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Can you drive a Subaru Sambar on the roads in the USA?

Are there guys here who are fans of the Subaru Sambar? They are one of the best Japanese mini trucks and have been used for many decades. If so, what are the conditions or regulations that one has to adhere to for them to run and use the vehicles in the US? Are Subaru Sambar street legal in the US?

Congress had passed laws over the past decade or so that regulate mini truck imports with respect to DOT and EPA compliance. Mini trucks that are 21 years or older are exempt from EPA restrictions, and those older than 25 years are exempt from DOT regulations. Most states do not have any specific laws governing the use of mini trucks on public roads and is prohibited on state roads. But these states do allow limited or incidental use of mini trucks on public highways. It is better to contact the state public transportation department and find out what those limitations are for your mini truck.

Subaru Sambar are widely used on farms and unpaved roads. They are legal as off-road vehicles on almost 50 states of US.

The first and foremost thing most of the states look after is the emission levels. If your Subura Samar's emission level is below the prescribed levels, then there won't be any problems. You can operate them at your site and in your local neighborhood.

Roads of USA especially the State roads and highways are out of bound for Minitrucks like Subaru Sambar as they do not have any specific laws governing the use of mini trucks on public roads. Some states do allow subject to their conditions, the details of which can be had from the state public transportation department.

They are widely used on farms, unpaved roads and private properties and they almost legal in 50 states of  US.

Mini trucks are legal as off-road vehicles in most of the states of US. But yet yeah they have restrictions on highways.