Fuel Pump Issues for Daihatsu Hijet

When it comes to the lightweight truck class of vehicles, then the Japanese mini trucks are among the top. They are also known as kei trucks and are loved by many users in different fields. These vehicles, despite being compact and significantly smaller than pick up trucks have shown tremendous performance and dependability. Besides that, they are affordable and also very cost efficient. If you need a vehicle that will cost you less to run, then the Daihatsu Hijet and other mini trucks fit the bill. However, every vehicle, regardless of how good it is has some issues. In this guide, we will look into fuel pump issues for Daihatsu Hijet mini truck.

Common Fuel Pump Issues for Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck

There are 3 known issues that could occur in Daihatsu Hijet or the mini truck class in general. Below, we discuss each of the three issues that the Daihatsu Hijet has.

Fuel Flow Problems

It happens that at times, there is a problem with the fuel not flowing properly in the pump. At this point, you start the vehicle as normal and have it running for some minutes and then the vehicle engine stops. This could happen when the vehicle is idling or when you are driving. Assuming that you are in the middle of making a delivery and 30 minutes in, the engine goes off. The vehicle can then be started after some minutes without a problem only for it to switch off minutes later again.

This problem is usually caused by a faulty fuel pump and it is time you consider making a replacement. Alternatively, have a mechanic look into it.

Fuel Pump Relay

The way a fuel pump functions is crucial to understanding what a  fuel pump relay is. Every vehicle that has a combustion engine obviously has a fuel pump. But that fuel pump is also operated and controlled electronically using a component known as a fuel pump relay. Usually, they are found under the hood in the fuse box of engine bay. When this component is faulty, then the fuel pump will not function as expected.

Fuel Pump Faulty Wiring

For some people, the fuel pump isn’t connected with any kind of wiring. But that is wrong. There are some wiring involved. Considering that there is a fuel pump relay in place, some wiring is necessary. When this wiring issue is there, then even replacing the relay will not solve it. So, be sure that the wiring is not faulty and everything that connects to the relay and the power source is working well as they should. Otherwise, you could find yourself wasting time on something that is not there.


Daihatsu Hijet is one of the best Kei trucks in the lightweight trucks class. Their potential to deliver is incredible and that is why they are very popular. They can be used for pretty much any job one can think of.

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Deals On Japanese Mini Trucks

How do I get good deals on Japanese mini trucks on sale? Well, there are multiple options out there which you can use to get these mini trucks. These vehicles have dominated the lightweight truck industry despite being very small in both engine and physical size. Still many people find good value in them. There are many things and reasons as to why one would want to get a Japanese mini truck. Another thing that one would realize mostly in the United states is that the mini trucks in use are all used and at least 25 years of age. This is because of the laws on the use of these light trucks.

How Good Are Japanese mini Trucks

Before going any further into finding good deals on Japanese mini trucks, how good are they really? Are they as good as they are hyped? Well, Japanese mini trucks have been around for over 70 years. Their production and use was mainly in Japan back then. They became very crucial in building the nation as they were affordable and easy to maneuver anywhere. It is this maneuverability hat gives them better advantage over others even in today’s world.

In terms of performance and capability, these vehicles have demonstrated excellence. One would be forgiven to think that a vehicle with such a small engine wouldn’t show good performance. But it does so perfectly.

How To Get Deals On Japanese Mini Trucks

Having known how good these mini trucks are, how does one get a good deal on them? Well, below are some of the two best ways that you can find the vehicles on a bargain.


We all know how auctions are and how cheap things can get. Well, if you happen to be in a mini truck auction, then you can rest assured that you will get a  good deal on the kei truck. Though rare, there are mini truck auctions that one could dive into. You may also opt to regularly check websites and platforms like eBay which have online auctions. These are much more common and the fact that you can do it at the comfort of your home is even better.

Import Mini Trucks

Another even greater way that you can be rest assured of deals on Japanese mini trucks is by considering the import option. Importing the mini truck is something that many people are realizing its true value. This is because, you stand to get a vehicle that is in perfect condition. The fact that there are many out there to choose from makes the whole thing perfect. Importing the vehicle isn’t as hard as it used to be decades ago. Today you can do everything at the comfort of your home.


Japanese mini trucks are great vehicles that love up to the hype. They can be used for pretty much anything that one can think of. From farm use to the construction business, they are great.

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Choosing The Right Japanese Mini Truck Engine To Swap

Japanese mini trucks have always demonstrated good performance and reliability. Their engineering and good craftsmanship dates back to the 1950s and has since been improving with every new model. They are no longer only loved in Japan, but across the globe. These vehicles live up to its promise. And despite being small and compact as compared to other vehicles like pick up trucks, these vehicles are very cost effective. But like any other vehicle, there comes a time that they start wearing out. Some parts could use some upgrades and among these parts is the engine. Making an engine swap is common with vehicles and this gives them new life. So, if you intend to get more power and torque, you should consider an engine swap. In this guide, we will delve into ways of choosing Japanese mini truck engine.

Choosing The Right Japanese Mini Truck Engine To Swap

Below are some of the things that one should be looking out for when they are choosing the right Japanese mini truck engine for their swap.

Size of Engine

What is the size of the engine that you are getting? Will it fit well under the hood? If the engine fails to fit under the hood properly, then you could face issues with some parts not fitting well in the right place. Take for instance the crankshaft not fitting well. It could be a total disaster. As such, you need to make sure that it is well sized before you buy the engine. Do your research before investing in a new engine. Sometimes it is also worth knowing whether there are other successful swaps using that particular engine.

Weight Of The Engine

Weight of the engine that a person decides to use in their engine swap is crucial. Many people ignore this fact only to be faced with problems when they have already finished. Why is weight a crucial factor? It is a factor because it affects the stability and balance of the vehicle. IF for instance you use an engine that is of different weight as the one that came with the vehicle, you could have issues balancing the vehicle uphill. So, it is crucial that you make sure that you have the right weight that is as close as possible to the one that was there.

Have a Realistic Budget

One of the most important things that one shouldn’t forget is to make sure that they have a good budget in mind. Without a good budget in place, then you could easily fail because you could stumble upon things you didn’t expect. You need to not only factor in the costs of the engine but also the labor costs as well as the cost of customizing parts.


Kei trucks have always stood the test of time. Their performance and reliability is on another level. Shared above are ways to make an engine swap without much hassles.

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Mini Trucks For Sale in Michigan

Japanese mini trucks have become popular in recent times and the trend seems to be rising. Among some of the things that makes the kei trucks stand out includes the affordability, incredible performance and general cost effectiveness they have. Many people have compared these small vehicles to having a pick up truck. Considering their small and compact nature, they really can achieve more than expected. This simply explains their increase in popularity. They were first meant to be used in the Japanese market. But with the high quality service and capability it has become a favorite to many people in different countries. In this guide, we will go through the process of finding mini trucks for sale in Michigan.

Finding Mini Trucks For Sale in Michigan

Shared below are some of the pointers and places where you can find Japanese mini trucks for sale in Michigan state. It can also apply to finding a vehicle in any other place.

Local Car Dealerships

The first place that you should consider when you want to buy a  vehicle in this case the mini truck is the local car dealership. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to just stop by the local dealership. However, with the rarity that the mini trucks are, you may have to visit a couple of yards before you find the right vehicle. And one thing that one should keep in their mind is that they shouldn’t just pick the first one that come along. This is because you could get a better deal and a better mini truck when you shop around and compare. So, visit as many used car dealerships around you as you can. Cross the state if you have to.

Online Classifieds

Classified might sound like long forgotten platforms, but rest assured they are alive and very functional. Some of the leading platforms in the classifieds world includes the likes of Craigslist. And they rank among the most visited sites. That clearly shows how people still rely on them. You can easily find a mini truck on sale and have it delivered to you. However, you shouldn’t send the money before you have seen and physically seen the vehicle. This is to avoid the rising fraud trends.

