Japanese Mini Truck (Kei Truck) Specifications – Understanding Kei Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have become the talk of the town everywhere you go. But how much do you really know about the Kei truck? Are they that reliable, or economical? Are they really as good as people say that they are? Well, to find out more about them, you need a well documented guide on Japanese mini truck specifications.

Below we will highlight some of the top mini truck specifications and details that you need to know about the Kei truck before you go ahead and invest in one. But before that, here are some of the things that has made people laud about them so much.


Performance is the sole characteristic that defines a vehicle. What good is a vehicle that has poor performance? For you to get something good out of your vehicle, then you need to make sure that the mechanics at play are in your favor. The vehicle needs to show good performance. If you expect to be carrying different loads and cargo using the vehicle, then it should demonstrate good performance all through. Otherwise, you will not get good value for the money.

Fuel Economy

Don’t we all want to drive economical vehicles that can run for long before needing to be refueled? Of course we do. Another thing that you will hear people praise the Japanese mini truck for is its amazing fuel economy and ability to take in little furl and be able to cover long distances while doing that. With fuel prices going up and becoming unpredictable, then it would be a good thing to find a vehicle that is economical in terms of fuel intake.

An economical vehicle in terms of fuel also means that there is less carbon emission. Although it is just one vehicle, it is a good cause towards the environment.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance of a vehicle can become a nightmare if it keeps breaking down and needing to go to the garage all the time. If you have been around vehicles for a long time, then you know that the top priority and thing that you need to about a vehicle before you buy it is how easy it is to maintain and how likely does the vehicle model break down often.

When it comes to the Japanese mini trucks, they stand out in this aspect. They are lauded for their low cost of maintenance and repair, something that is hard to come by. so, if you need a vehicle that you can count on, then this is one you need to get.

Having looked at some of the reasons why these vehicles stand out and are loved by many people, lets look at the Japanese mini truck specifications which should give you better understanding of the vehicle.

Japanese Mini Truck Specifications

Below are mini truck specifications and characteristics that should help you better understand the Kei trucks.


The mini tucks come in a variety of designs and modeling. There are over 10 generations which the mini trucks from different car makers come in. There has been different diversification and model changes which are mostly meant to make the vehicle more functional, convenient and flexible in different operations. Mini trucks have no distinct or standard size that we can put on the mini trucks simply because there are different modifications, although they are all designed to be spacious, slim and compact.


The weight of the mini trucks has also been changing based on the different models over the years. This is clearly due to the fact that there are different engine, gear box and other parts that have been improved over the years which is a process that could see an increase in molds and other vehicle body parts. Despite the weight varying, it is worth mentioning that you can expect it to be around 600 to 780 Kg depending on the year and model of the vehicle. This is also taking in mind the different customization that the mini truck may take.


The Japanese auto industry is loved and adored by many for their meticulous engineering. Their vehicles stand out. Take the mini truck’s engine for instance. The engines are designed and tweaked to push out amazing performance. The mini tucks are designed to be powered by petrol engine, although there are some that customized to use diesel. The vehicle is made with a 1.3 petrol engine that is very efficient.

Fuel Consumption

We all need to be cautious of the vehicles that we are getting in terms of fuel efficiency. As aforementioned, the Japanese mini trucks are powered by a 1.3 liter petrol engine which is enough to make the vehicle push amazing performance. whether it is for business use where you expect to be making deliveries, or for personal use, you will generally find the mini truck vehicles to be very economical.

If you are therefore looking fro a good vehicle that you can rely on to take in less fuel and give you amazing performance, you shouldn’t look any further than the Kei mini trucks.

Vehicle Seating

The mini trucks have been designed to seat 2 people as it is made to look like the standard pick up truck. However, if you are purposely looking for an equally similar vehicle that offers more seating space, especially if you need one for the family, then you may want to check out their mini van variants. It is simply an offering for the people who want something different based on their needs.

