How To Avoid Scams When Importing Minivans From Japan

Japanese minivans are among the most common minivans across the globe today and this is all because of their sophisticated and exceptional performance among other things. Getting one of the Japanese minivans could be among the best investments that you will make with vehicles.

In this guide, we will go through some of the things that you can do to avoid scams when you are importing a minivan from Japan. However, before all that, let’s first dig into the advantages that you will get by acquiring these vehicles;

They Are Affordable

Don’t we all love vehicles that are affordable and demand less when it comes to maintenance? I bet we all do. Minivans are affordable vehicles that one can count on in terms of acquiring it and the Japanese versions are the best that you can get along well with. They are made by some of the leading carmakers and their main aim is to provide value in their vehicles. They don’t also guzzle much fuel as you would expect to see from other minivan alternatives.

Balancing quality and performance while also controlling the cost from flying over the roof is something that we all love to see and the Japanese automakers have done their best when it comes to this. Besides all this, you will also love how these vehicles are economical and the fact that they demand less when it comes to maintaining them.

High Performing

Do you want a vehicle that will do what you want it to do? Most of us will settle for vehicles that they are baited to rather than what they need. One should consider vehicle’s features and capabilities and ensure that they are getting the best out of the vehicle that they are getting.

Japanese minivans are among the best vehicles that you can count on to deliver. Whether you plan on using it for your family use or for carrying around some delicate cargo, the Japanese minivans are good vehicles that deliver.

Keeping in mind that these vehicles also have the capability of turning both of their axles to engage the 4 wheel drive, one has the option of switching to this and getting the best out of their vehicle.

Importing From Japan Is Easy

Most of us are tied into the notion that importing a vehicle overseas is a lengthy and tiresome process that will take time. While most of us have easy access and can easily acquire these vehicles from local dealers, people do not closely weigh into the merits and demerits. While you stand a chance to get your minivan instantly while using a local dealer, there are things such as costs which you need to look into as well.

Truth of the matter is that importing from Japan is much easier than what many of us think. With just a few paperwork and paying some fees, you could be getting your vehicle from shipped from Japan in no time. Importing is therefore an option that you may want to consider if you are looking forward to saving and getting a variety of models to choose from.

Steps to Avoiding Scams When Buying Your Mini Truck

Scams are all over and they are some for the things that you should avoid to get everything rolling. Below are some for the best ways that you can easily use to spot scams easily and only make sure that you are working with legit and trustworthy Japanese car dealers;

Research The Selling Company

If there is something that you ought to do to ensure that you are getting the best deal and avoiding scams, it is to first ensure that the company that you are dealing with is trustworthy enough. Doing a background research is the best way to go about this. The good thing, however, is that with the internet, searching and scanning through a website is easy and one can easily distinguish a legit company from one that is a scam.

You should also consider checking out the customer testimonials and reviews. Checking out

Watch Out For Common Scam Baits

While scams are increasingly becoming common, most of them, if not all can easily be avoided. You need to know about the common scam baits that can be easily avoided. Among some of the things that you should do or not do to avoid the common scam baits includes;

-Avoiding dealers who cut corners and fail to provide full description about the vehicle that you are looking to buy. A good buyer who is trustworthy should disclose all the information that the buyer requests. This includes the photos of the vehicle as well as videos of how the vehicle runs or idles.

-Avoiding making deposits to different accounts than that of the selling company is something that you should also keep in mind. Doing this covers you from the risk of being scammed by people who misrepresent themselves.

-Doing your own due diligence on the nature of the deal. Beyond all these, you also need to make sure that you do your due diligence and make sure that the deal is worth your investment and that you are certain of the investment that you are making.

Consult Others

Something else that you’d want to consider before making any deposits or buying a vehicle abroad is to consult with others. Since you are not the first one to import a vehicle, it would be good to hear the experiences of others so as to also know what to avoid and what to do to make sure that you are getting the best deal. It will also help you to save on costs.

Final Word:

Minivans are among the most loved vehicles and importing from Japan is one ideal option worth considering. You can check out some of the best Japanese minivans that we have in our listings page. We have vetted them and inspected to ensure that they meet all international standards. So you can buy them with confidence. We will also be happy to help you ship the vehicle to your desired port of destination.

