Second Hand Mini Vans For Sale & How To Find Them

Need to carry some cargo regularly and do not have the right vehicle to help you do that? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you. Mini vans are vehicles that have stood the test of time and come in handy in many ways. There are many other vehicles that one may want to consider, but considering the fact that they are mostly pricier and less reliable, you may want to consider the Japanese mini vans the best option available. In this guide, we will go through the process to find second hand mini vans for sale. This should help anyone in need of a reliable used mini van.

Finding Second Hand Mini Vans For Sale

There are endless options that one can use the mini vans for. When carrying goods that needs to be concealed or even need to convert that vehicle to be used as domestic usage vehicle, it still fits the bill. To help people who are in need of carrying loads from one point to the other, here is a guide to find second hand mini vans for sale.

Local Car Dealerships

Perhaps the first place that you need to check is the local car dealership around you. This is the first place that people go to sell their vehicles. This is a trend that has been around for many years and still going on today. It gets tough sometimes trying to move across all the car dealership yards, but with the internet a hand, you can always browse the different websites that sell cars near you. This is a better approach especially if you live in a big city.

Check Online Classifieds

Classified websites have also been around for long, and being one of the mos well known places to trade things in an open market, car sellers always lock these sites to make their sale. This is therefore a great opportunity that one easily tap into to find second hand mini trucks for sale.

Check Mini Van forums

Yet another great online platform where one can find second hand mini trucks for sale is through the use of forum boards. The mini truck as a vehicle model has become very big and with millions of users across the globe, there are forums dedicated to these vehicles. That means that you can easily dive into the sales section of the forums and find some people selling their mini vans.

Consider Importing

Importing the mini vans could be a very nice way that you can get the vehicle that you have always wanted. It is  simple process that involves filling some paper work, transacting and waiting for the vehicle o arrive in a few weeks. Frankly, it isn’t as hard as it used to be back in the days.

Find Word

Mini vans are very crucial vehicles that can be used in many different applications. The engineering behind them is another thing worth mentioning because it makes them stand out.

You may also consider importing the mini vans, and this further gives you a wide range of vehicle that you can choose from. Check out some of the best mini vans for sale through our sales page. We can help you ship to any place across the globe, just as we have been doing over the years to hundreds of customers.

Challenges Of Importing Vehicles From Japan

Are you thinking of importing a vehicle from Japan? Well, you must have heard all the reputation that the Japanese vehicles have. And just before you conclude that it is just hype, then you have to remember that Japan sells more vehicles than any other country in the world, which simply means that they are trusted and their vehicles can be relied on.

Perhaps one of the things that many people are always afraid is the process of importing these vehicles. The reality of the matter is that importing isn’t as hard as many people think. In this guide, we will go through everything that you need to know to know about importing a vehicle from Japan. Whether it is a brand new car or a second hand vehicle, then these pointers will help you out.

Why the Japanese Vehicles?

importing used trucks from japan Japanese mini truck

To help you further understand why there are lots of people considering the Japanese vehicles and not any other, here is the nitty-gritty where we cover most of the common things with the Japanese vehicles.

First off, the reliability of Japanese vehicles are among the best in the world. So, if you are looking for a reliable vehicle, that is something that you will love with these vehicles. They are well constructed with quality materials under high level of engineering. This makes them durable and sturdy hence can be used on almost any kind of roads and terrain.

Besides the quality of Japanese autos, you will also love the fact that they are very economical and require less to maintain. We all love vehicles that consume less fuel and offer good service that can be relied on. For most of these vehicles, you can expect them to go a long way and carry a lot reliably without being too heavy on the fuel.

Importing Japanese vehicles is easier than what most people perceive it to be. Many people have made importing a vehicle sound like an almost impossible thing to do while the opposite is true. There are also lots of agents that one can use to have their vehicles easily imported. This makes it easy for you if you do not have a lot of time and don’t want to go through a lot when importing. Now that we have covered everything you need to know about Japanese vehicles and how to import the, let’s go ahead and see some of the challenges that one can expect.

Challenges When Importing From Japan

Here are some of the things that you can expect to go through when importing a Japanese vehicle. Be it a mini truck, a used mini van or a sedan vehicle, these are the most common challenges to watch out for.

Online Scams & Fraudsters

If there is one big challenge that one has to be extra cautious about, it has to be the surging online scams and frauds that one can find themselves in. There are thousands of people who get baited by these scammers all the time when they are importing. However, there are lots of ways that one can easily spot and avoid them. First off, you have to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate seller who has been in the industry for a while. Doing this will help you to avoid and filter out most of the scammers since they are usually not stabilized and stayed long on the business.

Most of the scammers are usually not in the current country, in this case Japan. To evade and avoid them, users may want to confirm the address of the user to make sure that their location isn’t any other place other than the one they have advertised. And you do not need any special software to help you understand that. Most of them will ask you to deposit the money in an offshore account. And this is usually the first sign to know that you are dealing with fraudsters. When you come across such, then you need to back down and stop the transaction because it will not end well. The handling of the transaction should be the part where you are careful about and make sure that everything on this step is spot on.

Getting The Wrong Vehicle

Another issue that almost resembles being scammed is getting bait-switched. Many people have received vehicles that they did not order. There are many ways that one can use to determine whether the vehicle they are getting is the right one that they got as advertised or not. It is more common than many people think and is also something that one must be cautious about. So, if you are shopping for the right vehicle to import from Japan or anywhere else, you need to take some measures to ensure that it is the right one.