Import The Mini Truck

When every other approach to find the mini truck fails, there is one that cannot fail. And that is the import option. You can seamlessly import a mini tuck without much hassles. With today’s technology and the rising use of internet, everything from negotiating to transacting is possible. You can shop online through the comfort of your couch and wait a couple of weeks to have the vehicle delivered.


Japanese mini trucks stand out and have become popular for their cost effectiveness. Buying one can sometimes be a challenge. Shared above are some of the things you should consider when looking for one.

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Pros and Cons of Japanese Mini Trucks

With the rising costs of vehicles, many people are turning to more economical vehicles. The Japanese mini truck stands out in those terms when it comes to lightweight truck class. These vehicles were first introduced and intended to be used in Japan. But their performance was so good that it received a lot of demand from users across other countries. This is why you can find these kei trucks in different countries across the globe. In this guide, we will go through some pros and cons of Japanese mini trucks. This should help people out there to understand the importance of these vehicles and why they are loved by many people.

Pros and Cons of Japanese Mini Trucks

Below are some of the pros and cons of Japanese mini trucks which should help you better understand them.

Good Fuel Economy

Fuel economy in a vehicle is very important. Unless you do not mind vehicles that guzzle up a lot of fuel, you should get a vehicle that consumes less fuel. When it comes to fuel economy, then there are few vehicles that will bet the Japanese mini truck in their class. Their engines are on average 660cc which simply means that they need less fuel to run. So, if you had your doubts about the fuel economy of these vehicles then you can rest assured they will be great.

Great Performance

Performance is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for vehicles out there. Without good performance, then you would rather be without that vehicle. The good thing with Japanese mini trucks is that they come with a proven track record. They have been around long enough and everyone who has owned them has something good to complement. That said, it is a good vehicle in terms of performance.

Affordable To Buy

Want a vehicle that you can get cheaply? Well, you have a chance with the Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles offer good value for their price tag. Most if the Japanese mini trucks sold in the US, Canada and other countries are usually secondhand. This means that the price is significantly even lower. And with that understanding, you can always count on these mini trucks.

Low Maintenance & Repair Costs

Japanese mini trucks are also good when it comes to maintenance. They do not demand so much and their spares are always readily available and affordable. This makes them adorable by many people who need vehicles that are easy to maintain. This shouldn’t make you abandon routine maintenance though. For the best results, be sure to take care of the kei truck.


Shared in this guide are some of the pros and cons of Japanese mini trucks. The vehicles are popular all over for these top pros.

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Mini Trucks With Snow Plows

Anyone who has always been watchful on the auto industry in general at least knows a thing or two about the Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles are considerably smaller as compared to other vehicles. They are so compact that it is sure to raise attention from anybody who sees it. Besides that, they are very lovable and are popular away from Japan where they were first introduced. So, what makes them so popular? These vehicle are useful in many ways and besides that they are very cost effective. In this guide, we will look into mini trucks with snow plows and whether they are effective when used as such.

Mini Trucks With Snow Plows

Anyone who lives where it snows often usually has to face the challenge of clearing snow. Sometimes it is really hard to do it if you do not have a backhoe loader or a bulldozer. But among some of the rising trends is where people use mini trucks with plows mounted on them. They have shown excellent performance and usability in such situations.

It makes the work easier and the fact that these mini truck are affordable to acquire is even better. This makes it one of the best option for many people. And this further explains why they are becoming a common site where the weather is snowy. They are also useful in other areas like hauling. So, you are sure to get good value for the money.

Where To Get A Mini Truck With Snow Plow

Now that we have seen how a mini truck with snow plow is crucial, how does one get their hands on one of these kei trucks? Well, if you look around shopping for a mini truck which has a snow plow, then you are not going to find any out there. That is because there is none that has been made with such a plow. The mini trucks that have a snow plow are custom made and custom fitted with them.

That simply means that you have to customize yours. Or at least have an expert welder to help you do that. First, you need to realize the cost which includes buying all the necessary parts. Some of the parts that one would need includes a hydraulic lifting system and the tough and durable metallic material (preferably steel). They you can confidently start the project. It is important to involve an expert in the whole process because it is a complex project.

Other than that, a mini truck with a snow plough would make a good vehicle to clear snow from your driveway or elsewhere.


Japanese mini trucks with snow plow is becoming a common site in areas where it is snowy. They have proven to be useful in clearing snow with ease.

They offer a good cost effective approach to clearing now from the driveway. You can check out some of the best Japanese mini trucks on sale through our listing page. We can help you with the shipment process.

Mini Trucks In Minnesota

Japanese mini trucks are amazing vehicles to say the least. They have been around for many decades and have always demonstrated good performance all along. They were first in use in Japan in a different industries, but with their unmatched performance and cost effectiveness, they have become popular across the globe. It is also worth noting that there are many models of these mini trucks and one can always choose the one they will need depending on the job they intend to do. For instance dump bed mini trucks does most of the handy man’s tasks while a caravan mini truck would make a good small recreational vehicle. In this guide, we will be focusing on mini trucks in Minnesota and how to get one.

Buying Mini Trucks In Minnesota

If you are looking to buy mini trucks in Minnesota, then the guide below will help you in your quest.

Shop Local Dealerships

Sometimes the place near you could be the best place where you find that mini truck that you have always wanted. So, depending on where you are, just walk into a car dealership yard near you. You can visit as many as you can so that you can increase your chances of finding he mini truck. This is because they are not very popular. And don’t just jump into the first one that you come across. Shop around and compare the options you get.

Check Online Bazaars & Classifieds

Another place where you can get a  Japanese mini truck to buy is over the internet. The internet has made a lot of offline things possible and much simpler in many ways. For instance, you can visit classified websites like Craigslist and Angie’s List are a place where many people like to sell their stuff. This makes it a good place for you as a vehicle seeker. Contrary to what many people believe that online classified are dead and outdated, they are alive and very useful.

Import The Mini Truck

If the options above tends to not get you the desired mini truck that you need, then perhaps you could consider importing it yourself from Japan. And importing a mini truck or any other vehicle isn’t as hard as many other people think. With the use of the internet, many things have become possible. This guarantees you to seamlessly shop on the internet and find the desired vehicle that you want. Even transactions are done over the internet making it simple to do. The big advantage that one gets by buying the vehicle from Japan is that there are many to choose from.


Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time. There is no doubt that these vehicles can give you the best service that you expect from them. Shared above are some of the best ways that one can find these mini trucks.

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Daihatsu Hijet Key Blank

Daihatsu Hijet is one of the most popular Japanese mini trucks that one can find in the market today. It stands out from the rest and is soaring in terms of popularity. It was intended to be used in the Japanese market, but has become very popular and is now been sold across the US among other countries. Maintaining and taking good care of it is however the best way that one can get good service from the vehicle. There are many things that could go wrong if you do not take care of the mini truck. Among some of the forgotten things that catches people unawares is the Daihatsu Hijet key blank pieces. Sometimes there is need to have a good key but its hard finding them. In this guide, we will go through how you can tackle this problem with ease.

How The Ignition System Works

Every vehicle needs an ignition system. Without an ignition system, the vehicle cannot start its engine and you cannot move. So, what exactly doe the vehicle’s ignition system have? Below we focus on how the ignition system works in a vehicle. The modern vehicles with automated switches works a little different. Every vehicle has its own unique key but it is worth mentioning that models in many vehicles will often work interchangeably. For instance an ignition key of one Daihatsu Hijet would work on another similar vehicle. But it cannot work on a vehicle like Honda Acty.

Basically, a vehicle’s ignition key has the purpose of connecting the necessary cables and wires to turn it on. It is more of a button that turns on the vehicle, and this is more practical and easy to understand in modern vehicles. With modern vehicles you can press a switch and turn on the vehicle explaining how it works.