Final Word

Japanese mini trucks have stood he test of time and emerged champions in their own right. Getting yourself one of these vehicles would be an excellent move. They are very energy efficient, economical and above all will help you get good performance out of the small 1.3 liter petrol engines that they run on.

Hopefully, our mini truck specifications guide will help you make an informed decision on the mini trucks an whether you should be buying them. check out our listing page for some that are on sale.

I want Trucks – How To Get Your Perfect Japanese Mini Truck

Are you in the market searching for a Japanese mini truck that you can buy? The best way to find a Japanese mini truck is not to go for the locally sold ones. Although you may need to get your mini truck fast and stress-free, there are many multiple ways that you can get the mini truck of your dream. It can be really hard for someone to find their perfect truck if they depending on their location. My guess is that you will go to Craigslist or some other classified site, but you are only surprised to find a few options on sale which is something you may not have expected.

In this comprehensive guide we will try to answer and help people who are always looking for mini trucks to buy. Here we go;

What If I Want Trucks to Import?

Actually importing a mini truck for yourself is the bets way that you can be assured of a good deal. It may take a little bit longer as compared to a mini truck that you would get an drive off with in your local backyard, but there are a lot of advantages that you could get when you opt to get the mini truck imported from Japan. And don’t even be discouraged or made to think that the import process is as hard as they wan you to believe.

One thing that you need to know is that the mini truck dealers you find locally, are really making a lot of money by importing and selling it to you. But did you know that you can get your vehicle shipped, cleared and on the road within just a month? Only if you are patient a little bit, you would get yourself the perfect vehicle, and at a very low price as you could have used. S, why not get your mini truck yourself?

What If I want trucks That Are In Perfect Condition?

One of the perks of opting to import your mini truck is that you ill get lots of options which you will get to compare. The option of buying the mini tuck is a better one since locally, you will only be limited, and in most cases will have to be forced to go with the one that you can find. With the power of the internet, you can browse different Japanese classified or opt to work with an exporting company like we do here at Substar. Always ask for more details and even a record of the vehicle before you decide to buy it. That way, you can be sure that the vehicle you get will deliver on your expectations.

Final Verdict

Japanese mini trucks are among the best vehicles that even many people consider to be the perfect alternative to pick up tucks. You can use it to carry different loads, do deliveries among many other things.

Check out some of the best selling mini trucks in our listing page and get on touch with us so that we can help you with the acquisition as well as shipping of the vehicle. We sell to dozens of customers across the globe every year.

Comparing Truck With Car Performance – Which Is The Best?

Have you ever asked yourself of a comparison between a truck with car could really pan out? And by trucks, we mean the Japanese mini trucks, because obviously, there are lots of comparisons out there which tend to compare pick up tuck with cars. But here we do it differently. And obviously, we are doing this because we deal in mini trucks, otherwise known as the kei trucks. The kei mini trucks are a breed of vehicles that are initially designed and suited for both urban and rural settings which makes them very versatile. They can be used in multiple purposes which can range from carrying different types of lightweight goods, doing deliveries and even as use in moving around to run day to day operations.

So, which one should you go with between truck and cars? It is also worth mentioning that cars is the basic vehicle like the sedans and saloons in this case.

For Family Use

If you have a family, then you need a vehicle that can accommodate you all. It is worth noting that mini trucks carry 2 people while sedans carry up to 5 people comfortably. That said, you will be able to determine which one is more ideal to get depending on the size or the family or the number of people you expect to be carrying.

For General Use

Are you in the market for a vehicle that can be used to carry people as well as use to carry other loads and use it for you job that involves delivery? Sedans, saloons and other smaller vehicles can carry people. However, their disadvantage is that there is very limited room and space to carry lots o stuff. On the other end, the mini truck which can accommodate 2 or 3 people can carry lots of things. That said, it is clear that the mini truck comes with more advantages as a vehicle for general use.

