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Clearance Sale

I was wondering if  can get tires or any parts that are up for clearance sale?

You can grab the clearance sale offers at the end of the year and it will be worth.

I am not exactly sure about availability of tires on clearance sale. But I am very sure that you will get good deals as per your requirement in eBay, which can be trusted. It's also advisable to invest and procure quality spares, especially tires even if it costs a bit more for safety reasons, obviously.

I see a lot of clearance sale in e-commerce sites and it is worth too.

Clearance sale occurs atleast twice a year in latest huge websites and the offer and discounts are pretty good.

Clearance sales are regularly advertised mainly by online stores. You could find such sales whenever any new models are introduced. Tires, I would advise to be purchased from either online or spare part shop rather than wait for clearance sale. I don't trust the products they sell on clearance.