. Four inline cylinders is going to be a lot longer than two in boxer layout. If you do manage to overcome this, then again you would need to change the transmission and countless other things too. Sure 4G63T is a beast, but I don't think it's worth the trouble on a Subaru!