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Are Subaru Sambars street legal in Washington and Montana?

The Japanese mini trucks fascinate me, and I have seen quite a few of them though not within the state. So, I just want to ask if these mini trucks are street legal in either the State of Washington or in Montana.

Montana and Washington have no specific laws governing the use of mini trucks on public roads. As such they are usually prohibited to be driven on state roads. But, Mini trucks that are 21 years or older are exempt from EPA restrictions, and those older than 25 years are exempt from DOT regulations. Newer model mini trucks are generally allowed subject to meeting the speed allowances of state’s specific regulations. Hence It is better to contact the state public transportation department and find out what those limitations are for your mini truck.

The California government has made it legal to use mini trucks for off-road driving and on the streets with a strict no to their usage on the highways. Whereas permission from the body of the local ordinance is necessary for using a mini truck in Montana.

You can ride them on the streets of Montana and Washington, provided our Subaru Sambar qualifies for the emission tests and safety test is conducted by the State's transportation department.

Washington and Montana state has no state law regarding Subaru Sambar mini trucks and hence they are forbidden on state roads. Minitrucks which are at least 25 years old are exempted from these laws provided speed limitations and other requirements are met.

It is legal to use mini trucks for off-road driving and on the streets of California with a strict no to their usage on the highways but they are still illegal in Monatana.

California Government has made it legal for minitrucks for off roading purpose whereas the same is restricted on highways. As already mentioned in other topics, use of minitrucks are strictly prohibited on the streets of Montana.