Among some of the things that you can do is to make sure that the vehicle you get is to confirm using some of the software applications such as Skype. Here you can check some of the crucial things like manufacturer’s number on the vehicle which cannot be hanged as well as other features that should come out clearly. You should also consider working with known and more authoritative sellers who have been in the industry for a long time.

Ignoring State Requirements

Another issue that many people have had to deal with more recently with importation of vehicle, and not just from Japan is the fact that there are some state requirements in every country. Some states and countries have restrictions, especially on second hand used vehicles. You have to make sure that the second hand vehicle that you are  getting is good to be used and is street legal in your country.

Among some of the things that could happen when you ignore this could lead to a lot of catastrophic situations where users can have their vehicles impounded or even worse get it destroyed. This can lead to a huge loss and would just be easily avoided by checking with the authorities to ensure that it is good and street legal in your country or state. Using import agencies in your areas should also help you get through this smoothly.

Not Observing Your Budget

second hand mini truck

Do you have a budget in mind? Like when buying everything else, you need to make sure that you have a budget and since you are spending  a lot on a vehicle, it is high time you give this some consideration. Why should you do this? You will end u spending too much. You should know the kind of vehicle you are getting and make a realistic budget and fix it at that. This will help you avoid getting carried away and not been able to account for your purchases.

Did you know that you can bargain a vehicle online, just the way you would do it offline in the yard? If there is one other thing that most of us are not taking advantage of is the power of bargaining. This is a very good way if you would like to save a lot in the process. There are a lot of softwares designed to help you with this. Some including Skype will also give you the convenience of seeing the vehicle in real life through its video capturing feature. And if this doesn’t make it easy and convenient for you to choose the vehicle of your desire, then nothing else will.

Final Word

Now that you know the challenges that come with importing vehicles from Japan, you can do the necessary steps to avoid them. Evading them and getting the right vehicle that you desire isn’t as hard as many people tend to believe. By following the steps above, you will be able to get your vehicle delivered

However, the most important part is to always work with a credible company. One that has gained authority in the industry. This way you will be able to receive good customer service and avoid some of the frauds an issues such as bait and switch. We here at Substar have been dealing with second hand vehicles for many years. In our large yard we have plenty of vehicles ranging from salons to Japanese mini trucks and mini vans. We make it easy for our clients and customers across the globe to shop and get their vehicles cleared and delivered. You can also check out our car sales page to see some of the vehicles that are currently on sale. So, why not get in touch with us today and we will help you with that? We are always ready and open for business and we guarantee you the best and smoothest service you can ever think of.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Importing Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

Japan has become the go-to place for anyone looking for vehicles, be it brand new or used, you will find it in Japan. And amazingly, they come at good prices and offer good value for the money. The Japanese automakers have dominated the industry for many decades not only producing lots of vehicles, but also ones that you can always rely on. This has made Japan the largest manufacturer of autos beating every other country in the global auto market. This has lead to growth of a whole new market, the second hand auto industry and there is no signs that it will slow down anytime soon. People will always want to buy cheap and spend less for a vehicle simply because of their budget restraints as well as a way to get a vehicle that can be used on various jobs without being overly-expensive.

Why Buy Second Hand Japanese Vehicles?

Mitsubishi Minicab Truck Japanese dump bed mini trucks

Don’t be fooled to think that second hand vehicles are poor in performance or unreliable in some way. The Japanese autos are known for their superior quality, performance and reliability and this is why everyone across world are scramming to get them. One other reason why there is such a huge market and people love the Japanese second hand vehicles is that they are more affordable and one can even get a good deal on a recently owned vehicle. Here is a breakdown of some of the reasons why getting second hand vehicles is a good idea;

They Are Dirt Cheap!

Before you ask the common question, why these vehicles come at dirt cheap prices, even more than one can see priced by other vehicle models, be sure that they are are ion good shape and form. There are a number of reasons and things that makes the Japanese second hand vehicles so cheap, and one of the reasons this happens is that Government has ensured that newer vehicles in Japan attracts lower insurance while older ones have a high insurance premium. Due to this fact, people try to save by getting newer vehicles and dumping older ones at a cheap price. So why not hop in and get a cheap vehicle that you can count on and take advantage of this? It is definitely well worth the investment and gives you good value for the money.


Don’t we all love to have a vehicle that we can count on to deliver and serve as the way we want them to? Of course yes. High skilled engineering and expertise is rooted in Japanese auto industry and this is why their vehicles are among the best in the market. They are easy to maintain and one can easily learn how to repair them by themselves which also helps to save a lot of money along the way.


Having a solid vehicle that lasts long is one of the things that we all want. This ensures that you can use the vehicle for a long time. They are well built with solid structures, bodies and chassis that will stand any abuse and work perfectly in the most rugged roads out there. If you are looking to buy a vehicle that will last decades, then there is nowhere else to look other than Japan.

Easy & Low Cost Of Maintenance

Having a vehicle that is easy to maintain and make repairs will save you a lot of hassles and money. The engineering and ingenious technologies used by Japanese automakers makes it easy to repair and replace worn out parts of the vehicle. You can easily master the basics and even the technical part of repairing the vehicle to ensure that you are always ready and all set all the time.