What is a Key Blank?

A key blank is a term that is used to describe a key that has not been cut according to the different biting. It basically comes without any cutting so that it is general and can be customized to suit different purposes. There are many key blanks that one can come across and it is important especially when you cannot find a replica of the original. You will however need to make sure that the customization as far as biting are created to match the one been replaced.

For instance if you are looking for a Daihatsu Hijet key blank, you should ensure that the key biting is the same as the old one. This is the best way that you can be sure the key will work for the ignition of the mini truck. Otherwise, you will find yourself with a key that doesn’t work.


Japanese mini trucks have always stood the test of time. And Daihatsu Hijet is one of those vehicles which you will love. Shared above are some details on its blank key.

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Lowered Japanese Truck- All You Need To Know

Japan is well known in the auto world. They are arguably the leading producer of vehicles across the globe. But that didn’t just happen randomly. They have a rich history which dates back almost a century. And their commitment to produce great vehicles has seen them rise above many in the industry. Among the most coveted vehicles in their catalogue is their trucks. There are normal pick up trucks and then there are other smaller and more compact Japanese mini trucks. Whichever option matches your taste in these trucks, they are sure to impress. Vehicle enthusiasts out there though are known to modify their vehicles by lowering them. We have all seen this trend. It is a common sight to see lowered Japanese truck, whether in form of a pick up truck or as a mini truck.

Many people do this for their stylish and desire to have a better looking truck. Some do it to fit into the trend. But overall, they give a vehicle a more unique appearance and, in all honestly, an amazing look. But is there more than just the look? What does lowering the truck have to do with performance? Are there any limitations with this? Let us find out more on this below.

What Are Advantages of Lowered Japanese Truck?

From a scientific angle, a lowered vehicle simply means that the center of gravity is lowered. This means that the vehicle becomes more stable when it is lowered. So, this means that a lowered Japanese mini truck is more stable as compared to a stock version that has a higher ground clearance. This also means that the lowered one will have better maneuverability and especially become better in handling corners. Consequently, one can also lower the chances of a rollover in tight corners under higher speed.

It is also a known fact that lowering the vehicle gives the driver a better driving viewing angle. This is because lowering the vehicle brings the nose up. Other advantages mentioned includes better aerodynamic on the vehicle as well as increased traction.

Are There Downsides of Lowering A Vehicle?

Why aren’t the auto companies lowering the vehicles if they have advantages? It would definitely be possible for them to make vehicles that have lowered center of gravity. But there are some caveats to all this.

Lowering a vehicle means the ground clearance is reduced. The chances of such a vehicle touching the ground are high. So, unless you are going to have the vehicle on paved roads only, you will have trouble going off-road or where there are high bumps. Most trucks are built for off-road so this would beat the purpose if the company makes them with lower ground clearance.


Lowering a truck is a good idea. Besides the better and stylish appearance it gets, the vehicle also achieved better stability. Shared above are some insights on lowering trucks.

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Small 4 Cylinder Turbo Kits For Mini Truck

Are you a big fan of Japanese mini trucks? If so, then it is probably because of the incredible performance that one can get from these vehicles. With their reputation that extends from their low cost of maintenance to their amazing reliability, there is every reason to love Japanese mini trucks. However, there comes a time when you feel you could squeeze in more power from the mini truck. There are multiple ways that one can do to get more power from their mini truck. You could opt to make an engine swap among other things. But one surefire way that you can get immense power is by introducing turbo. Today, it is not uncommon to come across mini trucks that have turbo fitted in them. In this guide, we will go through the idea of using a small 4 cylinder turbo kits for mini truck.

What Does a Turbo Do?

The use of a turbo supercharger in vehicles is becoming a common thing. It is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you get more power on your vehicle. So, what exactly does the turbo do to get the vehicle more power?

A turbo basically allows more air to the engine. This in turn ensures that more fuel is burned and hence releasing more power in an instance. When more fuel is burned, it means that the engine cylinders gets a lot of rapid bangs and then this is all the same with all other cylinders. The end result is having more rotations on the crank shaft and hence more power in the engine.

Should I Get Turbo For My Mini Truck?

There are different models and makes of the turbo superchargers in the market. From those that allow total control and metering to those that have meter precision. So, is a turbo good for the mini truck? The use of turbo in vehicles has proven to be very effective in getting more power. This allows vehicles to move much faster, and in general give the vehicle more power and torque. That said, getting a small 4 cylinder turbo kits for mini truck will definitely come in handy.

It also goes without saying that these turbo superchargers come in different shapes. There are smaller ones and larger ones. You can choose the size depending on the power that you intend to get. Most of the Japanese mini truck owners are usually satisfied with a small turbo which increases the power of their vehicle to sufficient levels.


Are you are looking for a way to increase the horsepower and torque in your vehicle? If so, then the turbo option is definitely worth considering. It has proven track record and gives even the smaller engine vehicles like the mini trucks a chance to become little beasts on the road. In spite the fact that Japanese mini truck are amazing in performance, a turbo will make them even much better.

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Mitsubishi Mighty Mits Cab

Japan has always received a good reputation for their engineering especially in the auto industry. There are lots of vehicles that are made in Japan. With over a dozen companies that have been around fro some decades specializing in making vehicles, they have a vast wealth of experienced in the sector. Among some of the leading automakers includes the Mitsubishi automobile. They have been around for a while and our focus in this guide is their Mitsubishi mighty mits cab. This is basically a mini truck that was popular in the early 1980s and was marketed in Japan and across other countries. In some countries, they are marketed as Mitsubishi mighty mits and in others, they are known as Mitsubishi mighty mits cab.

They are pretty much the same in design, only that in some countries, they are made differently to suit their needs. For instance, those which are marketed in countries like US and Canada are customized with Left-Hand driving configuration.

Are Mitsubishi Mighty Mits Cab Any Good?

The Mitsubishi mighty mits cab are good vehicles overall. They make it up to the list of the top Japanese mini trucks that one can get. Below are some of the perks and reasons why they have received so much love from owners.

Incredible Performance

Performance is everything in a vehicle, and if you happen to have one with poor performance, they you are good without any. A good vehicle should be able to do the tasks that you intend it to do. This Mitsubishi mits offers incredible performance, all thanks to the high level of Japanese engineering. These vehicles rank among the best in the lightweight truck category and this is yet another reason why one should consider getting one.

Capable & Dependable

You want to make sure that the vehicle that you are getting delivers good results. For instance if you are going to be using it in the farm, it has to be able to move with ease and be able to carry whatever you want hauled. One of the advantages that most of these Mitsubishi Mits have is that most have a 4X4 transmission. This means that you can use them off-road and in areas where other normal vehicles would find hard to maneuver.

Low Maintenance

One of the advantages that come with the Mitsubishi Mits is that they are affordable. But that does not end there. These vehicles are also good in terms of maintenance costs. From their excellent fuel economy that lets you drive long while sipping very little fuel to affordable parts, they are amazing to say the least.


Having a good vehicle is very important. It means that you will be able to achieve good results in the long run while also getting your investment’s worth. The Japanese mini truck class have a good reputation in general and Mitsubishi Mits cab is among them. Shared in this guide are some insights on the vehicle.

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Honda Acty intake and exhaust Troubleshooting

Japanese mini trucks have always stood out from the rest. The Japanese mini tucks have been around for many years. They were first introduced to the market in the 1950s and have since picked up and helped many people to handle their daily errands. The modernized ones that are used across the globe today across many different industries. Among the leading kei trucks one can find is Honda Acty. Honda by itself is a reputable brand and their kei truck does not fall short of the reliability and performance standards of the company. In this guide, we will be covering Honda Acty intake and exhaust troubleshooting.

