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Are honda acty kei trucks reliable?

While doing some research on the right Japanese mini truck to go for, I was fascinated by the Honda Acty. I know the quality Honda comes with, but wanted to know certainly how getting a 1998 Honda Acty would be. Are they that reliable and can I count on them to deliver?

Honda makes their vehicles based on a visionary principle and has been around for many years, something that has seen then win a competitive edge in the Japanese mini truck class. The Honda Acty which is short for Activity is a mini truck that is well designed and has been undergoing different upgrades and performance improvements over the years. There is little doubt that you will be disappointed with Honda Acty and I am sure that most people who have used it here can attest to that.

It is pretty much the same as any other Japanese mini truck and can be used for different purposes. Some people also love to customize these vehicles to suit their daily needs and uses. That said, you cannot be surprised to find a Honda Acty customized with a snow plow or for any other kind of custom function. All in all, Honda Acty in general are very reliable and dependable.

It is totally fun. The controls are all pretty simple, the ride and comfort are good enough. It's locking rear is differential, an ultra-low forward gear and an ultra-low reverse gear which is pretty much different from other vehicles. The bed is actually pretty big, the sides of the bed fold down for easy loading or unloading. The engine is nestled underneath the bed, which makes this a mid-engine truck. The Acty is cheap to buy, cheap to insure and it can’t possibly be expensive to run.

Honda Acty rolled out their first trucks in 1977 and they have a long history of producing one of the best vehicles in this mini truck segment.  So you can very well envisage their quality and reliability.

The Acty is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive / four-wheel drive layout where the engine is behind the cabin under the bed of the truck. It is a practical, economical, reliable, and durable vehicle that can be used for various purposes such as transporting goods, farming, fishing, construction, mining, commercial,  and industrial use.

Honda designed the Acty to be a tough and dependable vehicle that can be had at a very affordable price. It meant that a lot of the luxury options commonly found in other vehicles were left out. Some of the options you could spec the Acty with were power steering and A/C, all of which would come standard in regular passenger vehicles. Common issues frequently reported are weak timing belt, broken radiator overflow tank, and electrical issues.

The Honda Acty came with many customizable options which were very popular in that day. As the buyers can customize them to meet their business requirements.  It's very reliable, they are still in demand after so many years. It's popular among many companies. It has a good gear ratio that generates good power and traction at the wheel while operating at full load capacity.

You have many options in kei trucks. So if you ask about reliability, yes all kei trucks are reliable in their own way. Many use for different purposes and they yet useful and successful.