Here are some for the crucial dos and don’ts that many people make every time that they are importing a second hand vehicle from Japan.

Inspect & Do Due Diligence Before Buying

If there is pone big mistake that many of us do is failing to do enough in ensuring that the vehicle is in good shape or not. Besides many other things that one needs to keep in mind when purchasing a vehicle, this is one of the most important ones. And these things will determine whether you will get a good service out of it or not. You need know and understand many things about the vehicle and ask the dealer as much questions as you can. We here at Substar, are among the most reliable dealers who have been in the industry for many years and you will get comprehensive footage of the vehicle while a detailed video footage of specific parts of the vehicle are also available upon request. Doing this can be very beneficial in avoiding faulty vehicles that come and break down.

Some of the most crucial things that one should check on the vehicle so as to ensure they are perfect condition and worth investing in ranges from the tires, the vehicle’s body, paint-work, gear box, engine idle and performance, the hydraulic system. This might seem like a lot of things to check out, but it is really worth it. You can also ask for a detailed mechanical report to know how the vehicle has been used as the maintenance record will detail everything hence you will easily know whether the vehicle has any known issues which you should avoid. You can easily avoid future potential issues that you may not easily see or judge by just looking at the vehicle.

Scams Are All Over


Another important thing that one needs to be very keen on is when making the order. There are lots of people who lose a lot of money to scams and traps from many people who steal money from them believing that they are dealing with a real company. There is no lying that scams are on the rise and anyone out there can become a victim. That said, if a scammer pretends to be owning a car dealership and that they are selling vehicles from Japan, one could easily fall prey and become lured to make a deal without them suspecting anything. Scammers will always make one believe that they have been in business and will do anything to convince person that they are getting a good deal and the offer is usually too sweet which makes it unresistant to many people. Another common type of scam that people fall into is bait and switch, where people get the wrong vehicle than the one they inspected and thought they bought. In order to avoid such types of scams and other similar instances, it is always good to do a thorough background check about the dealer and the company that you intend to work with. Their website details can also tell you a lot which could help you determine whether you are dealing with a legit company and worth working with or not. Other sites such as dealership forums and discussion boards are also a good place to know more about a company and learn about the experiences of other people.

Always Negotiate For The Best Deal

Everything that comes used always offers a room for negotiation and his is true when it comes o vehicles as well. Whether you are importing the vehicle abroad or not, then you can always discuss with the seller and negotiate to get a sweeter deal.

The prices aren’t always fixed like you will find with brand new vehicles and the car dealers and owners no matter where they are will always be willing to compromise and negotiate the price of a vehicle. Failing to take advantage of this will deny you the chance to save tons of cash which you could use to subsidize for the cost of shipping and clearance of the vehicle.

Avoid Faulty Vehicles

While it may make sense to sometimes buy a vehicle to refurbish and make repairs and save a lot of money, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes things go south as they can end up being to expensive to repair. Unless you are a professional who dos this for business and ready to risk, then you should avoid doing this. You should avoid doing this especially if you are still new to buying and importing second hand vehicles. This is usually hard especially if you are importing from Japan or any other country abroad where you cannot physically look at he vehicle to assess it. Doing this could end up becoming prohibitively expensive to make the necessary fixes and adjustments to the vehicle. Always go with second hand vehicles that are in good shape as this will save you the hard stress and hassles of risking on costs.

Final Word:

Now that we have gone through the nightmares and costly mistakes that many of us go through on a regular basis when they are importing or shipping from Japan, isn’t it time you put it to practice? Hopefully, it has been a well worthy guide that will shine enough light and serve as a good source of information to you when you are shopping or importing a second hand vehicle from Japan the easy way.

Be sure to take some time to check out some for the second hand Japanese vehicles that we have listed on our sales page. There are lots of them which ranges from small vans to large dump bed mini trucks that we have vetted and ensured are in perfect shape. Get in touch to learn more about a particular vehicle and how we can help you get the best shipping deals and tricks to save a lot in the process.

The Benefits Of Buying Second Hand Vehicles

Ask anyone why they are buying a second hand car and they will tell you that it is cheap. However, it goes beyond just getting an affordable vehicle and there is more to it that one ought to know. Wherever you choose to buy a car, there are usually advantages of picking a second hand one that has been used by the first or even several owners.

In this guide, we will go through some for the things that makes buying a second hand vehicle more lovable than a brand new car.

Less Depreciation

Besides getting tit with a low price tag, the depreciation of that vehicle is something that you need to put into consideration when buying a car. If you would like to get a vehicle that boasts a lower depreciation rate, then you need to consider getting a second hand one. A vehicle is usually considered to have high depreciation when it is still new and the rate of depreciation decreases as the vehicle ages. This is something that one has to understand when getting a vehicle. You shouldn’t expect a lot in difference when you sell that vehicle as compared to a newer one. A practical example is when you buy a 5 year old vehicle. although it will depreciate, the depreciation rate will be slower than you would expect with a 1 year old car.

