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Checklist before buying a minitruck

Reliability - The truck’s reliability will depend on how the previous users maintained it. Examine every part and detail of the vehicle to ensure that the truck is in good condition. Take the help of a mechanic for this. Performance - Speed and mileage is important factor to check the performance, depending on whether the mini truck is new or used. Do test drive at different speeds to check its condition. Cost - Price is not the only problem when it comes to buying a used mini truck. You also need to factor in maintenance costs. This will help you budget accordingly and get the most value. Maintenance and Repair - Check for spare parts’ availability as well as how easy maintenance or repair would be. Maintenance of Japanese mini trucks is easy and affordable and spare parts are readily available. Street legal - Some states have different street restrictions for these class of vehicles. It would be a wise thing to know about the restrictions and laws of your state beforehand.