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Anyone who has been around the auto industry and particularly watchful of Japanese autos knows that Suzuki is among the biggest names across the globe. Their wide range of vehicles and models have stood the test of time. Among some of their specialty is the manufacturing of mini trucks. Mini trucks resemble pick up trucks […]

Are you taking into consideration getting yourself a 4X4 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck? The Suzuki Carry has been some of the first-rate kei trucks that you may discover these days. they may be loved for their excessive overall performance and reliability, not to say its affordability. it’s miles a vehicle that has been acquired properly […]

Are you thinking of importing a vehicle from Japan? Well, you must have heard all the reputation that the Japanese vehicles have. And just before you conclude that it is just hype, then you have to remember that Japan sells more vehicles than any other country in the world, which simply means that they are […]

In a world where the cost of acquiring a vehicle only goes in one direction (up), people have been forced to find convenient second hand options. And this applies to every vehicle market. From lorries, trucks to the Japanese mini trucks. However, for those of us who are still new to the import-export world, then […]

Anyone who has been watchful of the auto industry must have heard of Kei mini trucks. And for anyone who is still new and doesn’t have any idea what the term means, then it simply refers to the mini trucks that are made by Japanese auto companies. The use of Kei mini trucks have become […]

Ever found yourself needing to carry abnormally sized cargo from one place to the other? Most folks who find themselves in such an instance always give a consideration to pick ups, lorries and other similar trucks or by simply hiring a trucking service. However, there are several options that one can opt to use and […]

If you are an avid car lover and more specifically into trucks and pick ups, then you must have heard a thing or two about Japanese mini trucks. The Japanese mini truck is a native of Japan and they are manufactured by some of the leading industry car makers such as Subaru, Daihatsu, Mazda and […]

Most of us love using second hand vehicles, mostly sourced from Japan. And there are countless number of reasons why one would ant that. There are also many types of vehicles that one can get from Japan. From mini trucks to pick up trucks and saloons, you can have it all. In this comprehensive guide, […]

Japanese mini trucks have become the talk of the town these days. These vehicles which are of course originating from Japan are among the most sold vehicle units. Considering that they have been in development for many decades, it is enough evidence that they are very useful and dependable. So, should you get yourself one […]

Anyone who has been in the auto industry long enough knows a thing or two about Japanese mini trucks. They have a good reputation on the roads across the globe and they are also known as Kei trucks locally in Japan. They are amazing in every way that one can think of and you can […]