How To Find And Import Mini Vans From Japan the Easy Way

If importing minivans from Japan is news to you, then you must have been living under a huge rock. This trend has been going on for many years and it simply is because of how the Japanese mini vans are lovable, durable, high performing and reliable. Compared to many automakers’ models across the globe, the Japanese market also has a lion share making them readily available. So if you are thinking of getting yourself a minivan, then Japan is your go-to place for that.

In this guide, we will share some of the crucial steps in finding a good quality minivan and how to import it hassle-free. Below is a deep guide;

Finding The Right MiniVan To Import From Japan

This is usually a tedious process that needs one to be extra keen and cautious. Any mistake could lead to getting a poor quality minivan that you did not expect and could also a t times become scammy as there are many fraudsters on the internet. Here are steps to ensure that you are getting a quality used Japanese minivan to import:

Know What You Need

The first thing that you have to do is to fist know why you need a minivan in the first place. Perhaps you don’t even need it. Besides driving, mini vans are lovable for offering that flexible design and also being spacious enough for families to use in their daily or travel needs. You can also customize it to carry light loads if you run a small business, thanks to its gorgeous customizable design. If these are some of the things that you would like in a car, then a minivan could be you ideal option.

Have A Clear And Realistic Budget

The next thing you’d want to do is to set your budget right. Without having a clear budget, you could end up blowing your financial plans and ending up stuck on one thing or another. Budgeting is a critical element that needs to be handles properly. Shop around and try checking out the various price range of the particular vehicle that you would like to invest in. It is however a good thing that with Japanese minivans, there is a variety to choose from, each coming with its price tag. So you will most likely find a vehicle within your set price tag.

Get The Technical Details

Minivans like any other vehicles aren’t like toys which you can pick any from the stores. Bearing in mind that they are pre-owned vehicles, they have gone through different hands to which they received different care. Before buying a minivan, you should get the technical details and know much about the car details. Some vehicles could end up being faulty and you shouldn’t take the car dealer’s word especially if you haven’t done business with them before. You should make as much inquiries as possible and ask for photos of different parts. The inquiries should give you every detail and confidence to buy that vehicle, and if the dealer fails to provide any details requested, they could be a scam or hiding something which shouldn’t be the case.

Make Sure You Are Dealing With A Legit Japanese Car Dealer

It is always important to keep in mind the fact that scams are all around us and we can fall victims at any time. To ensure that you are safe and do not fall into any of the scams, it is upon you to do your own due diligence or find an expert to seek advice from. The first thing that you should probably be more careful about is the contact details and knowing if the company really exists. Knowing the address of the company and contacting them through the number listed on their website is something that should go smoothly. If the person contacting you contacts you through an alternate number, then you should be cautious as they could be impersonating the real company and they are probably trying to scam you.

The other reason why you should be working with a trustworthy company is to avoid getting the wrong package. You could be bargaining a vehicle and later on you will end up with a totally different one. Be sure to also double check the certifications and the vehicle previous records.

How To Get Your Vehicle Imported

The importation process involves several steps and processes which needs one to have a clear understanding of the whole process involved. If you want to import a vehicle, it might first meet the necessary state requirements, to which you then have to file for an “Entry” permit, make payments to the Japanese car dealer and then have it shipped.

There is however a shortcut and a much safer way which is good for people who have little shipping and import experience. You can decide to use import brokers which are usually found in every country. The import broker plays a major role in ensuring that you have made payments safely, have the vehicle cleared and shipped safely on your behalf. They could also help you get good shipping deals which might save you more spending in the long run.

Unless you know a thing or two about importing and making clearances or getting good shipping deals, it is advisable that you find a local import broker to help you with shipping and getting your vehicle cleared.

Final Thoughts

Importing a minivan or any other vehicle from Japan doesn’t have to be a tedious or as scary as many people have made it to be. There are many advantages to choosing the import option, including the affordability and the high quality of vehicles that you stand to get. You should however know what is involved in importing the vehicle and hopefully, this guide has served you with the necessary information to do so.

You can check out some of the minivans in our listings and many other vehicles including mini truck and more. We could also help you get a vehicle through auctions which are always a bargain. Get in touch anytime with any inquiries that you may be having.

