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The Japanese mini tucks, otherwise known as the kei trucks are very popular vehicles which sells and gets used for different purposes across the globe. The vehicles are well made with performance and efficiency in mind. Besides that, the vehicles are known and loved for their low maintenance and fuel consumption. The Kei truck has […]

Are you looking to do a mini truck engine swap as part of your maintenance routine? Well, if so making an engine swap would help you achieve better results and performance. This is mostly the reason why many people would want to make an engine swap. In this guide, we will cover some of the […]

Anyone who has been in the motoring world and always watched out for the latest in the auto world must have by now known or at least heard of the Japanese mini truck. These vehicles stand the test of time and have been used across the globe for a wide range of applications. But how […]

Is mini truck street legal? that is a question that many people across the United States, Canada, New Zealand and all over keep asking themselves. . The Japanese mini trucks have stood the test of time and become a favorite off-road vehicle for many people across the globe. However, one of the biggest questions and […]