Challenges To Expect When Owning A Mini Truck

Owning a mini truck could be a dream for many people. If you are a big fan of trucks and have been watching the auto industry especially the Japanese, then mini truck shouldn’t sound new to you. These vehicles have stood the test of time and there is a surging popularity with them. Their existence dates back to the 1950s, although there has been significant changes to the body structure and other things. This is the same case for many other vehicles in the market though. Japanese mini trucks have however stayed true to their purpose of creating compact and small vehicles. This is all meant to squeeze out economic efficacy while still making a vehicle that is very dependable.

However, every vehicle needs regular maintenance and repairs. This is because with every mile covered, there is always the fact that something wears out. But that is not all. Below, we look at some of the challenges one can expect when owning a mini truck.

Challenges To Expect When Owning A Mini Truck

Below are challenges and what to expect when you own or at least plan on owning a mini truck.


One of the things that many people have reportedly become aware of is that there is a high chances of experiencing rust with the Japanese kei trucks. We have to consider the fact that most of these vehicles are imported to the US from Japan and they are at least 25 years old. This fact alone tells you that despite good performance expectation, it is an old vehicle. It is not going to be crispy clean unless it has recently undergone some paintwork. Rust can be a bad thing as it tends to corrode and start eating up the body of the vehicle. So, as you get the vehicle, keep it clean and have it painted once in a while.

Don’t Expect A Lot of Speed

Another thing that one might over-expect from the Japanese mini tuck is speed. This is not a fast car. IT is nothing close to that. When you are buying a Japanese mini truck, you need to understand that this is a small sized vehicle with a smaller engine capacity and a vehicle that will come in handy with basic usage(light to medium sized jobs). You can expect the vehicle to reach up to 80 miles per hour, but most will be at the range of 75 miles per hour top speed.

Limited Tire Supply

The tire sizes of the Japanese mini trucks is a bit strange and sometimes rare to find depending on where you are. Some people have considered changing the tire to a size that is more common and easy to find. Should this end up being the case you find it, then perhaps it helps.

Final Word

Japanese mini trucks stand out. They are dependable vehicles that delivers on its advertised purposes. Shared above are some of the challenges you can expect from these vehicles.

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