Changing the Fuel Pump of a Mitsubishi Minicab

Mitsubishi Minicab is small vehicle in the class of mini trucks. Being small in size might make one undermine its performance. But wait, this tiny beast can work the whole day and night without showing any sign of fatigue. Besides having the might to work, the Mitsubishi minicab has significantly fewer demands. It only requires regular servicing and fuel. However, occasionally this vehicle might experience severe mechanical issues that, if not addressed, might result in significant problems. One of the parts which require agent check-up when having problems is the fuel pump. That is why we have dedicated this guide to changing the fuel pump of a Mitsubishi Minicab.

Th Role Of a Fuel Pump

The fuel pump plays the role of facilitating the movement of fuel from the tank to the fuel injectors. It generates the pressure required for fuel movement because the fuel tank is slightly far from the engine and aligned on the same level. Fuel requires pressure to facilitate its movement. 

The fuel injectors do the role of spraying fuel into the cylinders where it mixes with oxygen and burns. The combustion is what produces energy for the movement of your mini truck. The fuel pump must be in good condition for the Mitsubishi minicab to operate smoothly.

Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

You are likely to feel it when your fuel pump starts to become faulty. Your Mitsubishi Minicab will start becoming weird when driving, and you will likely experience the following.

  • Your mini truck will produce little energy whenever you accelerate when loaded or going up the hill.
  • Starting your minitruck will be hard to start if you ignite.
  • You will hear noise coming from the fuel tank.

Changing Fuel Pump Of a Mitsubishi Minicab

Keep safe. Fuel is highly flammable! Ensure you have a fire extinguisher and perform this procedure far away from fire. Put on glasses and gloves.

Locate the position of the fuel tank in your mini truck. Lift your it so that you can easily access the fuel tank. After lifting, drain the fuel from the tank in a clean container to avoid fuel contamination.

The clumps on the fill lines firmly hold the fuel tank. Remove these clumps together with the fill lines. While doing this, support the tank so that it does not fall. Gently lower the fuel tank.

After lowering your tank, there are wires and fuel tubes on the upper part. Remove these wires and fuel tubes. Clean the upper part of the tank to remove any impurity that might get into the tank and contaminate fuel. Cleaning will also make the pump retaining ring visible. 

Once you can see the pump retaining ring, detach it. Carefully extract the fuel pump together with all its components. Ensure none of the components gets destroyed because some might be needed when installing the new fuel pump.

Fix the new fuel pump and fix back your tank. Once the tank is in place, put back the fuel and ignite your minitruck. Let the engine run as you inspect any leakage.


Give Mitsubishi Minicab an extended lifespan by regular fuel pump check. Fixing fuel pump issues will save your engine from severe damages that might result from a bad fuel pump.

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