Like any other vehicle out there, the Honda Acty needs some love too and this can be done by giving the vehicle the maintenance it needs. This is meant to improve the vehicle’s performance and get the owner their investment’s worth.

Honda Acty intake and exhaust Troubleshooting

So, what can be dome to get good performance from the Japanese mini truck? Will troubleshooting and improving things on the intake and exhaust system really amp things and make the vehicle more powerful. It will definitely improve things. Shared below are some of the tweaks and fixes that one should consider or the bets results.

Tweaking And Fixing The Air Filter

The car air filter prevents objects, debris and ensures that the vehicle gets good quality air into the engine. But when this clogs up, then the performance of the vehicle reduces. This calls for some replacement. While making the replacement for the Honda Acty air filter, adhere to quality. You need to make sure that the one you are getting is of good quality. There are many knock-offs out there and you do not want to touch. This is simply because they will fall apart in a very short time. So, get only the quality ones and not the cheap flimsy ones.

Check & Change Gasket

The gasket has a crucial role of joining two parts of the engine as well as other components. When a gasket starts to wear out, it can be disastrous. Your vehicle starts to leak oil and all other faults start coming out. So, you need to keep checking that the seals are still intact. And if there is need to change the gasket, go ahead and get a good quality one to replace it with.

Opt for Performance Mufflers

Did you know that the exhaust system in the vehicle has an impact on the performance? Well, if you didn’t then you now know. There are many companies that have dedicated their service and products to perfecting performance by making mufflers. You need to consider getting performance mufflers for the Honda Acty.


Honda Acty is one of the best mini trucks in terms of performance and reliability. Shared above are some of the simple intake and exhaust tweaks to get more performance.

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Safe Hauling Kei Truck In Back of Truck

Kei trucks, popularly known as Japanese mini trucks have always stood out as exceptional vehicles. These vehicles are in high demand. They have come a long way and are usually made by some of the top Japanese automakers. And while they are for the Japanese market, they have also earned great reputation in other countries like the United States and Canada. Many people are seeing great use in these vehicles, especially since they are very cost effective. Due to the different road restrictions, some people have always had problems driving the mini trucks on some roads. In this guide, we will be discussing safe hauling Kei truck in back of truck. Large trucks can carry these mini trucks because they are compact and small.

Can You Safely Haul Kei Truck In Back of Truck?

Sometimes someone wants to move their Japanese mini truck to another destination where they can use for different purposes. However, some rules like for instance those that limits the usage of these vehicles to local roads and not to allow them on interstate highways could limit one’s chances of moving it. Another instance is when you have acquired the mini truck from someone across the country and there is no other way to drive it or move it. In such a situation, you are left wondering many things. Among the options people have successfully used is to haul the kei truck in back of a truck. This is usually a large truck.

Considerations When Hauling At The Back of A Truck

Here are some of the things that one must keep their in mind when they are considering or using a bigger truck to haul their kei truck.

Ample Space

Be sure that the bigger truck is big and roomy enough to carry the mini truck. This means there should be space left on the sides as well as in the front and at the back. This should make the process of on-loading and offloading the Kei truck much easier. It also ensures that there is enough wiggle room.

Strap Firmly

If you are using straps to anchor the kei truck onto the bigger truck, then you have to make sure that the straps or whatever is been used to do it are strong enough. Then make sure that the kei truck is firmly strapped before you start moving.

Legal Factor

It is also important that you ensure that the way the mini truck is being hauled does not break the law in any way. The last thing that you want is to get in trouble with the law.


Hauling a smaller vehicle using a bigger truck is something that is very common. It is therefore possible to carry your Japanese mini truck to another location using this method. You just need to make sure that everything is in place including all the safety measures.

If you are looking for a Japanese mini truck to buy, then you may want to consider checking out some that we have in our listing page.

Isuzu Mini Truck Flooding – How To Deal With It

Japanese mini trucks have always stood the test of time. They are well designed and engineered for performance. Anyone who has owned one of these compact mini trucks will tell you how good and reliable they are. Among some of these incredible vehicles is the Isuzu mini truck. The mini truck is not the most popular out there, but definitely a good option. It is generally excellent and does not have any common or perennial issues. However, even the best always has something that goes wrong at some point. As for this guide, we will be looking into Isuzu mini truck flooding and how to troubleshoot this issue.

What is Engine Flooding

Engine flooding is a known problem with petrol engines. It is not a common problems that can be experienced regularly, but something that happens when a vehicle has been sitting around for a long time. When a vehicle sits around for a long time without been used, then it goes cold. And when started, the fuel enters the engine as usual. But when the vehicle is switched off, it tends to go into a hibernation mode. IT is at this moment that the vehicle fails to start again and is said to have experienced engine flooding.

What really happens at this point is that the engine plugs become wet and are unable to ignite a spark. And without that spark the engine cannot start. It is not a problem experienced in diesel engines because it uses a different mechanism to start.

Troubleshooting Isuzu Mini Truck Flooding

Fixing the engine flooding issue is not that hard. It is just a process that takes a few steps and is not technical at all. The steps below can be used to troubleshoot Isuzu mini truck engine flooding and any other mini truck.

First crank the Isuzu mini truck engine. By this, it means you need to press the accelerator pedal down while starting the vehicle.

Keep doing this process until the engine picks up and starts. It can take sometime to achieve this depending on how flooded the engine is.

Soon as the engine starts, keep it revving for a while. When it is stable, you can let it idle for some time.

You can let the engine idle or you can even opt to drive it as normal. Give it up to an hour running just to clear the engine.

After that, the engine is back to normal and you should switch it off and then start using it as normal.

Clearly it isn’t a difficult process. However, if the vehicle still fails to start after this, then you could be looking at a different case. At this point, you need to consider having an expert mechanic to look at the vehicle.


Engine experiencing flooding happens sometime and this is mostly when the vehicle hasn’t been used for long. Shared above is how to deal with this.

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Shell 15w40 For Suzuki F6a – Choosing Good Oil For Your Mini Truck

Lubrication plays an important role in any vehicle. The fact that there are moving parts and a lot of heat is experienced in a vehicle when the fuel is burned means that there is need to use oil and grease where necessary. The choice of oil and lubrication products is very important and the wrong choice could spell the difference between getting good performance and poor reliability. In short, if you want o get good service from your vehicle, you should make sure you pick the right oil for the vehicle. In this guide, let’s look at Shell Rotella 15w40 for Suzuki F6A engine relation and whether the oil is good enough foe the mini truck.

Are the Shell Rotella 15w40 good enough for the Suzuki f6a engine? Shell has been in the oil industry for ages. Their experienced goes beyond refining oils and they have also been able to come up with the best oil that gives auto owners good performance and reliability. This is to say that their Rotella 15W40 is among the best engine oil that is loved by many drivers and vehicle owners. They are good generally and would be also good for the Japanese mini trucks. But what exactly makes oil good? Howe do you know if you should get certain engine oil? Below are things that one would consider when choosing the right engine oil.

Choosing The Right Engine Oil For Mini Trucks

Here are considerations when you are choosing the right engine oil for your mini truck.

Oil Viscosity

Viscosity simply translates to the flow. Just the way water flows faster than honey, it is said to have less viscosity than the layer. The higher the viscosity, more energy is needed to pump the oil in the engine, You may want to have a good balanced viscosity to get the bets results.

Type Of Oil

There are two main types of oil. Engine oil can either be mineral oil or synthetic. They are self explanatory from their names. Synthetic oils tend to be more reliable as compared to mineral oil. There is also a blend of the two which means you get the best of both oils.


To the surprise of many, oils too are certified for their quality. There are some that do not get certified and those should be avoided because it simply means that they do not meet the quality standards. They could be cheaper but that doesn’t mean you can count on it to give you the best performance.


