Monthly Archives: December 2020

Are you looking for a vehicle that you can use for outdoor excursions and adventures? If so, we have prepared this guide for you. Sometimes finding the right vehicle can be a big challenge and can take a lot of time. Off road vehicles are specialized vehicles which have been modified and modeled to easily […]

There are plenty of mini trucks that one can find in the market for sale, but finding a good one that is cheap can prove to be very difficult. The ones that have flooded the market with cheap prices are usually flawed, tool old, overused and sometimes revived vehicles that had been totaled. So, where […]

The mini tucks are amazing vehicles that have outstanding performance, efficiency and fuel economy. These are not the only things that makes these vehicles stand out from the crowd. Their hard body, stability and maneuverability are other things that better makes them lovable by the millions of users across the globe. So, if you are […]

Suzuki is a renowned brand across the globe and their models of vehicles have stood the test of time. These vehicles do not disappoint and having one of them is a great investment. If you still do not have the Suzuki mini tuck which is one of the best selling mini trucks in the market, […]

Kei trucks are also known as the Japanese mini truck and are among the best lightweight off road vehicles hat one can get in the market. These vehicles have been around for decades and have been getting improved with time. But despite being amazing vehicles, they are vehicles and like any other machine they are […]

Are you a fun of outdoors and love spending time in the wild adventuring and exploring? To make your exploration and adventure a success, you need to make sure that you have the right gear and also the perfect vehicle that is capable of handling the rugged roads and tough terrain. Unfortunately, there are only […]

Do you want to sell your mini truck or trade it in for a new one? There comes a time when all of us feel the need to change the vehicle that we have and that can mean disposing it. Sometimes it is very hard to sell the vehicle especially if it is your first […]

Japan mini trucks, or kei trucks as they are known locally are among some of the trendiest vehicles that one can count on to deliver. These vehicles were originally designed for the local Japanese market and have since been adopted and used in many other countries. Their history spans decades of engineering and perfection which […]

If you are in the market for Β new vehicle and need something that you can use to carry loads, then you need to consider the Japanese mini trucks. Mini mini truck as they are often called by many people due to its appearance and model style have stood the test of time and with the […]

Need to carry some cargo regularly and do not have the right vehicle to help you do that? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you. Mini vans are vehicles that have stood the test of time and come in handy in many ways. There are many other vehicles that one may want to consider, but considering […]