All Weather Use

Do you need a vehicle that you can use to maneuver and move around when the weather is unpredictable? If so, then you definitely need to get yourself something that is more powerful, raised. And in this case, the mini truck will be the best option to go with since a salon car will not withstand bad weather, unless it is a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Clearly, after looking at the various applications to which these vehicles can be used, the need can vary depending on where you live and the intended use. Fro general use and if you need a vehicle that can easily maneuver any terrain, then the mini truck is a good option to consider. However it might not be the best choice for a family setting that needs to carry more people.

Final Word

Mini truck with cars have some similarities in that they can be used to do small deliveries and carry passengers. But their distinct designs makes one of them more capable of some things than the other.

Take some time to check out some of the best mini trucks on sale over here. We always help our customers with any queries that they may have, so be sure to check them out and get in touch with us if you have anything to ask about a particular vehicle of interest.

Used Dump Body Trucks For Sale – Why You Need To Buy It!

If you have always wanted to get your hands on a Japanese mini tuck, then this guide is for you. The Japanese mini trucks which often comes in different models and designs have become very popular across the globe. They have been used as delivery, travel and for many other different purposes. These vehicles are reliable to say the least and you shouldn’t hesitate to get yourself one of these. The dump body trucks are for instance one of the best selling models and their reputation speaks for themselves.

In this guide we will go through the used dump body trucks for sale as reliable vehicles, but let us try to first find out why these vehicles stand out from the crowd.

Why Dump Body Trucks Stand Out

Below are some of the reason why you should consider getting yourself a mini truck, specifically the dump body truck.

High Performance

Performance is everything in a vehicle, and the mini tuck surely do not disappoint. They have stood the test of time over the year and are loved by many people for their capabilities which makes them applicable in many different uses. From carrying farm produce to construction material and making deliveries, you can surely count on them.

Unparalleled Reliability

Besides performance, a good vehicle should be capable of delivering good reliability. It should be able to carry out the neccessaary tasks at at times without any issues. The Japanese mini truck have been lauded by many industry experts and users for their unparalleled reliability. It is therefore something that you can count on when it comes to doing pretty much any light to medium tasks.

Excellent fuel Economy

Being a lightweight vehicle that is made with a smaller sized engine, this vehicle requires less fuel to run. It has an impressive mile per gallon fuel consumption a compared to many other comparisons like the mini truck.

So, if you are looking for a vehicle that you can count on in terms of fuel economy, then this is a good one to consider.

Super Body Build

The Japanese industry is known to produce some of the best selling vehicles across the globe. Their engineering and expertise spans decades and this simply tells you the experience that goes into building the mini trucks for instance.

Dump body trucks are made with solid body and sturdy chassis which makes it very strong and dependable even under heavy usage in all weather roads.

Final Word

Japanese mini tucks are regarded as one of the best vehicles in the lightweight vehicle category. Their incredible performance and engineering at play is just amazing. If you have always wanted a vehicle that you can use for light to medium duty tasks that involves hauling, carrying goods or making delivery, the dump body trucks and the mini trucks in general should be among the top in your priority list.

Be sure to check out some of the dump body trucks in out listing page. We will help you get more details on the truck you are interested in and also help you have a smooth shipping process regardless o where you are.

Mini Truck UTV Comparison – Differences Between Top Off-Roaders

Mini trucks are popular, and there is really no debate about that. But UTVs are also very popular and they stand out in a way. However, they are both good off-road vehicles, and sometimes one can ask themselves which one is the right one to get. They are distinct vehicles, but being ultimate off-roaders that can be used even in the roughest and poorest of roads, they could b compared. In this guide, we will go through a comparison of Mini Truck UTV to determine which one you should consider going for.

Mini Trucks Overview

Mini trucks, also known as Japanese kei trucks or simply kei trucks are one of the best vehicles under 1,000 cc. This means that it has a smaller engine and the fuel intake is much less and makes the vehicle very economical. This is when you factor in the performance, fuel economy and usability which is actually at an amazing level. Mini truck shave proven to be amazing in many ways. This including its use n delivery, carrying light to medium weight loads while the mini truck variants like mini vans can be used to travel from one place to another. These vehicles have proven to be the ultimate go to vehicle for light to medium duty jobs. They have in many occasions been compared to pick up trucks, which tells you how amazing they can really be.