Vehicles need to be well maintained, and this also applies to Japanese mini trucks like Suzuki Carry. The maintenance also includes changing oil. But how does one know the right oil to go for? Of course not every oil out there is good. Some will not get you the performance that you need. Shared above are some of the pointers into choosing the right engine oil. Shell 15w40 For Suzuki F6a tends to be good according to many mini truck owners.

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Honda Acty Engine Mods – Upgrading Engine Performance

Honda Acty is a Japanese mini truck and among the best selling in that category. The compact mini truck delivers and there is no better word to describe that. However, for consistency in performance and reliability, the vehicle needs to be well maintained regularly. But it also comes a time when the vehicle wears out and the performance significantly reduces. This calls for a good upgrade to the main system. In this guide, we will go through some of the top Honda Acty engine mods and other improvements to upgrade the mini truck. This should help restore or make the vehicle even more powerful.

Honda Acty Engine Mods

Below are some of the top Honda Acty engine mods that you need to consider to make the mini truck more powerful and stronger.

Engine Swap

When the vehicle performance goes low regardless of the kind of good maintenance that you give it, then perhaps the engine has outlived its functioning. At such a time, you should consider switching the engine. It is kind of a length and complex procedure which requires an expert to handle it. However, it is well worth it if done perfectly. This usually restores or gives the vehicle even more power.

It goes without mentioning that engine swap is a process that requires one to be keen on the engine that they are getting. You need o make sure that everything adds up well. Besides that, you need to have the budget actor in mind.

Adding Turbo

Turbo is something that many people have always considered to supercharge and improve the power in their vehicle. We have seen it mostly with other vehicles including pick up trucks and trucks in general. But can one add turbo to their Japanese mini truck too and get a higher performance. You need to first ask yourself if you really need the extra power because it also affects fuel consumption. Besides that it is a bit costly and complex which means it could take some time.

2WD To 4WD Conversion

Away from the engine tweaking and upgrades, you can give the vehicle better in terms of maneuverability. If you have a 2 wheel drive Honda Acty and want to get a 4WD transmission system fitted in it, then you have some procedures to follow. Having a 4 wheel drive transmission means that you have better maneuverability under bad roads and poor terrains.

Switching to a 4 wheel transmission is however a complicated procedure which means changing things including the gear box. It is time consuming and expensive, so be prepared to spend. However, in the end, you will have a more capable vehicle.


Honda Acty is among the top Japanese mini trucks that one would consider getting. They are powerful and dependable. However, some people need extra power and performance. Shared above are some of the tip engine mods and tweaks one could consider.

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Nepo INGA M44 For Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks are incredible vehicles to say the least. They are regarded as one of the best lightweight trucks that one can get. Their popularity in Japan has crossed borders and are now popular across the globe. Having yourself one of these miniature vehicles is really great. They can do pretty much anything that a pick up truck would do. But getting the best put of them means getting the best parts and components for them. One of the most underrated components that is not given so much thought by many people is the car battery. Choosing a good battery can mean a lot. In this guide, we will be more specifically talking of the infamous Nepo INGA M44 as a battery option for Japanese mini trucks.

Nepo INGA might not be the most popular brand in the market for many people, but it surely packs a punch with their batteries. They have been around for a while and most people will find them coming with their used bought mini trucks. But it shouldn’t just be about getting a Nepo Inga m44. There are some good things that one should look for when they are buying a battery for their mini trucks. Of course any battery can work as long as it offers the same voltage. Some people may even use the same as that in their lawn mower and still get good results.

Choosing The Best Battery For Mini Truck

Batteries in the market aren’t all the same as many people tend to think. And with that in mind, we have gathered some of the important things to keep in mind when choosing a good battery.

Size of Battery

Batteries come in different sizes, and one ought to keep in mind the fact that there are some that will fit well and others that will not fit in the battery compartment well. Some are designed to be tall and others long. This should be the first thing to keep in mind.

Maintenance vs Maintenance-Free Battery

Something else that not many people know about is the fact that the battery that they choose to go for will either be maintenance or maintenance free. Most of the vehicle owners prefer to go with maintenance free for the obvious reason that it requires no maintenance. Maintenance here means monitoring the electrolytes functioning in the battery.

Right Power & Voltage

As much as this sounds like a more obvious thing, it is worth mentioning. You have to make sure that the battery you are getting will provide enough power for the mini truck.


Japanese mini trucks are known for their high performance and reliability. But to achieve that, you also need to make sure that you have the right components with it. Among some of those components is choosing a good battery for it. Shared above are some of the things to know pertaining that.

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Remove Engine Of Japanese Mini Truck – Top Considerations

A Japanese mini truck, also called the kei truck is a compact and small sized truck truck used in a number of purposes. These vehicles are very powerful despite been small. Their fuel economy, low cost of running and efficiency are yet some of the other factors that makes these vehicles stand out. They have been compared to the standard pick up trucks in some aspects. This clearly tells you how incredible these vehicles are. However, even the best vehicle is going to need some maintenance and repairs once in a while. And those repairs could range from wheel changing to engine swaps. In this guide, we will delve deep into the process to remove engine of Japanese mini truck. We will go through some of the considerations to do before making the engine swap.

Considerations To Remove Engine Of Japanese Mini Truck

Below are some of the top considerations for anyone that is looking to remove engine of Japanese mini truck .It makes everything easy and gives a clear picture to someone who doesn’t know what to do or expect during an engine swap.

Have a Realistic Budget

Everything is successful when you have a well laid plan in place. The planning process starts with having a realistic budget in mind because money will determine everything from the engine that you are getting to the speed and completion of the project. Here, you need to factor in the cost of acquiring the engine as well as other costs like labor and acquiring some parts if needed. When this is over, then you have done half the work.

Engine Weight

Some people think and simply assume that the engine that they get will simply fit well with the mini truck and that is all they need to know. They forget to ensure that the weight is within the required range. If you get an engine that is heavier than the old one been removed, then you could be calling for trouble. Stability is something that one needs to keep in mind. With an engine that is too heavy or one that is too light as compared to the previous one, stability could be an issue. This could also cause the vehicle to be hard to drive and operate as it was intended in the beginning. Make sure that the weight is close to the one been replaced.

Be Ready For Customizations

When you are doing an engine swap and not replacing the engine with a similar one, then there are some parts that might not fit like a glove. With respect to that, you need to be ready to make customizations. So, ensure there is someone that can help do that if you cannot do it yourself.


Making an engine swap is something that many people tend to consider at one point on time. This usually addresses a lot of engine problems as well as also upgrade the vehicle when needed. Shared above are some of the considerations when doing an engine change.

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Suzuki Carry Ball Joint

Suzuki Carry is without a doubt one of the best Japanese mini trucks one can find. They are very dependable and their high performance elevates the vehicle to be among the best lightweight trucks. Anyone who has owned one of these vehicles is sure to love them. But to get the bets service from a vehicle over a long time, one needs to make sure that they have a good maintenance plan in place. Otherwise, the vehicle will deteriorate and not get you the best results. Among some of the forgotten parts that people do not pay attention to is the ball joints. This is why we are dedicating this guide to Suzuki Carry ball joint replacement. It should help one to easily understand how to replace it among other things.

What is a Ball Joint?

Ball joint is a vehicle component which is part of a car suspension system. This is usually in the front part of the car. The ball joint together with other components like link, bushes and bearings helps the car to smoothly move up and down as well as turn left or right. The ball joint’s functionality resembles that of the human knee in the body. The ball joint is made up of a housing consisting of a stud which rotates together when in operation. In a nutshell, it has a very important role and should be replaced and well maintained to ensure maximum performance of the vehicle’s suspension system.

Driving With A Bad Ball Joint

If your Suzuki Carry starts showing signs of a bad ball joint, then you need to consider checking it. So, how does one know that they have a bad ball joint? Usually in Suzuki Carry, you are likely to start hearing a clunking or rattling noise. Sometimes you could experience some harsh cabin vibrations or a loose wandering steering feeling. Sometimes you could even see uneven wearing of front tires which shows that one ball joint could be faulty and not doing the work perfectly.