How To Avoid Japanese Used Car Exporters That Are Scams

Japan has become the go-to place for anyone who is importing a pre-owned vehicle. This is for the simple reason that they are affordable, high performing and reliable. But there comes another big problem— Online scams. If you have been on the internet long enough, then you must have already heard about the nightmares that many people have had to go through. The auto industry isn’t spared as well and if one is not careful, they could be lured into buying a vehicle that doesn’t exist. Usually these scams come as a misrepresentation where the scammer pretend to be a Japanese used car exporter and then they end up asking for money from unsuspecting people who want to import.

If you are still new to importing and don’t have much experience, it is important you know how to easily spot these fraudsters from afar. To help you out, we have set up this post outlining some of the things that you need to look out for in legitimate and trustworthy Japanese used car exporters. Here they are;

Verify The Exporter’s Details

Most scams approach or misrepresent themselves to their potential client (victim) pretending to be a particular company. The reality is that the scammer could even be located in a different country and perhaps doesn’t even know any information about the company that they are misrepresenting themselves with. The first thing to do before you even go through the website’s listings is to check out the website details, their contacts and address. The details including the contacts should match with the ones that they are using to contact you. If they are different, it is advisable that you run and never get in touch with them as they are clearly fraudsters.

You should also consider asking for more information when you feel that you have doubts. And a legit company will be willing to give you any information as they have nothing to hide. But if the person on the other end of the line starts to give excuses, there is something fishy and proceeding to make a deal with such a company puts you in high risk.

Get Full Detail On The Vehicle That You Want

The other thing that you would want to be extra cautious on is the vehicle that you are eyeing. You should get full detail about it including clear footages of every part that you want to know more about. They say pictures speak a thousand words and that saying practically applies in this situation. If you want to get something legit, you need to inquire and learn more about it. You should get all the information that you would have gotten if you were physically present at the dealer’s yard. So if it is a mini truck and you would like to check the vehicle’s engine or chassis, you should get detailed footages either by photos or even a video if you need.

Also when it comes to verifying the vehicle and ensuring that it has a good legal record, you have to get every detail and records right. Be it certification, log book and verifying ownership, it’s all important. Things like chassis number should match those in records and if they don’t, then you should question that.

Don’t also be fooled by the outside look of a vehicle. You should know what’s under the hood and see if there are any faults such as mechanical issues and if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Such details can be obtained from checking through the vehicle’s records which you can always request.

Making Payments

Now, here comes the most critical part which you need to also be extra cautious or you will just watch your money fly away and never see the vehicle that you bought. Perhaps the step that you should be most careful on is this one as many people easily get lured.

Payment must be made in Company’s bank account in Japan only. If the seller asks you to deposit to another offshore account, even if it is in your country, you shouldn’t fall for that. If they ask you to pay though another bank, then it simply means that they are not in Japan and there is a high chance that their company is a scam.

Another thing that you should be keen on is how the vehicle has been priced. In many instances you will come across a seller who have lowered their prices and just makes it hard to pass. If you try negotiating the price they are soft and easy on lowering it. Such deals which are hard to believe are some that take your money and you never see them again.

Final Word:

Scams are on the rise and there is nothing to do about it other than stay keen and be cautious on the decisions that we make. Connecting the dots and detecting scams is however easy when you know what to look for. With the tips above, you can be able to avoid common scams and work with a legit Japanese used car exporter.

Another thing that you might want to consider is to seek the help of an import broker which is often available in your country. This is especially if you are still new to the game. So once you come across a vehicle that you would like to import, get in touch with a local import broker to help you get that particular vehicle. They can also help you get good shipping offers which will save you some money.

Besides working with a legit company, you may also love to enjoy quality services and a smooth import process. This doesn’t always come easy, but here at Substar, we make it painless and easy for you. Regardless of whether you are a pro in the import world, we are here to help. Check out some of the vehicles in our listings page which ranges from minivans to mini trucks. We can also help you with getting vehicles from auctions which is another good bargain.

Regulations On Importing Mini Trucks And Mini Vans To USA

Worried about importing a mini truck or minivan to the US because you are not sure about the restrictions? Worry no more. In this guide, we have gathered every detail to help you understand how different states have restrictions on the use of mini tucks and what restrictions there may be depending on the state.

Importing vehicles that are older than 25 years old is much easier that you thought and these vehicles can be used as on road legal without any restrictions. When it comes to dealing with mini trucks that are under 25 years old, restrictions may apply depending on state laws and requirements. There are some states that do not allow the use of mini truck on interstate highways, while others have restrictions even on off-roads.