So, if you are in need of a vehicle that you can use to carry loads or use to travel around with much ease, then the mini tuck is one that will not disappoint.

UTV Vehicles

UTV (Utility Task Vehicles) have always been a popular and the go-to kind of vehicles for many people. These vehicles are made with customized agility and ability to go almost anywhere that its wheels can step. Everything from the body to the wheels have been made to endure and maneuver any kind of terrain with ease. The most common type of UTV is the side by side UTV which

The UTV is designed to carry between 2 to 4 people depending on the model and design. Although most people use it for recreational and fun outdoor activities, there are many applications where a UTV will come in handy. One of them would be to go hunting with it.

The Mini Truck UTV comparison is very surprising. Even with the mini tuck being bigger, the mini truck is better in terms of fuel efficiency. The UTV covers 12-15 Mpg while the mini tuck can deliver between 40 to 55 mpg.

The mini tuck is also a well suited all weather vehicle since it has a covered top as compared to the open design of the UTV which limits one when it is snowy or rainy.

Perhaps the most significant difference where the UTV beats the mini truck is with maneuverability since it is smaller. Otherwise, the mini truck emerges the winner and s a preferred choice for many.

Final Word

Hopefully our Mini Truck UTV comparison has helped you decide on which one you should be going for. For long, these vehicles have stood out and despite their different body designs, there are many instances where one has a hard time choosing between the two. Mini truck clearly has its fair share of advantages and overshadows the UTV.

Be sure to check out out listing page for some high quality mini trucks worth considering.

Mini Truck Buying Guide – Choosing The Right Mini Truck

If you have always been keen on the auto industry, then you already know about mini truck, an how they have been making waves. These Japanese Kei truck vehicles have been around for a long time and with their incredible and dependable service, you can always count on them for performance. It doesn’t really matter whether you have an old mini truck or a brand new one. Although the service and performance may differ based on how well a vehicle has been maintained, the mini trucks models have always stood out and promise to deliver. In fact, if you ant to save some money, you can opt for a second hand mini truck.

So, ho do you gt your hands on one of these amazing vehicles? It is always a good idea to get your own second hand mini truck because i is cheaper and also a good way to choose from tons of options on offer. In this guide, we will take you through the process of procuring for a second hand mini truck from Japan.

Buying A Mini Truck

As aforementioned, it is always prudent to import a mini truck from Japan where there are plenty of options to choose from. Below are some of the steps you should take when you are buying mini trucks from Japan.


There are many regulations that govern the use of certain vehicles in particular counties and states. Before you consider buying a mini truck, you need to know whether it is street legal in your state. This will ensure that you avoid roughing each other with the authorities or even have your mini truck impounded at the port. After this, then you can go ahead and stat looking around for the right vehicle.

Check & Compare Mini Truck

The next step before you even think about bargaining or transacting is to first make sure that you have the right vehicle that will deliver on your needs. There are different designs and models of the mini trucks and knowing the right one is really important. you can scroll an browser different seller website to see a variety of mini truck options that could impress you. The good thing is that there are countless exporters out there. Just be careful of the few cons that you may come across.

Actual Transaction & Shipment

Now that you have selected the right mini truck that you want to get, it is time to get the ball rolling.Get in touch with he seller and discuss anything that you may want to concerning the vehicle. Be careful to make sure that you are dealing with the right company that you inquired about. This is mostly when you are sending money. Being keen is the best way to stay away from con people who may swindle you by pretending to be the actual sellers. The shipment can be arranged between you and the seller depending on their terms.

Final Word

Mini trucks are very amazing vehicles that deliver on their advertised promise.For you to get one, you need to scour the web and get the right one.

After you have the right one, be sure to work with the right company. If you have problems trusting some companies, then it is not your fault. There are lots of cons out there. You can however trust us here at Substar since we’ve been selling mini trucks and mini vans for many years and served thousands of customers across the globe.