You should not drive the vehicle when you realize that you have a bad ball joint. The worst case scenario could be life threatening. This is because the stud could come off from the main housing and cause the vehicle to lose control. It is therefore important to fix the ball joint.

If you have some experienced with mini trucks, then taking care of the Suzuki Carry ball joint won’t be that hard. In general, it is not one of the easiest fixes that you can do. Have it checked and fixed by an expert if you are not certain you can fix it.


Suzuki Carry is one of the best vehicles one can get. Maintaining and making necessary fixes is however crucial and should not be ignored. Shared above are some of the insights including the need to fix a faulty Suzuki Carry ball joint.

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Suzuki 660cc Valve Clearance & Piston Checking

Powered by a powerful 660cc engine, the Suzuki Carry is one of the most reliable lightweight trucks that one can get. There is also a mini van version which runs using the same engine. For many people who are used to bigger engines as in the case of pick up trucks, one is left wondering what they can get or achieve with a vehicle that only runs 660cc. However, facts stand to prove any doubts. The Japanese mini tucks are well engineered to offer incredible performance and get users excellent results. To get this though, one has to make sure that everything is in perfect shape and well maintained. As part of the maintenance routine, we have covered Suzuki 660cc valve clearance in this post.

The way a vehicle’s camshaft functions along with an engine’s high compression ensures maximum power and performance. However, the downside to this fact is that pistons and valves have increased chances of wearing out. This is especially when there is a high RPM which could damage these components when they come close to each other.

Valve Clearance & Piston Checking

The process of checking and adjusting the clearance is pretty much the same with any petrol engine out there. There are two most common methods that one can use to do this. It is recommended to maintain 0.080-inch valve clearance for the inlet and a 0.100-inch for the exhaust valve. The reason for the exhaust getting more allowance is because of the heat expansion experienced.

To measure the piston to valve clearance, you first need to known compressed thickness of the cylinder. This is usually written in the packaging. Go ahead and measure the uncompressed thickness so as to know the correction factor. This is after measuring the valve travel. You can then go ahead and install the pushrods, lifters and the rocker arms and using a crankshaft, adjust to zero on the compression stroke. By doing this, you are ensuring that both sides of the lifters are in line with the cam lobe.

Next, you need to rotate the crankshaft so that it is tilted at 10 degrees before the exhaust stroke TDC.

Next, you need to position the dial indicator on top of the exhaust valve retainer. Then zero dial that indicator. After this, then you can depress the exhaust valve. To ensure that you get the accurate measurement, just subtract the difference of the gasket thickness.

This is the best way to handle this adjustment. It is a bit of a complex process for beginners. It is recommended that an expert handle this, or at least someone who has enough knowledge about adjusting the valve and pistons.


Suzuki Carry and Suzuki mini vans have a good reputation in the auto industry. They are incredible light vehicles that are very dependable in different scenarios. Shared above are some of the easiest ways to adjust their engine valve and piston positions.

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Kei Truck Lowering Kit

Kei trucks are amazing vehicles, and anyone who has owned them will tell you that. There are a lot of things to love with these vehicles and this has made them very popular across the globe. These vehicles are now been compared with the pick up trucks. Some people love them more because of their ability to use less fuel and the fact that they are more efficient. A kei truck can either come as a mini truck or as a minivan. The engine and performance of these may be similar but their body design is obviously meant to be used differently. Many people have however modified these kei trucks to their suitability and liking. Among some of the modifications includes lowering the kei truck. With that, one needs to get a kei truck lowering kit.

You must have come across Japanese mini trucks that have been lowered to get a less ground clearance.

Why Lower The Mini Truck

There are several reasons why one would need to make such a modification to their vehicle. Besides increasing their stability, people are always after the aesthetics and the general appearance of their mini truck as a lowered vehicle. People will often tell you that it is a style that they like. One thing that people need to know about lowering the ground clearance of their vehicle is that there may be some disadvantages to it as well.

When you lower the ground clearance of the vehicle, you are limited on the number of roads that you can access. It is very obvious that the body of the vehicle will be more likely to touch the ground. This depends on how low the vehicle is. Using the vehicle in all terrain roads could be difficult. Imagine a situation where you load the mini truck to full capacity and you are moving in an all weather road or a dirt road where it is not all flat. It will definitely be difficult.

Before you consider getting a kei truck lowering kit, these are the things you need to know and understand.

What Is The Process of Lowering A Kei Truck

The most common and well known process that people use to lower their kei truck is with the use of a Kei truck lowering kit. The lowering kit usually features some components and parts, but most importantly it is the spring that is smaller. The spring comes in a way that it doesn’t raise the vehicle so high yet it is still strong and capable of handling their work as required.


Japanese mini trucks are a favorite to many people across the globe. They are incredible in every way. Besides been miniature in size, these vehicles have proven time and time again that they are the light truck to beat. Shared above are insights into kei truck lowering which is something many people consider.

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Honda Acty Battery – Getting The Best From It

Japanese mini trucks are without a doubt among the best lightweight trucks. They are now all over and not only in Japan as it was initially some years ago. Their incredible power and performance has elevated them to be among the most sort out for vehicles. Honda Acty is among the best selling kei trucks one can get. But like any other vehicle, they too have problems. In this guide, we will be going through Honda Acty battery and how one can get the best out of it.

Common Problems With Honda Acty Battery

As aforementioned, there exists different models of Honda Acty. For decades these vehicles have seen improvements to suit the customer needs and the market demands. There hasn’t been huge problems with Honda Acty showing bad problems with how it utilizes the battery. The issues that one can come across with this are more specific to their vehicle which means that the way one handles their vehicle could have something to do with their batteries.

That said, you need to make sure that you do the necessary maintenance tips to ensure that the Acty battery goes a long way. Below are some of the battery maintenance tips and pointers you could consider to make sure your battery goes a long way.

Change The Battery Every 4 Years

A battery isn’t designed to last forever. Just the way one needs to change their tires regularly, they too have cells built inside which may not last a lifetime, but long enough to give you good service. Experts advises that the battery should be changed every 4 years. Some people may have luck having their battery running very well beyond this point depending on other maintenance steps they take.

Watch Out For Acid Levels

Since most of the Honda Acty users will have acid batteries, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient acid in the battery. This ensures that there are no exposed cells on the top. Having exposed cells means that you will not be getting the best out of your battery. Experts advise that one should always check their acid battery levels every 4 to 6 months. And if it gets lower, then one should add battery recharge water. This ensures that the electrolytes are working all over the battery and you are getting maximum performance from it.

Battery Load Test

It is always important and as part of the vehicle maintenance to do a battery load test. This is usually the work of a mechanic or a battery specialist. Doing this test regularly gives you an overview on the battery condition and whether it is charging well as it is supposed to be.


Honda Acty remains one of the best kei truck in the market. But as expected, nothing is going to be perfect. Shared above are ways that one can get the best from their Honda Acty mini truck battery.

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Suzuki Mini Truck Flooding

Car maintenance is very important. Without maintaining the vehicle, they you might not get the best service out of it. Suzuki mini truck is one of the highly coveted vehicles that one can come across. Nobody in the auto industry who knows of Japanese kei trucks needs an introduction to Suzuki carry mini trucks. They have stood the test of time. These mini trucks too need to be well maintained and repaired when needed. In this guide, we will focus our attention on Suzuki Carry mini truck flooding and how to go about it. This should help one understand more about flooding and what to do about it.

What is Fuel Flooding

Fuel flooding is a problem experienced in a petrol engine of a vehicle. It is usually caused or experienced when the vehicle has been left for a while or during cold days. This problem happens when the engine is started and then switched off sooner after it has been left cold for a long time. It is usually a problem that is caused by excess fuel that is unburnt and left inside the engine. The fuel wets the plugs and this usually causes the plugs to fail to work and hence the vehicle will not start as expected.