If the vehicle you would like to import is under 25 years old and want to import it as off-road vehicle but still have doubts and wondering what conditions your state has, then you may want to check out the list we have made for you.

States Where Mini Trucks Are Allowed If the Vehicle is Younger than 25 Years Old

Alabama – (Not allowed in interstate highways)

Kansas – (Not allowed on federal or state highways and when under corporate city limits)

Kentucky- (Allowed as a local option)

Maine – (Allowed as long as they do not exceed 35 mph)

Florida – (Allowed as long as they do not exceed 35 mph)

Arkansas – (Allowed as long as they do not exceed 55 mph, not in interstate highways and when the vehicle is strictly used for farm use)

California – (Allowed in California as long as the vehicle is used in a natural island of more than 20,000 acres with a population not less than 4,000,000)

Idaho – (Allowed as a local option and on roads designed by Idaho Transport Board)

Illinois – (allowed for use in roads with posted speed limit of less than 35 mph and under local ordinance)

Indiana – (Not allowed in interstate highways)

Minnesota – (allowed as a local option)

Missouri – (Allowed as a local option)

Nebraska – (Not allowed in interstate highways, expressways and on freeways)

New Hampshire – (Allowed on roads with posted speed limit of 35 mph and below and shouldn’t be over 25 miles from registrant’s residence)

North Dakota – (Allowed in paved roads except those with posted speed limits of 65 mph)

Ohio – (Allowed in roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph and when allowed under local ordinance)

Oklahoma – (Not allowed in interstate highways)

Tennessee – (posted speed limit is less than 40 mph and where safety is a concern, the county or municipality may restrict the use of medium speed vehicles)

Utah – (Not allowed in interstate highways)

Wyoming – (Not allowed in interstate highways)

States Where Mini Trucks Have Restrictions On Vehicles Newer than 25 Years Old






District of Columbia










New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina



Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota





West Virginia



Please note that states regulations and restrictions can change at any time and we do our best to keep this information updated. It is therefore important to double check if there have been any recent changes with your state.

Things to Keep in mind When Importing Mini Trucks From Japan

Apart from the state requirements, here are some other things that you will find handy when importing your mini truck.

  • Plan and Set Your Budget

It is always important to keep everything in check and one thing that you can’t ignore for sure is to plan your budget and allocate a reasonable amount that you are willing to spare for the vehicle. Having an extra amount set aside is also important and this will help you avoid any shortcomings and miscellaneous expenses in case there are some increases and things such as inflation adjustments. With this in check, you have tackled half the burden and everything else will run smoothly.

  • Make sure you are importing from a legit dealer

There are lots of fraudsters all over. Non-existent companies that claim to sell used Japanese cars are on the rise and one needs to be extra cautious to avoid falling for their traps. A legit used Japanese car exporter should have a real address and one shouldn’t send money to make a purchase before verifying everything concerning the dealer. Sometimes seeking the help of an advisor to help when you come across a fishy deal is the best way to go.

  • Consider Finding Your Mini Truck From Auctions

Japan boasts having some of the best auctions in the world and on average there are over 20,000 cars are sold every single day. These vehicles are from all kinds and anyone across the globe can participate with the help of a Japanese car dealer or a broker. It can be a good option for anyone who wants to get affordable vehicles. Here at Substar, we help thousands of people find their dream vehicles through auctions, and you can be a part of it too.

  • Consider seeking the help of an import broker

If you are new to the whole import game and don’t have a clue on where to start then the best way to do it is by using an import broker. Among the many advantages that you will enjoy with the broker is swift shipping, hassle free clearance and sometimes you even get shipping offers which end up saving you tons of money.

Final Word:

It is very important to know what restrictions apply and whether it is safe for you to import a used mini truck from Japan. Hopefully, the guide has been resourceful and helped you better understand whether it you’ll be good with a mini truck in your state either on-road or off-road.

You can take some time to check out some of the mini tucks that are in our listings page and see the one that best meets your state requirements. Get in touch with us and we will give you more details on a vehicle that you come across. We will also help you with any after-sales services to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services and that your vehicle is on its way safely.

Why Import Mini Vans From Japan?