Import Mini Trucks To US & Canada – Best Vehicle Buying Guide

If you are a fan of mini trucks and know for a fact that you need one, then this is the guide for you. We will go through some of the most important steps to import mini tucks to the US and Canada. The Japanese mini trucks have risen in popularity and it is easy to see why. Their performance is amazing and with the reliability that compares to pick up tucks for a small sized vehicle, there is every reason to go for it.

Here is our guide which will hopefully help you make an informed decision to buy and import mini trucks to US and Canada. We will make it as simple and as comprehensive as possible.

Why Buy Mini Trucks

Mini trucks stand out from the crowd, and there are many reasons why one would ant to get them. Below are some of the bets reasons why you could want to buy a Japanese mini truck.

Unparalleled Performance

Performance is what defines a vehicle and will determine whether it is worth the investment or not. The mini trucks in general has been time tested and proven. So, you can be rest assured that you will get a vehicle that delivers to your expectations. There is a lot that goes into making a mini truck. As much as it is a lightweight vehicle which could make people think that is isn’t that powerful, the opposite is actually true. These vehicles have always demonstrated excellent performance regardless of the road condition and the weather.

Good Fuel Economy

To say that mini trucks are economical vehicle sis an understatement. These vehicles have been well designed to sip little fuel yet squeeze out that power and energy to give optimum performance hat you can always count on.

If you have always been worried or frustrated with a vehicle that guzzles up a lot of fuel yet gives you sub-par results, then it is time to switch to the Japanese mini tucks. With these vehicles you can expect nothing short of excellent performance and amazing fuel economy that will blow your mind.

Low Maintenance & Repair Costs

Besides requiring very little maintenance as compared to other vehicles, the Japanese mini trucks are designed to with incredible engineering that ensures that every part goes a long way and wouldn’t need any repairs anytime soon. Apart from being easy to maintain and repair, the spare parts of the mini trucks are readily available anywhere across the globe, thanks to the fact that they are made by popular car makers.

So, if you are looking for a vehicle that you can count on in terms of maintenance and not needing the attention of a mechanic every weekend, then going with the Japanese mini trucks is a welcomed option. You surely won’t regret putting your money on these vehicles.


The cost of acquiring a good vehicle keeps going up. You ill be lucky to find one that is affordable yet delivers on its promise. The Japanese mini trucks are those rare vehicles that you need to consider. The mechanics at play and the engineering that is employed in making these vehicles should make them very expensive, but luckily the cost of acquiring them is still a fraction of what you can find for some pick up trucks and similar vehicles.

Why Import Mini Trucks

japanese mini truck

Someone would ask why would you wan to import a Japanese mini truck when you can buy it locally. Or even better why not buy a different vehicle instead? Here are the top reasons why you should consider the import option.

It is Easy to Import

Many people are always made to believe that importing vehicles is a tedious process that is expensive. However, one should always ask themselves how and why others do it. Brokers and car dealers do it and they make a killing out o the process. So, why not do it if it is something that is very easy and will only talk you a few weeks before you have your vehicle on the road?

It is an easy process that involves just a little paper work and a little patience for the vehicle to arrive. With just that, you can be rest assured of a good vehicle that you have always wanted.

Multiple Options

Your local ca dealer who specializes in mini trucks may have a dozen options for you to choose from. However, that might not be enough to get you a vehicle that you have always wanted. As much as many people would settle for the options that they get, they could still get better. Why not then consider importing and shopping directly from the source? Even better this will assure you of a better deal since you will be cutting off the broker who was going to charge you extra to make a profit.

It is Cheaper

If you want to get a good deal from a vehicle, you have to make sure that you cut off the middle man and do whatever you can to get the vehicle. This involves negotiating the price. It is always important to remember that second hand mini trucks do not have a fixed price. So there is always room to negotiate and get the vehicle at a bargain. All this is possible through the internet, thanks to smart applications such as Skype that lets you have a face to face conversation with the seller of the vehicle. Through such apps, you can also get an overview of the vehicle before buying it.