There Is Higher Sales Tax On New Cars

While you always consider your pocket when you are getting a vehicle, you need to understand that there is a plus that comes with getting a second hand vehicle. This is because there is usually a high tax rate on newer vehicles as opposed to older and second hand vehicles. Higher tax on a vehicle means that you will have to dig deep into your pocket and this means that you will pay more than just the current value of the vehicle. So, f you would like to get a good deal and value for your money, then it is always best to go second hand. Another thing is that in the US, the registration rate of a vehicle is based on the value of the vehicle which mean that an older vehicle will attract lower registration fees.

Room for Negotiation

Unless you have too much money to spend on a car, you surely would love to get good value for your money and that means negotiating to get the vehicle on a good price you can afford. When buying a brand new car, in most cases, you will find that there is a fixed price on the showroom or dealership out there. Although there are instances where you can negotiate, that room is very limited an could only get a small cut from that price tag. However with the second hand vehicles, whether you are importing it from Japan or even getting it from your local dealership, there is always a big room to compromise and get the vehicle at a lower price than the original set price.

New Doesn’t Always Mean Its Better

The auto industry today has changed and is not like what was in the past century. Today, vehicles are built to go hundreds of thousands of miles, thanks to the ingenious technologies and the repair-ability of these vehicles which makes them go a long way. so, while you can get a brand new car that has all the parts intact for a hefty price, you can get a second hand vehicle that has an equally similar ability and performance yet still get it for a fraction of the cost.

Good For The Environment

Did you know that almost all the emissions of a vehicle happens during the manufacturing and shipment? If you didn’t, then you now know. Advocating and choosing to go with a second hand vehicle does well for the environment as it pushes and discourages more carbon dioxide pollution which has become an issue of climate change. Research also shows a that second hand vehicles less impact the environment as compared to newer hybrid vehicles which should be an eye opener to many people out there. So, if you want to make this world a better and livable place, then you better go for a second hand vehicle.

Tested And Perfected

Sometimes there are errors and issues when you get a new vehicle an this is mostly if the vehicle is a new introduction to the market. Such issues end up with the cars been recalled. And this is yet another place where second hand vehicles win. They have been tested and used over and over which proves that they are excellent and of good quality. so, if you have always been concerned about the quality of the vehicle that you are getting, especially if it is been released to the market for the fist time, the best way to go over it is to simply get a second hand vehicle.

Final Word:

Buying a used car helps you save a ton of money, both when buying, registering it and at times running it. Even though there are some advantages that come with brand new vehicles, most of us can live without them and still get to enjoy many other benefits and advantages of getting a second hand vehicle. Hopefully the pointers highlighted above have shed enough light to show you how getting a second hand car is a good thing.

We have been in the second hand vehicle industry for many years, because we believe in them and the value that they bring. We vet vehicles and inspect them before putting up for sale in our car listing to ensure that we sell the best. We have lots of Japanese used cars which you can check out on the listing page, and if interested, get in touch with us and we will provide you with more details about it.

What They Don’t Tell You About Importing Second Hand Japanese Cars

Anyone who has been in the auto industry doe a while will tell you a lot of good things about the Japanese auto industry. At the moment, there are lots of second hand vehicles that are sourced from the Japanese auto arena. This is not only because they are the largest auto producer in the world, but their vehicles have also stood the test of time and proven to be worth every single penny that is invested.

There are however a lot of things that one should learn about these vehicles and this is all what we are going to be looking at in this article. We will be answering the question, whether they are worth investing on and how to get them easily, even if you are still a beginner and have little knowledge about importing vehicles abroad. Here are the things you need to know about these second hand Japanese cars;

There Are Close to A Dozen Auto Makers In Japan

Japan is the home to the largest automakers in the world and not only are they excellent in what they do, but there are close to a dozen of these companies that work around the clock to compete with each other for the market share. The fact that there are such number of automakers means that there is a good chance of getting a good price on a vehicle. It even gets better for anyone looking for a second hand vehicle as they will obviously come at a cheaper price. Cut down the middle man as this will help you to reduce the costs incurred and make the vehicle purchase a much more affordable one. In fact, the Japanese second hand cars are loved more because they are affordable. And their affordability doesn’t compromise on the quality and performance that one gets as they are excellent and lovable in every way.

Importing them Is Easier Than You Think

If you have always wondered what it takes to import a vehicle from another country, and in this case, from Japan, then you will actually be surprised at how easy it is to import it and have it delivered to your doorstep, regardless of the country you are based in. When you go to a local car dealer, you will only be limited to the number of options. You should also have the understanding that the car dealer is out to make a killing and sometimes this can be a very huge profit. To cut down on the middleman, you can opt to import the vehicle yourself and this is a much easier process than you think. The importation process takes a few weeks and this is after you have shopped and ensured that the vehicle you are getting is what you really want without compromising on anything.

Importing Second Hand From Japan Gives You More Options

An easy way to get a second hand Japanese vehicle is to buy it from your local dealer, Right? While this is the case for many people in many countries, it is high time that you consider getting it shipped or you. With the understanding of how easy it is to ship and the many options that you will get shopping through many vehicles in Japanese car yards, you will actually get a better deal and a vehicle that you have always wanted. This is contrary to getting the vehicle from your local dealer who limits you with only a few options that you may not like. some people end up buying the vehicle they find, even with flaws and regardless of the condition that they are in, simply because there is no other better option that they have. so, why not import the vehicle yourself? Although there are a number of paper-work and probably a few weeks wait, it is actually worth it because you will have the vehicle hat you have always wanted and one that meets all your preferences.

