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Carbeurator flooding

The carburetor is flooding on my mini truck. May be I will soon needs some brake pads. What action can I immediately take until I wait for my local mechanic.

Mechanic will rather do a carb adjustment for you.

In all probability, the needle valve which the float is supposed to close and stop fuel flow isn’t stopping the fuel flow into the bowl. This could be due a cracked float or there maybe some kind of debris in the needle and seat assembly which is preventing it from sealing. It can also be due to very high fuel pressure at the carburetor inlet. The ideal pressure should be about 2.5 psi. In this case, the problem could lie in your mechanical fuel pump, where the fuel return line from your fuel pump to the tank could be plugged or crimped. This could result in too much fuel pressure. The fuel pumps normally have internal relief valves which limits the discharge pressure. On the modern ones, the relief valve feeds to the return line, and back to the tank. If the return line is plugged the pump will over pressurize the carburetor.