Final Word

Having looked at the options to import mini trucks to US and Canada, we hope you have made your decision to get your next vehicle imported directly. In that case, be sure to get in touch as we have been selling Japanese mini trucks, mini vans and many other vehicles across the globe for many years. Check out some of the best mini trucks that you can import to US and Canada ta any time on our vehicle listing page.

Mini Cars And Trucks – Why These Vehicles Among The Best

The evolution of mini cars and trucks has been going on since the inception of the motor vehicle. Having a smaller vehicle is actually great in more than a few ways. Even the mini cooper and Subaru Young S model have been around for many decades and still in production today, yet people still love it. If that is not enough proof that mini cars and trucks has something special to offer motor lovers, then I don’t know what it is.

Another breed of vehicles that you will love is the Japanese mini truck. These vehicles were designed for the local Japanese market where there was demand for vehicles that people can use to run their daily errands that involves carrying some load of cargo from one point to another. They have proven to be very convenient and dependable. In this guide, we will go through some of the most important reasons why the mini cars and trucks are among the most popular vehicles in our streets.

Why The Mini Cars And Trucks?

Beside being fun to drive and move around with, mini cars and trucks are amazing in many other different aspects. Below are some of the reasons why they are highly coveted by many people across the globe.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Having a small vehicle means that most of the things they run on are smaller by comparison with the standard sized vehicle. This means that there is less power needed to run these vehicles, and consequently uses less fuel. Whether it is a mini truck or a mini car, you can expect them to burn less fuel as compared to other standard or larger vehicles because they have larger engine capacities that need more power to run them.

So, if you have always wanted to burn less fuel when using your vehicle, then perhaps it is time to start thinking of going small.

Lower Carbon Emission

Considering that these vehicles are small and have smaller engine capacities, they use less fuel and that also means that their carbon emission is a fraction of what others are doing. It is therefore justified to say that mini cars and trucks are more environmental friendly as compared to other types of standard and large vehicles. Japanese mini trucks for instance have been rated as one of the most environmental friendly vehicles, and this is also owing to the fact that the government regulations in Japan require them to meet certain standards.


Do you want a vehicle that can easily turn and maneuver flexibly? If so, then your best bet is to go with a vehicle that is small and compact. The mini cars and trucks are your best bet in this situation. Take mini cooper for in stance. The flexibility, maneuverability and stability of that vehicle is just out of this world. The same case applies to the Japanese mini trucks when compare to lorries and big trucks.

Final Word

Mini cars and trucks will continue being popular as time goes. These vehicles are loved for their amazing maneuverability, efficiency, fuel economy and dependability.

Be sure to check out some of the best mini trucks and other vehicles if you need to put your investment to the Japanese kei truck. They are really dependable in running daily errands which involves hauling different types of load from one point to another. And don’t worry about shipping. We will help you no matter which corner you may be across the globe.

Mini Truck – Dump Bed Vs Flatbed Vs Scissor Lift

japanese mini trucks

If you have always admired the Japanese mini trucks in general, then you are not alone, and you are in for something good. These vehicles have stood the test of time and are used in many places across the globe for the simple reason that they have excellent performance and stand out in many other aspects. They are in more than few ways compared to the pick up trucks and some experts even consider them to be way better in terms of efficiency and fuel economy.

These Japanese native vehicles are designed to be used mostly for hauling cargo among other stuff. However, they have been designed differently and hence suited for different purposes. In this comprehensive guide, we will go through 3 of the most common model designs hat you will come across in the market.