Always Watch Out For Scams

4 x 4 mini truck Perhaps if there is something that must be clearly highlighted is the rise of internet scammers who are also in the auto industry and when one is not so careful, they could fall prey to these scams ending up losing their hard earned money. Being watchful and more vigilant is however something that one can easily take care of and smoothly get the vehicle that they want without much worries. Here is how to avoid the common scams that are on the rise when buying second hand from Japan.
-Always investigate and dig up as much information as you can from the auto dealer that is selling to you.
-Avoid using flawed transaction methods and mediums such as Western Union which can be a big pain.
-Work with trustworthy sellers who have a good recommendation and track record in the industry.
-Avoid anything that looks fishy as it probably is a scam and will end up scamming you of your money. After all, there are lots of other companies out there, so why risk it all in one fishy one?
-Always watch out for bait and switch scammers who can sell you a vehicle that you did no want or wasn’t presented to you.

Final Word:

It turns out that getting a second hand cars from Japan is pretty much easier than what most of us have always perceived to be a tedious and a lengthy process that is only for professionals and import agencies. There are also a lot of goodies that come with importing a second hand vehicle by yourself since you get more options to choose from at a bargain.

If you are looking for a second hand Japanese vehicle to buy, then the bets place to start with would be our car listing page where we have a lot of them waiting for you. From Japanese mini trucks, mini vans and other vehicles, you will find them all in there. and we are pretty sure that you will love the service you get from us.

New Vs. Second Hand Mini Van

If you are serious about getting a good vehicle, then a Japanese mini van is something that you may want to look into. Japanese mini trucks are good vehicles that one can rely on if you find yourself against a wall trying to decide to get a vehicle that is both reliable and of good quality. If you find yourself with such needs, then you are not alone. Although each and every person has their own way of deciding on whether to choose a new vehicle or an older one, Japanese mini vans have always stood the test of time and emerged champions in their own right. Regardless, there are number of things that one needs to consider when they are making this decision.

If still unsure of the kind of car or vehicle that you should get, below are some of the pointers that you should keep in mind.

Very Reliable

Reliability is something that everyone must be careful and keen on to ensure that they are getting good value for their investment. Choosing between a new and second hand vehicle, is always considered that a newer version is excellent in terms of performance, reliability and dependability which is simply because because they have every part on it being new, which simply means that you can only expect superior performance from the vehicle.

Pricing sometimes doesn’t matter though and one may have to compromise on the quality of service and this is when you are getting a second hand vehicle. If you are willing to compromise on this, then getting a second hand vehicle is worth giving a shot. Again, there are lots of vehicles that are used, yet have a new-like performance, simply because they have been well maintained and taken care of.

Low Cost Of Acquisition

All of us love to bargain and spend as little as possible on a vehicle? Despite this, however, you need to see beyond the price tag and ensure that you are getting something of good quality and overall good value for the money. When it comes to getting newer vehicles, there is little that one can do in terms of bargaining and trying to get the price down. This is because every vehicle in its new state has a fixed cost (markup price) which simply means that there is little or no room to bargain or negotiate the price. When it comes to second hand vehicles, you will be getting it from the owner or their sales representative and the price of the vehicle will depend on a number of things giving you room to negotiate and compromise on several things.

The general rule of thumb here is that the older the vehicle is, the lower the expected price on it. This may however mean that there are chances of having the vehicle getting faulty or less reliable. Anyone who is therefore looking to get the mini truck with affordability being your main factor, you should consider getting a second hand mini van. When you import it directly from Japan it is easier to get better deal than buying locally keeping in mind that someone is going to make profit out of it. So why buy it that way when you can simply import it and get it in a mater of weeks?

Easy To Maintain And Repair

Don’t we all dislike the vehicles that need a lot of attention when it comes to maintenance and repairs? Everyone choosing between a second hand vehicle and a brand will find that they differ much. Keeping in mind that a brand new vehicle has all the parts intact, it is expected that they will last longer and with better maintenance and regular checking.

When it comes to dealing with Japanese mini vans and mini trucks, one will realize that it is both easy and cheap to maintain and run them. Saying and concluding that new vehicles are in a better position or have better guarantee of been good in terms of requiring and needing repairs more often is justifiable. However, there are some used vehicles too which have been well taken care of yet still come at a bargain. To get them though, you will have to do your due diligence and really check out the vehicle inside out.

Technology And Advancement

The next thing that you’d want to be keen on when choosing between a new car or a second hand one is the technology at the present time. It is obvious that newer vehicles will have better or advanced technologies than the older ones since cars keep advancing every single day. Therefore it will be up to you to decide whether you need a brand new vehicle that has better advancement or whether you could settle for an older or a second hand mini van that you could compromise on a few things. When you answer that question, you will be at ease on deciding on whether you need a used vehicle or one that is new.

Technology is something that keeps changing every time and so far, the auto industry is at its best with vehicles that have some of the most sophisticated features. One should be able to decide whether the technology is worth investing on not.

Final Word:

If you are confused on whether you should get a brand new or a second hand Japanese mini van, then above are some of the things that you need to keep in mind. They will help you in deciding on the kind of mini van to get and what to expect from it. The major factors to consider is of course the quality, performance, cost and condition of the mini van that you are getting especially if it is second hand. You should now easily make a more informed decision on which of the vehicle you should be getting.