Japan is known to be an automobile hub across the world and among the best cars that Japanese car makers have gifted the world with are mini vans. Mini vans are loved across the world for a number of features and traits that can’t be found in any other vehicle. This is one of the main reasons why many people across the globe are always focused to import mini vans from Japan.

To enlighten you and give you an idea why used Japanese mini vans are loved by many people across the world and why they are selling like hot cake, here are some of the reasons;

Unbeatable Affordability

The price tags of almost every vehicle you come across today is staggering and this is something that has made most of us turn to buying pre-owned vehicles. And while you settle for that second hand car that you still feel ripped, you should perhaps think about Japanese used cars which come at an even lower cost than local pre-owned ones. But why are Japanese cars this cheap? It is not that Japanese used minivans and vehicles are of low quality but the fact that the Japanese government is pressuring people to buy a new car that is more economic friendly makes many people want to sell them. And as he rule of thumb dictates, when the supply is higher than the demand, prices drop, and that is what makes Japanese used cars inexpensive.

Slap-Up Quality

Now if you have any doubts about the quality of Japanese minivans or any other vehicle for that matter, then perhaps you need to brainstorm with the fact that the world’s bestselling cars are Japanese. The high competition among the automakers in Japan and the government’s strict measures has streamlined the industry and revolutionized the car industry bringing the best quality vehicles to the market. You’ll also be glad to learn that there are strict measures to ensure that regular inspection is done to vehicles in Japan to ensure that they meet both roadworthy and economical standards.

As if that wasn’t enough to guarantee you the quality of the vehicle, car dealers and auction houses have in-house experts whose role is to inspect and ensure that vehicles meet the set standards.

Fuel Efficient

Have you ever gone through the nightmares of owning a vehicle that guzzles gas and doesn’t deliver results? If so, then you must be very keen on finding something that doesn’t take you the same route. The good news is that Japanese mini vans are good in fuel efficiency.

There is more to a car than the outside look and aesthetics. Japanese mini vans have been designed and engineered under high professionalism and they come with lifetime advantages that many other cars lack. Among the things that you will love with used Japanese mini vans is the fact that they are very economical and fuel efficient. The automakers have been focusing on improving the fuel efficiency and technology used with these vehicles over the years to come up with hybrid vehicles that are less costly to maintain and run.

The good news is that it has become a reality and you can count on an efficient mini vans to take you many miles without spending much on fuel. They are also easy to maintain and doesn’t need regular maintenance.

They Are Eco-Friendly

As much as we love to drive the fanciest cars around, we also need to ensure that our environment isn’t abandoned and it is well maintained. Japan has been in the forefront of pushing towards the ecofriendly millennia goals and the auto industry being one of its backbone industrial engines, it has been forced to ensure low emission vehicles are manufactured.

It is also a known scientific fact that a vehicle that uses more fuel emits more which means more pollution to the environment. The fact that these hybrid mini vans have been designed to seep little amount of fuel practically shows that they are eco-friendly. If you are someone who loves to live and breathe green, then you should really consider importing a minivan from Japan.

Reliable and Dependable

We all love to drive vehicles that we can count on to deliver as we wish. Be it speed, stability and comfort Japanese mini vans have all these spot on.  Japanese mini vans are among the best in the global market and many experts call them the triumph of substance and style due to their reliability, design and style.

These are vehicles that you can expect to use them for almost anything under any conditions and still expect high end results. If durability is also your worry when it comes to getting a car, then you will love the fact that these mini vans have been highly engineered to last and operate in all conditions.

These vehicles are also fitted with some of the latest sophisticated tech features which not only offer top notch flexibility but also takes user experience to another level. Features such as GPS and other automation simply add value and brings lifestyle to a new level. These are just but a few of the things that you will enjoy with the Japanese mini vans.

Final Word:

Many people have called Japan a boxy-car heaven because of the mini vans and the majority of vehicles having a box like design. But it is evidently more than just the shape. These are also some of the most reliable, affordable and cost effective vehicles that you will ever come across. Getting yourself a minivan from Japan and taking advantage of these traits is something you don’t want to miss out on. If you are tired paying hefty costs to drive a vehicle out of pour local yard dealer, then it’s time to look at things from a different angle that will save your money and get you something more cost effective.

Check out some of the quality used minivans that we have in stock and get in touch with us to get started with the acquisition process. All the vehicles have all the necessary papers, inspection reports and certification to give you the guarantee that you are getting a legit and quality vehicle.