It can also cause some weird sound with the engine. This is called bore wash and is usually experienced when the fuel washes off the oil on the cylinder pistons. The Suzuki Carry 1996 is the mini truck that some of the owners have complained of experiencing flooding.

Flooding is a horrible mechanical problem that can cause the engine to break down. This is a problem that you may experience when you find out that the vehicle does not start.

How To Deal With Suzuki Mini Truck Flooding

  1. Here are steps on how to deal with petrol engine flooding.
  2. The first step is to crank the engine. This should be done while pushing the accelerator pedal to the floor.
  3. Keep cranking up the engine for as long as you can until you hear the engine starting well.
  4. And once the engine starts, you should allow it to rev up and then keep it on hold beyond the normal engine idle speed.
  5. Let the engine warm up for some time then either drive it as normal or switch it off.
  6. In case the engine fails to start or gives you some problems while following this procedure, then you should consider getting expert assistance.


Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time and are regarded among the most dependable vehicles in the market. Maintenance and repairs is however a must. Among some of the things that you are likely to experience is fuel flooding in the engine. Shared above are some of the steps on how to handle that.

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Replacing Timing Belt On Suzuki Carry

Japanese mini trucks have earned themselves s huge reputation in the automobile world. They are known to be great performance and very reliable vehicles. Many people compare their performance to those of the standard pick up trucks. And considering that they are in the lightweight class, these vehicles brings more than expected tot he table. Another thing worth mentioning with them is their low cost of maintenance and excellent fuel economy. But maintenance should always be a part of their daily routine. Every part need to be replaced once in a while. Among the parts that are usually forgotten in the timing belt. In this guide, we will go through replacing timing belt on Suzuki Carry mini truck. This should be the Suzuki fa6 engine timing belt.

When To Change Timing Belt On Suzuki Carry

Is there a certain time that one should be changing their timing belt? The timing belt’s design is really tough and is meant to last a very long time. That is why it is one of the rare parts that you see people changing more often. However, it is worth mentioning that there comes a time that this should be done. For instance, experts recommend to change the mini truck timing belt after every 50,000 kilometers. This shouldn’t be standard or fixed to that because some timing belts could have been replaced and perhaps are of a lower quality. Sometimes they start to crack and when this happens, make the replacement. So, it is worth checking and ensuring that the Suzuki fa6 engine timing belt is in perfect condition.

Replacing Timing Belt On Suzuki Carry

So, what steps does one have to go through when replacing the timing belt on their Suzuki Carry mini truck?

Located on the flywheel, the timing belt on pretty much any mini truck that one may own, they are very visible. But you do not just remove it anyhowly. It has been held in that position for a long time and would not be very easy to remove with your bare hands. Remember that it is meant to be firmly in that position for as long as the vehicle runs.

To remove and replace the timing belt on t he Suzuki Carry, make sure to remove the covering which is common in some engine designs. Remove everything else that could be on your way then return them later once you have made the timing belt replacement.

It shouldn’t be a big problem and if you have the original manual, then it even becomes much easier for you.


A timing belt isn’t always the main problem in a vehicle. If you have an original F6 engine timing belt on your vehicle, then you can be sure it lasts a long time. But every 50,000 kilometers or when it cracks, you need to replace it.

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Honda Acty Van Battery Location

Japanese mini trucks were introduced in the 1950s to the Japanese market with the aim of becoming the primary vehicles to be used in small and medium task transportation. Being a busy and growing country, Japan saw a huge surge in the popularity of these vehicles. Their incredible performance, reliability and agility allowed them to be used all over across different industries. As time went by, these vehicles have always improved and became better with every new model introduced. Their popularity made them also see the introduction of mini vans. Some of the mini vans that one can come across includes those made by Honda, Subaru and Daihatsu. Some beginners though still find a challenge locating some pars. For instance Honda Acty van battery location could be a challenge in some vehicles. Let us delve deeper into these vehicles overviewing them for beginners.

Mini Truck Battery

A battery is one of the most important components that are found in a vehicle. Without a battery the vehicle cannot run. So, it is necessary and very important. However, for some vehicles, their design and structure is different and would be hard for someone to easily find. For instance in the case of Honda Acty, there are some parts that could be hard for a beginner to find. The different models over the years in the mini trucks class have also changed where some parts are located. For instance you can find a 1980s model Honda Acty dip stick on a different place than where you can find in a newer Honda Acty model.

Some of these things poses a big challenge for someone that is still new. Imagine a situation where you want to check the oil level and then end up spending a whole hour and still not find it. It may sound farfetched, but these are some of the things that people go through.

So, where is for instance the Honda Acty van battery location? As aforementioned, it depends on the model year of the vehicle that you are talking about. In most of the modern mini trucks including the Honda Acty, you will usually find the battery to be located under either of the front seats. This is where the engine is located. However, it is also worth mentioning that some models like the Honda Acty 1992 version, the battery is usually located under the small hood in front of the vehicle.


Honda Acty is one of the most popular Japanese mini trucks that one can come across. They stand out as far as performance and reliability is concerned. But it is also worth mentioning that for any beginner, understanding everything in a vehicle takes time. finding where some parts are can be a real problem. But that is a normal thing that vehicle owners can sometimes have to go through. In this guide, we have shared some of the pointers concerning the Honda Acty mini truck.

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Honda Acty lift Kit Installation

Anybody who has been in the auto industry and generally understands vehicles must have learned of Kei trucks. Kei trucks, also known as Japanese mini trucks are small and compact vehicles that are in the lightweight class. There are tons of these vehicles which are made by some of the leading Japanese automakers. Honda Acty is among the most popular and reliable Japanese mini trucks that one can get. The kei trucks comes in different models that are meant to be used in different niches and markets. Some people may want to use the mini truck for off road uses where the roads are sometimes a challenge. One of the parts and devices that makes this possible in such a small truck is having a lift kit which basically raises the ground clearance of the vehicle. In this guide, we will focus more attention on Honda Acty lift kit installation. This will cone in handy for anyone looking to install the kit and make their normal Honda Acty raised to a cetain level.

Honda Acty lift Kit Installation

Below are some of the things to keep in mind as well as how to go about Honda Acty lift kit installation. Usually, the kit comes with a

Budget For It

The first thing that you have to keep in mind when you are going to install a lift kit is to think in terms of costs. You need to have this while you are doing the planning. Do your research and know how much a good lift kit costs. Don’t compromise on quality of the kit. It may cost more to get a better quality lift kit.

Size Of Kit

The lift kits usually come in different sizes and this means that one can be able to achieve different ground clearances with the kit that they opt for. The most common one is a 2 inch lift which might sound small but an amazing increase in ground clearance. This is sufficient for most people and with an additional 12 or 13 inch tire, the mini truck would have a better look and raised enough from the ground.

The Actual Installation

As aforementioned, a good installation kit should also be easy to install on the vehicle. Usually they come with instruction manual and every hardware and tool that is needed to have it installed on the vehicle.

You need to follow every step the the letter. If it is your first time handling and have no prior experience in doing this, then perhaps you could get some help from an experienced mechanic to help you do that.


A lift kit can increase the ground clearance of a vehicle, give it a better look and be advantageous in instances such as when driving through snow. Shared above are some of the things that one should look into when looking for a lift kit.

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Suzuki Carry Left Hand Drive

Have you ever walked to the wrong side of your vehicle? As funny as it sounds, this is something that many folks have experienced with the Japanese mini trucks in the US, Canada and any other place that drives on the right hand side. Japanese mini trucks are incredible vehicles, and very few people if any would debate on that. If you are looking for lightweight class of vehicles that can be useful for handy work and deliveries, Japanese mini trucks should come to mind. These vehicles have shown incredible performance and usefulness in many instances. However, the side where the vehicle drives on tends to be a new thing to many people. For instance it is difficult to find a Suzuki Carry left hand drive vehicle.