Be sure to check out some of the second hand mini vans that are in our inventory and we will provide you with more detailed information that you would like to know.

Second Hand Japanese Mini Vans To Avoid At All Cost

There is a high demand for the second hand Japanese mini vans and other vehicles and this is simply because they are affordable, reliable and good when it comes to performance. almost anywhere you go, whichever country, tracing the majority of the vehicles on the road will always lead you to Japan and the trend is not going to slow any time soon. Many people love them and getting these vehicles is becoming easier by the day. Today, with sales agencies like Substar, you can shop for your vehicle and close the deal online and have your vehicle delivered to you in a matter of weeks depending on where you are.

However, not all of these vehicles can be trusted to deliver. Some will be a nightmare if you do not know what to do or how to get the right one. In this guide, we will go through some of the Japanese mini vans that you need to avoid. Following this guide, will help you ensure that whatever you are getting is the best value for your money.

Japanese Mini Vans To Avoid

Here are crucial pointers to avoid and be cautious on when picking the right vehicle to import from Japan.

Watch Out For Scams

There is no doubt that scams are all over and the auto industry has in the past gotten worse with many people being victims of online scams and bait and switch scams. Like any other industry, you have to be extra cautious when doing transactions and business through the internet. Failure to do so, will put you at risk of losing a lot of money.

One of the most common ways in which people fall prey to scammers is by misrepresentation where the scammer pretend to be a legitimate business in Japan who present vehicles to the unsuspecting buyer who will only realize later that they have been conned when the money has already gone.  This kind of scam is very common and one needs to be very watchful to avoid anything that seems shady. You should always remember that when the deal seems unrealistic or too good to be true, it probably is.

Salvaged Mini Vans

One other thing that many people always fall prey to is the irresistible price tags on salvaged vehicles. These vehicles are priced to go and anyone will get them at throw away prices. But have you ever asked yourself why these vehicles come at a very cheap price? any vehicle that has had an accident on the road is not as good or reliable as you would expect a brand new or a normal second hand vehicle would. First off, the reasons why it got in an accident is something that you need to question and get the answers to. If it was a mechanical problem, then chances are that they still have the problem or they are expected to have such a problem in the foreseeable future.

Such vehicles should be avoided at all costs. Although the prices on them are tempting, don’t even think of getting one to go and do maintenance and repairs. The could end up being a very big headache and costing you a lot of money int he process. To be on the safe side, just go with a second hand vehicle that has not been damaged or involved in an accident before.

Poorly Maintained Vehicles

One of the most important things that you should keep an eye on wherever you are buying a second have vehicle, whether it is a Japanese mini van or any other kind of vehicle is to ensure that it has gone through good maintenance int he past. A good mechanical report or anything to prove how it was been maintained is something that you need to get from the seller.

From the physical appearance of the body to inspecting under the hood of the vehicle, everything should be impressive. Avoid any vehicle that the seller seems to have something to hide, because whatever they do not want to share could be the very reason they want to get rid of the vehicle. And that is a nightmare that you do not want to get with the vehicle. A good seller will also give you a walk-through and provide you with photo footage of whatever you need and at times even give you a video walk-though of the vehicle including how the vehicle runs.

Avoid High Mileage Vehicles

Many new car buyers probably don’t know much of the car mileage and why it maters when it comes to getting a second hand vehicle. The reason why it matters is because it has an effect on the performance and how long the vehicle will serve you. A high mileage vehicle shows that the vehicle has been in service and been used over a long period than those that have a low mileage.

Since vehicles that have high mileage have been used for long, they have a high likelihood of being faulty and their parts getting worn out more. As such, it is always important to keep in mind the fact that the higher the mileage, the lower the quality and the higher the chances of getting a breakdown. In other words, you should be ready to spend more on maintaining a high mileage vehicle as much as you would expect from a low mileage vehicle.

Final Word:

Now that you have a better understanding and a clearer picture of the kind of vehicle that you should avoid and which one you should be getting, you can easily buy a vehicle knowing which one will serve you well and which one to avoid at all cost. This guide comes in handy especially for people who are buying vehicles online where they are not seeing the vehicle physically and have to rely on the sheet and what they see in photos and videos.

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How To Maintain A Japanese Mini Van The Easy Way

Are you looking to buy a new mini van from Japan? Japanese mini vans are uniquely designed to resemble the old golden combi and they are just awesome in many ways. Many people are importing these mini trucks from all corners of the globe, but there is only one thing that gives them a hard time and that is how to maintain it. Since most people are still new to the mini, many of them are still trying to find out how to take care of the vehicle to get the best out of it. In this guide, we will got through those tips and ways of maintaining Japanese mini vans to have a long way with it.


But first, here are some of the reasons why people are going for these mini vans;


Want a vehicle that will live you good service without easily breaking down  or needing repairs and maintenance every now and then? The Japanese mini vans have gone through some of the best auto engineering in the world and the evidence is in plain sight.


These vehicles might not be most powerful when it comes to horsepower, but it has proven to have enough power to do the common day to day routine work. all in all, Japanese mini vans are among the most reliable vehicles that you can count on to deliver.

Affordability & Low Cost of Running

Ask anyone who wants to buy a car and you will learn that they all want to spend less on a vehicle. That shouldn’t always be the first thing to look at when buying a vehicle, especially when you are importing a second hand one. Japanese mini vans have proven to be among the best and most affordable options that offer good value for the money.

