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Crazy buy

Which one do you have now and what would you buy next? Craze for kei trucks never ends!

I am a Proud owner of Daihatsu Hijet. I like it mainly because it has ample space for legroom and head. Importantly, accommodating two people is not at all a problem. My vehicle is fully outfitted with good quality leather seats. The seats are pretty comfortable especially while traveling for a long distance journey. I do not plan to change my vehicle in near future as my Hijet has by far exceeded my expectations.

I own a Suzuki Carry and I am very pleased with its performance.  The Super Carry provides us with a powerful engine packed with 4 cylinders for a stronger stride ahead.  It has five speed transmissions and it offers superior mileage.  The big and stable deck gives a better loading capacity and stability. With added safety features and more comfort given, even longer journeys do not seem tiresome.  Hence, I will not be looking beyond my Suzuki Carry to buy another truck.