Dump Bed Vs Flatbed Vs Scissor Lift

How do dump bed mini trucks and scissor lift trucks compare? These are among the most popular mini truck models that one can find in the market, and below is an overview of each of these vehicles in an effort to get as glimpse of their design, purpose and deciding on which one is perfect for you. Here we go:

Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Dump bed mini trucks are the most popular of the mini trucks and they have stood the test of time. Their resemblance to pick up trucks and the added capability of the hydraulic dump makes it stand out and very functional in both carrying loads and unloading them with ease. Due to their design, these vehicles are the most popular and best selling models. They are made by multiple automakers which includes Subaru, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Honda and Mazda.

These vehicles are designed with amazing body structure and are meant to be used under pretty much any kind of terrain. So, if you need a vehicle that can easily maneuver the jungle or any other impassible road while carrying load, then the dump bed mini truck should be among the first in your list. This is all thanks to tan incredible engineering and the fact that these vehicles have been enhanced with 4 Wheel drive systems.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini truck are vehicles that are designed with a bed which is flat, just like the name suggests. They are meant to be used where carrying abnormally shaped and sized cargo is necessary.

There are many instances where the Japanese flat bed mini truck will come in handy. From carrying abnormal loads in your construction firm to equipment among others, the mini truck is really a useful vehicle that can change things. It comes well built with a hard body which makes it easily adapt to the outdoor and rugged environment.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

The less popular mini truck is still an incredible vehicle that stands out in terms of performance, functionality and cost effectiveness. It is designed and partially functions just the way a normal dump bed would do when carrying load. The only modification that it has which any other mini truck doesn’t have is the scissor structured skeleton. The structure is designed in order to raise the load to a higher level. This is mostly functional if you are looking for a way to raise a certain load either to a higher floor, level or building. This is definitely something that is hard to achieve with any other vehicle of a mini truck.

Like the dump bed mini truck and many other Japanese mini trucks, the Scissor lift mini truck is designed with a heavy duty body, high performance features and ingenious engineering that promises nothing short of excellence. If you need a vehicle to carry stuff and have them raised, then this is the vehicle that you can count on for that.

Uses And Applications Of Scissor Lift Truck

As aforementioned, there are countless of applications that the Scissor lift truck can be used for. First of all, you can use it to carry different types of loads all the time, just like you would with a dump bed mini truck or a pick up truck. And just in place of the dump bed function, this one is equipped with a high performance hydraulic system that helps to raise the bed to a higher level. Such applications can be used where one is moving things and want to raise them to a higher floor, or raise the bed to reach a certain level to access something. Whichever the case, there are many instances where people will find them to be very useful.

Should You Buy The Mini Truck?

There is absolutely nothing against the Japanese mini trucks. All you have to do is figure out the model that you want. The dump bed mini truck and the Scissor lift mini truck both have their own functional purposes with the carrying function being common since both vehicles can use the bed to carry different loads.

These vehicles in general have stood out and promises excellent performance even where some vehicles wouldn’t dare to go. These vehicles are also lauded for their good fuel economy which is something that is very welcomes when the prices of fuel keeps going high and the vehicles becoming heavy guzzlers. Lastly, the need to maintain Japanese mini trucks is amazingly low and the repairs being readily available is yet another reason to love them.

Final Word

Japanese mini tucks have become very popular across the globe, and getting yourself one of these vehicles would be amazing. You get to experience excellent performance, all thanks to the ingenious creativity and eons of engineering perfected by some of the leading automakers in the world. Depending on your line of work and what you intend to be using the mini tuck for, there are specialty vehicles which offer an equally powerful performance.

If you are looking to buy a Japanese mini truck, then you should check out our sales page for some of the best in the market. We will also help you ship your vehicle to your destination country or state easily.

Suzuki Cary Vs Honda Acty Vs Subaru Samba Mini Trucks – Major Differences

Are you crazy about the Japanese mini trucks and want to get one for yourself? If so, then there must be a few options that you may have considered. among some of the top options that you may have come across as far as mini trucks are concerned could be Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry, Honda Acty among other brands and models. In this guide, we will go through a comparison of Suzuki Carry vs Honda Acty vs Subaru Sambar in an effort to clarify and help users choose the best among these Japanese kei trucks.