Running the vehicles have also proven and shown to be one of the most affordable to run and maintain. They are very economical when it comes to fuel consumption yet they are great when it comes to performance. So, if you are looking for a vehicle that will not give you a hard time to maintain, then this is one that is worth considering.

Efficiency and Performance

The fact that these vehicles come at half the cost of what you will buy in the market makes it sound like they are of low quality and not as good as people say. However, these mini vans have stood the test of time and proven to have all it takes to be called an efficient and high performance vehicle. As compared to many vehicles in the market of its class, mini vans will come in as a champ in many instances. Be it camping or any other outdoors or using it for shipping stuff around, this is a good option worth considering. If you are looking for an affordable vehicle to use with your family, then this is an ideal choice that prides itself with high efficiency and performance.

Maintaining A Japanese Mini Van

here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when maintaining your second hand Japanese mini van to get the best service out of it for a long time.

Gather Manuals & Do Repairs Yourself

If there is something that many experienced car owners do is to do maintenance to their own vehicles. It is not because they are too experienced, but they learn how to do that. Basic things like changing oil and regular greasing should be in your fingertips in a short time. Repairs and maintenance should also be something you do on your own. Although this can take some time, you can learn your way up by gathering manuals of the vehicle and learning basic things bit by bit. This is a good way of ensuring that you avoid mechanic and repair shop scams and ensure that everything is done to perfection. Besides that you will also be cutting down on lots of expenses which would have costed you a lot.

Maintain & Change Oil Regularly

One of the things that you will realize with the Japanese mini vans is that they can go a very long way without needing maintenance and repairs. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore it. Every vehicle has its own elastic limit and you don’t want that to catch up with you with a broken down axle or a part that could have remained in its best condition if it were maintained earlier.

In simple terms, the sooner you maintain your vehicle and the more regularly you keep doing it, you will avoid spending more during breakdowns.

Work With A Trusted Mechanic

If you have been owning a car for a while then you already know how the trend works. You don’t just keep switching a mechanic every time you need a repair and maintenance. If you are still new and haven’t learned a lot about your vehicle and still can’t make the repairs yourself, then you need to work with one trusted mechanic who has specialized in that vehicle.

This way you will be sure that your vehicle is getting the best attention and that you will also be getting good deal on the service for being a regular customer.

Final Word

There are many reasons why the Japanese mini vans are getting traction and becoming very common in the streets today. Reliability and performance are just among the things that make them stand out and become loved by many people. Besides that they are very affordable and cheap to run and maintain. Who wouldn’t want such a car? Of course everyone would want such a car.

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Challenges To Expect When Importing Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

If you are like millions of people across the globe who admire Japanese engineering and the incredible performance of their auto machines, then you may want to get yourself one. It is one of the leading automakers and home to dozens of top industry vehicle brands. Whether you are looking for a second hand mini truck, a mini van or any other vehicle, Japan has plenty to offer. However, you have to be extra cautious when shipping or importing your second hand vehicles from Japan. Some of them might not be exactly what you expect and at times, you could go through too much hassles before getting your vehicle delivered. In this guide, we will go through some of the challenges and things to look out for when choosing a second hand vehicle from Japan. This will help you get a good quality vehicle at a good price.

Beware Of Cons

How keen are you when buying a second hand vehicles? Fraudsters are all over and you need to be extra cautious when buying a vehicle overseas. You should also beware of the payment option you choose. If the payment requirements by the seller sounds fishy, then avoid it and consider another option. While it is riskier getting something that has been used, it is also an affordable option. And there are plenty of good ones that will give you good value for your money as compared to getting a new one.

Instances of bait and switch are to be expected in every market and when getting your second hand vehicle from Japan, this is something that you have to be extra cautious about. Not always will you get what you see in photos and sometimes it is very important to ask for a video walk-though of the video to give you better understanding and also learn more on the vehicle performance.

Getting Overcharged For Shipping And Duty

We all love to spend less when buying something. However, when importing a second hand vehicle from Japan, you need to be extra cautious and keen on the pricing and charges that you will incur in the process. Otherwise, you could end up paying a lot of money that could make the whole importation process too expensive and unrealistic.  Some of the things that you should be keen on is the shipping costs which includes transporting the vehicle from the sales point to the ship and the shipment costs.

It is always recommended to use a known courier or work with the seller of the vehicle to get the best deals that will cut down the costs. You should also do a importation expense research before the whole process so that you know what to expect and which tricks you can employ to lower the expenses.

Getting Non-Street Legal Vehicle

Imagine getting a vehicle from across the world, only to find out that you cannot drive it on the road as you expected. Every state have their own laws and regulations on street legal vehicles and as such, you should know what you are getting before hand and whether you will be able to use it for your intended purposes. Age limit on vehicles is the most important and crucial factor used in many states. You should know the age limitation and requirements in your state before you consider importing a vehicle abroad.

One of the things that you should be very keen to look at before even thinking of importing a vehicle are the state’s regulations and the kind of vehicles that are street legal. This will help you avoid spending too much on something that you will not use. Although it isn’t a common thing to find people getting vehicles that they cannot use, it happens sometimes.