Ever asked yourself why there are so many Right hand drive Japanese mini trucks. This is simply because these mini trucks are in Japan and their local laws allows left hand driving. So, it would make sense to only drive on the right hand side of the vehicle. So, if you are planning on getting a used Japanese mini truck imported, you shouldn’t be surprised to come and find that it is right hand drive.

Can You Buy Suzuki Carry Left Hand Drive

The fact that most of the vehicles from Japan are right hand drive does not mean that there aren’t those that are left hand drive. It is just that some people do not really see much of a difference and would rather use the vehicle that thy are getting as long as it delivers them the service that they need. However, if your job demands aren’t going to be met with a right hand vehicle, then you must be out there wondering if you could find one. Japanese mini truck automakers also make some mini trucks with right hand configuration which are usually for the export market.

With the US 25 year import rule, these newer vehicles aren’t usually for the US market. Some markets like Philippines use the left hand drive vehicles. This could be the right place to import your Japanese mini truck that meets those standards.

Consider Modification

Although it could be costly, there are people that have considered and configured vehicles from right to left hand drive. This would surely be great especially if your local laws would only permit the use of these vehicles on the road.


Japanese mini trucks are made and intended to be used locally in Japan. This means test they are right hand driven on the left-side of the road. This might not favor users in the US and other countries requiring right hand drive vehicles. Shared above are options that one would consider.

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Left Hand Drive Vs Right Hand Drive Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks stand out and have been around for quite some time. They were initially made and meant to be used in the Japanese market, but with their high performance there has been increase in popularity across the borders. This has made the vehicle to be bought by people from all over the world. There is however one thing worth noting. Not every country drive on the left side of the road like in Japan. This means that some countries have left have and others have right hand drive vehicles to favor their use in roads. In this guide, we will go through Left hand vs right hand drive mini trucks and how they affect their usage in different countries.

As aforementioned, the reason why some countries have right hand vehicles, or rather favor them is because of the side of the road in the countries where they are used.

The US for instance has a high demand for Japanese mini trucks. Traditionally, these vehicles are right hand driven and this means that it is the opposite in the US. IS this a huge problem? Well, there are different states in the US and they have their own laws. Some states limit their usage to the main roads while others on interstate highways. Others have no established laws against the use.

Left Hand Drive Vs Right Hand Drive Mini Trucks

There are some things that could affect the use of either a left hand or a right hand to someone who is used to the other. Below we look at some of them.

The Flexibility

If you switch between driving from the left hand side and get a vehicle driven on the right hand side, which is the case for mini trucks, then one may have some time to get used to. In fact, you will find yourself walking to the left hand side when you are still new to it. Besides that, most people do not really feel or see any issues with getting such a vehicle. Unless it affects your work and operation, there is really nothing to worry about here.

The Laws & Regulations

Another thing that you should definitely watch out for if acquiring a vehicle that drives on the other side is the laws and regulations of your state, county or country. Some states allows the use of this vehicle only in private properties and private roads. Therefore, that will be on you to decide and also basing upon your preferences.

There is also the option of converting the vehicle but that will depend on your budget and how much you are willing to pursue it.


The fact that there are left hand and right hand driven mini trucks should be a consideration. It is something worth noting for anyone buying these vehicles. Shared above are more insights on that.

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Best Tires For Mini Truck Vehicles

Japanese mini trucks are among the best lightweight vehicles that one can get today. Their incredible performance and dependability is on a whole other level. You simply cannot compare this vehicle with many others in their class. To get you good service though, you have to make sure that it is well taken care of. All the parts of the vehicle needs to be maintained and necessary repairs done on time. Among the most crucial things and parts that a vehicle needs is good tires. This should also be changed regularly to ensure that you get the bets performance as well as also drive safely. However, knowing that many people are still new to mini trucks, it can be a challenge knowing the kind of tire to go for. In this guide, we will aim to give an overview on the best tires for mini truck vehicles one can find.

Why Having Good Tires Is Important

We all know what role a tire plays in a vehicle. Without tires a vehicle cannot go anywhere. But that is not all. You do not just need any tire to have the vehicle running. You need good quality tires that are in good condition. Many people always ignore the fact that they need to change their tire once in a while depending on the condition and how frequent they use their vehicle. This is dangerous because it can cause accidents. Tires that are worn out could burst causing accidents. That said, you need to make sure that the tires on your vehicle are in the best condition.

What Is Best Tires For Mini Truck Vehicles

There are two things that you have to know when you are choosing your tires. First, you have to ask yourself where the tires will be used. Secondly, you have to know that the quality of tires differ from tire brand one to the next. With that you should be able to handpick the perfect tire for your Japanese mini truck.

It is important to know that that size matters when it comes to tires. What is the right size of the tire you should get for a Japanese mini truck? For many people a 12 inch or a 13 inch tire will do. This can however depend on the road condition where the vehicle is been used. If it is a normal paved road and less off road then you would be good with a 12 inch. However, if you expect to be using the vehicle on off-roads then that extra inch to make 13 inches would be perfect. Brands like Hankook – 13 inch tires are common among mini truck users. They are readily available as well.


Choosing a tire for your Japanese mini truck shouldn’t be a brainy task. Shared above are some insights and how to get the right tires for the mini truck.

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Suzuki Carry Choke Adjustment

Suzuki Carry is among the best Japanese mini truck in the market. These high performance kei trucks are designed with a very compact design. This allows them to be flexible and easy to maneuver with. Among other things that makes these vehicles come in handy is their incredible performance, reliability and low cost of running. This all comes without sacrificing on the quality of service that they offer. Many have compared them to the standard pick up trucks, which tells you how good they really are. Maintenance is however necessary for the vehicle to consistently give you good service. In this guide, we will specifically go in-depth to discuss the Suzuki Carry choke adjustment.

Choke valve adjustment is very important in a vehicle. And without proper choke valve adjustment, you might not really get the best experience with the mini truck you have.

What is a Choke Valve?

But before discussing about Choke valve adjustment, let us first define what a choke valve is and why it is necessary in a vehicle.

A combustion engine that has a carburetor, which resembles the mini truck always has a choke valve. The purpose of this device is to regulate air pressure which in the process helps to regulate the air-fuel ratio in the engine of the vehicle. It is very important to regulate the air and fuel been burned in the engine. Any wrong alteration like having higher air flow than the required fuel inlet would not give you the best engine efficiency. It is therefore crucial to have the right mixture of fuel and air pressure ratio in the engine.

For a faster fuel draw and good mixture, most of the choke valves in vehicles are designed with an upstream mounting on the carburetor. This increases the fuel draw and consequently the burning of the fuel while still maintaining good engine burn efficiency.

How To Do Suzuki Carry Choke Adjustment

Having seen the importance of choke adjustment in a vehicle, how does one go about it? what is the process of doing choke adjustment and how does one know that they have got it right?

When the vehicle is not running, the choke valve is usually closed completely. However, when starting the vehicle, a vacuum is applied to the actuator leading the valve to tilt a bit. This goes on while the vehicle idles as the throttle-up actuator is held down by the vacuum.

If the butterfly valve is not fully closed before the vehicle starts, or isn’t tilted a bit (85%) when it has been started, then you may need some adjustment to it.

To make choke adjustment, you need to position the water valve push-pin using a screw. Here you either lengthen or shorten the pin length. This results in the opening and closing of the throttle actuation. There is usually also an “F” forked end which can help in restoring default setting, though one may have to alter it a bit.

This is a simplified guide on Suzuki Carry choke adjustment. If it proves to be hard, then you may see the help of a mechanic.