But before delving onto comparing these amazing mini trucks, let’s first see some of the things worth mentioning on the kei trucks.

Understanding Japanese Mini Trucks

The mini trucks, or Kei mini truck as they are known by many are a breed of vehicles made in Japan. They have been around for many years and have been changing and getting improved over the years. There are many reasons why they are highly coveted and loved across the globe.

Mini trucks come in different customization models which make them useful in a wide range of tasks. This is therefore an upper hand as compared to pick up trucks and other similar trucks. You can choose to go with a dump bed truck, lat bed mini truck, caravan mini or even get a scissor lift mini truck among other models. Here are just a few things that makes them lovable by thousands upon thousands of people.

Incredible Performance

We all love a good vehicle that delivers, and the kei truck is one of them. These vehicles have even been compared to traditional pick up trucks an in some cases, they have even emerged having the upper hand. Considering that the pick up truck would cost more and would be more expensive to run, these vehicles are the real deal when it comes to performance.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are using it on-road or off-roading with it. The fact that it comes quipped with 4 X4  transmission makes it perfect fro use anywhere. So, if you need a reliable vehicle that is time tested, then the Japanese mini trucks will not disappoint.

Easy Maintenance

Repair and maintenance is something that is expected from every vehicle. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be breaking down all the time. That is unfortunately the case with many vehicles you will find in the market. Especially if you are dealing with a second hand vehicle that has been used before. But why not try out the Japanese mini trucks? These vehicles are exceptional when it comes to maintenance and repair needs. They are well made with strong body and chassis that will last forever. Not to mention their amazing engine and mechanical performance.

The other thing that makes these vehicles easy to maintain and repair is the fact that their spares are readily available, thanks to the fact that they are made by some of the leading automakers that have footholds across the globe.

Good Fuel Economy

If you have always hated how pick up trucks and other cargo carrying trucks can guzzle up a lot of fuel, then the kei truck could be for you. These vehicles are made with small engines, but optimized to offer high torque without taking up a lot of fuel. This means that for every gallon of fuel, you can do way more as compared to other type of vehicles like the pick up trucks.

If you are therefore looking for a vehicle that does a lot of work without taking a  lot of fuel, then you should highly consider getting yourself a Japanese mini truck. they are just as perfect and amazing as they are advertised.

Now that we have seen the advantages that come with these vehicles, let’s go through the 3 mini truck models and see whether they are worth investing your money on.

Suzuki Carry

Suzuki is without a doubt one of the best vehicle models in the market. Their market share is one of the best, and the reason behind it is that they make amazing vehicles that stand out. No automaker would survive decades if their vehicles weren’t as good as Suzuki’s. Their kei truck, dubbed Suzuki Carry has also been around for many decades and has been getting improved with every new release. They meet industry standards and the vehicle model is definitely worth investing your money on.

Honda Acty

Honda, just like Suzuki and other top Japanese automakers have a reputation that spans decades. They are hard-bodied vehicles that are designed to last, perform and work in carrying pretty much any kind of load. With the engineering experience, craftsmanship that dates back eons and an already established line that is loved by many customers across the globe, you can be rest assured you are getting a good vehicle that is dependable.

Like other mini trucks, there are several model customization that are meant to be used in a wide range of tasks. These vehicles can be used in anything ranging from hunting, carrying farm produce to construction materials.

Subaru Sambar

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Subaru is yet another automaker which is well known in the industry. although they are mostly known for salon and sedan vehicles, they are equally competent when it comes to making mini trucks. Their line of mini trucks range from dump bed, flat bed, caravan among other models.

These mini truck automakers come with almost similar specification, features and design. So, regardless of the one you opt to go with, you will not be disappointed.


Mini trucks have proven to be the ultimate vehicles when it comes to handling cargo and doing different tasks. By comparison, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry and Honda Acty aren’t very different as they are all close competitors that borrow from the same engineering and expertise.

Be sure to check out some of the mini truck in our listing page if you need to buy or import a Japanese mini truck to your country.