What You See Isn’t Necessarily What You Get

Although you cannot test drive a vehicle since it is overseas, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that the vehicle you are getting is exactly what you expect. One needs to understand that a second hand vehicle might have had problems or mechanical damages that are sometimes hard to resolve. You need to request photos and video demonstration of some of the critical parts of the vehicle that you feel necessary. Through this, you will also get to learn more about the engine, gearbox and other things that are hidden under the hood.

One should avoid buying or importing from a company that doesn’t offer such kind of demonstration and proof before buying. You should get all the details that you need clarified and hat is the way you get what you see. One should also avoid companies that have poor reputation or those that are still new. This is simply to avoid fraudulent and being victims of getting a vehicle that isn’t in their expectation. If you do not have experience and don’t know what to look for in a vehicle, then you can simply hire or request an experience mechanic to help you select and analyze a vehicle before you buy it.

Final Word

Importing second hand vehicles from Japan is something that many people do. It is a good alternative to whelp you save tons of investment as compared to getting a new local vehicle. Besides that, you are getting a good quality vehicle with a proven track record and performance. With the guide above, you should be able to avoid some of the most common issues that most importers face and cut down tons of expenses.

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Costly mistakes That New Time Car Importers Do

Is it your first time to import a car from another country? If you haven’t done this before and you are confused on what to do, then this guide is for you. There are lots of mistakes that many new car buyers do when they are importing a car for their first time and you may want to avoid them so that you avoid overspending and also getting a poor quality vehicle than you expect. It is also worth mentioning that importing from another country could come with many surprises if you are not experienced with how the importing works. These mistakes are however controllable and by been keen, one will not incur any extra expenses. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid in the import process;

Ensure The Vehicle Is State Compliant

Different countries and states have their own rules which could affect how those vehicles are run. While some states allow certain vehicle, others have stricter conditions which must be met. The most common restrictions and conditions that one should most adhere to is the age of the vehicle. Some vehicles are allowed to run under certain roads depending on their date of manufacture among other restrictions. To ensure that your vehicle complies to the state set rules and regulations, you need to consult and ensure that whatever you are buying meets those conditions. Otherwise you could end up buying a vehicle that you cannot drive or use within your country.

In some situations, one could be forced to return the vehicle and others could even go to the point of destroying it, depending on the country and the laws. This is the last thing that you’d want to happen to you because it could cost you a lot of money.  Although situations like these are rare, I doesn’t mean that they do no happen. Therefore, you should have the checklist and ensure that whatever you are getting will work for you.

Do Your Research And Ascertain The Price And Charges

Everything has sit’s price, but that doesn’t mean that the price tag is always fixed. In many instances when buying a vehicle, either locally or importing it, you will have the chance to negotiate the price of a vehicle. It is always important to do thorough research to know the price tag of a vehicle even from other dealers so that you can get the vehicle at the bets price possible. Perhaps one of the reasons why people love Japanese cars is because they are affordable and reliable. As compared to the skyrocketing car prices, this might as well be the best way to get good value for your money.

Doing your math and also knowing what to expect in terms of charges, costs and taxes is also something that you ought to be keen on. This will help you have a clear financial budget and help you to avoid overspending on unexpected charges which you did not know of before.

And you don’t have to buy the lies that your local car dealer tells you. Most of them want you to believe that buying a vehicle abroad is complicated and attracts a lot of costs. While it involves some processes, you can do all this in the comfort of your home by letting a broker take care of everything.

Unless you have too much money to not care, negotiating the price of a vehicle before buying is something that you need to do.

Failing To Inspect the Vehicle Thoroughly

Yet another mistake that many gives many people regrets is failing to inspect and do a thorough overview of the vehicle before they place their order. Many people fail to realize that a vehicle could have hidden defects that cannot be seen by just looking at the vehicle outer impression. You need to ask for a clear review of other parts including the engine, gear box and even under the vehicle. A video review should also be something worth considering so that you can see how the vehicle starts and idles.

If you are inexperienced in this or do not know what to look for to ascertain whether the vehicle is in good condition, then calling for assistance from a friend who knows more won’t hurt. People have different reasons of selling their cars and the last thing that you’d want to buy is junk that the owner is dumping to get rid of.

Here at Substar, we engage our highly skilled professionals to analyze and inspect a vehicle condition before we list them in our inventory. This assures our customers that they are not just getting a random vehicle but one that has been thoroughly vetted to meet the required standards and expectations.

Final Word

Importing a vehicle from another country could be one of those golden moments when it comes to both getting the vehicle at a bargain as well as getting a variety to choose from. For instance, in our inventory where we have Japanese mini trucks and minivans, you would hardly come across such a huge inventory that will give you a variety of vehicles to choose from in your local county. As such, you should take advantage of importing it from Japan. And just in case you are worried and thinking that it is expensive and tedious importing, you will be amazed at how the while process is fast and painless.

Here at Substar Inc, we specialize in Japanese vehicles mostly the mini trucks and minivans. If you are therefore looking for a high quality vehicle to import from Japan, then you can confidently get in touch with us and we will make arrangements for you to get the vehicle nd we will also assist you with getting the vehicle shipped to you. You can also get in touch with us if you would like to take advantage of the Japanese car auction houses and we will help you get a clean and quality vehicle for a sweet deal. Get in touch with us today and we will help you out with finding a vehicle and the import tasks.